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What Relationship Do You Have? – An Enlightening Self Awareness Exercise

We want to create the life we want. But why is it so hard? We become so confused as to why we are not manifesting the things we want in life. That is because we do not have self-awareness about our own resistance. We are not conscious of the actual relationship we have with things in our life.

Resistance is any oppositional force.  We can meet with opposition from the outside and we can meet with opposition from the inside.  Obviously resistance from the outside is external people, events and circumstances opposing you.  But internal and external resistance go hand in hand. The resistance we encounter on the outside is a reflection of internal resistance that exists, usually internal resistance that we are unaware of. To understand resistance in depth, watch my video titled: Urgent, Deal With Your Resistance Before You Do Anything Else.

The resistance we have makes for a strained relationship with whatever we are in resistance to.  We cannot make money and have a bad attitude about money any more than we can have a good marriage and have a bad attitude towards our partner.  Resistant energies pull against what we want.

Life consists entirely of relationships.  We are in a relationship with everything in existence.  Therefore everything can be looked at like a relationship.  We have a much better relationship with certain things than other things.  We have to become aware of the resistance we have and consciously dissolve that resistance if we want to manifest something in our lives.  For this reason, one of the best exercises you can do is to become more aware of the relationship you have with each aspect of your life.

To do this exercise, you are going to examine the relationship you have to any aspect of your life in the following way:  _____________ I think you are ____________. For example, Money, I think you are (and then list all the things you think about money).  Be as brutally honest as you can. Make the list as long as you can. Feel free to put positive things and negative things in the list. Just don’t try to make it balanced.  The truth is that if you were more balanced in your actual thoughts about things, you would be in a different place than you are in terms of your manifestations. This is about becoming aware of the truth of where you are.  It’s really interesting to see how relative to some things your lists will be nearly entirely positive and relative to other things, they will be nearly entirely negative. This is not the time to be politically correct. Allow yourself to be brutally honest, raw, unfiltered and un-evolved.

Once you have compiled this list, look at the overall vibration of what you have written.  It is a reflection of the manifestation of that aspect of your life. Now, imagine being on the other side of the list you wrote, as if you were the thing being written about.  How would you feel towards you? Especially take note of whether you would feel like coming closer or going further away from you?  Assuming the universe wanted to bring you what you want, how does the universe feel about bringing that thing into your life?

An example of how this might look is: Women Friends, I think you are conniving, impossible to make it work with, temporary, incapable of creating resolve for conflicts, bitchy, jealous, devious, false, fake, unpredictable, physically beautiful, likely to betray me and everyone else for that matter, manipulative, just looking for the opportunity to stab me in the back and use any vulnerability I’ve shared with them against me, can understand the problems I’m having with men, can relate to most of the struggles I face, competitive for no reason, gossipy, horrible with money, have terrible priorities, flirty, conspire against me and gang up against me, petty, stupid about things there is no reason to be stupid about, like driving cars.

If this list were being written about me, I would feel like never being around Teal.  I would actually feel like turning against her in fact. If I were the universe, the message I’d be getting from Teal is: ‘I hate women friends, do not get them anywhere near me.  Keep them far away so I can look at them’. It would be obvious that Teal is a match to manifesting women in her life that are not actually looking for friendship with her. It would be obvious that Teal has a lot of healing to do relative to women and traumas that occurred in early life with women.  If Teal wants to manifest women friends, these oppositional thoughts, beliefs, traumas, and actions she takes as a result of them, must be worked with directly so the resistance present within her no longer holds her out of the vibrational range to actually manifest women friends.

Do this exercise relative to anything you want to manifest in your life and even relative to things you have manifested in your life.  You can do it with literally anything. Some examples of some good subjects to do this with are: Money, romantic relationships, mom, dad, society, the universe or God, spirit guides, marriage, cars, food, exercise, meditation, the government, the city you live in, your career, your body, your health, life in general, family, emotions, your mind, how you look, your hobbies, your home, your community, your kids, your partner.

In order to manifest something you want, you must have a positive relationship with that thing.  You don’t need to immediately know how to do that. Most of my content is actually about how to do that.  First, simply become aware of the relationship you have with every aspect of your life and then the conscious work to improve each one of those relationships begins.  The life you are wanting is waiting for you on the other side.


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