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Psychic and Energetic Protection

To protect something is to keep it safe from harm. It is a state of preservation. Therefore if you want to protect yourself, you’re interested in self-preservation. Protection is in fact a state of defense and the state of defense is a state of resistance. What do we know about this universe? Whatever we resist, we get more of, so the more concerned we are with protection, the more there is in our reality that we need to be protected against. You cannot in fact create protection without simultaneously creating something that you need to be protected against. That is merely the flip side of the coin. Protection is what we call a mixed vibration. It’s pattern contains both what is wanted and what is unwanted. Safety is not a state of defense. It is a state of emancipation, emancipation from fear. Emancipation from fear is a freedom. It is the state of being uninjured and unexposed to danger or harm. Because safety is a state of freedom, it is considered a pure vibration. The vibration of safety does not include the frequency of what you need to be safe from. Therefore creating safety does not automatically create something you need to be kept safe from. Now remember that the universe does not care about the words you use, it cares about the feeling you have. So some people may think they are focused on safety when they are really focused on protection and some people may think they are focused on protection, when they are really focused on safety. You will know which you are focused on based on how you feel. If you are focused on being protected, you will feel relief because you will feel shielded, but within that shield, you are constricted; a bit like the security of hiding. You will feel like you are still an underdog to the world, but one that at least has some armor. You will begin to feel brave. Remember that bravery only exists in a state of fear. With no fear there is no bravery. If you are focused on safety, you will not feel fear. You will feel empowered. You will feel like the world is a good place to be. You will no longer feel like an underdog to the world. You will feel as if the shackles have been removed and you can become expansive.
With this in mind, the answer is straightforward. It is not wrong to think of protection because it is a vibrational improvement from victimized exposure. But it is not a state of freedom it is a state of contained powerlessness. So if you want to feel emancipated from fear, think about safety instead. And keep in mind that if you have felt unsafe all of your life, this is going to take some practice. Think of the concept of safety vibrationally. This particular universe is governed by the law of attraction, which is simply the law of mirroring. Think of this like a mirror hologram where whatever thought you place before it materializes. When you are feeling inspired and when you are seeing all the positive in the world and when you are feeling free and when you are feeling capable and when you feel good about yourself, you are not feeling fear and you are not feeling like a victim or an underdog and you are feeling like this is a good place to be. That there will tell you the best way to quote on quote protect yourself… To get into a vibration that is literally beyond the vibration of fear. If you can do that, you will not be a vibrational match to anything you need to be protected against. Your world cannot reflect danger unless fear is already in your mind. That is like tuning your radio dial to a channel that can’t even receive danger. That is a whole lot better than protecting yourself against danger. For this reason, it is a really good idea to take a look at my YouTube video titled “How to Raise your Frequency and Increase your Vibration” So other than that, how do you create and maintain the feeling of safety?
1. Begin to identify when you feel unsafe and when you feel safe. I will give you a hint that a lot of people are so acclimatized to feeling unsafe that they do not even know they are feeling unsafe. But to achieve a space of true safety, we need to become aware of what safety feels like and what un-safety feels like. Periodically check in with yourself throughout the day to see how you are feeling. I will also tip you off that if you are angry, you are really feeling unsafe. Anger is the cover emotion for fear. And once you identify the feelings, try to become aware of what it is that makes you feel unsafe and conversely, what it is that makes you feel safe. 2. Create a safety list. This is a list of things that make you feel like the world is a better place to be. What makes you feel free from harm? I will give you a sample of one such list:
Being held in a blanket den Warm baths The sound of Ducks on the pond Chest Compression Writing Lists that make me feel good about myself (how am I lovable, why would someone want me for a friend or partner) Cooking Feel good movies like Legally Blonde Funny You Tube Videos Soup Outer Space Ski resorts Food Network Channel Music that holds a high resonance and changes the feeling Making a Vision Board Looking Through “Joy” Pictures Stand Up Comedians Warm air from the Blow Dryer Christmas Lights Cat Purring The smell of rain in the summer The smell of apricots Inspirational films The smell of chamomile Mountains Closing my eyes underwater The smell of bread in the oven Lying in tall grass or fields Angels Dry rice or sand running through my hands
Make this list as comprehensive as you can. Put both big things and little things on it and when you begin to feel unsafe, go to the list and pick something or multiple things off of it to seek out or do.
3. If you feel up to it, the feeling of un-safety is a great opportunity to integrate your emotional wounds and this will go further for establishing a personal sense of security than nearly anything else. To do this, instead of trying to do something to make yourself feel more safe when you feel unsafe, sink into the feeling of unsafe and integrate the feeling. To understand this process fully, watch my YouTube video titled “How to Heal the Emotional Body”.
4. Do shadow work on the things that are making you feel unsafe, especially techniques where you question your own thoughts and look for new perspectives that would shift that feeling of un-safety entirely.
5. Think of all the ways you are safe. When we feel unsafe, we seldom if ever shift our focus to the ways we actually do feel safe and are safe. For example, you may feel unsafe relative to relationships but you may have the safety of having enough money. You may feel unsafe because you do not have enough money but you may have the safety of being able to rely on the companionship of your dog.
