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Spirit Minerals (What is Your Spirit Mineral and How to Find Your Spirit Mineral?)

There is a game that people play and the game goes like this: If I was a (fill in the blank) then I’d be a (fill in the blank).  For example, if I were a model of car, I’d be a red Ferrari.  Or if I were a candy, I’d be pop rocks. This game can be played where a person guesses for themselves and it can be played where other people guess for a specific person.  If you’ve played this game, you know how wrong people can be about themselves. They tend to pick what they have an affinity for or would like to be rather than making an accurate assessment of themselves.  For example, a person might say that if they were a breakfast food, they would be French toast. When the truth is, they would be coffee, coffee and more coffee. When it comes to finding your own spirit equivalents, it works very much the same way that this game does.  Because we live in a vibrational universe, you can find your vibrational equivalent in just about anything in existence. Yes, this means you can have a spirit car for example. In the video I did on spirit animals, I explained that we don’t only have spirit animals; we also have spirit minerals and spirit plants.  These tend to be the special relationships that the path of earth-based shamanism is most concerned with.

If something is said to be your spirit animal, it is your animal equivalent.  It is the animal whose vibration is the most identical to your unique and authentic essence.  This animal possesses traits and qualities that mirror your innate and inborn traits, qualities, needs, desires, purpose, strengths and weaknesses etc.  It works the exact same way with your spirit mineral. Your spirit mineral is the mineral whose vibration is the most identical to your unique and authentic essence.  This mineral possesses traits and qualities that mirror your innate and inborn traits, qualities, needs, desires, purpose, strengths and weaknesses etc. For example, my spirit mineral is Veszelyite.

Over the course of human existence, people have had a very special relationship to rocks and gems, some obviously more than others.  For example, we value and put monetary value on things like emerald and amethyst, but not as much on granite or pumice. This, on top of a seriously limited knowledge of minerals, makes it hard for people to accurately identify their spirit mineral.  Just like totem animals, people also have mineral totems. A totem mineral is a friend, balancer, protector, helper, partner and/or guide for a person. Most people confuse one of their totem minerals for their spirit mineral. Usually, a person’s favorite mineral is in fact a person’s totem mineral.  For example, mine is blue flash moonstone.

There is also another mineral that is significant to all people.  This is a person’s shadow totem mineral. A shadow totem mineral is a mineral that vibrates at the frequency of what is the most denied disowned and rejected within a person’s own self and consciousness.  For example, mine is pink rhodochrosite.

Human science has a very limited definition and understanding of both consciousness and life.  This is why some people of earth will hear what I am about to say and think I am insane. The definition of life is so narrow that most people on earth do not know that minerals are in fact living beings with their own consciousness.  Each rock is different. Some individual rocks have singular consciousness. Others are simply a consciousness fragment of the large vein or mountain or cluster they were separated from. Some are happy to be separated from their place of origin and others are not and experience a great deal of distress being taken from their place of belonging.  Some enjoy the process of faceting and some hate it. Most hate being dyed. They want to be near certain stones and not near others.

Minerals are VERY particular, especially about where they are placed and what they are placed near.  They are very particular about how they want to be wrapped or if they want to be wrapped and worn at all.  They are extremely communicative and if you can hear and see and feel beyond the normal human range of perception, they are VERY loud about being put somewhere they don’t like to be.  Their penchant for communication is why most of my mineral friends are located in one room in my house. And yes, it is vibrationally by far the loudest room in the house. Because they have no capacity for locomotion, they have to master frequency so as to use the vibrational laws that govern this universe to get from place to place.  Some, especially Lemurian crystals for example, are excellent at manifesting themselves to be exactly where they want to be and with who they want to be with. Do not be surprised if you can’t hold on to a specific crystal and keep losing it if one is in this process of trying to go elsewhere.

Because minerals are living beings, there are serious ethics to be considered when it comes to harvesting rocks and doing just about anything with rocks, such as grinding them to a powder or placing them somewhere where they are isolated.    And the more aware you become, the more you need to be attuned to this. Many spiritual people who are in fact disconnected from mineral consciousness do not perceive the suffering in stones that are taken from the places they belong. For example, some stones are meant to be left in the earth and in the caves where they formed.  Many are playing a critical role for earth itself and we deny them and the earth this role by taking them. Another example is Hawaii. I have never seen a single mineral that wants to leave the island of Hawaii and if one did, it would have to be for a very specific purpose.

