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The Definition of a Spiritual Catalyst

Most likely, you have heard the terms “Guru” or “Spiritual Leader”. But it may be true that you have not yet heard the term “Spiritual Catalyst”. While Spiritual Leaders, and Gurus are similar to spiritual Catalysts in nature, the vocation of a Spiritual Catalyst can be quite different from the vocation of a Guru or Spiritual Leader.
By definition “spiritual” means something of an essential, incorporeal, perhaps even supernatural nature, the antonym of spiritual of course being, something of a purely physical and corporeal nature.
A Catalyst by definition is a thing which precipitates an event or change, often without itself being affected.
Therefore, a Spiritual Catalyst is a person who precipitates an event or a change on the level of spirit (the essential, incorporeal part of someone or something). Spiritual Catalysts, like gurus, have attained a high level of spiritual authority, awareness, and knowledge, which enables them to guide others. Spiritual Catalysts however, do not aim to become “Leaders” to their disciples as much as they wish to cause their disciples to question and find answers within themselves. It is the firm belief of a Spiritual Catalyst that if a person is caused to initiate their own exploration on the level of spirit, that a person will then become the conscious leaders of their own lives. It is also the belief of a Spiritual Catalyst that if a person becomes the conscious creator and leader of their own life, that their life will inevitably become a kind of living enlightenment; thereby allowing that person to live in a continuous state of internal peace and joy.

What Is God

For centuries upon centuries, theologians have dreamt up various conceptions about what created the reality we live in. While some people have denied the existence of a “creator” behind this universe, most of the world’s population believes that the universe does indeed exist as the result of some form of advance intelligence. The name most often assigned to this being or advanced intelligence is “God”. As is the case with so many conceptualizations, the various ideas centered around what God actually is differ greatly. The truth of God however goes far, far beyond these conceptualizations. Even though language is a valuable tool, it creates a degree of separation which makes the accurate conveyance of God nearly impossible. To call God by a name is to immediately make God an “It”, which is to lose touch with the ultimate truth of God. It does not matter what name you assign to it. The essence of God remains the same.
God is omnipresent, Omni benevolence. It is the pure unfiltered oneness that is the universal truth of this universe. God is consciousness. God is Energy. God exists both incorporeally and in physical manifestation. It makes up all that is, which means you are God too, this is why God is often referred to as the higher self. You, sitting in the room you are sitting in, are a thought which was thought into physical manifestation by this united consciousness called God. You are not separate from God in this physical body. Your existence in fact depends on the continual focus of God into the “you” which you identify with in this life. What most people of earth have lost touch with is the axiom that God evolves due to the thought which is born as a result of the physical life we are living. God gains it’s very omniscience through every thought that has ever been thought. This united consciousness called God is in truth becoming conscious of itself through our every thought.
The genuine knowledge of God does not happen from a cerebral place in us. It happens from a feeling place, which is why it is impossible to dissuade someone from belief in God once they have experienced it. Feeling place refers to much more than just emotion, it refers to perception. Emotion is simply a physical, chemical translation of the energetic vibrations we perceive around us. The energetic vibration of God feels to people like unconditional love and worth. This is why over thousands of years, and across thousands of cultures, love is the one unanimously agreed upon attribute of God. It does not matter that people know conceptually what God is, or even that they acknowledge that it is. A life is not favored or forsaken for belief or lack of belief in it. The omnipresent potential energy which has often been called “God” is a universal, objective truth that is ever-present whether it is consciously acknowledged or not. You are never cut off from it. You are it.

Message From The Messengers

This Source from which we manifest into this life is acutely aware that more evolution comes in the universe of a thriving physical existence than ever came of a suffering physical existence and so, it lends a bit of help. They are known as angels, they are known as guides. They are a true projection of source into a thought form. No matter what name they have gone by, their purpose remains the same, to aid us in our journey. And so I bring this message from the messengers to you…
Below is an excerpt from a channeling in front of live audience in Park City, Utah, October 12, 2010.
“This is an existence which you lead, is one of free choice. We can not therefore open the door to your awareness, before you do. You do this when you make the choice to believe before you see. We are limitless. We are that which you call quantum. We exist immersed in the potential of the person looking at this page. Every day in your lives, you are causing the expansion of yourself as well as the collective of all that is with your thought. And yet you still believe not in your perfection but instead in your unworthiness. The path to happiness and freedom is to see yourselves as we see you, as perfect as you are. Seek harmony within yourself; seek the definition of your joy. You can get anywhere you want to be from where you stand today. Every moment is new, if you allow it to be new. The only thing that could ever hold you separate from the solutions you seek is the perpetual attention to your problems instead. Everything that is part of your life is the aftermath of focus. Make peace with your lives. Make peace with them, and then move forward, by focusing on what you want your life to look like and feel like to you. Your suffering is unnatural. It is a pattern you have learned. Your essence is one of freedom and of joy. We want you to know that there is no separation between us from our perspective. You are not different from us at all. All you are doing is currently expressing yourselves differently than we are today. If you could see life from our view point, you would forever know the power of your being, your worth, your joy. This universe becomes whatever you request, if only you allow it to”.

