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What Is God

For centuries upon centuries, theologians have dreamt up various conceptions about what created the reality we live in. While some people have denied the existence of a “creator” behind this universe, most of the world’s population believes that the universe does indeed exist as the result of some form of advance intelligence. The name most often assigned to this being or advanced intelligence is “God”. As is the case with so many conceptualizations, the various ideas centered around what God actually is differ greatly. The truth of God however goes far, far beyond these conceptualizations. Even though language is a valuable tool, it creates a degree of separation which makes the accurate conveyance of God nearly impossible. To call God by a name is to immediately make God an “It”, which is to lose touch with the ultimate truth of God. It does not matter what name you assign to it. The essence of God remains the same.
God is omnipresent, Omni benevolence. It is the pure unfiltered oneness that is the universal truth of this universe. God is consciousness. God is Energy. God exists both incorporeally and in physical manifestation. It makes up all that is, which means you are God too, this is why God is often referred to as the higher self. You, sitting in the room you are sitting in, are a thought which was thought into physical manifestation by this united consciousness called God. You are not separate from God in this physical body. Your existence in fact depends on the continual focus of God into the “you” which you identify with in this life. What most people of earth have lost touch with is the axiom that God evolves due to the thought which is born as a result of the physical life we are living. God gains it’s very omniscience through every thought that has ever been thought. This united consciousness called God is in truth becoming conscious of itself through our every thought.
The genuine knowledge of God does not happen from a cerebral place in us. It happens from a feeling place, which is why it is impossible to dissuade someone from belief in God once they have experienced it. Feeling place refers to much more than just emotion, it refers to perception. Emotion is simply a physical, chemical translation of the energetic vibrations we perceive around us. The energetic vibration of God feels to people like unconditional love and worth. This is why over thousands of years, and across thousands of cultures, love is the one unanimously agreed upon attribute of God. It does not matter that people know conceptually what God is, or even that they acknowledge that it is. A life is not favored or forsaken for belief or lack of belief in it. The omnipresent potential energy which has often been called “God” is a universal, objective truth that is ever-present whether it is consciously acknowledged or not. You are never cut off from it. You are it.


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