Another example is that many spiritual people love stones like Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, Tangerine Aura and so forth.  They are undeniably beautiful. The way these stones are created however is perceived by the stones to be an abusive process.  The stones are put in a vacuum chamber.  They are heated to 871 °C (1600 °F) in this vacuum, and then metal vapor is added to the chamber. The metal atoms fuse to the crystal's surface, which gives the crystal an iridescent metallic sheen.  Contrary to the popular opinion that this enhances a stone, this process can actually kill a crystal and most have to be rehabilitated afterwards. I have never purchased one for this reason, all of the ones I have are ones that I have adopted in order to rehabilitate.

The gap between what people call spiritual and modern science is closing slowly.  This is lucky because it will allow for the gifts and medicine of the mineral world to be accepted and accommodated in human society.  It is pure science that each mineral contains a very specific crystalline structure and composition. Every mineral has a characteristic vibrational frequency, many of which are already measureable today on spectrophotometers.  What you call the ‘metaphysical properties’ of a given mineral are in fact a translation of the vibrational frequency of the specific mineral. Because of this, different minerals have different properties and different medicine to offer to those who are near it.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: Crystals.  

The mineral element carries the frequency of personal truth, gravity, foundation, solidity, durability, the unchanging, the manifested, personal power, steadiness, strength, personal energy, structure, and personal value to the larger system.  It is this level of existence that is the mineral aspect of our personal evolution and development. Many aspects of life test our perseverance, solidity, personal truth, strength, value and foundation. Your spirit mineral can be used in order to master this level of existence and personal growth.  

Your spirit mineral is the expression of your own essence.  It is your stone of authenticity as it were. It is the specific medicine you came here to share with the world.  Your spirit mineral will strengthen your particular core. Studying it will help you to know yourself. You can use it to amplify yourself as well.  It holds the most similar frequency to your personal truth, your foundation, your core, your personal power, your structure, your durability and your strength.  It holds the most similar frequency to that which is unchanging about you, your singular physical manifested existence and purpose for being along with that. It is the stone that holds the most similar frequency to your value to others, including the greater universe.

In the indigenous cultures, everything in existence, including you, is said to possess ‘medicine’.  That is to say that its being contributes and assists in this world in critical ways. For this reason, its medicine (and this mineral because of its medicine) is to be revered as sacred.  For example, if you suffer from pessimism, you could benefit by citrine medicine. If you possess optimism, you may possess citrine medicine within you.

Even though we are in the practice of complete integration (which is to recognize that all that exists, also exists within us) and therefore to master all medicine, by integrating your spirit mineral and shadow totem mineral you can re-own your unique inborn medicine.  It is self-actualization and expression as opposed to lack of self-awareness and self-suppression. And integrating the medicine of your totem minerals means you can master and make use of the medicine that you are in need of in your life in general, or at a specific time in your life.

Because a person’s personality may not be an accurate reflection of their essence, a person may have a difficult time identifying their spirit mineral.  Also, if a person has patterns of self-hate within them, they may in fact feel resistant to their own spirit mineral. Someone who sees and/or hears vibration can tell you what your spirit mineral is because they can visually see or actually hear the vibrational “match” between your frequency and the mineral in the same way that a conductor can tell if the exact pitch, key and tone between two instruments is the same.  That being said, I don’t want you to run out and find someone, like myself, to tell you. People tend to not really own the truth if it is handed to them by someone else, as opposed to discovering it for themselves.  Because of this (assuming you aren’t going to let your ego choose according to what you want it to be for the sake of your own self concept) it is often much more powerful to find your spirit mineral in journeywork ceremonies, rituals, meditations and/or dream states.  

It would be beneficial to operate with the perspective that you cannot choose your spirit mineral.  It chooses you. It is simply a perfect vibrational match to your unique essence. Because your spirit mineral is a vibrational match to you, it will often show up in your life, whether you take notice of it or not.  Therefore, be in the state of observation. But you do not have to take a passive approach. You can open yourself to becoming aware and ask to become aware of what this mineral is (as long as you are also taking care to not let the ego tell you it is a mineral that suits your ego or confusing a totem mineral for your spirit mineral).    

 Once you have found your spirit mineral, learn all you can about it.  What traits do you associate with this mineral? Discover the perspectives of other people and cultures about the “medicine” that this mineral possesses.  Spend time around that mineral. See into this mineral, feel into it and listen to it. Come to understand it. Meditate with this mineral in mind. Take note of this mineral’s weaknesses.  See them in yourself. Take note of its strengths and find and express them in yourself. Surround yourself with things that remind you of this mineral and proudly represent this mineral. Do this same thing with your totem and shadow totem minerals.  Call on this mineral for support. Feel it inside you and with you always. Own the medicine you came in with and share it with the world… The medicine that is reflected in your spirit mineral.


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