The Truth and Practice of Love

There are many cultures around the globe that have multiple words for all the different kinds of love that there are. In the English language however, the singular word “love” is used to refer to a vast array of experiences. Love is the word we use to represent feeling states, attitudes, pleasures, or strong affections felt for any number of things from romantic attachments to sexual attachments to platonic attachments. The usage of this one term “love” to cover all of these definitions as well as complex emotional states is partly responsible for the confusion most people alive today have with regards to the idea of love. It is beneficial therefore, when understanding love, to become familiar with the way the universe at large sees love.
Love is a feeling space rather than a cerebral concept. It is therefore an experience rather than an intellectualization. To Source and therefore your transcendental, eternal self, love is not just an emotion or a virtue. Love is the basis for all physical and non physical being. It is the profound feeling space of total and complete oneness. Because Source is the experience of oneness, it is in the state of constant, unconditional love. Because we are temporarily in the experience in this three dimensional reality of “separateness”, unconditional love is a feeling space, it is a mental attitude, it is a decision we make and, most importantly, it is a skill to be developed. Love is not something that either exists inside us towards ourselves and others, or it doesn’t. Loving is something we learn to do. And loving unconditionally is a lifelong practice. But loving unconditionally is not something that can be experienced outside of the parameters of worth. If you are in this very moment still basing worth of yourself or others on externals such as what a person does and says, their talents, their gender, their aptitudes or their shortcomings etc. You are practicing conditional love.
To unconditionally love is to see the true essence of your own worth as well as the worth of others. All things created, were created from love to love. To unconditionally love others is to see that worth has nothing to do with externals (anything a person will leave behind upon leaving this life). It is to see the identical nature of you as well as their core essence. Once you have done this, it becomes easier to allow yourself in that recognition to experience the unchanging, eternal feeling space of that unity regardless of any conditions that differentiate you from them in this life. It would be true to say that love is a kind of spiritual awareness. No one on this earth deliberately practices “conditional love”. But most people of earth today are practicing conditional love by default. Often this default pattern occurs due to the fact that people do not mentally know any other way to love because conditional love that is the kind of love which was demonstrated to them throughout the majority of their lives (and people learn primarily by example). People also often practice conditional love because at this point in time, most people on earth have forgotten their eternal, non physical nature. When you are feeling emotionally bad because you are focusing on something you dislike about yourself or someone else, you are using that thing you are focusing on as your excuse to disallow Source, and therefore love, to come into your life (as it naturally would without the prevention of it). You are in that very moment, saying that your love is conditioned upon that external thing changing before you can feel love. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Nowhere is this concept more paramount than in the relationship between you and you. No suffering is ever about another person. It is always the result of the relationship between you and you. You can never experience anything else other than external relationships which are an exact match to the internal relationship you have with yourself. If you could, it would defy the laws this universe is managed by. So, the real question to ask yourself on a daily basis is, “Am I practicing unconditional love with myself?”. The person, with whom unconditional love must start, is with the epicenter of all that is within your reality… yourself. From there, it is a promise that the unconditional nature of your love will reflect out across everything else in your life. And you will receive it back into your life two fold.

The Interplay of Thought and DNA

The body manages to be a very simple and simultaneously complex system that allows us interaction with this physical dimension. Nowhere is this dichotomy more obvious than with DNA. In essence, DNA is the very first manifestation of the blueprint of Source's "idea" of you. It is the meeting place of spirit and physical. For years, we as a species have been stuck in three dimensional awareness and therefore seen DNA as purely three dimensional in nature, which is not only inaccurate, it stops us from being able to see the whole picture of our reality, our purpose and our eternal nature.
DNA, like everything else, has a magnetic field and as such, is not restricted to the third dimension. It is inter-dimensional. DNA is both physical and non physical. In fact much more of our DNA is non physical than physical in nature. The part of DNA that we physically see as biological matter, which is protein encoded and hereditary, is dwarfed by the amount of non physical energy going into that DNA, which is informational in nature. Many people think that they are restricted to living out what is encoded in their DNA as if it were a life sentence. It is the scapegoat of many problems all the way from obesity to deformity. But DNA is like a group of cards all picked and assembled by Source creating the physical concept of you. And it is now your choice from your separate physical life, how to play those cards.
You can increase or decrease the ways that DNA communicates with the molecules and cells in your body. There is no such thing as something in the physical that is static. No matter what the statistics and odds tell you, anything that has manifested in the physical in the first place, has the ability to change. Nothing exists in this physical world that, with or without changes being made, has a decided outcome. DNA is not determining your thoughts, or your way of life or your physical health, it is an "idea" that is manifesting physically, that is constantly being amended by your thoughts and re informing your body how to "be".
You could think of DNA as a control tower that is broadcasting the energetic vibration of your thoughts out to your body, at which point the body assembles to exactly mirror the energetic broadcasts that it has received. Your thoughts are what control your DNA.

Mind Medicine

Everything about this physical life that you now lead is experienced from the standpoint of your physical body. If you have suffered from a physical ailment, you already know that when your body is in a state of illness, it reflects out into all aspects of your mind. What is overlooked in society today is that the reverse is also true. When your mind is in a state of illness, it reflects its self out into all aspects of your body. Though this concept may be a difficult one to grasp if you have practiced three dimensional thinking for the majority of your life, thought is not just an abstraction. Thought is the preview of what is to come in the third dimension. It is very easy to fall into the path of shortsightedness and say for example that an illness comes from a specific virus. It is easy to say you know it comes from this specific virus because you can see it visibly with a microscope hacking into cells. This however is the same as telling the story that the light which illuminates a room comes from a light bulb. The story of where light itself actually comes from can be traced much further than the light bulb. It is a much longer story, just as illness is a much longer story than what is obvious and visible, which we often call the "cause".
Many people assume that there are physical conditions that dictate by default how your life and especially your body will end up. Conditions determined by things such as DNA. The problem with this mode of thinking is that DNA is activated and told how to express it's self by the mind (human consciousness). Mind (thought) is the bridge between spirit and body. You, as a living being find harmony with your spirit using your thoughts and you use thoughts to create harmony in and of your body. Your entire body in fact originated as a thought. Therefore, when your thoughts change to match an energetic vibration which is negative, it is as good as re writing the blueprint of your body. This negative change then manifests as illness. Chronic disease is in fact weakness caused by chronic thoughts such as those of fear, stress, guilt, resentment, overwhelm or hate. If there is no weakness present in the pre- manifested vibrations of thought, there is nowhere for illness to occur, there is nowhere for traumatic injury to occur, there is no way for a virus or bacteria to effect you, and your genetic predispositions towards a particular disease will be dormant.
It is for this reason that the modality of mind medicine (thought) could quite possibly be the most important part of healing. No matter how much you do on the physical level to change circumstances that have already manifested, they will continue to manifest again and again if the thoughts you are habitually thinking remain the same. There is nothing that is physical that is truly static. No matter what the statistics and odds tell you, anything that has manifested in the physical in the first place, has the ability to change. Nothing exists in this physical world that with or without certain changes being made, has a decided outcome. To put yourself physically in a chronic state of health, all you have to do is make thoughts which hold a positive energetic vibration, (thoughts that feel good to think) the thoughts which are habitual and chronic for you to think.

