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What Is Healing?

Before you continue reading this article, I want you to stop to answer this question without looking up any definitions or involving any one else’s opinion:  What is healing?  What does it mean to heal?   

Healing is one of those things that is a part of every person’s life but we all conceptualize of it differently.  We know that healing implies some form of positive change.   But we often feel confused about what it entails and how exactly to achieve healing.   

When it comes to our physical bodies, when we say healing, we usually conceptualize of it meaning to return to or to achieve a state of wholeness and health where we are free from illness or injury.  When it comes to our emotions and mind, we usually conceptualize of it meaning to get over something so we feel good emotionally and are thinking positive thoughts.  But this way of conceptualizing of healing leads to genuine confusion.  It makes healing into not only an abstract concept, but also it turns the process of healing into a kind of ‘quest for the holy grail’.  

Today, I’m going to explain what healing actually is on the most fundamental level of our existence.  And by knowing this, you will not only understand what healing actually is, you will have understand the strategy for how to achieve it.  



At the most fundamental level, everything is energy.  Energy is simply potential energy until different patterns arise within that energy.  These patterns are what dictates whether energy ultimately becomes a toothbrush or an emotion or a tree.  Patterns are like the blueprint of your physical existence.  Because everything is a pattern, all forms of illness are also specific patterns.  And to heal something is to change that pattern.  Therefore, the first layer to understand about healing is that to heal is to change a pattern.  It is the opposite of repetition and redundancy.  Now we must look at how to change a pattern.  

When something is unhealed, it is exhibiting a pattern that we don’t like.  It is in a state that is unwanted.  Therefore, we can greatly simplify healing in that it is a change of a pattern that is unwanted into a pattern that is wanted.  This usually entails changing it into the opposite pattern.  Therefore, the second layer to understand about healing is that healing is to experience the opposite

Now that you understand that to heal is to change a pattern into the opposite, let’s see how it works practically in several different scenarios.  

If our leg is broken, to change that pattern of broken into its opposite is to put together/ mend.  

If we feel demeaned, to heal is to feel valued.

If we are traumatized by snakes, to heal is to form a different association with snakes so that instead of feeling negative towards them, we feel positive towards them.

If we are lonely, to heal is to achieve togetherness. 

If we are chronically thinking that money is hard to get, to heal is to be able to think the thought that money comes easily.  

If we are abused to heal is to be treated lovingly.

If we feel powerless, to heal is to feel empowered.

If we are stuck, to heal is to be able to move.     



The answer then for how to heal is simply to figure out how to go from point a to point b.  For example, how to go from being alone to being with people.  Where this gets complex for most people is in the realm of physical ailment.  The reason is that the patterns involved in physical ailment are not purely physical.  For example, we could look at cancer and say that if cancer is abnormal cell growth and division, to heal cancer is to be free of those abnormal cells and for the body to achieve normal cell growth and division.  However, what most people do not know is that underlying every physical ailment is an underlying problem in consciousness.  Another way of saying this is that there is a mental and emotional root to all physical ailments.  

Cancer occurs when the consciousness loses control over its own cells that make up the body.  These cells cease to follow the signals that tell them what to do in the body.  They go rogue. This occurs because the pattern that has been adopted by the consciousness of the individual is perceiving oneself to be out of control and therefore powerless.  This is the main reason why cancer is so prevalent now a days.  We feel more and more powerless and out of control in our own lives.  But depending on the type of cancer, the feeling of being out of control and therefore powerless is relative to different things.  Each organ in the body corresponds to different types of consciousness.  

To give you a few examples, the stomach relates to our capacity to accept things.  The breasts relate to responsibility relative to others and to the giving of love.  The bones relate to our experience of foundation and support.  Therefore, for the sake of your understanding of healing as it applies to cancer, I will greatly simplify the idea of healing cancer in this way:  The real underlying cause of bone cancer would be feeling totally out of control and therefore powerless to creating a stable foundation in your life which includes the experience of having support.  Therefore healing bone cancer would in fact be about feeling empowered to and capable of creating a stable foundation in your life, which includes the experience of having support.  



The reason that so many people say that cancer is always about childhood grief is because these patterns in our consciousness that lead to cancer in specific areas always have their roots in our childhood experiences.  This is usually when we adopt these patterns in our consciousness.  For example, a child growing up with parents who are either absent or living in their own realities may feel like they have no stability or support and if this person does not find something else in their life outside mom and dad to create that experience for them, they would be at risk for bone disorders, including (if they feel totally powerless to create it) bone cancer.  

Yes, it is at this point that all parents, including myself are about to collapse on the floor from the torment, fear and pressure of feeling like we could potentially doom our children’s future with the slightest mistake.  I realize that because so much of our suffering has its roots in childhood experience as well as ancestral patterns that we opt into in this life, that parenting seems more terrifying to most of you by the second.  I will do an episode on this in the future so that parents don’t die of nervous stress.  But for this episode, I only introduce this point about the kind of patterns in consciousness that underlie physical ailments so as to help you to better understand healing.          

To heal anything, we must ‘experience the opposite’.  We must experience what is wanted, instead of what is unwanted.  And this is why healing is the premise of universal expansion.  Once we achieve whatever state is wanted, we are then free to give rise to new desire.  It is desire that is always calling universal consciousness into the new; beyond where universal consciousness has been before.  So knowing this, anytime you feel you need to heal something, but healing that thing feels abstract to you, look at the current state of whatever it is that is unhealed. Become conscious of its current pattern and from there, figure out what the opposite pattern would be.  The process of healing then is before you.  It is the process of going from point a to point b, from the unwanted experience to the wanted experience.  And there are so many ways to do that, which is why so many different people succeed at healing with so many different approaches.            


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