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The Purpose of Life (Why to Choose Life)

What is the purpose of life? This question has plagued people for centuries. It is the subject of religious, philosophical and cultural debate the world over. No person lives their life without asking this question at least once. When we ask this question, the first thing we are curious about is whether life (including our own individual life) is a random accident or whether life was created intentionally and therefore, has some inherent reason to exist and some intrinsic value. For this reason, I am going to explain the purpose of life, including why it is so important and what is so good and valuable about being alive. Essentially, I’m going to make a case for incarnation; for physical life.

Before I launch into this, know that I am very limited by language when discussing things that transcend the physical laws, whose concepts are inherent in the very creation of our language, and are therefore limited when trying to accurately convey any realities outside of those laws. Also, strap on your mental seatbelts.

From a more objective perspective, life is something that transcends the physical. This means that a scientist’s definition of alive or living is painfully limited. Many things that a scientist today would consider to be inanimate and therefore not alive, are in fact living. And there is life going on outside the physical dimension, separate of any physical embodiment. Consciousness imbues everything in existence. From an objective perspective, “life” is the experience of being able to perceive and being able to create thought. Therefore, anything that can perceive or create thought, is alive. And it is important to understand that the brain is not the originator of thought. The brain is, in and of itself, a specific thought that manifested in the physical dimension. But because understanding this level of reality becomes very complicated, let’s look at the reason for your physical life here on earth.

Collective consciousness (often called Source or God) is in the process of seeking self-awareness. When, the concept of “I” was born within Source, an event so much infinitely larger than the big bang occurred. Since Source is all there is, with no beginning or no end, Source suddenly felt lonely. If Source is all there is, there is nothing else to be in relationship with. That thought, “I”, suddenly created the concept of a beginning and end or a boundary to something that has no beginning or end. The thought “I” cannot come into existence without the concept of “other”. Source began to fragment itself in order to have something to be in relationship with. It split into parts, like a mosaic. Source is now aware that this “loneliness” is really only the result of the thought “I” and also that the perception of separation is really only the result of splitting itself into these fragments. Which is why Source has become aware that it now wants to come back to a state of oneness. But the initial curiosity that it had… “what am I”? is served by this process of fragmentation and then return to oneness. By the energy of Source splitting into these “differing thoughts” and each differing thought projecting forth new differing thoughts, Source learned more and more about itself. Each new thought, is a new drawing forth from potential energy. It tells Source more and more about itself. We call this process of continual creation and perception “expansion”. And it was taking place far, far before the existence of the physical dimension, much less physical life on earth.

Each dimension was a creation that was part of this process of expansion. Each dimension had different laws and each universe within each dimension operates according to different laws. These different laws were created to enhance this process of expansion and of self-awareness within Source. The concept of a “mirror” was created long before an actual mirror was ever invented. The idea of being able to see yourself reflected on the outside is one of the principal laws that governs this time-space reality that you are currently incarnated into. It is often called the law of attraction. Essentially, whatever vibration you hold, is reflected on the outside, so you can see that reflection and use that awareness you gain from it, to decide what you desire to create next. And then perceiving that new creation, what you desire and therefore will create next. Physicality is another concept that was created as a part of this process. As a way of better perceiving these thoughts. Essentially Source, which you are a fragment of, created the time-space reality of physical existence here on earth as a giant learning/self-awareness construct. And you, as a fragment of Source chose to project forth and attune yourself to this specific time space reality to assist in that process, because being a fragment of Source itself, doing so not only serves your own personal expansion, but also Source’s.

