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What Does it Mean To Be In Alignment?

We have all heard it again and again from spiritual guides and channels and self help professionals alike… the key to everything you want in this life is alignment. But what does it really mean to be "in alignment"?

The definition of alignment is to bring components or parts into proper or desirable coordination correlation. In plain English, to align something means to place it in a line with something else or to arrange it so as to be parallel or straight with something else. But the question is with what? What are you supposed to be parallel with? The answer is… your higher self. Your higher self is the eternal, incorporeal, omnipotent, consciousness, which is your real self. It is the being that you go forth from and withdraw back to from life to life. It is the summation of all that you have ever been and all that you are. It is a consciousness which is inseparable from that which we call Source Energy (or God). So we could interchange the term Higher Self with the word Source.

In the beginning of this one life you are living, your higher self (Source) projected a portion of its self forward into third dimensional (physical) expression. This projection became…YOU, a temporary perspective…A thought which now thinks. But your higher self did not fully become you. Instead, you became two points of perspective…Your physical self and your higher self.

Why did you do this? Because the physical dimension is a contrasting environment which becomes the very real, tangible manifestation of exactly what thoughts we hold. And experiencing our thoughts tangibly has a way of helping us to birth new ideas and preferences in a way that nothing else can. And why is this important? Because as we experience this physical environment, and as desire causes us to give birth to new ideas, Source (God) aligns with those new ideas (desires) and becomes the exact vibration of them. It is this process which we call expansion.

We, with our desires, are causing the expansion of Source. We are causing the expansion of the universe or that which we call God. And because we are an inseparable part of the oneness that is Source, we are causing our own expansion as well. But how does all of this apply to your own alignment? Because once Source assumes the vibration of your desire, it begins to pull you towards convalescence with all of the conditions, opportunities and components necessary for the physical manifestation of your desire. And your emotions relative to that desire are born. You have a choice at this point which is to resist the pull of your higher self by remaining out of alignment with the desire, or to find alignment with the desire thereby allowing your higher self to pull you towards the manifestation.

As you are aligning with your true desires, you are aligning with your higher self. When we are talking about alignment with the higher self, we are talking about creating (with the thoughts that we are thinking) an energetic vibrational parallel between ourselves and our higher selves. You could think of this in terms of tuning an instrument. To find alignment means to pick the thought which vibrates at the same frequency (musical note) as the frequency of the desire which your higher self (the orchestra) has now assumed. This is the key to manifestation. If we hold a thought which is out of alignment with our own desires and therefore Source, we will suffer and we prevent the manifestation of the very desire we have given birth to in the first place. If we hold a thought which is in alignment with our desires and therefore Source, we will feel positive emotion and allow the manifestation of the very desire we have previously given birth to, into existence.

So why does a person suffer if they are out of alignment? Because our emotional systems are a biochemical, evolutionary component within our physical bodies which have one purpose and one purpose only, to give us accurate, moment by moment feedback about what frequency (musical note) the thought we're currently holding is vibrating at. Again in plain English, this means that your emotions are the indication of whether the thought you're thinking at this moment is in alignment with the frequency of your desires and Source or out of alignment with your desires and Source. If you think thoughts which are out of alignment with Source, you feel negative emotion. If you think thoughts which are in alignment with source, you feel positive emotion. You are biochemically hard wired to go in the direction of alignment. All you have to do to stay in alignment therefore is to care first and foremost how you feel, choose to think thoughts that feel emotionally good to you and stop focusing on thoughts which feel emotionally bad to think.

Being in alignment first and foremost means feeling good…Feeling good means you are in alignment. Feeling bad means you are out of alignment. An example of not being in alignment would be holding on to a limiting, negative belief such as thinking that what you want is impossible, or thinking that you do not deserve something. Another example would be thinking that you need something. To need something means you are focused on the lack of that thing. And if you focus on lack, you simply manifest more lack.

An example of being in alignment would be holding on to a positive, self affirming belief such as "anything is possible", or "I deserve to experience everything I desire". To be in alignment to the degree that you experience positive manifestation, the trinity of your desire, your belief and your focus all have to be resonating at the same frequency (tuned to the same note).

So how do you know if you're out of alignment with your desires and therefore Source? You will feel negative emotion. You will feel attached to the outcome. You will feel as if you desperately need (fill in the blank) in order to feel good. You will notice that you are giving most of your attention to the absence of (fill in the blank). When you imagine (fill in the blank), it will make you more aware of what you don't yet have which will make you feel bad. You will be wondering what you're doing wrong and because of that, you will be snowballing into more and more negative emotions as you're wondering why (fill in the blank) has not manifested yet. And you will be constantly looking for (fill in the blank), as if you do not have trust for it to simply manifest without effort. If you begin to hold yourself chronically "out of alignment", the result will be that you will create a life of unhappiness for yourself. Your physical and mental health will begin to fail. Your life will lack passion and you will begin to feel powerless.

How do you know if you're in alignment with your desires and therefore Source? You will feel positive emotion. You will be looking forward to the manifestation of (fill in the blank) with enthusiasm and without attachment or need. You will trust that it will manifest with ease instead of effort. You will feel positive emotions when you imagine (fill in the blank) as if it is just around the corner and is inevitable. You will expect the manifestation of (fill in the blank). You will not be paying attention to (fill in the blank) having not manifested yet so you will feel like you are right on track. And you will be focused on any thought that makes you feel as if (fill in the blank) is already manifested. This will cause you to feel abundant instead of lacking. If you begin to make it a habit to remain "in alignment" the result will be that you will create a life of joy for yourself. Your physical and mental health will improve. Your life will be full of passion and you will begin to feel the true freedom which is inherently yours.

To be in alignment means to hold a thought (and/or belief) which feels emotionally positive and therefore resonates at the same frequency as your desire. This is your indication that you are in line with your higher self and subsequently, that the manifestation of your desire (into the physical dimension) will occur. You came into this physical dimension with the full intention of remaining in alignment with your desires and your higher self, knowing that this would be the key to not only your own expansion but the eternal expansion of all that is.


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