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Thought Is A Sense... The Realization That Will Set You Free

Even though people live with their thoughts every single day, they have no idea what thoughts actually are.  This is the main reason why people can’t figure out what to do with them and either don’t value them or give them too much power.  What people don’t realize is that thought is a sense.  It is a sense just like the sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste.  One could in fact call thought the actual sixth sense and intuition simply the capacity of any of the senses to perceive stimulus that exists beyond the vibrational range of the physical dimension.

A sense is essentially a faculty by which a being perceives external stimulus.  It is reactive in nature.  What makes thought so confusing is that we don’t perceive ourselves to be ‘perceiving ‘thoughts.  We perceive our thoughts to be solely our own creation.  This would be similar to perceiving that we are always the creator of every sound that we hear in the world; or that we were the creator of the sensation of burning when we touch a hot stove.  Thinking that every thought is our own is one reason that we believe every thought we have is true and become so attached to them and overpowered by them.

Something that we need to understand is that thought is an observational response to external stimulus.  It is a response that we have, like every other sense.  We can observe a thought in the same way that we can become conscious of a nearby smell.  We can be conscious of ourselves only because we can sense ourselves.  We know ourselves and are authentic only to the degree that we can sense ourselves, which is something that most people are not really trying to do.

Thoughts differentiate.  They bring definition into the quantum field so to speak.  The universe is energy and energy vibrating in different ways.  The universe can be seen as a seamless sea of vibrations.  And every stimulus that can possibly be sensed in the universe is a vibration, including and most especially a thought.  Since the first thought, every successive thought has been in essence a reaction to those that came before it.  This is why it is best to consider that thoughts simply arise.  You do not even know where they arise from.  It is possible for the energy of your consciousness to formulate thoughts in the same way that your body formulates the sensation of hot when we touch something hot.  And we can formulate thoughts in response to other thoughts, not just things in the world.  It is also possible for you to perceive formulated thoughts that were created by ‘someone else’.  For example, when I drive across a really high bridge, I see people perceiving the millions of thoughts that people have had about driving off the bridge.  They are perceiving those residual thoughts in the same way that a person would hear music.

This universe is governed by the Law of Attraction.  Things of like frequency coalesce.  Thoughts attract other thoughts, not just physical manifestations.  When a thought is fueled with enough energy (which trust me is almost nothing) it attracts another thought of similar frequency and that thought attracts another and another.  And this is the chain of thought we perceive ourselves to be thinking.  Because this process or chain reaction is occurring within our mind, we perceive the thoughts to be created by ourselves internally instead of by external stimulus.

Most of our senses are tailored to the physical dimension so that we can navigate this learning hologram called life on earth.  But it is possible to expand any of our senses to perceive beyond this physical dimension.  As many will attest to, on the path of awakening, every sense begins to widen.  Eventually, you can taste color and see sound and visually see things like auras that technically belong to other dimensions of this universe, which are overlaid with this one.  Seers and fortunetellers perceive thoughts consciously that resonate at a frequency well beyond the physical dimension, where time does not exist.  Mediums hear things well beyond the physical dimension, which is why they can talk to dead relatives.  But even people who are not particularly open in terms of their perceptual capacities often perceive thoughts that are not theirs and are not a response to something tangibly physical.  A good example is that when people sell houses after an unhappy marriage that ends in divorce, you can walk a perspective byer into that house and without telling them anything, they will begin to have thoughts about loneliness, feeling trapped, overall unhappiness and they will turn down the purchase even if it makes the most perfect rational sense for them to buy that house.

Because thoughts are a reaction, just like any other sense, you can see them as a kind of chain reaction.  And feelings are most responsive to thought and thus your emotional faculty reacts immediately to the thought that it comes into contact with.  To become conscious of this chain reaction, next time you catch yourself in a chain of thought, stop and backtrack and see if you can figure out what started the train of thoughts.  What you will notice is that something you interacted with, whether it is the sight of something or something you hear or a thought you coalesce with, is a stimulus that causes a chain reaction of thoughts.  Your attention follows each thought that arises until some other stimulus occurs and that either continues to add momentum to the chain of thoughts or causes an entirely different chain of thoughts in a totally different direction.

