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The Importance of Ancestral Healing

When most people hear about the idea of ancestral trauma or ancestral healing, they get overwhelmed and confused. The concept feels abstract and esoteric. After all, how is someone supposed to heal something that happened way before they were ever born and to people that they have never met and may not even know about? And this is why, in this episode, I’m going to explain ancestral trauma and ancestral healing in depth, help you to understand why it is so important and give you an overview on how to do it. 

Most people are so focused on their own lives in the here and now and on their own specific moment in the overall timeline of humanity, that they have lost touch with the bigger picture of their ancestry. Ancestry plays more of a role in your life than most people can possibly imagine and a much, much bigger role than past lives do. Before coming into this physical life, your awareness was not as limited as it is now, in your physical incarnation. You observed and were aware of all of the ancestral lines you would potentially be assuming as a result of coming to the specific parents that you were considering incarnating through. From this vantage point, you observed the consciousness of your family on both your mother and father’s side. As well as the expansion path of those specific family lines. You were looking to choose into family lines that would be a match to your own intention for this life and at the same time for family lines whose own expansion path would be benefitted by you incarnating into them. Each new generation that is born, is the expansion path for the family line that stretches back throughout the course of history. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are continuing the existence and the story of all of those who came before you. 

The thing is, purpose is born from a mixed bag. You weren’t only looking for what we might judge as “good things”. You were also looking for what we might judge as “negative” things, as those things would not only serve your life purpose, they represent the opportunity for progression and expansion for a family line.

Every single-family line comes with positive and negative themes. Strengths and weaknesses. Aptitudes and shortcomings. Pleasures and pains. And these themes continue from generation to generation. For example, a family line might have a pattern of entrepreneurship running through it or a family line might have a pattern of escapism from responsibility running through it. To make it really simple, to opt into your specific family line can be compared to opting into a specific hand of cards, made up of both good and not so good cards. And the purpose for your incarnation in this life is deeply and inescapably woven into how you play those “family” cards. 

As people, we have a very hard time accepting that our ancestors play a big role regarding who we are in this life. To many of us, thinking that our ancestry has so much influence on us, causes us to feel powerless, as if our fate has been decided for us, based on whatever family line we ended up in. While this perspective is understandable, it doesn’t reflect the truth. When you get a hand of cards, it is in your hands how to play them. And it just so happens that you came into this life wanting that specific hand. You knew it would benefit you and that you would benefit that family line. 

Genetics are not simply physical. They are not one dimensional. They are multi-dimensional. They don’t just apply to your physical body and to whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes. Genes are like a multi-dimensional blueprint or code, even for things like knowledge, desires, needs, affinities, preferences, aversions, phobias, aptitudes, inaptitude’s, beliefs, feeling states and memories. What we experience in our lifetime, is encoded in our genes. And when a new generation is born, those things are passed down to them. This means that deep within you, you contain all of this from every direct ancestor that you have ever had. It's enough to make your head spin. Based on what has happened before us, some of these things are active and some of these things are inactive within us. 

This means we can look at two levels of ancestral impact.

The first being this much larger and more multidimensional and even esoteric understanding that our ancestors are essentially downloaded deep within us. This is the level at which our experience of our ancestors is not direct, it is inborn. For example, if individuals within our family line were nomadic. That knowledge may be totally lost to us. And still, within ourselves, we could exhibit an undeniably strong inclination towards stepping out of our comfort zone to live in new places. We can call this INDIRECT Ancestral Impact.   

The second being that things are quite literally passed down from one generation to the next and thus, we have a direct experience of our ancestors through our interaction with our own parents. For example, if one of our ancestors abandoned their family, the normalization of abandonment of children might have created a pattern where in each generation within a family line, a parent abandons their kids. In alignment with this pattern, your parent may have abandoned you and your siblings. You directly experienced your ancestors and therefore ancestral trauma by virtue of your own parent abandoning you. We can call this DIRECT Ancestral Impact. 

Trauma is something that does not die with the individual who experiences it. Ancestral trauma is a reality. And after the personal trauma that we go through in our personal life experience, it is the thing that impacts us the very most in our incarnated lives. You don’t have to understand esoteric or multidimensional concepts to understand ancestral trauma and how it impacts descendants. Scientists have long been captivated by the startling realities of how memory is passed down from one generation to the next. There have been several studies done on both animals and humans that prove the inheritance of trauma and also of memory across generations.  

