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The Castration Dynamic

It doesn’t take a genius to see that as far as human society is concerned, this is a man’s world.  For thousands of years now so many men have exercised their dominion over human society in abusive ways.  In some places around the world, this imbalance of power between men and women has started to shift.  But it is embarrassing that even in America, it is only so far back as my own mother’s generation that women were struggling with the women’s rights movement.  For thousands of years, women have been facing powerlessness.  And so many women in the world still do face powerlessness every day.  Powerlessness is the reason that women have become so manipulative.  If you would like more information on this, watch my video titled: The #1 reason you can’t reach enlightenment for men and for women.  

Women had control and power over almost nothing.  Their roles were restricted to the home and specifically to raising children.  It is with this in mind that in the interest of awakening, I’m going to expose one of the most dangerous shadow manifestations that has emerged (especially in the modern day) in women in society as a result of the tyranny of men and that is: The Castration Dynamic.  So often, women exact their unhealthy power and manipulation in the area of the home with a special emphasis on the children and though there are many unhealthy ways that this manifests, one of them is affecting human society profoundly.  

Feeling like they had no control over the men in their lives who were exercising their power in unhealthy ways (maybe it was their society at large, maybe it was their father growing up or their brothers or uncles or husbands) women became afraid of men and resentful of them.  They could do very little about it.  They could not be seen as equal.  Many were deeply hurt by men.  And so, having no control over the actual source of the problem, they turned their sights on their sons.  The one thing they could control.  They sought to eradicate the man in their sons.  They made their sons totally dependent on them so they couldn’t grow up.  They taught their sons to be afraid of their own manhood.  They taught them that there was something shameful and harmful about being a man.  They sought to raise them in a way that it would be impossible for their sons to grow up to dominate them or any other woman for that matter.  They set up a dynamic where in order to get the love they wanted from their mother, boys had to disown their own masculinity and personal power.  This is a form of castration.  What this has done is that it has castrated men on an energetic level.  

It was not conscious on women’s parts that they have done this.  They did not intentionally decide that the way they would exact revenge upon the men that have tormented them is by castrating their sons.  What they were after was safety.  But that safety came at the expense of everyone involved.  It has had devastating effects to our society at large, including to women.  

Because of this castration dynamic, the divine masculine cannot shine through.  Instead, the pendulum has swung within men from shadow tyranny to shadow passivity.  You cannot make an enemy of manhood without causing a man to deny all the positive manifestations of masculine energy.  Things like initiative, action, purpose, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, transformation and growth.  We have created men who are miserable because they have been turned against a huge part of themselves and as such, cannot fully embody their essence and therefore purpose.  Many of them are developing emotional, mental and physical disorders that are a direct result of disowning their masculinity.  We have created men that we, as women, are not attracted to; men whom leave us to play both the roles of the man and the roles of the woman.  And then we hate them for that too.  Many women are developing emotional, mental and physical illnesses as a consequence of this outcome as well.  

For human society to be genuinely healthy, there must be a balance between masculine energy and feminine energy.  This is not done by women gaining more control than men and it is not done by men losing some of the control they have.  It is done by men embracing the full power of their own divine masculinity and women embracing the full power of their own divine femininity.  When this occurs, a natural balance occurs.  When this is done, we do not see the shadow expressions of either gender.  For more about this, I encourage you to watch my video titled: The Divine Masculine, How To Awaken The Divine Masculine Within You.  And Divine Feminine, How To Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You.

The time has come for women to see that this is what we may have done or may be doing currently or may do in the future to our sons if we are not awake enough to face our own pain relative to men instead of preventing our sons from becoming men.  The time has come for men to see this dynamic clearly so they can break free of it and own their masculine energy for the first time.  

It is right to feel angry and betrayed and used as an accessory and denied to become who you really are.  This pain you are now feeling is the pain that women have in fact felt for thousands of years as a result of men.  Women have felt betrayed, angry, used as an accessory and denied to become who they really are.  It is human nature when we are not conscious of ourselves to set other people up to feel exactly how we feel.  But if you have the power to own your masculinity, it will not only save much of your life, it will also mean you can be one of those rare men on the planet who can teach women that it is not being a man in and of itself that makes a man hurt a women or dominate the earth.                     

 We must help our girls become women and we must help our boys become men.  We must question our societal concepts about femininity and masculinity in order to do this well because so much of these concepts like men don’t show their feelings or women shouldn’t do sports etc. are total BS.  But if we do any less than helping our children embody their essence, which more often than not includes the gender they came into this life with, we are failing to help our children unfold into their true potential.  Failing to help our children become the embodied expression of their essence, which includes gender, is something that will drastically affect their adult lives.


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