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The Science of Your Reality

When a person begins to explore the concept that they create their own reality, often they begin looking for tangible, scientific evidence to back it up. While it remains true that the key to seeing everything is to first believe it, there is in fact scientific evidence to support the concept that you create your own reality. Some of the best scientific evidence behind the concept that you create your own reality can be seen through the study of electrons. Electrons are a main component (some even say the building blocks) of all matter. Electrons are not particles that sometimes become waves, nor are they waves that sometimes become particles. Instead, in a stimulus free environment, electrons exist in a state of potential until they are interacted with. Electrons are in a sense everything and nothing, wave and particle at the same time. They are in a state of potential until you or something else observes/interacts with them. Observation is not the most important thing, however, which dictates the form that electrons take. The expectation (thought) which the observer holds is.

This is one conclusion that has been drawn as the result of an experiment called the double slit experiment. During the double slit experiment, an electron cannon was set up in a stimulus free chamber. It was then aimed at a wall with two slits in it. Behind that wall was another wall which recorded the final landing points of the electrons after they passed through the slits. The cannon fired electrons at the first wall one at a time but very rapidly, much the same as a machine gun fires bullets. If a machine gun were to be fired at a wall with two slits, the bullets would produce a pattern of bullet holes on the second wall which correspond to the diameters of the two slits on the first wall. Therefore, it was widely thought that the electron cannon would create the same results. They should in a sense have formed two roughly rectangular patterns (a slightly larger outline of each slit) on the second wall.

However, that is not what happened in the double slit experiment. While some of the electrons in the double slit experiment hit the first wall and were absorbed by it, most of the electrons instead made impressions all over the second wall not corresponding with the slits at all, instead forming wave patterns on the second wall. Scientists then positioned a photon emitter to fire a photon at each electron as it traveled toward the two slits. They found that doing this changed the results of the double slit experiment. When the photons collided with each electron before they passed through one of the two slits, the electrons made it through one of the two slits only to land on the second wall in the machine gun bullet pattern they expected to see the first time. This experiment has been repeated many, many times and remains an experiment which challenges physicists even today, but it boldly points to the truth that through interaction via your observation and expectation, you are creating the very form which matter takes.

All matter that you see in this physical dimension is simply energy vibrating in such a way that it takes on static properties. When it does this, you perceive things with your five senses as being solid. Matter is in fact totally unsubstantial. Nearly 99% of an atoms (which makes up all matter there is) is considered "empty space". This means only one percent of an atom is actually manifested in the third dimension as something you can experience through your senses. When you experience something that feels like "touch", what you are feeling is actually the sensation of electromagnetic repulsion as your hand comes within one angstrom (one ten-billionth of a meter) of the atoms making up the other material object. So, you never actually physically touch anything.

All matter is also composed of the same exact elements. The only reason you see one thing as different from the next thing is that it is holding a different energetic vibration. Your expectation (thought) manifests that vibrating energy into its form. This is the way that thoughts become things. You are, literally, creating your reality. You are doing it every day with the thoughts that you are thinking. Your thoughts are one of the most dominant energetic vibrations within this universe. It should therefore be said that if you begin to practice thinking the thoughts that are in line with how you want your reality to be, soon you will see that those new thoughts will become your new physical reality.


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