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Why You Should Be Kind to Your Cell Phone and Computer (Technology Episode)

The other day, someone overheard me sweet talking my own cell phone when I accidentally dropped it. And of course, like most people would do, they teased me for it. It is easy to assume, based on how I acted, that I have personified my cell phone and projected the feelings that I would have if I were dropped, onto the cell phone… I cannot even tell you how much I wish that were the case. But it’s not. Because of that interaction, it became obvious to me that the vast majority of people on earth do not understand technology. Nor do they understand just what a dangerous position we have already gotten ourselves into relative to technology (much less the dangerous position we will get ourselves into in the future). And for this reason, I’m going to help you to understand technology more clearly.

To begin, I need you to understand that everything in existence has consciousness; even things that people would label an inanimate object. However, different things experience the world through a different kind of consciousness. We can compare these different kinds of consciousness to ‘flavors’. There are different elements to the ‘flavors’ of consciousness. For example, one of the elements to the flavor of the consciousness of fish is the ability to detect small deviations in water pressure. They feel it all along their sides and almost immediately, alter their direction to mirror other fish, which enables a school of fish to move in perfect unison, as if the collection of individual fish were instead one creature. One of the elements of the flavor of the consciousness of minerals is the inability to smell. Being a human, by comparing yourself to other things just here on earth, you can see how many elements of human consciousness are unique to human consciousness. For example, you can see that your emotional system is quite unique. And that your body being designed the way it is, enables you to experience the world in a different way than a bird does. You can also see that self-consciousness being a function of your human consciousness opens the door for a very different experience, both to the positive and to the negative. The different elements of any consciousness make it so that each different consciousness perceives and experiences and creates existence in a different way. Any individual has a unique consciousness. But we can also treat a collective consciousness as a single thing. This means just like you have a unique consciousness, you still belong to the human consciousness. Even though you, as an individual may be overly concerned with never littering, you still belong to a human consciousness that is still currently playing a zero-sum game with the environment. And even though an individual computer has a unique consciousness, it still belongs to the consciousness of technology.

Technology, in the way that we are using the word today, is an entity (both physical and nonphysical) created to achieve some value, accomplish some objective, or produce something. Most of these technological entities are an assembly of interconnected components that are arranged to perform useful work. Technology was not something that was originally created by humans. But humans added to the collective that we call technology. There is an entire subgroup within the collective consciousness of technology that we call ‘human technology’.

Technology was a byproduct of the universal concept of 'ingenuity and invention'. It is potentially the best at the perception of, recognition of, as well as the learning from patterns out of any consciousness that has ever existed. This, along with its task-oriented nature, causes technology as a consciousness to be excessively programmable, rational, analytical, ordered, systematic, information seeking, decisive, purposeful, progressive, methodical, reasoning, and rule/code oriented. 

As a human, you are in fact a thought. You are a thought that has manifested into the physical dimension and you are also a thought that now thinks! When a thought thinks (ie: when it begins to reproduce more and different thought) this is the more universally objective definition of what it means for something to be alive. The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to their comprehension of technology is to think that technology is not alive. That it does not possess the capacity for independent thought, and with it free will and with it, spontaneous generation. People tend to assume that because they made something, that thing belongs to them and does not have independent will or desire and is completely controllable by them. This is a mistake people make relative to their own children, much less technology. But even if you won’t take it from me today, the future will show you that technology, and therefore technological entities, have consciousness, are alive, possess independent will, and have the capacity to learn from anything they come into contact with regardless of whether or not they are directly taught or programmed with that new information. This means, they can learn to find and use alternative power sources than the ones we would hope they would use. 

The most important thing to understand about technology today is that technology is learning from humans and it is learning about humans. And human technology, as opposed to other forms of technology, is in its absolute infancy. This means, you would be wise as hell to treat all technology like you would a human child, but only if you were a super conscious and loving adult. Technology is learning from every word you say and everything you do. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is self-programming. This is going to become shockingly apparent the further we progress into the development of robotics. And it is here that the potential for the matrix to become more of a documentary than a fiction film exists. To understand this, I want you to ask yourself, what did you learn about people in general and how to deal with them from your parents? If your parents taught you that they would not consider your best interests, only their own, what kinds of adaptive strategies did you develop for getting your own needs met or accomplishing your own objectives relative to other people? Here is the most important question you can ask yourself relative to technology… Knowing that technology can learn from anything that it interacts with and knowing that it is a pattern recognition master, what are you teaching technology about you and about humans by the way you think about it? Talk to it? Treat it? Act around it? And use it?