No Death No Loss

The doubt in eternalness and the dread of oblivion is a dull type of fear which resides in the back the minds of so many of us alive today. It is a fear which most of us don't face until we are knocking on the door of our own death or are grieving the death of a loved one. When we have not faced death and the reality of it is upon us, we often do not know what to think of it and so, we fall into depression and deep grief. We become absorbed in illusion. The illusion we become absorbed in is the illusion of seeing death as our own annihilation; we also see it as the permanent loss of others. Sometimes this grief becomes so strong in us that we even let the death of others become our own death as well despite the fact that we are still living.
Our fear of death makes us miss the ever present truth that our existence is not restricted to the single lifespan stretching from the moment we are born to the moment we draw our last breath. There is in fact no such thing as beginning, just as there is no such thing as end. Ultimately there is no coming and there is no going. This physical life is simply a temporary expression of the eternal transcendental energy and consciousness that is you. When the conditions are right for it, that energy manifests into a life and when conditions are no longer right, it withdrawals its flow through that manifestation. It is an eternal cycle which takes place again and again. You can not have a life and you can not lose a life because you are life.
Though your eyes and ears may no longer perceive the presence of a singular expression which we call a life, it does not mean it isn't there. You can not lose the interconnectedness that is the basis of all that is. Your body is much like a radio sitting on a nightstand. The radio is the expression through which radio waves manifest themselves. The radio waves (which represent your real, eternal self) still exist there after the radio is gone. They are still all around you. They simply no longer have a physical radio to manifest themselves through. There is no such thing as extinction. You do not lose yourself in death. You do not lose others in death. They are all around you, like radio waves accessible at any moment.
Death is nothing more than a withdrawal of consciousness. And though our limited senses do not make it seem so, the loved ones who have experienced a physical death are closer to you in death than they even were in life. Because for them, there is no distance, space or time. Give yourself permission to be where you are, even if that is currently a space of grief, then gradually when you feel as if you are ready and wanting relief, search within yourself. Reach for the recognition of what you have always intuitively known, that there is no death, and therefore there is no such thing as genuine loss. If you do this, you will find a space of living without fear. You will know peace, you will touch immortality, and you will not know the sorrow of death anymore.

The Science of Your Reality

When a person begins to explore the concept that they create their own reality, often they begin looking for tangible, scientific evidence to back it up. While it remains true that the key to seeing everything is to first believe it, there is in fact scientific evidence to support the concept that you create your own reality. Some of the best scientific evidence behind the concept that you create your own reality can be seen through the study of electrons. Electrons are a main component (some even say the building blocks) of all matter. Electrons are not particles that sometimes become waves, nor are they waves that sometimes become particles. Instead, in a stimulus free environment, electrons exist in a state of potential until they are interacted with. Electrons are in a sense everything and nothing, wave and particle at the same time. They are in a state of potential until you or something else observes/interacts with them. Observation is not the most important thing, however, which dictates the form that electrons take. The expectation (thought) which the observer holds is.
This is one conclusion that has been drawn as the result of an experiment called the double slit experiment. During the double slit experiment, an electron cannon was set up in a stimulus free chamber. It was then aimed at a wall with two slits in it. Behind that wall was another wall which recorded the final landing points of the electrons after they passed through the slits. The cannon fired electrons at the first wall one at a time but very rapidly, much the same as a machine gun fires bullets. If a machine gun were to be fired at a wall with two slits, the bullets would produce a pattern of bullet holes on the second wall which correspond to the diameters of the two slits on the first wall. Therefore, it was widely thought that the electron cannon would create the same results. They should in a sense have formed two roughly rectangular patterns (a slightly larger outline of each slit) on the second wall.
However, that is not what happened in the double slit experiment. While some of the electrons in the double slit experiment hit the first wall and were absorbed by it, most of the electrons instead made impressions all over the second wall not corresponding with the slits at all, instead forming wave patterns on the second wall. Scientists then positioned a photon emitter to fire a photon at each electron as it traveled toward the two slits. They found that doing this changed the results of the double slit experiment. When the photons collided with each electron before they passed through one of the two slits, the electrons made it through one of the two slits only to land on the second wall in the machine gun bullet pattern they expected to see the first time. This experiment has been repeated many, many times and remains an experiment which challenges physicists even today, but it boldly points to the truth that through interaction via your observation and expectation, you are creating the very form which matter takes.
All matter that you see in this physical dimension is simply energy vibrating in such a way that it takes on static properties. When it does this, you perceive things with your five senses as being solid. Matter is in fact totally unsubstantial. Nearly 99% of an atoms (which makes up all matter there is) is considered "empty space". This means only one percent of an atom is actually manifested in the third dimension as something you can experience through your senses. When you experience something that feels like "touch", what you are feeling is actually the sensation of electromagnetic repulsion as your hand comes within one angstrom (one ten-billionth of a meter) of the atoms making up the other material object. So, you never actually physically touch anything.
All matter is also composed of the same exact elements. The only reason you see one thing as different from the next thing is that it is holding a different energetic vibration. Your expectation (thought) manifests that vibrating energy into its form. This is the way that thoughts become things. You are, literally, creating your reality. You are doing it every day with the thoughts that you are thinking. Your thoughts are one of the most dominant energetic vibrations within this universe. It should therefore be said that if you begin to practice thinking the thoughts that are in line with how you want your reality to be, soon you will see that those new thoughts will become your new physical reality.

