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Psychic Attack

Psychic attack is a fancy name for negative energy being focused you with the conscious or subconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, or any aspect of your life. Focus manipulates and moves energy. Harm can be focused towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies are projected in the form of thought and intention. They are a byproduct of the psyche. At the extreme end of the scale of psychic attack, we see the deliberate practice of hexes and curses; in other words, spells that were created to harm instead of benefit an individual.

The reason people feel so intimidated by psychic attack is because most people do not understand what it is fully. Because of the name it was given, people associate psychic attack not with the psyche, but with psychics, magic and the supernatural. We have the tendency to call anything that we do not understand supernatural. The minute we understand it however, it becomes natural. Psychic attack can involve ritualistic technique, but by far and away the majority of psychic attack is not ritual and involves nothing other than the thought and intention for harm to come to someone. Psychic attack has long been associated with voodoo and with a kind of witchcraft called black magic. Black magic is considered to be magic that is done against the free will of another person. In reality, you cannot do anything against the free will of someone else because in order for him or her to experience you harming them in the first place, they would have to already be holding a vibration that matched that experience. This is seen universally as an invitation and thus in accordance with free will. The way that people feel towards us and think about us as well as their intention towards us produces strong energy signatures. When we become a match to these strong negative energy signatures, like anything, they affect us. Here are some symptoms that we commonly see in association with psychic attack.

  • Experiencing frightening nightmares
  • Seeing your attacker in a devilish way, either in your dreams, your meditation or in your thoughts
  • Suddenly acting totally out of character
  • Major changes in clarity of thinking or analytical ability
  • Sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason
  • A drained feeling
  • Icy cold feeling on part or all of your body
  • Hearing voices
  • Strange or recurring accidents
  • A discomfort or fear in a specific room or area in your home or office
  • Sudden illnesses that elude diagnosis
  • Feeling someone touch you or bump into you when nobody is present
  • Sudden depression without an apparent cause
  • Seeming ongoing bad luck
  • Disturbing Visions or hallucinations
  • Irrational fear, anger or sorrow
  • A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won't go away
  • Having thoughts and images of your attacker creeping into your mind constantly
  • Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows around you from the corner of your eye, even when you are alone

That being said, nothing can assert itself into your reality against your will. For anything to show up in our reality that negatively affects us, we have to have already been either consciously or subconsciously offering a vibration that called it to us. Awareness of what is happening diminishes the effect of the psychic attack significantly. And awareness of the occurrence of psychic attack involves much more than realizing that someone is projecting negative thoughts in your direction. It involves an understanding of the psychic attacker and of why it is occurring in your reality.

Psychic attack in truth has everything to do with the “out of alignment” state of the attacker, as well as the “out of alignment” state of the victim. Psychic attack is based mainly upon feeling of jealousy, anger, revenge, perceived powerlessness to you or fear of you. The psychic attacker, just like the victim they choose is a person full of trauma. They view the world through the eyes of trauma and create a lot of drama because they engage with the world as if the world is a hostile environment. They live in a state where they vacillate between attack and defense. It is important to remember this; no one will ever attack you psychically unless they feel somehow attacked by you first. To understand this, take a look at jealousy. If someone is jealous, they perceive your presence as attacking their self worth and so this perceived attack on their self worth puts the into a state of defense, where they wish to strike back. As far as the victim of psychic attack is concerned, it is important to understand that when you are really in alignment, no one could do anything that could cause you to feel negatively. You would be so far outside their vibrational range that you would never encounter someone with negative intentions towards you. You would be so open to the flow of infinite energy, that no one could ever take enough energy from you that you would feel a deficiency. We cannot discuss psychic attack without discussing victimhood. The victim does not know that they are the initiator of those experiences. All the psychic attacker is, is a vibrational match to unhealed aspects of us, mostly that reside in the subconscious that we are not yet aware of. You cannot be a match to psychic attack unless there is a point of attraction to it within you. So universally, this point of attraction to it is seen as an asking for it. If you do not have any idea how things are coming to you because you are unaware of your shadows and you are unaware of the fact that your reality always comes in response to your vibration; and you’re looking at your world and seeing bad things happening to you or other good people (things you don’t think you or they deserve), your logical assumption is that there must be outside influences that have the power to assert themselves in your reality. Then you think “I had better defend myself”. “I had better push against these influences”. “I had better protect myself”. “I had better get better weapons to fight that”. But this is a misunderstanding about how this universe works and like all things; you cannot push against psychic attack and not draw it to you. When you give your attention to someone or something else that causes you to feel negative, you, yourself are pinching off the flow of infinite energy to you and yet you blame the way you feel on them. They are the “reason” you unintentionally cut yourself off from your own alignment. You blame them for how you now feel because the way you feel happened in response to placing your attention on them. The problem is that you cannot blame someone else for how you feel and not simultaneously acknowledge or activate the vibration within you of your own powerlessness. Powerlessness increases our victimhood vibration and thus increases our manifestation of psychic attacks. Prolonged states of anger, rage, resentments, bitterness, vindictiveness, fears and suppressed trauma from childhood will draw and attract people who are so not self aware that they carry out psychic attack. Ongoing repressed negative emotions will always eventually turn into a physical reflection of those emotions.

