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The Interplay of Thought and DNA

The body manages to be a very simple and simultaneously complex system that allows us interaction with this physical dimension. Nowhere is this dichotomy more obvious than with DNA. In essence, DNA is the very first manifestation of the blueprint of Source's "idea" of you. It is the meeting place of spirit and physical. For years, we as a species have been stuck in three dimensional awareness and therefore seen DNA as purely three dimensional in nature, which is not only inaccurate, it stops us from being able to see the whole picture of our reality, our purpose and our eternal nature.

DNA, like everything else, has a magnetic field and as such, is not restricted to the third dimension. It is inter-dimensional. DNA is both physical and non physical. In fact much more of our DNA is non physical than physical in nature. The part of DNA that we physically see as biological matter, which is protein encoded and hereditary, is dwarfed by the amount of non physical energy going into that DNA, which is informational in nature. Many people think that they are restricted to living out what is encoded in their DNA as if it were a life sentence. It is the scapegoat of many problems all the way from obesity to deformity. But DNA is like a group of cards all picked and assembled by Source creating the physical concept of you. And it is now your choice from your separate physical life, how to play those cards.

You can increase or decrease the ways that DNA communicates with the molecules and cells in your body. There is no such thing as something in the physical that is static. No matter what the statistics and odds tell you, anything that has manifested in the physical in the first place, has the ability to change. Nothing exists in this physical world that, with or without changes being made, has a decided outcome. DNA is not determining your thoughts, or your way of life or your physical health, it is an "idea" that is manifesting physically, that is constantly being amended by your thoughts and re informing your body how to "be".

You could think of DNA as a control tower that is broadcasting the energetic vibration of your thoughts out to your body, at which point the body assembles to exactly mirror the energetic broadcasts that it has received. Your thoughts are what control your DNA.


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