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The Truth and Practice of Love

There are many cultures around the globe that have multiple words for all the different kinds of love that there are. In the English language however, the singular word “love” is used to refer to a vast array of experiences. Love is the word we use to represent feeling states, attitudes, pleasures, or strong affections felt for any number of things from romantic attachments to sexual attachments to platonic attachments. The usage of this one term “love” to cover all of these definitions as well as complex emotional states is partly responsible for the confusion most people alive today have with regards to the idea of love. It is beneficial therefore, when understanding love, to become familiar with the way the universe at large sees love.

Love is a feeling space rather than a cerebral concept. It is therefore an experience rather than an intellectualization. To Source and therefore your transcendental, eternal self, love is not just an emotion or a virtue. Love is the basis for all physical and non physical being. It is the profound feeling space of total and complete oneness. Because Source is the experience of oneness, it is in the state of constant, unconditional love. Because we are temporarily in the experience in this three dimensional reality of “separateness”, unconditional love is a feeling space, it is a mental attitude, it is a decision we make and, most importantly, it is a skill to be developed. Love is not something that either exists inside us towards ourselves and others, or it doesn’t. Loving is something we learn to do. And loving unconditionally is a lifelong practice. But loving unconditionally is not something that can be experienced outside of the parameters of worth. If you are in this very moment still basing worth of yourself or others on externals such as what a person does and says, their talents, their gender, their aptitudes or their shortcomings etc. You are practicing conditional love.

To unconditionally love is to see the true essence of your own worth as well as the worth of others. All things created, were created from love to love. To unconditionally love others is to see that worth has nothing to do with externals (anything a person will leave behind upon leaving this life). It is to see the identical nature of you as well as their core essence. Once you have done this, it becomes easier to allow yourself in that recognition to experience the unchanging, eternal feeling space of that unity regardless of any conditions that differentiate you from them in this life. It would be true to say that love is a kind of spiritual awareness. No one on this earth deliberately practices “conditional love”. But most people of earth today are practicing conditional love by default. Often this default pattern occurs due to the fact that people do not mentally know any other way to love because conditional love that is the kind of love which was demonstrated to them throughout the majority of their lives (and people learn primarily by example). People also often practice conditional love because at this point in time, most people on earth have forgotten their eternal, non physical nature. When you are feeling emotionally bad because you are focusing on something you dislike about yourself or someone else, you are using that thing you are focusing on as your excuse to disallow Source, and therefore love, to come into your life (as it naturally would without the prevention of it). You are in that very moment, saying that your love is conditioned upon that external thing changing before you can feel love. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nowhere is this concept more paramount than in the relationship between you and you. No suffering is ever about another person. It is always the result of the relationship between you and you. You can never experience anything else other than external relationships which are an exact match to the internal relationship you have with yourself. If you could, it would defy the laws this universe is managed by. So, the real question to ask yourself on a daily basis is, “Am I practicing unconditional love with myself?”. The person, with whom unconditional love must start, is with the epicenter of all that is within your reality… yourself. From there, it is a promise that the unconditional nature of your love will reflect out across everything else in your life. And you will receive it back into your life two fold.


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