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The Future

Like an ebb and flow, throughout history the human race has vacillated in its attitude towards the future.  Sometimes, people generally feel optimistic and excited for what the future holds.  At other times, people generally feel fear and doom about the future.  Currently, we are in a phase where people feel so much fear about the future.  In large part, this is because people do not understand how the future really works.

At higher dimensions of this universe, time does not exist; that is to say it is not linear.  All timelines (past, present and future) exist simultaneously; like a vibrational soup.  But the minute we conceptualize of past, present and future, we are looking through the perspective of linear time.  When we look at time in this way, it is easy to think that we have no capacity to change the past or that all that really exists is now, or that the future is decided, like fate. 

This universe is governed according to the law of attraction; this includes time.  It is the state whereby things that are of like frequency are drawn together like a magnet. Like a mirror, what we experience in the world is a reflection of what is inside of us, both conscious and subconscious. For example, a person who has low self-esteem, attracts circumstances, people, places, events etc. that are a match to the vibration of low self esteem.  Cause and effect is simply the way that the law of attraction manifests on a physical level.  Any time we alter a cause, we alter the effect.  This means, any time we make a change to what is within us, what is outside of us changes too.  When we alter our vibration, it changes what is reflected in this universe of mirroring. 

When this is the case, it is easy to see that the future is never set in stone.  If a person changes something that is in the current moment, they change what they are a vibrational match to in the future.  At this level, fate does not exist. 

Why do you feel a feeling in your gut right now like what I just said isn’t the whole story?  Because at some level, you know that you are two points of perspective.  When you come into this life, you become two points of perspective.  You have at least two vibrational things going on at all points in time.  You are simultaneously your physical perspective that you call by your name.  And also you are the eternal perspective that observes through the physical perspective.  We often call this aspect our higher self or soul.  This one created the other as an extension of itself.  But upon creating the temporal perspective, the temporal perspective inherits free will.

The law of attraction is responding to both aspects of us. You (as a temporal being in this physical body) are essentially co-creating with you (as an eternal being that exists vibrationally).  This aspect of you, which is also you, is the one that chose into this life in the first place.  It did so by looking at a soup of potentials and choosing into the ones that would assist its path of expansion the most.  It is choosing what parents, what sperm and what egg, what timing, what zodiac alignment etc.  It is choosing them like cards it wants to have in its hand for its temporal self to play. 

For example, if your eternal aspect chooses a mother who is currently a match to dying three years after you are born, your life will look much different than it would if your eternal aspect chose a mother who was a match to living until you were well into your forties.    

     This vibrational momentum that is set in motion by the higher self is what we often experience as fate or purpose.  It is not that we have no free will in the matter of destiny; it is that with our temporal self’s free will we have lined up with something that was chosen by our eternal self for this life, for reasons that may be beyond the understanding of our current perspective.  And we do this quite a bit.  Our temporal self tends to find agreement with the eternal self in terms of life purpose for example.              

We experience things in our external reality that are a point of attraction for both aspects of us in our day-to-day life.  Sometimes, the circumstance that our higher self is attracting is perfectly in alignment with what we actually desire because its perspective is different while at the same time, our temporal self judges it as a bad or mistake manifestation. 

We understand this relative to our incarnation.  We can grasp that the higher self perspective may intentionally attract a difficult childhood so that we can get the ball rolling on expansion quickly because that will enable our intention for this life.  So even though no one wants a difficult childhood experience on a temporal level, you may ultimately want it at a higher level because it is the venue through which your desire for this life will manifest. 

Here is the problem though.  When we come into physical form, our temporal self-perspective encounters society.  It begins to be put through the process of socialization.  We learn what is acceptable and unacceptable.  This conditioning creates a conscious and a subconscious aspect within our temporal self-perspective.  We are essentially fracturing into two main aspects.  The law of attraction is responding to both aspects of our temporal self.  So, our conscious mind may be vibrating at a frequency of kindness when our unconscious self may be vibrating at a frequency of resentment.  Both will be mirrored in our life experience.  In this scenario, we will be bewildered when the resentment is mirrored in our reality; because we are not conscious of it within ourselves. 