Keep in mind that this indirect ancestral impact as well as this more direct experience of ancestral impact can manifest in both positive and negative ways. And what is important to accept is that living within you, is the gift of all of those positive things that are running through your family lines. And also, living within you is the challenge of all of those negative things that are running through your family lines. The task we have taken on by being born is the task of resolving this inherited trauma. Indeed, so many of the traumas that we experience in our own lifetime are a direct byproduct of this ancestral trauma. The question when it comes to ancestral healing is, can you consciously take advantage of those gifts and can you consciously master those challenges? 

Clearing ancestral trauma is about trauma resolution. Trauma resolution is about healing. And healing is about changing something into its improved state. For example, if a person experiences a lack of belonging, to heal would be to experience a true sense of belonging. Or if a family line experiences and exhibits consistent betrayal, to heal would be for that family line to develop the quality of loyalty and to experience loyalty. At its essence, clearing ancestral trauma is about changing patterns that have been running through your family lines for the better. 

Right now, humanity is at a crossroads. So many of the detrimental patterns that we are seeing on a mass scale within humanity, patterns that are threatening our own demise and the demise of the other beings that share this planet with us, are in fact ancestral patterns that are the result of ancestral traumas. Our own progress as a species depends on re-connecting to our ancestors and on recognizing and changing the detrimental patterns that are recurring throughout history from one generation to the next. And society is made up of individuals. This means, the ability of our species (and countless others) to thrive, depends on individuals engaging deeply in ancestral healing right now. For this reason, right now, there is a massive push within the greater universe towards ancestral healing. It is going to continue to be a theme everywhere you look. When these massive movements occur in the greater universe, it is a very good idea to choose consciously to get on the bandwagon. The good news is, ancestral healing can be really, really fun. And completely mind blowing. 

For those of you that feel the calling to take what is genuinely a deep dive into ancestral healing, I have created an online course to help you do exactly that. You can find this course on my website by going to, clicking on Teal’s Work and then on Online Courses. There, you will see the Ancestral Healing Course. This course goes into ancestral healing in a much deeper way than I can in a single episode like this. And it walks you through the steps of ancestral healing, so that you can follow along with them and do those steps yourself.

That being said, so that you can get your mind around how to do ancestral healing, here is a brief overview. The first thing that a person needs to do, is to release or resolve some of the resistance they might have to doing ancestral work or ancestral healing. The reason being that this resistance that a person might have for any number of reasons, acts as an oppositional force to being able to do effective ancestral healing work. 

From there, it’s time to research. This means, you want to find out as much about your ancestors and your family line as possible. Obviously, some people are able to find out more than others. Some people hear me say that you should find out as much as you can about your family line and they panic. Maybe you were adopted and could not find any information on your birth family. Maybe you have no contact with your parents or other members of your family line and were unable to make contact. Remember that when it comes to working with ancestry, it is simply the more you know, the better. You can work with whatever hints you may have, however tiny. Believe me when I tell you that if you are committed to ancestral healing, more information has a way of surfacing. It feels a lot like an easter egg hunt that never ends. 

The real heart of ancestral healing is about recognizing unresolved pains and detrimental patterns within your family lines, and changing those into their improved state. You do this with both traumas that are direct and traumas that are indirect. For example, you might notice that a pattern running through your family is that everyone had to keep strong and shut up and get things done on their own. You might decide to consciously work on communicating, sharing your emotions and on learning to fully resource other people by getting them to do things with you. When you are healing ancestral patterns, you need to come up with practical ways that you are going to change the pattern or create improvement for the trauma. 

You are not only going to figure out what you want to let go of and change within your ancestry. You are also going to decide upon what you are going to re-own, revive and embody. One of the biggest mistakes that “experts” on ancestral trauma make is that they think clearing ancestral trauma is just about letting go of and resolving the negatives within your family lines. Almost all of the focus of clearing ancestral trauma is on the bad things that happened and on the unwanted aspects of the family line. But this is just one part of clearing ancestral trauma. The other part is to consciously discover, own and integrate the positives within your family lines. All too often, clearing ancestral trauma is done from a place of rejection. It becomes all about things in and about their family line that they want to get rid of. Therefore, it is done from an energy of wanting to dis-own or to emancipate oneself from one’s ancestry. This is the opposite of healing and it is the opposite of integration. 

You can’t reject your ancestry (your family lines) and not simultaneously reject yourself. Because your ancestors are an aspect of you. And a very big one. And upon coming into this life, you wanted them to be. The gift of embracing your ancestry is the gift of integration of the self. It is also to develop or restore a sense of belonging within the overall picture of your place within this human world. To clear ancestral trauma, you are not only going to have to resolve what is not benefitting your ancestors. You are going to have to own, celebrate and proudly embody the wonderful things about your ancestors. For example, say that you discover that your ancestors had an incredible aptitude for music, you may choose to learn a specific instrument with ancestral celebration in mind. Or, let’s say that you discovered a wonderful tradition they used to practice, you may choose to revive and honor that tradition. 

