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Understanding Autism

In today’s society, people tend to look at disorders and think, “something has gone wrong”. But this is not the perspective that the universe at large holds. Everything that we experience, serves us in some way and anyone who is experiencing what human society calls “disorder” is being served immensely from the experience. When it comes to autism, it is not just the individual with autism that is positively being served by the experience; it is everyone who comes into contact with them as well. For thousands of years the human species has been left brain oriented. This is a term to describe the state of being limited to awareness only of the physical dimension. This left-brain orientation significantly reduced our ability to connect to source. But for many years the desire for re-connection has been a collective desire within the human species. And so, some beings choose to come in and NOT activate the genes that cause us to phase completely with the physical dimension. Autistic people are not completely phased with the physical dimension. We can compare this to having one foot in physical reality and one foot out of physical reality. When someone is un-phased with the physical dimension, much more source energy is flowing through their body on a daily basis. This increased flow of energy through the brain causes increased neural activity, which then causes the bodily system to become overcharged or over stimulated. This is why we begin to see the classic expression of autism which is: Impaired neurological functioning that is the basis for such things as seizures, aphasias, difficulty performing routine motor tasks, nervous gestures or tics, and other anomalies of nervous system functioning. The nervous system (especially the brain) is the translator between non-physical and physical reality. In other words, it is the translator between pure consciousness and the body as it operates in the physical dimension. When it is impaired in any way, that “translation” cannot take place clearly. The connection with the physical dimension is impaired.

And this is why in autism, we see difficulties with communication, strange thought patterns related to non-ordinary perception, difficulty forming coherent thoughts or forming thoughts whose sequence is intelligible only to the person expressing them. But it is important to understand that it is not their consciousness that is impaired. It is the translation of their consciousness into physical expression (such as language) that is impaired. Autism is always the result of the same thing, which is: Improper phasing with the physical dimension. But a great many things can trigger autism. In the future we will find that even environmental factors such as vaccines, pollutants and pesticides can trigger autism. These environmental factors destroy brain cells. In the first two years of life, myelin (which protects and isolates brain neurons) has not finished growing. This allows bacterial toxins, metal toxins, chemical toxins and other environmental toxins to reach and destroy the budding dendrites and axons; sometimes to the point that they do not grow back. The destruction of these neurons in the brain makes it so that the consciousness of the child cannot properly phase with the physical dimension through the intermediary device that we call “the brain”. We usually notice that a child is autistic when they enter the years where they are developing independence. These are the years that they are incrementally expected to interact with society, which is age 2-4. This is of course the point at which we recognize that the autistic child does not fit into the box that we (and their other caregivers) are trying to stuff them into. We have expectations about normal behavior and they do not fit into those expectations at all. Because of that, we immediately assume something has gone wrong. We try everything we can possibly try to get them to fit into the box. And guess what? They do not fit into the box and we end up making them and ourselves miserable in the process. The reason is this: They did not come here with the intention of fitting into the box. They came here with the intention of helping us to get out of ours! Humanity is moving into it’s next phase of evolution, a phase in which the vibratory rate of the species will increase and we will become much more of a fusion between our spiritual aspect and our physical aspect.

Autistic people are the species link in-between what we are now and what we are becoming. They come in like this for two reasons.

  • The first is because of the personal expansion that is the inevitable result of the experience.
  • The second is to force old society to become the new society that we are all in the process of creating.

Our current society is a match to our old left-brain way of being. Take the school system for example; it is a system with does not embrace diversity. Its aim is to get everyone to conform to a standard. This is a contradiction to the original intention for creating the physical dimension. The original intention for the physical dimension was that we would become UNIQUE physical expressions of our eternal selves, and through the variety of the physical reflections caused by that uniqueness, we would have a better idea of what we really desire and what we really are. Conformity is the exact opposite of unique expression. So conformity is something that is in resistance to source itself. Before they even project forth into the physical dimension, these beings that choose autism for their life experience, know that they will encounter resistance. They know they will encounter resistance because they know that many of us who are already manifested here, fear change

This is the very reason that they choose to come here with a visible “problem”. They project forth into the physical dimension in such a way that we cannot get them to conform no matter what. If they had no physical problem, they would be more easily persuaded off of their original intention. If they came in with no visible problem that we can observe, we would never stop trying to put them in a box. And if we didn’t succeed at getting them to fit into a box, we’d put them all in institutions.

