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The Human Layer Cake

(Why self-help, personal development, psychology, relationships, physical health and spirituality go hand in hand)

Spirituality and self-help and personal development and psychology and relationships and health and wellness are so enmeshed that as far as markets go, they are often considered to be one and the same field.  This can complicate things.  Is a spiritual teacher giving advice on someone’s depression acting as a therapist now?  Is a self-help expert now a guru?  We could spend time separating these elements out from one another.  But In today’s episode, I’m going to show you the bigger picture as to why they absolutely do go hand in hand.

The first thing to understand is that incarnation is really nonphysical energy (what we would call “spiritual”) manifesting physically.  This means that there is nothing that is not spiritual.  There is no single thing in physical existence that is not spiritual.  This obviously means that it is impossible in reality to define what is spiritual and what is not.  From this perspective, you are a spirit having a human experience.  And you do so for a very important purpose; a multi layered purpose, which at a more objective level is about universal expansion and at a more subjective level is about personal expansion.  For the sake of your understanding, the process of consciousness manifesting as a person in the 3-D can be compared to creating, and then coming into, the first-person perspective of an avatar in a video game that you also created.  The point is to be fully focused into that video game so as to make the very most of that experience and use it to “level up”.  This means that the most spiritual path is the path of really living life itself… Becoming self-actualized.

To make the most of your life itself, to consciously use your physically incarnated experience to become aware and to use that awareness to consciously create in the physical is in fact the highest spiritual path.  This means, there are people who do not think of god and who are not aware of their nonphysical self, but whom are powerfully committed to self-development or the perfection of a craft here in the physical (say a passionate musician for example) who are in fact walking a more spiritually in alignment path than some who have dedicated their entire life to god or an afterlife or spiritual discipline.  Many people who are aware that there is a nonphysical dimension to existence do not understand this.  They believe that to live a spiritual life is to see physical life as an illusion to transcend.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: How Human Intelligence Is Destroying Human Nature (Anti Human)

Becoming aware implies coming to the awareness that there is more to this life than meets the physical eye.  It is becoming aware that this physical self is not ALL that you are.  It is becoming aware of your nonphysical perspective.  Because you are not just physical, awareness implies becoming aware of what is ‘spiritual’ or ‘incorporeal’… The bigger picture of this universe.  The degree of both personal and universal expansion that occurs with this awareness, is exponential.

Becoming aware implies coming into the awareness of your physical incarnation as well. When non-physical energy manifests in a physical form, experientially it manifests as the layers that could be called mind, body and feeling.  Having awareness of and caretaking all three layers of your physical incarnation are critical to health and to your ability to stay in alignment with your non-physical self as well as its purpose for coming into the physical.  This all of a sudden drags physical health into the picture of spirituality as well and makes things even more complicated.  Health and wellness now cannot be considered entirely separate from spirituality as well.  So, is a spiritual leader now a healer or doctor too?

On top of this, coming into a separate, physical incarnation immediately implies the perception of self and other.  This means, the second that you incarnate, you are in a relationship, not only does a relationship exist between your physical and nonphysical ‘selfhood’ but also between yourself and all other things in existence.  Life is relationships.  Your sense of wellbeing in life is really about the quality of your relationships.  Therefore, the mastery of relationships can no longer be separated from your path of spiritual progression.

  Spirituality, self-help, personal development, health, wellness, relationships and psychology are in fact all intertwined.  They are all parts of the reality of your existence as a human. You could technically split hairs so as to define a person’s expertise at any level of this dynamic I have just described.  Any expert who specializes in any aspect of this layer-cake of existence will have a slightly different perspective on the person standing in front of them.  And it is only possible to only focus on one layer without the other…. Until it is not.

For example, a person would not have to even believe in a spiritual dimension to the universe to unravel their childhood trauma or to work on their limiting beliefs.  But if they encounter a limiting belief that calls existential truth into question, or would be unraveled only by seeing existential truths, it is no longer possible.  Or, a person could pray all day long and find all kinds of answers to their own progression in meditation until the day that they realize that their meditation has all been an escape mechanism and they have some psychological avoidance patterns to address.

The basic thing to understand about life is that because these layers of existence are so integral to one another, it can be impossible to have a full picture of what is occurring with someone, without taking ALL of the elements of them into account… non physical, mental, ‘emotional’, and physical.  An impediment to a person’s progression, awareness, health, success, happiness, desires and self-actualization etc. could happen at any of these levels.

Any expert in any of these fields (spirituality, self-help, personal development, relationship, health, wellness, and psychology) whether it is a guru, a doctor, a psychologist, a self-help expert, a relationship counselor, an energy healer, a therapist or a yogi etc. is wanting the same thing: For the person to find alignment…  Which creates a state of wellbeing.  And very often, this means that a spiritual teacher must talk not only about theology or meaning or existential truth with a person, but about the conditions of their childhood, what emotional wounds are in the way of manifesting the things they want, their relationship patterns or their body etc.  This means that a doctor may not be able to find a cure to a physical ailment until they take into account the way that emotional traumas influence the tissues of the body and therefore the quality of their marriage.  This means that a psychologist may need to also address a problem from the angle of hormonal imbalance or meridian blockage or ancestral trauma.  What any expert in any of these fields offers another expert is deeper insight into what is going on within the layer cake of a person.

It is inevitable that one’s spiritual path, as long as they continue to progress on that path instead of stagnate, will lead them directly to the conscious understanding that they are here in this life to learn, to become aware, to love, to transform, to progress, to manifest, to heal, to create and to become self-actualized.  This leads them to a curiosity about what is in the way of doing that.  And this self-actualization can only be achieved with a conscious commitment to learning about all the elements of self-actualization, including but not limited to: Physical health, wellness, self-help, self-development, manifestation, relationships, shadow work, success, psychology and emotions… And consciously choosing to ‘level up in life’ by applying what they learn.  This is why, instead of separate, to stand in a position of truth, all of these things go hand in hand.  And as humanity continues to develop, instead of becoming more separated and defined, all elements of healing and progressing and actualizing will in fact become more and more integrative.


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