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The Truth About Channels and Channeling

Welcome to the spiritual field, the land of confusion.  Everyone in this field has an opinion and so many of those opinions seem to contradict one another.  It is really hard to try to figure out what is right in this ocean of perspectives. And this is especially the case when channels are offering some of those perspectives.  For this reason, I am going to teach you today about channels and channeling to try to clear up some of that confusion.

Everything in this universe is made of consciousness.  We like to think that we are limited to only our own consciousness.  But what a method actor knows is that they can actually take on the consciousness of someone or something entirely different by letting go of their own consciousness and perspective first.  They can get into character so deep that they don’t even relate to themselves anymore and often die tragically after their darkest roles for this reason. When this is happening, they aren’t ‘pretending’.  In pretending, you are using your mind to imagine what it might be like to be something else. When we are pretending, we are experiencing something else through the filter of our own consciousness. What a method actor is doing is removing this filter entirely.  He or she is consciously choosing to become possessed. It is a form of willing possession. They are allowing their body to be taken over by another consciousness, like a radio would be taken over by a certain channel that is then played through that radio.

A method actor usually has a very poor grasp of their own identity.  This is why they find this process so easy. But we can all do this in fact to the degree that we are capable of stepping away from our own consciousness and identity and inviting another consciousness to take over our body.  We can also split so part of us is possessed and part of us is watching that possession. Intentional channeling is simply a nicer word for intentionally allowing yourself to be possessed. So, possession and channeling are one and the same.  Some people, people who we call channels are naturally adept at this process. They can dis-identify from their own identity and perspective and tune into another stream of consciousness in the same way that a person can tune into a certain radio channel on the radio.

Technically, because everything is made of consciousness, anything in the universe could be channeled, no matter if it is living or not.  But in the spiritual field, when we refer to channels, channels like Abraham Hicks or Jane Roberts and Seth or JZ Knight and Ramtha or Lee Carol and Kryon for example, we are referring to a person who is channeling a specific entity or group consciousness for the sake of human awakening.  The consciousness being channeled tends to have a consciousness that is not limited to the physical dimension and vibrates at a higher dimensional level. We could call it a more objective perspective than the one most physical humans hold, which is why that perspective can be so beneficial.  It is also why it can feel so good to listen to them and attune to the frequency of their consciousness. And… there are some things you need to understand about these channels and the consciousness that they are channeling.

