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The Higher Self

Before you are born into this physical experience, you exist in and as the space of being of what is often called "God". Though it can be said that you have a certain sense of self, it is not the kind of sense of self that imbues a differentiation or separation from anything else in your objective awareness. You exist in essence as what can be called your higher self. Soon after you are born, you begin to identify with your body, personality, culture, likes and dislikes, as well as all of the thoughts and beliefs that arise as a result of the physical experiences you have lived. The identification with all of these things builds the idea you have of yourself. But it is an idea that is restricted to the short timeline from your birth to your death in this singular lifetime. It is the temporary nature of this singular lifetime that often causes you, at some point in your life, to begin to question these roles and identities which you have become. This questioning leads you then to a deeper awareness of the truth of who you really are. It leads you to the discovery of your true nature. In other words, it establishes a profound conscious connection with your higher self.

Any kind of spiritual belief is empty of meaning without a personal and direct experience of your higher self. Your higher self is the eternal, incorporeal, omnipotent, consciousness that is your real self. It is the being that you go forth from and withdraw back to from life to life. It is the summation of all that you have ever been and all that you are. It is often called a higher self because the frequency of the energetic vibration of God and therefore your higher self could be interpreted as a much higher frequency than that of physical structure. Your connection to your higher self is unbreakable. It is in fact the focus of your higher self into the idea of you that created you in the first place. If that connection of focused energy from your higher self was to be withdrawn, you would die. For this reason it is always a capability of yours at any moment to utilize this connection.

Your higher self is focusing love and guidance into your life in every second of your life, and it is your choice to either prevent that focused energy or to allow it. You prevent this focused energy of your higher self by thinking thoughts that are of a discordant energetic vibration to the energetic vibration of your higher self. You allow the focused energy by practicing thoughts that energetically resonate with the vibration of your higher self. You will know if you are doing one or the other because when you are thinking thoughts that oppose and therefore prevent the energetic vibration of your higher self, the thoughts make you feel emotionally bad to think.

Likewise, when you are allowing the vibration of that focused energy by thinking thoughts that are a match to your higher self, the thoughts feel emotionally good to think. Your emotions are a translation, informing you at all moments of the day of where you stand energetically in relation to your higher self. When you are preventing the focused energy of your higher self, you quickly develop ailments of all kinds. When you create a lack of that energy flowing through you, you make yourself a match to illness, to accidents, and to absence instead of abundance and health. This is the reason that even though most people do not know what role their emotions play, feeling better still remains the motivation behind every action taken in this world.

Your higher self also plays out in a very important way in this physical experience you are living with respect to your desires. When you experience a situation which you would define as negative, it serves as a comparison. It serves as a comparison from which its opposite arises within you. In other words, the idea of what is alternately positive. This is an inevitable process; you do it even without conscious awareness. Your higher self becomes vibrationally that "idea" that you have consciously or subconsciously desired. This is how the higher self evolves and becomes more.

But once this has happened, like a magnet, the law of attraction (which is the most powerful and invariable occurrence in this universe) begins drawing you and your higher self together, because the energetic vibration of what you desire and the energetic vibration of your higher self is now a "like" energetic vibration. This means all things in the third dimension which you identify as your life and your identity are drawn together with all the things in the physical dimension that are an energetic match to the vibration of the manifestation of your desire. They are orchestrated towards you so that your physical reality becomes a full realization of that thing you desired in the first place (what you, yourself caused the universe to become). If you think thoughts that feel good, you are allowing those changes into your experience, if you think thoughts that feel bad, you are preventing them. However, they do not go away. They are always there, they simply can not become in your universe because you have free will which is expressed through choice of thought to not cooperate with your own desires.

The conscious awareness and utilization of your constant connection to your higher self is the key to achieving everything you desire as well as living a happy life, full of all the experiences you intended for yourself upon choosing to come into this physical life. Your eternal, true self is always with you, eager for your conscious notice and communication, in a space of unconditional love and aid, becoming more because of the physical you.


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