But like I said before, they are not here to go into the box, they are here to get us out of ours and so they come into the physical dimension with physical problems that we can look at and say “nothing can be done to make this person conform, they are different”. When we accept their difference, we stop resisting their differences and instead begin to accommodate them. In the process of accepting and accommodating them, we are made to question everything about ourselves as well as the molds that we are stuck in. And now, they are coming into physical reality in such high numbers that our society will not be able to remain the same because society will be forced to accept and accommodate them also. Society will be forced to question itself and change as a result of it. For example, our school systems cannot stay the way they are if the majority of students attending school cannot learn in the way that they are currently teaching students. This is in fact the very reason for the astronomical influx of ADD and ADHD children. Nothing has gone wrong with these children. All that has happened is that beings have come forth with this message to share with the rest of us: “You can not get me to focus on anything other than what I want to focus on”. And it is time we asked ourselves, why should they focus on what we want them to focus on? Is it really in their best interest to try to focus on what we want them to focus on when they have come into a reality where thought creates reality? Do we really want to perpetuate all of the reality we have currently created?

Trying to get a child to focus on something that they do not enjoy focusing on is to put them in a kind of prison. And all too often, when they cannot or do not focus on what we want them to focus on; we corrode their self-confidence by making them feel as if something is wrong with them. In reality, something is wrong with us for trying to make them focus on anything other than what fascinates them in the first place. All learning should be self-initiated. When we, as a society become brave enough to let go of our rigid demands for conformity, it will no longer be necessary for beings to come in with “impairments” that force us to accept instead of resist change. Our race will be the best of both worlds. We will be a species that despite being physically manifested is completely in touch with our spiritual aspect. The health of our society will be the reflection of that connection. These impairments that we have labeled “autism”, are the stepping-stone for the future of the human race. Autism and many other rampant disorders such as ADD and ADHD are the necessary conditions with will cause us to change the way that WE currently are as a collective. When we can let go of our erroneous belief (and expectation) that other people have to change in order for us to be happy, we will have set ourselves free. We will create a world where the cohesive society that we live in, is the totality of everyone following his or her own bliss. And so, it goes without saying that if you take the time to focus on what is blessed about the autistic person instead of on what is wrong with them, you will come to find that there was never an autistic person on earth who did not have a precious gift to share with us. If you view them with the eyes that say that something is wrong with them and that they are limited, then they will come to believe that about themselves. That reality of tragedy and limitation will be the only reality that you can experience relative to them. If you choose instead, to look for the gifts that they bring to the table on a daily basis and choose to see their capability, you will enable them to find their own happiness here and what’s more than that; you will begin to get so far out of the box yourself that you will experience personal freedom. If one of these children has come to you, on one level or another, you have asked for freedom. And so, you are being stretched. So how brave are you? Can you trust your child to know what is right for them? Can you prioritize what you know in your heart will bring the most joy to the life of your child more so than you prioritize what the rest of society says you must do with this child? Can you set yourself free from the ideas that limit you? Can you let go of the illusions that society has sold you, and that you have bought?

Beings who manifest as people with autism are forerunners. They are the forerunners of this transition into a new level of human brain function. They are the forerunners of our new society. They are the forerunners of personal freedom. And they are both a gift and an opportunity to all who experience them. Conformity is the opposite of self-expression and let’s face it, the reason that we struggle with them is because they do not conform. They do not conform to our expectations of how they should act, how they should talk, how they should feel, and what they should focus on. But they have not come here to conform. They have come here to teach us to be who we are as individuals. And they will lead by example.


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