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The Mandela Effect Explained

The mandela effect is essentially memories that do not match our current reality or the actual history of our reality.  Some examples of this are a painting of King Henry the 8th with a turkey leg in his hand that many people recall seeing in history books, but literally does not exist in any record now.  The Berenstain bears being spelled Berenstein previously. Memories of a man being run over by a tank in Tiananmen square. Agatha Christie never being found after her disappearance. Sinbad starring as a genie in a movie called Shazaam.  C3PO is remembered as being all gold, when in fact he always had one silver leg. Carmen Sandiego the cartoon character having a yellow trench coat long before the red one. The Fred Rogers song going “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” when in fact it’s “this neighborhood”.  That Martin Luther King was shot with a handgun at close range in front of a crowd.  In fact, he was shot by a sniper with a rifle while he was on a balcony of his hotel.  People also collectively have different recollections of the location of countries relative to one another.  They remember movies before they are even released. They remember different dates and numbers for things. You get the picture.

The reason why we call it the Mandela effect is that one of the earliest recorded occurrences of this is the apparently not accurate way that several people remembered Nelson Mandela’s death and funeral coverage.  People all over the world remembered identical details, including that he had died in prison and in the 80s. This is surprising seeing as how he died in 2013 of a respiratory infection at home.

People usually hate when answers are not as straightforward as one single explanation.  But when it comes to the mandela effect, there is not one explanation. The term is used to describe any discrepancy between a memory that many people share and the apparent truth of the reality they perceived.  Many things can and do cause this. Some things attributed to the mandela effect are media manipulation, government cover-ups and even societal gas-lighting. Some things attributed to the mandela effect are collective false memories based on the way that the human mind works in terms of perception.  Some things attributed to the mandela effect are the result of the human being’s capacity to perceive beyond the limitation of their current reality and timeline.

An example of the collective human mind creating false memory as a result of bias, association, misinformation and imagination is the popular children’s book and later TV series, the Berenstain bears.  It was always spelled Berenstain. But so many people, most especially parents reading to their children, pronounced it Berenstein that the mind itself adjusted its perception of the spelling of the name of the bear family.

Because history is almost always written by the victor, millions of things people remember throughout history that were in fact true, have become part of the vast array of re-written history.  In today’s world of government cover-ups and media pay offs and lobbying, this has only gotten worse instead of better.

Perhaps the most esoteric cause of the Mandela effect can be seen in the example of Martin Luther King.  Many people seek to explain the Mandela effect as being the result of humanity slipping in and out of parallel or alternate realities.  The universe is a multiverse. It is multi-dimensional and timelines within the universe are not linear. Our brain is designed only to perceive one of these dimensions and to focus and construct reality in a linear way.  Even though this is the case, consciousness itself is far beyond the brain. The brain is more like a computer, which is translating consciousness rather than it is the generator of consciousness. Because of this, we do have the capacity to perceive collective consciousness as opposed to our individual consciousness and we do have the capacity to perceive other dimensions as well as other life path potentials.

When media manipulation and cover-ups are not the cause, the perception of life path potentials accounts for a lot of the memories surrounding the less that accurate recollection of historical events.  The collective memory of Martin Luther King’s death was the perception of his most dominant life path potential. His pre-birth intention was to be assassinated. All of his life paths led to this same end.  However, there was variability regarding the assassination. The most dominant life path potential was to die in the exact way that most people remember him dying. He would have been in a crowd. He would have been killed at close range by a handgun and by a black woman.  On the day he would have died in this way, the woman did manage to stab him through the chest with a letter opener, but never removed the gun she was also carrying the day she stabbed him. However, the awareness he gained of the corruption of the government relative to civil rights caused him to abandon this life path potential as well as his second most likely life path potential.  His second most dominant life path potential was to be killed by a grenade thrown through the window by white men while he was at his home. The reason his soul stream chose the death he did end up choosing was to attempt to highlight the corruption of the government specifically. Sadly, that focus did not get placed where he had intended and instead was placed on James Earl Ray. Perhaps the best way to perceive this mentally is to watch a movie called Sliding Doors.     

Memory is both fallible and infallible because perception is.  You will experience conflicts between your memory and the reality you live in.  In a universe that is a multiverse with multiple dimensions and therefore parallel realities, where time and space is only a construction of some of those realities, it would take several books to explore the tip of the iceberg of the ways that this reality of the universe can effect the rather limited and linear, time space perception of a physical human.  Let’s say the “bleed throughs”, “glitches” or “paranormal situations” that can occur. When you desire to ponder parallel realities, simply remember that the universe has no interest in redundancy, which is why it does not tend to make multiple copies of a thing. But a thing can very well be multi dimensional in its nature.

As scary as it is, perception is much more complicated than we would like, for the sake of our sense of stability, to perceive.


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