To understand psychic attack further I’ll share a personal story. Last year, I had flown to the east coast to hold a synchronization workshop. The day before the workshop, I hosted a frequency art gala to explain, showcase and sell my frequency art. A woman who was very disturbed attended the gala that day. She attempted to deceive me into thinking that she loved my work and wanted to collaborate one day. But her energy conveyed quite the opposite. She was threatened by me. Most of it was jealousy. She considered herself to be a shaman and felt as if it was unfair that someone my age (with such obvious inexperience) could draw the large audience that she had always desired but never experienced. To justify her jealous hatred towards me, she decided that I was illuminati and was intent on saving the world by preventing me from continuing with my work. That night, as I was talking to people and teaching a trauma release process, she walked around the room picking up crystals and used them in conjunction with her walking cane to “hex” me. Then she diligently proceeded to invite groups of people into the hall where she explained to them that I was illuminati and provided them with sound reasoning for her claim. One by one, she tried to convince people not to attend my workshop the next day for the sake of their own safety. She managed to convince about ten people to abandon my teachings and not attend the workshop that night. I felt completely targeted. My energy level collapsed. If I did not understand psychic attack, I would have convinced myself that I needed further protection and that I was the victim of attack. But when you understand your own shadow side, psychic attack can no longer be seen as attack. It can only be seen as reflection. In truth, that experience was a reflection of the pain I felt as a child when the Mormons in the town I grew up in (despite my desire to do good), labeled me as evil and ostracized me from society, separating me from the children I wanted to play with. Because that vibration was still present within my emotional body, it was still a point of attraction, which invited this woman into my experience. She was not an attacker; she was a messenger for an unhealed aspect of my being. She was a messenger of unhealed aspects of many people there at the gala that night. Everyone who interacted with her came face to face with the reflection of their own various suppressed trauma. Use the contrast of psychic attackers to do two things. 1st recognize the reflection of someone projecting negative energy in your direction as a reflection of a deeply suppressed trauma within you; a reflection of past feelings of powerlessness, despair, desperation, hopelessness, fear, unfairness etc. Explore the feelings you have about being a victim or experiencing undeserved harm. This is what the revolutionary psychologist Carl Jung would have called shadow work. Prod around in the subconscious and integrate unresolved traumas. 2nd use it to design your reality by identifying your desire. Realize that what you want is to be more in control of your own vibration than this. What you want for example might be empowerment and allowing. Then, intentionally go in the direction of that. Do more things that cause you to feel empowered. Pay attention to anything or anyone that causes you to feel more allowing of other people and how other people choose to behave. Focus on anything that diminishes your resistance to and your fear of others.
Understand that you can’t arrange the circumstances of your reality enough to control everyone else’s people’s behavior. You can’t protect yourself without simultaneously activating the idea in your reality that there is something that you need to be protected against. When you get control of your own vibration, you are exempt from the experience of other people dictating the way you feel.All other techniques for dealing with psychic attack must come second to this.