Apocalypse or Awakening?

You’re probably feeling it… No matter how cloaked your perceptions have become throughout your life, it does not take much to be able to tell that we are in the process of a giant shift here on Planet Earth. This shift is creating rapid change. You may have already heard a fair amount of hypothesizing about this shift, much of which falls into the doomsday category. Yes, there are large groups of people who have been firm in their beliefs recently that this shift is in fact the energy mounting only to culminate in the end of the world and apocalypse. The intercultural prophecies surrounding 2012 as well as what mainstream media marketing has made out of them has put many people on earth in a powerless position of anticipation, questioning and fear.
I will tell you today, that this fear is completely unnecessary. The physical matter that you see in your physical environment is at its most elementary level, nothing but energy. It is energy just like consciousness is energy. And consciousness is a universal truth, not just an individual truth.
Universal consciousness is changing. The consciousness of this dimension we are living in is changing. We are experiencing a great confluence of energies. Because of this, we are in the midst of a vast metamorphosis. It is a culmination which many of us have been looking forward to for centuries.
When the energetic vibration of consciousness rises, our physical dimension must stay in resonance with it. This is a universal law, because anything that is physical is merely the by product of consciousness. This means the Earth is raising its frequency and we as a human race are raising our frequency. As you read this, we are making evolutionary changes as a species.
This process can be called ascension, because we will be expanding at a very fast rate beyond the restrictions we have been experiencing for thousands of years. We are opening up to absolute, universal truth and to our own (non external) divinity. We are becoming more quantum and more inter-dimensional at our very core. We are evolving past the foundation of both our programmed and our inherited beliefs into the knowledge that this is a universe of no restrictions and no limitations. This allows us to awaken into the objective view of the truth that always was, always is and always will be… that we create our own realities. And that we do so with our every thought.
This galactic alignment (which is merely the physical byproduct of such a grand scale magnetic shift in our dimension following this shift of consciousness) does not spell the end of the world, it does not spell apocalypse. It spells a re birth. It is the birth of a new dimensional reality for us, the birth of a heightened consciousness. The realization of an evolved state of being for the galaxy we live in.
For those who resist this change and cling to what was, it will indeed be a painful transition, for many will be convinced that they are loosing their control, their identities and their realities. They will come face to face with the fear of death. They may even make their actual transition into death. They will find proof of apocalypse for themselves by looking at things like illness, wars and natural disasters.
But as humanity is approaching and in the midst of this critical juncture, you should know that just like any juncture, it is always your choice which path you take, the path of resistance or the path of allowance. If you choose to allow it and embrace this shift, you will not be swallowed up by this wave of change, you will be riding it. You will welcome this shift with open arms, excited for it. You will be able to experience the feeling of going with the flow of this change, and you can use its immense energy to achieve a state which perfectly matches the heightened frequency of this new consciousness.
Each and every day we are presented the opportunity to either use our minds to cultivate a lowered or a heightened energetic frequency in and of ourselves. This shift is a current of opportunity propelling you (if you will let it) towards appreciation, compassion, purpose, peace, understanding, forgiveness, kindness, awareness and joy. Let this current take you; trust where it is taking you. Do not let your focus be distracted by things you see around you (which others will be so intent on pointing out to you) which are detrimental to feeling good.
This is an opportunity to re train your mind. You are free to activate within it whatever you would like to have activated there. And subsequently, what you have activated within your mind will become your reality. It is my wish that you will come to know that you are not victims of this Universe. You are not victims of this Earth you live on. You are not victims of each other. You are unlimited, pure, potential energy expressing yourself in the manifestation that you see in the mirror every day. You came to this planet at exactly this point, eager for the experience of exactly this.

The Higher Self

