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The Octopus Technique

Chances are if you are watching this video, you are old enough to have a developed ego.  You have a sense of yourself as a separate self that you call by your name.  You define yourself by your beliefs, your likes and dislikes, your past experiences and your current perspective.  The problem is that this identity becomes so solid that it becomes like an egocentric bubble.  We perceive other people through our own filters.  It becomes very hard to relate to people who are different to us.  We begin to project our own perspective onto them.  When we are practicing empathy, instead of stepping out of our perspective and into their shoes, we take our perspective into their shoes.  And so, even though we may see solutions they don’t see, we don’t accurately see or feel them.       
    In order to exit our own reality so as to enter theirs, and by doing so completely attune to them, I want to teach you a technique to use.  I call it The Octopus Technique.  We, as physical beings are extensions of source consciousness or what many people call God.  We are source manifesting physically.  To conceptualize of this, I want you to imagine an octopus.  The head of the octopus represents source.  A united oneness.  Sort of like a blank slate of potential energy.  The legs of the octopus represent aspects of that united oneness extending down into a human body.  So, Teal is a leg of the octopus.  And you are a leg of the octopus.  For this exercise, you are going to use this symbolic image to get into someone else’s perspective.
    To do this exercise, close your eyes and observe your breathing.  Feel your thoughts bouncing around and just let them do that until they slow down.  When you feel ready, imagine your consciousness or soul retracting back up your leg of the octopus and returning to source consciousness (the head of the octopus).  As you do this, imagine leaving your identity in this life behind.  See yourself leaving the story of your life, the people in it, your beliefs, your likes and dislikes, your past experiences all behind.  Feel yourself stripping free of them so as to return to source. 
Feel what that spacious potential energy feels like.  
Then when you are ready, think of someone whose perspective you would like to see.  Hold them as your focus and imagine finding the leg that extends from the octopus head you are in (source) down into their embodiment.
Imagine or sense or feel yourself going down the octopus leg into their perspective completely, having left yourself behind so all you are now is the consciousness who is feeling through their body, seeing through their eyes.  Imagine opening your eyes AS them.  Imagine smelling as them and tasting as them and most of all, feeling the emotions they are experiencing.  How does it feel to be in their body?  What are you thinking in their body?  See if you can feel their past experiences and how those experiences are shaping their current perspective.  If you are wanting to understand exactly how they experience a specific situation, let yourself live or re-live that experience AS them.  Feel and see the difference between how they experience life and how you used to experience life when you were you.   
Spend as much time completely immersing yourself in their perspective as deeply as you can. If you experience emotional reactions as a result of it, surrender and let it happen. Gain as much understanding and awareness as you can.  BE them until you feel a sense of emotional and mental and physical comprehension.  And then when you are ready, imagine retracting once again back up the octopus leg into the head of the octopus (source).  But this time take your comprehension of the person whose perspective you went into, with you.  Carry that comprehension and experience back down the octopus leg that extends to your perspective in this life.  Feel yourself carrying that full awareness and understanding as you come back to your own life.  And when you are ready, slowly open your eyes.  
All you need to know about the other person and about what to do relative to them will be revealed as a result of doing this exercise.  Your awareness will multiply and your perspective on so many things will change.  So be brave enough to leave yourself behind.  The more often you do this exercise, the better you will get at dis identifying with yourself so as to identify with someone else’s perspective.  And soon, it may not be a visualization.  It may in fact graduate to a full blown out of body experience.


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