I have found that perhaps the best way of describing this to a physical human, even though this analogy has many flaws, is to have a person think of themselves as God who knows that everything in existence is them, simply appearing in a different form. And then, to imagine themselves sitting down to play a video game that they, themselves designed, using their own energy to build it, for the purpose of self-awareness. They first think up an avatar for this video game. And then project forth a portion of their energy to not only create this avatar in the game, but to enter into it, so as to perceive this video game world from inside the individual perspective of this avatar. This means, they are now two points of perspective. The non-physical “god self” and the physical, temporal person that is called John or Nancy or whatever. This avatar must participate in the very laws that govern the game, and there are important and valuable reasons for those laws to exist. The aim is to experience this video game world, through this individual perspective so as to allow the contrasting experiences that are a part of it, to give rise to new desires and therefore new thought and therefore, new things to fully perceive. Do you feel like you can truly understand something until you walk in someone’s Shoes? No? Source agrees! So, it seeks to walk in the shoes of and view other parts of itself from the perspective of all things that could possibly be created from its own infinite potential energy.

And perceiving in the physical dimension, is as intense as it currently gets. It is the cutting edge of expansion, because it is the cutting edge of perception. Here, Source can see, smell, hear, touch and taste itself. This is also a “consensus reality” which means that part of what you chose to come here to do, was to co-create the overall experience of physical existence on earth with everything and everyone else that exists here. Consensus realities tell Source even more about itself than individual reality constructs do. For example, being an avatar itself and being another avatar, observing the first one, are two very different experiences. Also, it is a great way to elicit consensus, which flushes bigger, overarching truths to the surface of awareness.

There is always a very important reason why the non-physical projects forth into this physical dimension as the avatar that you call by your name. This is one’s “life purpose”. Using our example, because of this initial intention for coming into this game, each incarnation that comes into this construct, is enhancing the game itself. But this intention is within you, you were created in its image. Your entire emotional guidance system is created in its image. Therefore, your purpose cannot be separate from your joy. Following what feels good will lead you into alignment with your purpose for being in this construct to begin with. This is why many teachers, who are aware of this dynamic, teach people to follow their joy. And even go so far as to say that the purpose of life is joy.

Every being has a different perspective and therefore has a different experience of life. Which is why the couch has a different perspective of being kicked than the dog. This different experience, creates different and new thoughts and this is one reason why each being, whether it is human or not, has such a valuable place within this picture of the universe at large. You come into a different perspective (incarnation here) in order to extract all possible awareness from that specific existence. And it is the amalgamation of all of these subjective perspectives that adds up to universal, objective perspective… universal awareness.

This means that the ultimate purpose of life is the process of self-awareness within Source, which you are a fragment of. And this process of Source becoming self-aware is being actualized through the process of expansion. And the process of expansion is being served indescribably by this physical human existence in the time space reality that you call life on earth. You could call this the more practical purpose of life.

There is also a less practical purpose of life, and that is… life. To understand this aspect of the purpose of life, ask a surfer why he surfs. Or a traveler, why he travels. Or ask a child why he climbs a tree. It is for the experience itself without some secondary aim. It is for the intensity of the experience of projecting forth into this specific dimension so as to have this specific experience. It is to experience more. To know more. To project forth more thought and more desire. To see those thoughts and desires come to fruition and manifest in the physical. And when those new things manifest, to know that you are standing in a new perspective, which in and of itself creates more and different thoughts, desires and manifestations. To be able to touch and taste and smell and feel and hear those manifestations. This means that an element of the purpose of life is the thrill of it. Physical existence is one hell of an adventure. This is where the action is. Which is why so many other non-physical perspectives are focused on physical life on earth. If you can accept that it is an adventure and consciously choose that adventure, then it matters less whether your experience here is “good or bad” because it is all so valuable.

There is an undeniable intensity to physicality… both positive and negative. There is nothing like physical life on earth. This is where you can touch your lover’s skin. This is where you can feel absence. This is where you can experience an ending and a beginning. This is where you can taste flavors that evoke tears and hear sounds that stir the soul within the body. To sort through the incredible contrast of this time-space reality and to feel the strength of the desires that are born from that process and to follow those desires so as to see the tangible manifestation of your desire through all the senses, is a sweeter actualization than you can currently find anywhere. It is a much more powerful actualization. When we experience something like complete isolation, we want to actualize something like togetherness in the physical. And guess what? It will feel like unfinished business until that happens. Even when you die, unfinished business in life relative to the desires that life caused you to create, compels you back to life. We are an ocean of potential energy and we want to see what those potentials are. We want to see and taste and smell and hear and feel them.