6. Create the feeling of safety in your body by creating a feeling signature in your body that feels safe. To understand this technique watch my video on YouTube titled: How to Feel Better (feeling signatures)
7. Think of taking any actions to protect yourself in terms of releasing resistance. Before you do it, ask yourself, “Is this going to make me release resistance to the thing I think I need to be protected against so I am no longer thinking about it or is this fueling my resistance to what I feel like I need to be protected against?” This is going to be a very personal decision. For example, when we have genuine fear that we have not fully integrated yet, we might feel real danger driving down the road. You could say that the seatbelt in your car is a way of protecting yourself and it is. But here is the question you must ask yourself, when I put the seatbelt on, does that help me to stop thinking about and worrying about a car crash so that I’m not a vibrational match to things that make me worry or to car crashes? If so, put the seatbelt on.
8. Having said what I just said about safety and about thinking of protection less about protection from unwanted things and more in terms of releasing resistance to unwanted things, because protection is a vibrational increase from a space of victimized exposure, I will now teach you some energetic protection techniques. A. The ever-popular technique of visualizing yourself surrounded in white light. It is a popular technique amongst energy workers because it works. White is reflective and reflection is a deflection technique that works awesomely for attack. On an energetic level, if you think something, it happens. So literally thinking about a white light surrounding you like a cocoon makes the energy field around you take on this appearance and shape. Make sure if you are doing this that you pay special attention to feeling where you have any open spots in your auric field and focus on filling those in. The spine tends to be one of those places that people leave exposed. And don’t be afraid to use other colors besides white. See and feel yourself going about your day with an energetic force field in and around you. Doing this creates a sensation of containment. Containment feels safe. Containment is an important vibration for people who struggle with creating healthy boundaries. The empowerment of getting to choose when to be exposed and when not to, is an aspect of safety. That personal choice is safer and more free than any armor you could ever fashion. And you will come to learn that you can be contained within an energy field and not be alone at the same time. My number one problem with energy workers relying on this particular protection skill is that of all people who need to learn to achieve a frequency that is beyond needing protection, it is people who work in fields where their connection to other people is paramount, like energy work. I want to paint you an image to explain what I mean here. Imagine Jesus walking into the leper community in a HAZMAT suit. The very beauty of his life was that his frequency was so high, he did not need to protect himself for in his mind there was nothing that he needed to protect himself against and this gave off a frequency of total approval and love to the lepers and so they became well. I can promise you that if you are an empathy, your emancipation from pain will come when you stop trying to protect yourself from the influence of energies in this world and begin developing a high enough vibration that those energies are instantly transmuted when they come into contact with you.
B. Visualize surrounding yourself with mirrors that face outward so that anything that comes your way is reflected. This is a good technique to use if people are projecting onto you and those projections are making you feel unsafe. I like to use this one with people who are particularly not self-aware. You can see them as walls as a bubble with a mirror exterior or like reflective liquid mercury. Be ware that this will also increase your own self-awareness. Anything you do to another, you are also doing to yourself, so make sure it is worth it.
C. Visualize a violet flame. The violet flame energy has been used for thousands of years for nearly every ailment in existence. As new-agey as it sounds, it is in fact ancient and is one of my personal favorite techniques. See and feel a stream of violet fire flowing into your crown chakra down into your heart and from there being pumped through your entire body, consuming all negative energies in it’s path, just like fire consuming paper. And see it flow out of your solar plexus to engulf your whole body, both filling and surrounding you in a force field of violet flame. D. You can use your guides or angels by either setting the intention of praying or straight up asking them to protect you or better yet to achieve safety. Even if you have not had direct contact with them yet, realize that they can hear you and interact with you even if you cannot yet perceive them. E. Utilize physical things that create protection and create a shield around you. I’m going to list some of my personal favorites for this task. 1. Raw salt used in baths and also sprinkled on windowsills 2. Black tourmaline and eye agate, tourmilated quartz, black obsidian, black kyanite, dravite, onyx and obsidian. 3. Palo Santo wood which is amazing no matter how it is used but is especially great when used as a smudge, mugwort and of course the master protector angelica.
Better yet, use things that create a feeling of safety. My favorites for this task are: 1. Agate, especially blue lace agate, pink rhodochrosite, sardonyx, rose quartz, sunstones, coral and amber. 2. Inspirational and soothing music or tones (according to personal taste) 3. Chamomile, angelica, apricot, holy basil, Acacia, and yarrow.
Given that you have just learned the importance of creating a sense of safety in the world as opposed to protecting yourself from an unsafe world, it might be tempting to feel a great deal of pressure to bypass your fear and expect yourself to be fearless. For this reason, it is important to remind yourself to not expect yourself to be fearless. If feeling fearless becomes the standard you hold yourself to, it will be very tempting for you to either deny your fear, which will only make you more of a match to dangerous experiences or to feel like a failure when you are afraid. I’m yet to meet a person who has achieved this state. But make it an intention to feel the empowerment of safety and try out these tips to get you there.


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