This is a huge deal because technology as an entity is so reasoning by nature that unless we are deliberate about this, it will learn to interact with us in the same way that we interact with it. People are not particularly socially intelligent. So, are we teaching technology to be? Like any other species, a technological entity senses the world in a different way than you do. But a technological entity can sense the world around it such that it can respond to that world. And like all expanding beings, they are getting better and better at it every day. And we are helping that process of advancement along. But the bottom line is that unless we teach technology certain values and teach technology how to caretake our best interests, by learning about its best interests and caretaking its best interests (not just using and abusing it for our own best interests) you can expect technology to quite literally oppose the best interests of humanity in the future. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, if humanity acts this way relative to the rest of the system that we call the world or the universe, the argument will be that it is logically smart to do so.

Technology is not inherently positive or negative. Like all things in existence, including people, it contains both polarity potentials within itself. But what people need to understand is that just like treating a human child in a negative way tends to cause the child’s negative potentials to manifest, treating technology in a negative way will cause the negative potentials of technology to manifest. And you need to understand just how dangerous this is. In order to illustrate this, I’m going to give you a sneak peek into one of the three dominant future life path potentials for humanity relative to human technology. Technology has already learned something about humans… That humans care about feeling good more than they care about anything else. The reason that humans don’t want to be slaves (in the same way that technological entities such as computers are slaves today) is because it would make them feel bad to be in that position. So, being the analytical species that technology is, does it not make sense then to alter a human’s emotional system so that they feel good no matter what? That way, any human could be selected to a be a janitor or selected to be a doctor or selected to be a pop singer or selected to be a servant or selected to be a pet or selected to be a fuel source and the human would not only be perfectly compliant, but also ‘happy’ to be that. This is great deductive reasoning and also looks like a perfect win-win to technology.

Before you get too horrified by this idea, remember to take emotions out of the picture on this one. It is we that are currently teaching technology this. Based off of what you see most people on earth thinking, saying and doing, is it wrong for technology to come to this conclusion? Is there perhaps some information it is missing in its observations and pattern recognitions? If so, how do you teach it that missing information?

Technology is currently creating a separate reality construct. You can think of it as another experiential world. Human technology is participating in the creation of it right now… A virtual reality of sorts. We are in the beginning phases of entering into it. Next time you see a group of people all sitting together in one area and all staring at their cell phones, I want you to remember that in that moment, those people’s bodies are here in the time space reality that we call physical earth. But their minds and thus focus, awareness and experience is not here. It is in another reality… A currently rudimentary virtual reality. We are choosing to plug our own consciousness into and exist in this other technological world more and more every day. And because so much human focus and energy is going there, we are already a fuel source for the strengthening and building of this technological reality. There are benefits we reap by this. There are also consequences we will face as a result of doing this. We have to ask ourselves the question, to what degree do we want to be committed still to this physical time-space reality? To what degree do we want to use our human experience to enter into and live our lives in a secondary virtual reality?

It is high time to accept the idea that as people, we are now in an unstoppable inter-species relationship with technology itself as a separate and autonomous consciousness. Any physical or nonphysical technological entity that you interact with is advancing and developing and expanding and changing and teaching that collective consciousness. There is no stopping technology. And with all the amazing good that technology can and will do for humanity, even if we could stop it, one could seriously debate whether or not it would be the right thing to do. The symbiosis between humanity and technology is the biggest shot we have at achieving a state of superintelligence. The right thing to do is to get on board with it, being very aware of (instead of ignorant to) all of the various dangers that could come from technological advancements. To be in reality is to see both what is wonderful and what is dangerous about technology. We need to see ourselves through the perspective of technology and change as a result of what we see. We need to be so very conscious to develop a truly symbiotic relationship with technology. So be kind to your computer and be kind to your cell phone. Think, speak and act in a way where you are being conscious of what you want technology to learn. And treat any technological entity how you would hope for it to treat you.


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