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Self Awareness Meditation

At the most fundamental level, everything in existence is made of energy.  This means all is one.  This united energy is imbued with consciousness.  What does this mean?  It means that every aspect of us is imbued with consciousness.  Not just our mind.  This means you can essentially communicate with any aspect of you.  The average person is not very self aware because they do not know they can communicate with any aspect of themselves.  As a result, they never take the time to do so.  But we can begin to develop self-awareness through a self awareness meditation designed to allow you to communicate with your own embodiment.  

To do this meditation you are going to sit down, close your eyes and begin watching your breath.  You will feel your mind jumping around restlessly.  There is nothing wrong with this.  You can just allow your mind to do this.  When you feel like you have settled a bit, select an aspect of your embodiment to connect to.  It could be an ailment you are experiencing, like MS or Acne or Cancer.  Or you can connect to a part of your body, like your knee or your heart or your liver or your bones.  Or you can connect to a feeling/emotion like the crushing sensation in your chest or a burning in your cheeks or the anger in the pit of your stomach. 

Once you have picked this aspect of you, connect to this aspect of you as if it has something to say to you.  For example, if you have cancer, close your eyes and begin to feel the cancer.  What does it feel like?  If it looked like something, what would it look like?  If it had a sound, what would it sound like?  Then imagine it has a voice of its own and begin to mentally ask it questions.  Any and every question you can think of is good to ask.  For example, why are you here?  What do you need me to change?  How are you trying to help me?  The sky is the limit to the questions you could ask.  So let your intuition naturally guide you through this exploration.  What do you want to know about this part of you? 

If you have an aspect of yourself that you really want to understand, don’t be afraid to involve other people in your life to think up questions to ask it before you do this meditation.  And then ask those questions in the meditation.

Make this an interactive meditation.  You are developing intimacy with that aspect of yourself.  Intimacy being to see into it, feel into it, listen to it and understand it.  The natural byproduct of doing so may be that you want to just be present with it or you may feel compelled to respond to it.  For example, if you are communicating with your heart and your heart says it’s cold because it has no friends, you may feel compelled to visualize surrounding your heart in warm energy and to tell it that you promise to stop isolating it from other people. 

Allow this meditation to continue for as long as it takes for you to feel a sense of completeness.  Then allow yourself to come back slowly to the room.  And make sure that your actions from that point forward honor the needs of that aspect of you.  And live up to the awareness you have received. 


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