There are multiple techniques for dealing with psychic attack that can be used in conjunction with intentionally integrating your past trauma and unhealed shadow aspects and increasing your vibration. The ones that I think are the very best for psychic attack are:

  • White sage. White sage has been used for thousands of years for neutralizing energies. You can dab the essential oil on the pulse points of your body. You can also use the smoke of a smudge stick of white sage to neutralize energies in your home. By pulling the smoke gently around your body and into your auric field, you can neutralize the discordant energies in your auric field. You could also benefit greatly by planting it around your house.
  • Carry the minerals, whose frequencies are the best at deflecting negative energies, transforming negative energies and cloaking. In my opinion, these are back tourmaline, obsidian, pyrite, moldavite, spirit quartz, fire agate, and chiastolite.
  • Use herbs or plants whose frequencies are the best at deflecting negative energies. In my opinion, these are: Sage, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Oregano, Clove, Lavender, Juniper, Ylang Ylang, Tea tree, and Sandalwood.
  • Visit energy worker professionals that you feel drawn towards, who are adept at auric cleansing and who specialize in assisting people with psychic attack.
  • Visit open minded, spiritually aware psychologists that you feel drawn towards who are adept at helping people integrate the subconscious and become aware of painful emotional and mental patterns within them.
  • Now I’m going to share with you an old spell formula that was used back in the day for protection. Today, we have the understanding that protection invites something that needs to be protected against, but nonetheless, this formula creates a very strong vibration that can deflect negative energies. To create this formula, we put 8 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Make sure the water is obtained from a natural, pure fresh source such as spring water, lake water, river water or artesian well water. If you absolutely cannot find natural water, use bottled spring water. Put 6 drops of rosemary oil, 6 drops of sandalwood oil, 8 drops of frankincense oil, 5 drops of juniper oil, and 3 drops of lavender oil into the water. Add 8 fennel seeds and 3 whole cloves. Drop 3 small protection stones of your choice into the water (my favorite is black tourmaline). Expose the mixture to the color violet. To do this, you can imagine the color violet being diffused into the mixture or you can cover the bottle with a violet colored cloth for an hour. Then, by projecting your intention into the mixture, mentally ask the ingredients to awaken. Ask them to help keep you clear of negative energies and deflect negative energies directed at you. When you feel as if the time spent focusing your intention towards the creation is sufficient, or when you feel as if the ingredients are coming alive, shake the mixture 28 times and spray yourself (as anything else you want to shield) with it. Shake and re spray it anytime you feel like you need it. This mixture will last for about several months before it looses its potency and will need to be replaced. Store it in an area where it is shielded from absorbing other energies in the house.
  • Another thing you can do to thwart psychic attack is meditations and visualizations. There are many options available on line, but my favorite meditations and visualizations for psychic attack are done with the intention of cleansing. Cleansing is quite simple to do. Spend fifteen minutes imagining washing the inside and the outside of your body as well as your aura with clear white liquid light. Or, imagine bathing in a pool of sacred cleansing water. Imagine watching the toxic, negative energy and debris flowing out and away from you and being absorbed into the soil, where it will be claimed and transformed by earth element. These visualizations can be greatly enhanced by doing them while taking an actual bath in water that has been diffused with Himalayan salt or sea salt.

When you have successfully addressed the shadows within you that have attracted this experience into your reality and when you are feeling more empowered, work on viewing the experience from a higher perspective. This allows you to develop compassion for the psychic attacker. Vibrations of love and compassion and peace and joy are instant disablers to any negative energy focused at you. Chances are you do not yet realize how painful their life truly is. You see, any vibration you hold, including an intention you project outwards, is reflected in your own reality. For this reason, a person who consciously or subconsciously desires your harm is a match to harm themselves and so they will experience harm coming to them. This is why in the practice of witchcraft, there is a thing called the law of three. The law of three basically states that whatever intention you send out into the universe, is sent back to you times three. And this is true on a vibrational level because this universe operates according to the law of attraction. And the more you focus on something, the stronger it becomes and the more dramatically it shows up in your reality. Those who engage in psychic attack on a subconscious or conscious level live acutely painful lives. Psychic attack is not something to be afraid of. It is not something mystical and supernatural that is beyond your control. It is just the natural result of living in a world where people, including ourselves experience trauma and find ourselves out of alignment because of it. The most crucial step to dealing with psychic attack is to recognize that psychic attackers are not attackers, they are messengers for parts of your unconscious shadow that craves to be seen, felt and integrated. They are a call to “heal” unhealed parts within you.


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