Before you are born into this physical experience, you exist in and as the space of being of what is often called "God". Though it can be said that you have a certain sense of self, it is not the kind of sense of self that imbues a differentiation or separation from anything else in your objective awareness. You exist in essence as what can be called your higher self. Soon after you are born, you begin to identify with your body, personality, culture, likes and dislikes, as well as all of the thoughts and beliefs that arise as a result of the physical experiences you have lived. The identification with all of these things builds the idea you have of yourself. But it is an idea that is restricted to the short timeline from your birth to your death in this singular lifetime. It is the temporary nature of this singular lifetime that often causes you, at some point in your life, to begin to question these roles and identities which you have become. This questioning leads you then to a deeper awareness of the truth of who you really are. It leads you to the discovery of your true nature. In other words, it establishes a profound conscious connection with your higher self.
Any kind of spiritual belief is empty of meaning without a personal and direct experience of your higher self. Your higher self is the eternal, incorporeal, omnipotent, consciousness that is your real self. It is the being that you go forth from and withdraw back to from life to life. It is the summation of all that you have ever been and all that you are. It is often called a higher self because the frequency of the energetic vibration of God and therefore your higher self could be interpreted as a much higher frequency than that of physical structure. Your connection to your higher self is unbreakable. It is in fact the focus of your higher self into the idea of you that created you in the first place. If that connection of focused energy from your higher self was to be withdrawn, you would die. For this reason it is always a capability of yours at any moment to utilize this connection.
Your higher self is focusing love and guidance into your life in every second of your life, and it is your choice to either prevent that focused energy or to allow it. You prevent this focused energy of your higher self by thinking thoughts that are of a discordant energetic vibration to the energetic vibration of your higher self. You allow the focused energy by practicing thoughts that energetically resonate with the vibration of your higher self. You will know if you are doing one or the other because when you are thinking thoughts that oppose and therefore prevent the energetic vibration of your higher self, the thoughts make you feel emotionally bad to think.
Likewise, when you are allowing the vibration of that focused energy by thinking thoughts that are a match to your higher self, the thoughts feel emotionally good to think. Your emotions are a translation, informing you at all moments of the day of where you stand energetically in relation to your higher self. When you are preventing the focused energy of your higher self, you quickly develop ailments of all kinds. When you create a lack of that energy flowing through you, you make yourself a match to illness, to accidents, and to absence instead of abundance and health. This is the reason that even though most people do not know what role their emotions play, feeling better still remains the motivation behind every action taken in this world.
Your higher self also plays out in a very important way in this physical experience you are living with respect to your desires. When you experience a situation which you would define as negative, it serves as a comparison. It serves as a comparison from which its opposite arises within you. In other words, the idea of what is alternately positive. This is an inevitable process; you do it even without conscious awareness. Your higher self becomes vibrationally that "idea" that you have consciously or subconsciously desired. This is how the higher self evolves and becomes more.
But once this has happened, like a magnet, the law of attraction (which is the most powerful and invariable occurrence in this universe) begins drawing you and your higher self together, because the energetic vibration of what you desire and the energetic vibration of your higher self is now a "like" energetic vibration. This means all things in the third dimension which you identify as your life and your identity are drawn together with all the things in the physical dimension that are an energetic match to the vibration of the manifestation of your desire. They are orchestrated towards you so that your physical reality becomes a full realization of that thing you desired in the first place (what you, yourself caused the universe to become). If you think thoughts that feel good, you are allowing those changes into your experience, if you think thoughts that feel bad, you are preventing them. However, they do not go away. They are always there, they simply can not become in your universe because you have free will which is expressed through choice of thought to not cooperate with your own desires.
The conscious awareness and utilization of your constant connection to your higher self is the key to achieving everything you desire as well as living a happy life, full of all the experiences you intended for yourself upon choosing to come into this physical life. Your eternal, true self is always with you, eager for your conscious notice and communication, in a space of unconditional love and aid, becoming more because of the physical you.