One step further, is to resolve ancestral karma. The word karma is a Sanskrit word that means “act” or “deed.” In Hinduism and Buddhism, the word has come to mean any decision or action that brings you good or bad results, either in this lifetime or in a reincarnation. It has also come to mean “fate” or “destiny.” In this context, ancestral karma means those choices and those actions and those physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental traits and characteristics that brought about either good or bad results. It is very much in our best interests to right our family’s wrongs. It is in our best interests to heal intergenerational wounds. And to change their detrimental behavior, characteristics and patterns into positive ones. It is in our best interests to make better choices and take different actions, especially those that bring about healing. To clear ancestral karma, you identify decisions that your ancestors made or actions that they took. Specifically, ones that brought about bad results. And you consciously “clear some family karma” by making a different decision, taking a different action, righting the wrong… pulling the fate of your family line in a different and, corrective direction. For example, imagine that you find out that your family exploited forests for generations as loggers. You might donate time or energy or money to an environmental foundation that is focused on re-forestation. 

The next thing you can do, is dissolve detrimental ancestral loyalties. Belonging with our family and staying connected to them, is a core need that we all have, even at a subconscious level. We want to maintain our loyalty to them. But not all ways that we maintain our loyalty to them are beneficial for us, for them, for the family line of for the rest of the world. Just think of a person who maintains their loyalty to their family line by maintaining hatred for an entire other demographic of people or by failing so they don’t make their family feel bad about their lack of successes. It is in everyone’s best interests to discover what these negative ancestral loyalties are and to dissolve them, replacing them with positive forms of loyalty.

You can also forgive on behalf of your family line. Lack of forgiveness serves as a sticking point for the progress of a family. Therefore, a powerful practice can be working towards forgiveness and letting go. This can take many forms. It can take the form of you forgiving your ancestors, or a specific ancestor. It can take the form of you being the person in the family line to forgive someone or something that harmed your ancestors or a specific ancestor. It can take the form of you letting go of something you are holding on to or resolving a “sticking point” relative to your ancestors. And it can take the form of you letting go for your ancestors or a specific ancestor regarding a sticking point or something they are holding on to, when it would benefit them to let go. It can take the form of you forgiving yourself for something regarding your ancestors. The hard part about this is, you can’t simply force forgiveness or just decide to forgive. This is in fact a form of bypassing. You have to work towards it. To understand more about this, you can watch my video titled: Forgiveness (Radical New Approach to Forgiveness).

Some more powerful steps that will help you to embrace your ancestry as well as to enhance ancestral healing is to do things like engage in meditation, journey work or medicine work specifically with ancestral connection and ancestral healing in mind. Listen to their music, experience their cultures, learn their languages or skills or arts or crafts, read about the history they experienced, set up an ancestral altar, make and eat the food they used to make. And if it is possible for you to do, visit your ancestral lands and drink the water there. In fact, genealogical tourism or “roots tourism” is a whole section of the travel/tourism market. 

Water in general is very special because it holds memory. Whenever I go anywhere, I make it a point to drink the water there. The reason being that water holds an energetic vibration and a big part of that specific vibration is information. Drinking the water in a place is like downloading that vibration and that information… Information about the land and everything associated with it. It connects you immediately to where you are and to what happened there and to all those things that it encountered before you. When you go back and drink the water that forged your people, it has the power to restore you and remind you of everything you have lost touch with. It is a re-set on both a personal and an ancestral level. It is an indescribably deep kind of re-set. The power of returning to your ancestral land cannot be overstated.

Rather than expecting ancestral healing to be something that you do, and then it is done, consider it to be like a lifelong relationship you are building with your ancestry. The better it gets, the better it gets. You don’t have to worry about “getting it all done”. After all, relationships are not something you are looking to be “done” with. Everything you end up doing over the course of your life regarding this relationship you have with them, will bring improvement to your life and will add an ever-increasing sense of depth and richness to your existence.  

Your family line is not actually “out there in the world”. It is inside of you. When you reject your family, you reject yourself. You create splits within your own consciousness. It creates an internal separation and it creates internal suffering. You are the culmination of your ancestry. It is very much alive within you, and it very much matters. The memories of all of your ancestors that came before you, are your memories. Their trauma is your trauma. And your joy is their joy.  



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