There is a vibrational momentum inherent in any focus, whether it is conscious or subconscious.  That vibrational momentum is pre-paving your future in a linear timeline reality, like the one you are currently experiencing.  It is laying the blueprint for what the physical reality is to become.  For this reason, certain people can perceive this pre-manifested reality that is a reflection of the vibration you currently hold.  People like fortunetellers and psychics and prophets.  For this reason also, divination tools like tarot cards or tealeaves or runes will reflect what you are a match to based on your current vibration. 

When people consult a fortuneteller or psychic, they always act as if the things the seer or the divination tool prophesizes are set in stone and unavoidable.  But this is not the case.  There is only one reason for the universe to bring you awareness of what your future currently contains and that reason is that the knowing about it will cause an alteration of course.  For example, either better preparation for actually going through it or a way to alter it completely. 

A person who sees the future is seeing nothing but the dominant vibrational potential.  If nothing changes between now and then, that potential will manifest into actuality.  But potential is the key word.

Many seers, myself included, see more than one dominant life path for people.  In fact, we see three.  And branching off of these three dominant life paths, are hundreds of life paths and branching off of those life paths are thousands of life paths.  Reading the future is a game of probabilities.  If you see the same thing in all three dominant life paths and see it happening according to the same timeline, for the average person you can say there is an extreme probability that thing is going to come to be and you can give an accurate estimation as to when.  You can say this because the average person does not change much.  You will not see the potential for drastic change in their life paths leading up to that event and you can therefore bet that nothing will derail them lining up with that future that has been set in motion and that they are currently a match to. 

All this changes when a person begins to become conscious.  When a person begins to realize that their thoughts and emotions and actions play a role in their life enough to consciously begin to choose and consciously begin to make the unconscious conscious, their life paths then exhibit extreme variability.  For some people, watching these timelines are less like watching a static reflection and more like watching the stock ticker at the new york stock exchange.  Even though you will see three dominant life paths, elements within them are shifting.  Within them, you can see potentials for change.  If the person lines up with those change points, there is a shift in the blueprint of all potential life paths that are causally linked to them, including when things will happen and whether they will happen at all.  At this point, predicting a person’s future becomes much less accurate.  Even though you are always dealing with potentials instead of sureties when it comes to the future, the future becomes extremely variable for the conscious individual. 

You have seen the concept of life path variability played out theatrically in movies like sliding doors and the butterfly effect and the adjustment bureau and the time traveler’s wife. Thinking about it in this way, you can see that there are billions of life path potentials branching off of each variation it may align with.

Now lets go deeper.  The human race is a collective consciousness that has a conscious and subconscious as well.  The human race, just like an individual, pre-paves its future vibrationally.  But because the human race has a timeline of existence that stretches thousands upon thousands of years compared to the average say 80 year timeline of a single human, it is possible to for a seer to look at the life paths that humanity is a match to thousands of years out.  For the most part, humanity’s timelines have been fairly static, mostly because of societal conditioning.  This is why so many talented prophets from various cultures have been able to so accurately predict all of the world wars for example. 

We are aware of humanity’s overall life paths when we opt into the experience of becoming part of it by becoming a physical human as opposed to becoming a starfish in the ocean for example.  Often times when a specific generation is a match to a pivotal change point, like a world war, our eternal self-perspective will specifically choose to incarnate physically into that generation because so much expansion can be garnered from the experience.  This is why some of us may feel fate in the idea of experiencing a third world war, even though on a conscious level, we want nothing to do with war and would rather avoid the entire thing so as to live in utopia. 

And here’s the difficult thing; because of the law of attraction, whatever we resist persists.  This means we cannot alter the dominant life path potential of humanity by resisting it or trying to escape it.  This just feeds it and in fact makes us more of a match to it.  We have to be very honest about whether our methods for altering the future, like denial based positive focus or 5-D training are methods of avoidance and resistance or methods of conscious creation. 

Destiny is nothing more than potential that has been selected by your eternal self.  Potential that you have chosen (either consciously or subconsciously) to vibrationally line up with.  But free will is an absolute of your existence.  This means that your future is an ocean of potentials, some more probable than others.  But any single change you make, will alter those potentials and therefore alter the life you are about to live into. 

The future exists in a state of potential.  Because of this, it is accurate to say that the future both exists and at the same time, does not exist.  It can be helpful at times to gain insight about what you are lining up with in the future, based off of where you are today.  But never use this insight to fall into the illusion that you are powerless to alter the future.  Anything you do today sets in motion a vibrational momentum that is pre-paving the future.  And so, the future really is in your hands. 


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