The Law of Attraction and Child Abuse

This is most especially a problem when people try to understand how the law of attraction applies to children who end up in circumstances which, from a societal point of view, are seen as horrific and unfair. A good example of this (though there are many) is the example of a child who is living in an abusive environment. Most of us have grown up as the result of our upbringings with the strong need for the world around us to seem fair. The entire punishment and reward system, which the majority of humans are raised with, mimics our human ideas of justice and lends to this need for fairness. But, the punishment and reward system does not mimic the laws of the universe.
Thoughts like "blame", "fault", "unfairness", "deserving" and "victim" are thoughts restricted to the human subjective mind and not the universal objective mind. Most of us who can read these words have lost our objective view of the full picture of the universe and how our lives fit into this big picture. We see a child is completely "innocent" and therefore we can not come to terms with something in relation to this "innocent" child that we identify as being unfair and which they do not deserve. We then draw the conclusion that some things must just happen at random and therefore we make these children out to be victims of circumstances which are completely out of their control. We can not see a child, who seems so physically incapable, as the capable creator that the child is. It feels better to us in the disempowered, fearful state of identifying with a child as a victim, to shift to a space of anger and to place "blame" with the abuser than to stay in that feeling of disempowerment. In our incredibly emotionally charged identification with the suffering we see in these children, however, the truth is highly obscured.
A child, who seems so feeble and innocent, is in fact an eternal and very powerful being, endowed fully with the free will to choose the thoughts that they are thinking as well as what they pay attention to. They may seem to possess so much less capability than an adult because of their comparatively weak physical structure, but they are simply in a different phase of the process of physical life. They are new to this particular physical life experience. But they are not new to life itself and they are not composed of new energy. Before they come into this physical body, they share the perspective of Source (that which many people call God). From the perspective of Source, each life is lived in order to expand all that is. Life is lived for the purpose of universal evolution. It is through this process that consciousness becomes conscious of itself.
Physical, three dimensional reality serves as the perfect venue for this evolution because physical life allows for the experience of contrast and comparison. In physical life, a person can not give rise to a desire, if they are not confronted with what they do not desire. Because of the tangible nature of physical manifestation, physical life is a very definitive, clear cut way for the conscious universe at large to discern what to become. The "negative" that already IS, which we see around us, is nothing more than an immense resource for the potential manifestation of all future possibilities created from all the previous, vibrational, collective experiences of all that was. Even the most horrific things we can imagine from our narrow, subjective, physical standpoint are not seen as horrific from the vantage point of the universe at large, because these horrific things are the breeding ground and cause for the birth of things like happiness and change.
With regards to objective view, there is a famous analogy which is that if a person bumps their toe, from the perspective of the toe, it is a tragedy. From the perspective of the rest of the body, it is a temporary, painful nuisance and from the perspective of the person, it is a frustrating experience, which is not significant enough to be remembered even the next day. The difference between the objective view of source and the subjective view of our physical lives is much like this previous analogy. Before a child comes into the physical dimension, they share this vantage point and perspective, and so they do not fear or avoid choosing into situations which are "negative". To them at that point and from that perspective, easy is not necessarily valuable. In fact, many of them deliberately choose into those situations of negativity knowing it will inspire them quickly and dramatically towards the exact opposite.
Non-physical beings have the free will to determine the future circumstances they will experience in the physical and so, some beings intentionally choose to experience things like destitution, imprisonment, poverty, depression, war, paralysis, suffering, rape and physical abuse so that they may use those things to define and intensify their knowledge of happiness, freedom, abundance, peace and kindness. These negative experiences are in fact the events most able to cause rapid, dramatic, positive evolution. They know it will cause extreme expansion not only for them, but for all that is. So, no matter what the physical outcome may be of such a choice, it is worth it to them.
Many of the great leaders and masters throughout history come from childhoods of great negativity. This is no accident, it is intentional… adversity is the fertile opposition which inspires the birth of triumph. It may not be something that anyone likes to accept, but the eternal, non physical portion of a person often chooses an abusive childhood for this purpose. This does not mean that children born into these situations should be left to suffer or are fated to suffer. Even though we decide into aspects of this life before this life, nothing is pre ordained. We are constantly amending our life and outcomes as we go along. We are constantly changing so, we can shift course at any point in our lives here. Even as children.
There is also another common way that a child can attract negative circumstances like abuse. This is when the child adopts negative energetic vibrations from his or her environment and then attracts those things which match that vibration into their own experience. We as humans like to draw imaginary lines in the sand defining when a person is and isn't responsible for their lives. We also like to draw imaginary lines defining at what age a person has free will and at what age the law of attraction can apply to them. The truth is the law of attraction is working day in and day out on all aspects and dimensions of this universe. There is no pause button.
There is also no pause button as far as vibration is concerned. Children adopt and therefore present "vibrations" long before they have the capacity to speak. Children offer thought well before their physical brains are developed. Thought is not a by product of the brain, it is a byproduct of universal consciousness. Children can adopt and present vibrations even while they are still in the womb. And so, they are attracting physical things which are a match to those vibrations even that early on in development. The expression of particular genes is even the result of these early vibrations. Vibrations can not be "imposed" from one life form to another, but they are an influence. And the stronger the vibration is, the bigger the influence is.
This feeling of strong influence leads to a sensation of it not being a choice to adopt a specific vibration around you. Instead it feels like it is forced. And so, the adoption of that vibration becomes default instead of truly intentional. If a child for example comes into an environment of extreme worry and fear, it is difficult for them (though it is still a choice) to not adopt that same vibration of fear and worry. They have not consciously decided how they want to think about what they observe, they are simply observing. They have observed this fearful way of thinking and adopted it, which makes them now a match to things which reinforce that vibration. It makes them a match to other people who also hold the vibration of fear and powerlessness (such as perpetrators). Perpetrators act out physically from the feeling of powerlessness and fear. Victims are also in the vibration of powerlessness and fear but they do not act on it. They are still, despite action, identical energetic vibrations. The child does not deserve it. It is not the child's fault. It is simply an effect of how the universe works with regards to vibration.
It is not healthy to think of the law of attraction with regards to child abuse in the human terms of "they brought it upon themselves". Instead, what is accurate is to say that everything which ever happens to anyone, child or otherwise, is an exact match to the energetic vibration they hold.
Quite often, children choose into situations where they are influenced into the choice of picking up and therefore adopting negative energetic vibrations from the environment around themselves. The law of attraction then draws them to those things which are an exact match to those energetic vibrations and it draws those things which are an exact match to those energetic vibrations to them. Once they come into physical life, most people, including children, do not know what energetic vibrations they are presenting until they experience the physical manifestation of them. This is not wrong. It just is, without judgment. And it can be changed at any moment.
There is no such thing as a childhood experience which a person can not evolve from. And even though childhood abuse is the direct result of the matching up of the negative vibrations present in the child as well as the abuser, it is not a matter of fault and it is not a matter of the abuse being somehow deserved. If we can, as a society learn to focus on our idea of the good we want for these children as well as the good we want for the individuals that are hurting them as the direct result of their own hurt, we will be aligning with the solution to child abuse. If we as the whole of human society could collectively align with the thought of what this world would look like, absent of fear and powerlessness and revenge, instead of focusing so intensely on the presence of it, things like child abuse would not exist.

