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The Real Holy Trinity

In spirituality you hear constantly about a person being made up of body, mind and soul.  This is not actually accurate.  The soul, which is the non-physical stream of consciousness in fact splits itself into three when it projects forth into a physical incarnation…  Body, mind and heart…  Feelings, thoughts and matter.  This is the real holy trinity.  

The split between these three aspects when they are opposed is in fact the root of suffering for a physical human.  It is the integration of them that creates true peace in oneself and consequently as a result, true peace on earth.  We cannot achieve a state of peace or joy or achieve anything we truly want if we are in a state of fragmentation.  And if at our core, there is a split between these fundamental aspects of ourselves, body, mind and heart, we will always suffer.  But herein lies the problem within spirituality and within the world.  Number one, people do not even see that these three aspects within themselves are split, divided and in an abusive relationship with one another.  And number two; integration of these three aspects is not what people are teaching in the world or practicing.  In fact, what is being taught and practiced is the exact opposite.   

Depending on where you look in the world, people hold one of these aspects to be more important than the others or more powerful and supreme.  This enhances fragmentation and therefore suffering.  In the academic world, the mind is considered to be supreme.  Logic must rule over emotions and the body is a side-note.  In the sports world, the body is considered to be supreme.  The emotions are of next to no importance and the mind is only as good as it serves the body.  In the spiritual world, the heart is considered to be supreme.  The mind is expected to be a servant to the heart and the body is often seen as a complete illusion.  

Look at every spiritual quote you ever came across about the heart and mind or heart and body.  Things like “problems are in your mind, solutions are in your heart” or “the heart must be the master and the mind the servant for the mind makes for a terrible master.”  Or “The heart is the new mind” or “follow your heart, not your mind.”  Or “Sometimes the heart needs more time to accept what the mind already knows”.  Or “Remember that all is eternal, all pain is an illusion.” Or “The body is an illusion, this body may die, but my soul carries on”.  Long story short, most of them fuel the imbalance of power between them.  And most of us read those quotes and react positively instead of being horrified.  

I want you to be horrified.  I want you to do something and I mean now.  Go look up quotes about the heart, mind and body on the internet.  But I want you to replace one of the words in the quote, heart, mind or body, with your own name.  For example, if a quote said, “follow our heart not your mind” it would change to either follow your heart, not Teal or Follow Teal, not your mind.  You could also change all of the words, heart mind and body to your name so it would be “follow Teal, not Teal”.  This exercise will show you the truth about what we are doing to ourselves.  This is the relationship we are culturing inside of ourselves.  All three parts are equal parts of ourselves.  And we are creating separation and opposition and power imbalances between them.  We are creating abuse between them.  This is a split that all of us who are currently embodied possess today and must see inside ourselves.  

The shape that defines their relationship is meant to be an equilateral triangle.  The absolute and whole truth is the space or fusion between all three…  A space of perfect connection between all three.  No leader and no follower.  The ultimate manifestation of the soul into the physical dimension where divinity can express itself in the physical fully is achieved by creating this perfect integration of body, mind and heart.  Each part manifests the whole; it is the true holy trinity.

We need to regard each of these three aspects as an integral part of who we are.  See each for its inherent limitation and inherent gifts.  We must see each as equally important as the other two.  There can be no leader among them.  They must decide together upon a course of direction and action.  There must be harmony and agreement between them.  Each must take care of the other.  They feed into one another and cannot be separated from one another.  Each is critical to the health and wellbeing of the other two.  It is a three-way marriage.  All of them are real and valid.  You are not here to transcend any one of them.  They are the perfect manifestation of your soul.  None of them can be your enemy.  Each of them is your partner here in life. The harmony of the relationship between them is the core of our life experience here on earth.  Today, I ask you to commit to that integration… To commit to that harmony.


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