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Using Orgasm To Replace Painful Beliefs

By the time you are an adult, your ego has a very well defined and solid core.   This means your beliefs are engrained so deep it feels as if they live inside of the marrow of your bones.  This includes both positive beliefs and negative beliefs.   Beliefs like “there is something wrong with me” or “I am unlovable” or “I am unsafe” or “I can’t trust my partner”.  If you want to learn more about these deepest beliefs, with my video on YouTube titled: How to Change a Core Belief.     
These beliefs are so solid that it feels like if they are contradicted, the contradictions bounce off of them like an arrow being shot at a steel wall.  Essentially, it is really hard to change them.  Nothing we do seems to make a dent in them.  Well what if I told you that there is a way to get around them through and into your heart via the back door? 
 On an energetic level, during orgasm, the flow of energy is sped up within the body.  The body opens up to a state of receptivity, whereby the meridians and chakras of the body are receiving an unrestricted flow of energy.  Alignment is occurring between the vibration of your physical perspective and your non-physical perspective.  And thus you experience a blending between the physical aspects of you and the non-physical aspects of you.  
During orgasm, the awareness of the identity or ego is dissolved so you can touch your infinite nature.  This is why sex and orgasm has been used as a tool in spirituality to reach higher states of consciousness.  Orgasm is in fact one practice you can use to experience enlightenment.  Simply put, if only for a few minutes, the Ego ceases to exist.  This leaves the door wide open to your heart.  

What does this mean for you?  It means you can take advantage of this open door.  When you do this, contradicting your ego’s painful perspective actually works.  It cannot defend against the medicine so to speak.  You will feel it actually sinking in all the way.

I’m going to give you one standard technique, but you could create any form of variation you want for it because all you are after is the idea of using orgasm to get things to sink into the core of your being completely.  

Let’s say one partner is on top and the one on bottom is about to orgasm.  The person on bottom who is about to orgasm has really poor self-esteem.  When the person on bottom begins to orgasm, he or she focused on opening up to their partner and allowing in a state of complete surrender.  And at the same time, when the person on bottom begins to orgasm, the person on top leans really close to their ear and whispers “You are such a wonderful person” as many times as they intuitively feel called to say it.

Here is a tiny tip for you, if you do this with your partner and they have no idea you are going to do it, the impact can be truly amazing so it isn’t necessarily a prerequisite that they know you are going to use their orgasm to penetrate to their core with some wonderful message that meets the needs of their soul.  

This is also why it is so important to get to know your partner completely.  See into them, feel into them, listen to them, and observe them.  You have a perfect window into what painful ‘realities’ within them need to be replaced.  And if you care about them, you can have a powerful hand in the improvement of their life experience in this way. 

Another variation is that you can record a message that you want to have soak all the way into your being, either in your own voice or in someone else’s voice.  Then you can re-play it for yourself when you are achieving orgasm by the means of masturbation.

In general, it is best to keep the message as simple as possible but as impactful as possible.  You can decide whether to use multiple messages at once or just one.  But if you give yourself a message or an experience that opposes your most deeply engrained perceptions and beliefs during an orgasm, instead of bouncing off like a tic tac thrown against a wall, it will soak into your core.  Your subconscious mind will be wide open for reprogramming and so you can reprogram it.  You will start to see amazing changes as a result of it. 

Now that you know, experiment with this idea.  Come up with as many techniques as you can think of that capitalize on the open door of the orgasm to replace old beliefs and contradict the painful perspective of the ego.  Then, for everyone’s benefit, share them in the comments below this video so we can all try them out and benefit by them.  You deserve a life that isn’t run and operated by your painful truths; truths that may not even in fact be true.


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