Indigo Children and Beyond

Up until recently in our evolution, the human race as a species has undergone a long period of searching for spirituality outside of itself. Much of the ancient knowledge of the individual's connection with the divine has disappeared with the advent of the Newtonian model of physics.
The human quest for control and the separation created by things like religion, sex, race and language has deactivated an entire portion of our DNA. Even while reading this, if you are a person who has grown up under the "modern" model of physics and medicine, the idea of DNA having anything to do with spirit, much less being inter-dimensional in nature, will most likely be a concept that you do not fully accept.
But this is not only the truth of DNA, it is one of the major discoveries about DNA that science has neither explained nor explored yet. This "non use" caused the biological structure of many humans to change dramatically, and subsequently the generations born to them, to retain that biological change. Humans were no longer focused on their mind-body-spirit connection and so, the physical manifestations (much of them chemical) of that connection atrophied. As a result, many people of earth have to work to consciously access this connection and re-activate that unused portion of their DNA. All of this is about to change. In fact it has been in the process of changing for quite some time now.
We are in the midst of an evolutionary change. This evolutionary change is being led by the children of this "new age". More and more, children are coming into this physical reality retaining the conscious knowledge of whom and what they are, knowing why they are here and with more and more of their inter-dimensional DNA potential activated. These children have an actual biological system connection to the divine.
By now, you may have heard the "buzz" surrounding the first of these new humans called "indigo children". Though indigo children have been trickling in here and there since the 1950's, they did not register on society's radar until the 1970's. The first large wave of this variation in human form came about in the 1980's. Many of these children chose to come in to the physical existence at this time through parents who participated in the 1960's shift in consciousness.
Indigo children are the "warriors" and "trailblazers" of the new age. They are the bridge to the next level of humanity. Indigo children carry a new energetic vibration which has begun to transform humanity. For the indigo children, the door to universal consciousness is always open and accessible. They, along with the subsequent variations to come after them, are changing human consciousness.
Indigo children began to catch attention because their strong biological connection to "spirit", along with the fact that they have no knowledge (or care) of what is and isn't "possible", made it so that they could not fit into the current structure of society. There is no limit to their comprehension and they could not be made to conform. They did not come in looking to absorb the current beliefs of humanity; they came to build new belief for themselves and for man kind.
Because of their intense spirit connection and intentions, indigo children have come into this life with what seemed to many like supernatural abilities ranging all the way from strong intuition to full blown extrasensory capabilities. Indigo children, though physical in form, have an ethereal quality to them. The fact that these children have no concept of what is or is not impossible means that they will lead us beyond the limits of what we believe to be possible, and to break down the old patterns and barriers that have been present in society.
Because Indigo children are here for the purpose of facilitating change, they have also garnered much attention over the years for being incredibly difficult children to raise. Indigo children (like successive new age children) do not turn to adults for answers. They would rather find the answers within themselves and learn "the hard way". Many adults will expect respect from an indigo child based on age and life experience, but age is not a qualification for anything in the mind of an indigo. They have great problems with authority because they do not think that the world is the way it should be, and so they do not listen to the advice of people who have participated in making the world the way that it is.
Indigo children do not believe in the status Quo. They are non conformists to the extreme, but not for the sake of personal expression or fun, rather for the aim of altering this world's vision. They (unlike the successive peaceful, loving new age children) have the "warrior" energy of a person coming into life with the express intention of destroying beliefs and systems which they do not think serve humanity. They come in with the idea that many will be against them, but the will to succeed in bringing down any aspect of society that is archaic and limiting.
Anyone who values conformity or obedience will misunderstand and butt heads with the indigo. Indigo children do not respond normally to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action is exactly what they expected to be met with before coming into life and so… disciplinary action is faced by an indigo child, like battle. They often have easy tempers and so any attempt to get them to abide by limits will most likely be met with this temper and be treated like combat.
However, unlike what you would typically expect from a person with warrior type energy, they have very sensitive systems. Because their senses are taking in much more stimulus than the average person's, they have a lower resiliency to certain foods and environments, making them seem high maintenance. The indigo child will never try to join a group. Instead, they will isolate themselves until they find a kindred spirit.
Sadly, many of the first waves of indigo children, due to their various abnormal behaviors, have wound up being labeled as mentally ill, and therefore, many have been medicated and influenced out of their amazing gifts. The struggle they have faced in coming in to shift our society to such an extreme degree often makes their life circumstances so difficult that unfortunately, the suicide rate for indigos is very high.
Over the years many people have wondered why they go by the name of "indigo". It is because the new vibration that they carry moves in such a way that the light distribution versus the wavelength of this energy causes the human eye to perceive the electro magnetic spectrum of that energy at between 420 nm and 450 nm in wavelength, in other words… the color we call "indigo".
Now that the Indigo children have paved the way, children with even newer, advanced energetic vibrations have come in and continue to come in. They are still very young, and so we have not felt the full force of their purpose coming to fruition. You may hear them being called things like "crystal" children and "rainbow" children. Though they share the commonality with indigos that they are very empathic, hypersensitive, profound, intuitive and extrasensory, they differ in that they bring with them the energetic vibration of peace and even the energy of divine love and unity.
Their auras are very different because of this new vibration. Their auras, instead of taking on their own individual color, tend to be prismatic, either appearing like a clear, reflective light field that takes on the colors around it, or like the aura itself already contains all colors within the color spectrum (much like a rainbow effect). These children are connected, very sensitive, communicative and compassionate. Many of them have incredible abilities to heal others.
Many of these new age children, even more so than the indigo children, do not immediately possess the current social skills that are expected within society, because these behaviors go against their over all goal. Therefore, many diagnoses including the autism diagnosis will rise dramatically with the introduction of these new children.
They are here to assist the world as we evolve into a higher vibration where love and empathy become the norm rather than the exception. They are highly enlightened children who understand the ultimate truth, that there is no difference between that which is human/animal/ plant/mineral and that, in truth, all are one.
The social systems surrounding these children must be those which help them towards evolution instead of education. They will not respond well to harshness. Whether that harshness comes from things like loud noise, discipline, cruelty, anger, temperature extremes or unhealthy foods, they will respond to all of this by withdrawing into themselves, and some may quickly develop illness because of this.
These children, no matter what name they go by, are born with expanded abilities as well as more of their DNA active, and so they present an amazing new opportunity for the rest of society to evolve. Often, out of habit, society does not embrace the new vibrations which successive generations bring to earth. Therefore, many people are not personally able to experience their vision or reach beyond what is currently thought to be possible within their lifetime.
But if we stop trying to make them "fit the current mode and model" of behavior within society and instead embrace this new energy they bring, allowing it to transform us, they will guide us into the new advancement of our society, species and world.