  1. A consciousness that is being channeled is limited by the consciousness of the person channeling it.  Any time a consciousness goes through a channel, it is being altered because it is being passed through a translation device.  The best channelers are simply those that can alter it the least. We call these ‘clear channels’. Think about it. No language exists beyond the dimensions where time and space do not exist because it doesn’t need to.  In a universe with 12 distinct dimensions, verbal language begins to fall apart in the 5th dimension and most channeled entities belong to the 6th dimensional consciousness and beyond. This means that even using language to convey a thought is a matching game.  Finding the word that most closely vibrates at the frequency of the concept. And believe me, this is WAY, WAY limited.
    Also, if a channeler has a fixed way of thinking that acts as resistance to the thoughts being conveyed by the consciousness being channeled, they will be unable to access thoughts that are beyond that.  For example, if a person has already decided that God is a person like being in the sky and that angels are his messengers, the information he channels will be crammed into that basic and limited understanding.  The true information will be distorted through translation. Also manipulation is a issue with channeling. If you really, really want the answer from a spirit guide or whatever to be a certain thing, you are likely to manipulate that channeling so as to get the answer you want and can live with, rather than be able to clearly channel the actual answer to your question.  So we have to get that channels are living translation devices. Some are simply much better than others. To be a truly great channel, you have to be willing to have no stable and fixed perspective and allow the perceptual rug to get pulled out from under you over and over again. You have to be an expert of stretching your perspective and total dis-identification.
    Even when an entity chooses a person as its channel because they have an empty enough mind and loose enough identity to provide the least interference with their message, it still takes A LOT of personal work on your own ego to be a clear channel as well as to have a personal consciousness high enough to be a match to the frequency of the consciousness you are channeling so it will be purely translated instead of crammed into the limitation of the channeler’s own consciousness.
  2. People tend to think that spirit guides and extraterrestrial beings etc. are always right.  This is also a misunderstanding. These beings that exist on higher dimensional planes still have an individual perspective or a group perspective that does not necessarily represent full, objective perspective.  They also have decided upon an intention and have motives as well as personal desires. Therefore, those perspectives can also be limited. They are in the process of expanding their conscious awareness as well. Most of the time, they simply see from a higher, more objective vantage point than we do.  But that does not mean that there are not consciousness’s that exist that are more objective than their own. For example, you could say that a kindergartener has a more objective perspective about the world than an ant does. But it is easy to see that there are people on the planet with a much more objective perspective about the earth than the kindergartener.  Therefore, the reason to listen to them is because they often hold a much more objective perspective than a physical human does and see things humans are totally unaware of. However, never fall into the trap of thinking that there are not different consciousnesses in the universe that would view the perspectives belonging to your spirit guides in the same way that we would view the perspective of an ant… Adorably limited.
  3. Seeing as how so many of these entities are coming from an 11th dimensional consciousness, you need to understand the problem with 11th dimensional consciousness.  When an entity or group of entities is coming from an 11th dimensional consciousness, they are coming from a certain perspective. It is a perspective that invalidates the perspectives at lower dimensional levels.  To an 11th dimensional consciousness, there is no death. There is no separation between non-physical and physical. There is no such thing as resistance. There is no time. There is no space. From 11th dimensional perspective, there is no point to integrate because the purpose of universal expansion through negative and positive is not only apparent, but has been specifically chosen by those who exist at that dimensional wavelength.  Free will is also an absolute of existence.
    From a physical dimensional perspective, there is death.  There is time. There is space. There is a huge separation between physical and non-physical.  Most people are functioning from a space of determinism and thus have no real access to free will.  And resistance absolutely exists because we fully experience fragmentation. Therefore; integration is a critical part of releasing resistance and embodying that free will.  But guess what?  11th dimensional consciousness is not integrated, it simply thinks it is.  Just like a narcissist thinks that everyone is an extension of himself.  Because it does not experience death, it will not acknowledge death as a reality.  Because it does not experience fragmentation, it will not acknowledge fragmentation as a reality.  Because it sees the 3-d reality as a learning hologram, it will not acknowledge the body as reality.   It will not recognize the difference between itself and lower dimensional perspectives so as to actually find the uniting factor that creates the integration between dimensions.  If you cannot expand wide enough to integrate the 11th dimensional consciousness with physical 3-D consciousness, you will be enhancing the fragmentation that already exists in this universe.  You are unintentionally and unknowingly on the side of separation and therefore suffering. And you will therefore be selectively identified with your non-physical perspective to the detriment of your physical perspective.  The teachers that teach from this perspective are therefore some of the most dangerous people walking the planet today.
    The best way to imagine this is to think of yourself sitting on the couch and playing a virtual reality video game in which you have chosen an avatar for the game.  If you come from 11th dimensional perspective, you do not forget that you created the avatar and you have not forgotten that you are technically sitting on a couch. You know you are not the avatar.  You don’t have a huge issue with what happens to you in the game, because it is a game. You do not see it as ‘real’. But believe me, if you were stuck in grand theft auto… if that was your life, it would matter a great deal whether or not you got in that car wreck or not.  This failure of consciousness belonging to the 11th dimensional perspective to fully own the 3-D reality as real and part of itself is why channels are so often limited as teachers and lead people into resistance to their own 3-D selves. Even when an ‘avatar’ wakes up to the fact that he or she also has an aspect that is sitting on the couch, that doesn’t mean that suddenly he or she does not die in the physical.  Even though reality is different in these different dimensions, it doesn’t mean each reality is not equally real. This means, whether 11th dimensional perspective would like to admit it or not, death is a reality. So is no death. Suffering is a reality. So is the idea that suffering is an illusion. To understand more about all of this, watch my videos titled: The Sad Truth About Most Gurus. And realize that most spirit guides are in essence gurus that are identified with the eleventh dimensional perspective because that is where they exist and they do not have physical bodies.  And also watch my video titled: Why are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory.
  4. Entities that are being channeled do not have the attachment to honesty that humans do.  This is a human value. They will tell you whatever they believe is in your best interests to hear at a given time, this is especially true if they are teaching personal expansion.  This is why they can be so contradictory at times. It is also why when these entities first begin interacting through channels, they will ‘test’ the waters’ of human consciousness and based on the reaction they get within human kind, decide upon a change of strategy and a change of message.  For example, many entities in the 80s warned people about things before realizing that if a person is warned, they do not shift their focus and actions so as to create something else. Instead they focus squarely upon it and create that very thing. Therefore most of them, despite seeing the human race barreling towards a third world war, began switching their tune and saying that everything in the future of humanity is amazing.  This was an attempt to help people to release their resistance and line up with the positive expansion of the human race. It is not truth. It is simply that the strategy of truth often leads a human into resistance instead of a state of allowing.
  5. There is something beyond 11th dimensional reality.  There is something beyond oneness. If you want to learn more about this, watch my video titled: Oneness Is Not The Ultimate Truth Of The Universe.  Universal expansion is already a concept that this level of universal consciousness has evolved beyond. Therefore, the most objective consciousness of the universe so far has outgrown the idea of universal expansion through polarization; the contrast of positive, negative, wanted and unwanted.  The universe has recognized its own “split’ between polarities within itself as being the cause of its own suffering. For this aspect, integration is therefore the desire belonging to it. To create or be pure positive is no longer the desire within you once you recognize all things as part of yourself.  You no longer see things from a perspective of polarity. At that point, the desire to integrate is not coming from the idea that you have to accept what you don’t want to accept or like what you do not like. In fact, it can’t come from this idea. Integration is seen as the only way to end resistance. Polarity, including wanted and unwanted, positive and negative, is in and of itself a resistant state of being.  It is resistance to who and what the universe really is.

I love channeling.  I love channels. Coming from the perspective they hold, they have incredible awareness and can offer incredible insight.  But if you do not understand these things about channels and channeling, you could lead yourself far down the path of misinformation and confusion.  It is time to expand your perspective.


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