To complicate things, at the second to the highest dimensional level of this universe, all is one.  This means that every thought that has ever been thought or will ever be thought is your thought.  But here in the physical dimension, you perceive yourself to be separate from other things in the world.  It is at this dimension that we can talk about the fact that you are perceiving thoughts that are not even your own.  We can also go further.  In this dimensional field, you are not your thoughts any more than you are your hearing or you are your sight.  These are simply capacities that you have.  The very fact that you can witness your thoughts means that you are not the same as your thoughts.  They are other than you.  You are the perceiver of them, the same that you are the perceiver of the music being played.  But even if you are the creator of the music and perceiver of the music, you would not look at the music and confuse it AS yourself.  If you are more than your thoughts, you have the capacity to use them and influence them.

 You can use your free will to focus and thus have influence over what you are perceiving.  That is to say, you can focus on something, which acts as a different stimulus, which will cause a chain reaction of different thoughts.  You can chose to focus on certain thoughts that arise in the consciousness and thus fuel them with the energy of your own consciousness, or let them pass.  You can choose which thoughts to directly interact with and which ones not to.  And if you feel like your consciousness pulls you to interact with a certain thought, there is some form of awareness you have to gain through the interaction with that thought.  It is time to realize that just like any other sense, the conscious witnessing of your thoughts can be used to awaken you to truth.  We have an idea that thought is the enemy to awakening.  This is not the case at all.  Any sense can limit you and any sense can be what sets you free.  For this reason, I highly encourage you to watch my video titled: Is Your Mind Your Friend or Foe?

It is important that along with using the awareness of this sense to gain awareness in general and awakening, that we focus energy towards bringing pleasure to this sense of ours in the same way that we do to our other senses.  For example, we buy perfumes to please our sense of smell; we eat delicious foods to please our sense of taste.  We decorate our homes to please our sense of sight.  We need to deliberately focus on thoughts and things that cause a chain of thought to occur that feels pleasant to us.  When we do this to nourish ourselves and maintain our wellbeing, as opposed to doing this to escape from thoughts that are unpleasant, it is perfectly in alignment.  It is part of a healthy life.  Most people never do this.  Most people never consciously deliberately look for stimulus to please their sense of thought.

Using positive thinking to escape from negative thoughts and feelings is like sleeping on dog poop, but spraying the dog poop with perfume first and convincing yourself that you are sleeping somewhere sanitary.  The negative smell of dog poop was an indication that you had to clean up.  Avoidance of negative thought can really get you in trouble in life, especially when it comes to awakening.

Our senses tell us so much about ourselves and about the world around us.  They provide so much value.  It is possible to use thoughts to escape from awareness.  It is also possible to use thought to enhance awareness.  If we touch something hot, we know to take our hand off the stove.  If we taste something bitter, we spit it out.  If we think a thought that causes us to feel pain, we have the capacity to figure out what stimulated it and make changes either to our angle of perception or to the circumstance itself that is serving as the stimulus for those thoughts.  This is what meditation does in fact.  It purifies the sense called thought.  It slows the momentum of chains of thought, it can introduce new stimulus to create a new chain of thought, it allows us to become aware of the origin of certain thought as well as what to do with the awareness we gain due to the thoughts we are perceiving.  It allows us to discern thoughts that resonate at the frequency of truth and which resonate at the frequency of illusion.

Because thought is a sense, we need to treat our sense called thought with as much care and discernment as all of our other senses.  Our senses can tell us great truth.  Our senses can also be fooled.  Our senses can be limited.  Our senses can lead us to awakening.  Given that thought is a sense, whole books can be written on the topic.  The many implications of people having this realization are vast.  But rather than explain every implication, I’ll leave you to discover it instead.  I’ll leave you with the question, If I accepted that thought was a sense, just like any of my other five senses, what would be different for me; what would change about my life?


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