It is totally understandable that if you come into this time space reality, into a physical incarnation and begin to suffer, you would second guess the decision to come here, especially if you have forgotten that it was a choice that you deliberately made at one point. But re-connecting with the purpose for life in the big picture of things and knowing that you were meant to come here for the adventure and richness of the experience of this time-space thought construct, can help you to re-connect with the commitment and curiosity that you initially came into this life with. There is no middle when it comes to life. You can’t be “kind of committed’ to life. And the only way to really extract all that life has to offer, is to consciously and powerfully decide to commit to it. Many people have a conditional relationship with life. I can promise you that you did not have a conditional relationship with life itself when you first made the decision to come into life.

  You did not come here to suffer. You came here to have an adventure, knowing that the path of the specific adventure that you decide to walk down, will create your own expansion and create expansion within the universe at large. You knew that you would be able to do this by following your unique and specific passion. You came prepared to chase your joy to the ends of the earth, knowing that not everything you encountered here would feel good.

So, I’m going to ask you a few questions: What about life makes it worth it to go through unwanted, negative or painful things? How might life be good, even when life is shitty? What would it take for you to let go of the conditional relationship that you have with life? What is making you push against life? What is the value in life in and of itself? What do you value about physical life? Make a list.

One thing I want you to remember, is that physical life is a manifestation of both wanted and unwanted. Both positive and negative polarities exist in everything in existence. Nothing is all good or all bad. Both polarities are in everything. This means, there is negative in every positive thing. But there is positive in every negative thing. For example, loss of job security may bring you more personal freedom than ever before. And it goes further, there is a positive and negative inherent in personal freedom too. People take life for granted. And in a way, this makes sense. In the same way that many people don’t value the taste of food until they are starving. In the same way that many people don’t value the feeling of aliveness inherent in emotions, until they are numb. Now, I want you to very seriously imagine that the only thing here in this adventure called life is good and positive. What would be negative about that?

Don’t become closed to experience in and of itself. Change the way you are thinking about the experiences you are having. Becoming closed off to experience, assigning painful meaning to experiences and perceiving yourself to be powerless to create change so as to get to your preferred experience is what creates suffering here. It is why people make an enemy of the experience itself. Pain is a part of life. But pain has a positive side. Pain is your indication that you need to change something. If you don’t make a change when pain appears to tell you to make a change, you will suffer. Imagine life with no pain. No new desire would ever be created. There would be no expansion, there would be no movement.

The beauty of physical experience is that you can change your experience here. Never accept that it must stay the way it is, or that it is meant to stay the way it is. Find the “can” in any situation. You are meant to experience the manifestation of what you desire here. It serves the universe at large for you to do that. You can change your adventure. But to change your adventure, you must be willing to change! To understand more about why we don’t change, it may benefit you to watch my video titled: The Real Reason Why People Don’t Change.

You must be willing to see that life is an adventure and no one is getting out of it alive! Life did not happen to you. No one ends up here without choosing it. Luck or curse has got nothing to do with it. The people who sink into habit and who do not change and who wait for this life to happen to them, rather than to actively happen to life, will simply arrive at death… safely. There is value inherent in death. But death will teach you the value of life.

Therefore, if you were to decide to stop resisting what you don’t want in life and instead took action based on what you do want, what would that action be? What adventure would you choose if you were brave enough to be committed to what you know right now that you want?

Don’t live for the afterlife. This life is not a test to get through. Fall in love with the process of life itself as if this is the place to be. After all, physical life is an unfinished project. The most exciting thing is to see how it will turn out.


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