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The Lesson of Christ and Lucifer - Integrate Your Ego

Every religious discipline is rich with metaphor.  The archetypal characters involved in the stories that make up the religions represent so much spiritual truth and to the flip side, are open to so much misinterpretation.  This is particularity true of the Christian religions.

To simplify your understanding of Christ and Lucifer, I need you to see both Christ and Lucifer as a consciousness split or polarity within the universe rather than a being or person.  Therefore, Jesus is not Christ, rather Jesus (the person) is the channel or vessel for Christ Consciousness to express itself in the physical. And the same is true if a person becomes the vessel for Luciferian Consciousness.  Simply put, Christ Consciousness is two main things. It is free will and it is love. If you put this together Christ Consciousness is quite simply the choice to love. Luciferian Consciousness is determinism and it is separation.  Because Christ Consciousness is love, it is unity. Because Luciferian Consciousness is separation, it is selfhood. And this means that Lucifer is the Consciousness of Ego. Christ Consciousness is that which is beyond Ego.

The actual story of Christ and Lucifer or Jesus and Satan is the same as the story of Buddha and Mara in Buddhism.  The exact same characters in two different cultures. Mara represents the Ego and Buddha, the consciousness that is beyond the ego.  To understand more about this consciousness that is beyond ego, watch my video titled: Oneness is not the ultimate truth of this universe.            

The ego is one of the biggest topics in spirituality.  Nearly every spiritual teacher throughout history has taught about it.  The ego in summary is the singular identity that you call by your name. It is an amalgamation of all the things you identify with…  The things you call I, me or mine. Ego is Self Concept. It is usually considered to be the barrier to enlightenment or the barrier to heaven, depending on which spiritual discipline you subscribe to.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: Self Concept, The Enemy of Awakening.

For this reason, for thousands of years spiritual practice around the world has had one prerogative and aim and practice: To transcend the ego and overcome it.  Metaphorically speaking, it has been to defeat Lucifer or defeat Mara. But all this is coming to an end because it must.

There is much talk in Christan circles about the many disguises of Satan.  Just like there are many discussions in Buddhism about the many disguises of Mara.  But what we are going to have to accept is that the ultimate disguise of Lucifer is as the singular Christ.  If someone says, I am Christ, they are actually in Luciferian Consciousness.  This is because Christ Consciousness is love. To love is to take something as part of oneself.  To learn more about this, watch my video titled: What is Love. Christ Consciousness therefore, is to take all things as part of oneself and to do so with your free will.  This is why Jesus embraced the Lepers as part of himself for example.  If Christ recognizes itself in and of all things in existence, it can no longer recognize itself as a singularity.  It would recognize itself (and Christ therefore) in a piece of bread, in an animal and in every other person on the street.  To say I am Christ, is to separate. It is Luciferian consciousness in the disguise of Christ.

Christ Consciousness is to take all things as part of oneself; there are no exceptions to this rule.   Therefore, the ultimate act of Christ Consciousness is to take Lucifer as itself. To genuinely choose love with your free will is to create unity by not recognizing this split within the universe.  Ready for the catch? If a person does this with the attitude that they are such a good person for doing so, they are back in ego consciousness. If Christ Consciounsess feels as if it is good for loving Luciferian consciousness, it is automatically not Christ consciousness, but Luciferian consciousness again.

Most people are afraid of Luciferian Consciousness.  I find this amusing because nearly every single person walking the planet today is in fact aligned with Luciferian Consciousness.  Nearly everyone is operating from the Ego. They perceive themselves to be separate and consistently do things to maintain their singularity.  Nearly everyone is living their life from their subconscious mind, their programming and thus is acting from determinism instead of free will. For example, if you experienced loss in your childhood and as a result, automatically put a wall up to becoming attached to someone, you are operating from a place of determinism and therefore Luciferian Consciousness.  Doesn’t seem so evil anymore does it?

And guess what? People who call themselves Christian or Buddhist or Spiritual are usually operating from Luciferian Consciousness the very most.  They are waging an active war against Luciferian Consciousness and by doing so, aligning perfectly with it. This is why there is a saying “no one can hate and exclude like a Christian.”  This is why in the name of oneness, so many Buddhists have denied, suppressed and disowned so many parts of themselves. This is why spiritual people keep falling into the trap of having such intense egos about being egoless.

The spiritual field, which includes religion, is the place where the most dangerous egos exist and it is the place where the ego takes the most brilliant disguises.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: The Sad Truth About Most Gurus.

What is the lesson we need to learn here?  What is the true Lesson of Buddha and Christ, Lucifer and Mara?  The lesson is to integrate your ego. It is not to defeat your ego.  It is not to disown or transcend your ego. It is to integrate your ego.  To integrate your ego, you must really own it as part of yourself. You must see it, hear it, feel it and come to understand it so that you can meet its needs and care for its best interests.  The opposite of what we have been trying to do for thousands of years.

Integration is the true desire and mission of that which we call God or Source or Universe.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: Integration, The True Mission of God.  The rejection, suppression of and denial and disowning of the ego causes the ego to have no other choice than any other part of us has if it is rejected, suppressed, denied and disowned.  Its only choice is to manipulate in order to get its needs met. To take on disguises in order to get its needs met. This includes its most terrifying disguise, the ego in the form of the transcendental self… A transcendental self that is concerned with the superiority and personal goodness inherent in that persona.  All you need to do to recognize this form of the ego is to attend a spiritual/new age gathering sometime.

Manipulation is nothing more than something getting its needs met in an indirect way, because it feels it cannot get them met in a direct way.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: Meet your needs! We need to own our ego and develop intimacy with it and choose with our free will to take it as a part of ourselves to end this war of polarity in the universe.  If we are going to say that we align with Christ Consciousness, we need to practice choosing to love. We need to love that which is Luciferian in consciousness. This is the hardest practice of all. And it cannot be done so as to see ourselves as good.  It must be done because we are sick of suffering… Because from a space of love, we would not wish this suffering of separation and determinism on our worst enemy. In fact, we cannot wish it on them because they are us. So wishing it on them, is to wish it on ourselves.

And so, I am asking you today to end your war with your ego.  The ego is a necessary part of awakening. Awakening cannot happen without Ego.  The enlightenment of Buddha cannot happen without Mara. Lucifer is not separate from Christ Consciousness, it is the part of Christ Consciousness that simply sees itself as separate and continues to be treated as such because of it.  The ego comes with many gifts. Gifts you will never see if you stay in the rejection of it. Commit today to the practice that both Buddha and Christ were trying to teach you before their message was distorted by those who could not understand it themselves.  Commit to integrating your ego, not transcending it.


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