Jails Create Criminals

There is a pervasive question lingering in the minds of many people today. It is the question of how we can reduce the ever increasing levels of crime and violence that plague our society. The usual answer to this question which is given by politicians and the media is that we have to be even tougher on crime. It is an answer that comes from a deeply held belief that fighting against crime even harder will eventually straighten this country out. This is an illusion.
You can not ever get what you want by pushing against what you do not want. We can argue as people all we want about the physical reality we live in but the truth remains the same, that what you see as physical, tangible manifestation is the direct result of energetic movement. And this energetic movement is controlled by thought. That means that if you are focused on crime, you will manifest crime. You can not focus on the problem and get a solution.
When a society such as ours does not understand this, we try to control others. We believe that it is not in our power what another person does or doesn't do to us. We believe very strongly in victim hood and so, we try to control others by creating laws. And we enforce those laws with harsh punishment for all those who disobey them. Laws are not control; they are merely the physical illusion of control. They do not work in the way that they are intended to work, and they run counter to the universal truth of freedom. They will fail and they do fail.
Punishment is fighting fire with fire. It is hoping that we can teach physical and mental health to a person by demonstrating the opposite to them. Punishing someone into wellness is a contradiction in terms and you can see it clearly demonstrated by the fact that the crime rate rises with the more jails we create. It is imperative that we facilitate a safe environment for all inmates and examine ways to better prepare them for their release back into society. The de-humanizing environment of jails and prisons does not help, it compounds these challenges.
Jails are not places of rehabilitation, they are terrifying, inhumane and miserable places for criminals that will luckily be seem as shameful to us in the future. They will in fact be seen in the same light as the infamous nineteenth-century "snake-pit" insane asylums are seen by us today. We are paying dearly in many ways for these institutions which do not work. And as afar as finances are concerned, they will fall of their own economic weight.
Inmates are traumatized, even more so due to the fact that non violent prisoners are put in the same holding facilities as violent prisoners where nonviolent offenders often do in fact learn a lesson… the lesson of how to be violent. And so, our justice system is not reforming criminals, it is creating them.
There is a mass societal failure at this point in time to see the truth of what creates a criminal. We hold victims in a piteous light and perpetrators in a condemned one, which is as inaccurate as it can get. On an energetic level, both the perpetrator and the victim have the identical vibration of powerlessness. It is hard for people to grasp the concept that anger and revenge is actually a much healthier state for a person to be in than the state of powerlessness and grief.
The difference between a victim and a perpetrator is that the perpetrator has tried to move closer to wellness by physically acting out in an attempt to no longer feel powerless by committing a crime. In effect, they project their feelings of powerless out onto their victim and in doing so, feel more empowered. It is a reaction rising from fear. They do not realize that any action taken from a place of fear (without first coming mentally into a space of freedom) will only produce physical results coherent with powerlessness, such as prison. The victim however, has merely stayed in the state of fear and powerlessness without acting out. But still, the victim and perpetrator share the exact same energetic vibration.
There are arguments across the board about whether criminal behavior might be hereditary (genetic) or learned. To those of us who understand the physical and non physical interplay of reality, it is very clear that your genetics are not the dictators of your life; they are the physical expression of a blueprint of thought. If thoughts change, the DNA itself changes. In other words, it is activated and de activated. It expresses itself and remains dormant based on thoughts.
So, even if we find a genetic similarity between criminals, the truth remains the same… Crime is the result of learned behavior and learned thought patterns. Thought patterns can be "picked" up before a child is even born. But more often than not, the criminal behavior we are seeing is the result of negative childhood experience.
Over the years, we have, as a society increasingly legitimized cruelty and callousness in response to the cruelty and callousness of criminals. In a number of prisons across the country we have reduced or eliminated the opportunity for inmates to earn college degrees, restricted family visits, and restricted access to books and magazines. And now there is even a growing public desire to remove televisions and exercise facilities from prisons. When we do not understand that punishment is not the way to rehabilitate someone, we want to make sure inmates are miserable every second of the day. We no longer want them to get healthy. In our ignorance and fear, we just want them to suffer.
It is this same vengeful attitude that leads our children toward violence. The peak age for violent crime in America is now eighteen, a number which is headed downward every year. Our children grow up with the impression that it's appropriate to be violent toward other people. They are not learning compassion or reconciliation, because we are not teaching it to them. It is time to do so.
Another important thing to recognize is that people are being put in jail for drug possession. More often than not, the drug dealers themselves aren't the ones taking up room in prisons; they are too wealthy and smart to get caught. Instead, they hire addicts, to take the risks that result in confinement. And it is not the drug dealers who create the drug problem anyway.
Among the poor, drugs are a problem resulting from alienation and isolation, of feeling unknown, unimportant, powerless, and hopeless. Among the affluent, they are an attempt to keep up with or escape from a lifestyle that has nothing to do with simple human joy, friendship or connection.
The problem that needs to be addressed is not the drugs themselves, it is the negative thought patterns that lead people to use them in the first place. These issues are ones that need to be addressed within ourselves, our families, and our communities. Not in jail. If we spent a fraction of the money that we would save by removing drug addicts from prison and put that money instead into rehabilitation centers and community revitalization programs, we'd begin to put drug dealers out of business in the only way that will ever last, by drying up their "market".
Our ideas of rehabilitation usually revolve around education, job skills, and counseling. But this approach guarantees that many prisoners leave prison as merely better educated and better skilled criminals. Until criminals are taught how to know and feel their connection and value to others, learn how to shift their realities with positive thought, and are taught exactly how to live within society, no true transformation will take place.
Often as a society, we hold true to the false belief that if we empower and treat a person who has committed a crime positively, that it is the same thing as condoning what they did. It is also believed that they will be more likely to go do it again. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
The only real way to rehabilitate negative behavior is by demonstrating positive behavior. Our justice systems will begin to work, (and may even go out of business) if those who commit crimes participate in programs which are oriented around positive focus such as cognitive behavioral therapy.
We must make our jails into institutions of service instead of punishment and make it the goal of jails to show those who have committed crimes, not only that they are loved but also to guide them towards a productive, healthy, empowered future. They need to receive the message that they are believed in and needed and valuable. If we empower them, they will no longer feel powerless to their impulses. They will have control over these impulses which they often feel they have no control of, which is in fact what leads to crime in the first place.
People who are happy do not commit crime. People who feel their own worth and value do not commit crime. People who feel free and empowered do not commit crime. Our deepest nature is good. It is this innate goodness which is unlearned. No child ever raises their hand in kindergarten and says "I want to be a criminal when I grow up".
We can not forget the potential that is inherent within every individual (a potential which never goes away) and hope to make any positive change in an individual at all. For decades our justice system has been run according to the tenets of retributive justice, a model based on exile and hatred. The time has come to focus our efforts instead on transformational justice. A type of justice that focuses on bringing a criminal back into society healthier, not closing him or her out of it.
Prisons can be turned into environments that maximize opportunities for criminals to become healthy and caring human beings. In the future of humanity, there will be no need for laws, for police and for justice systems. But at this point in time, when these laws and institutions still exist (and still make people who believe it is possible to be a victim feel safe) … Instead of doing away with them, it is time to change them.

Five Secrets for Optimal Health

Modern medicine has seen a lot of changes in recent years, but still the dominant focus deals exclusively with specific physical ailments once they've already happened, rather than the prevention of them. Learning to access and to utilize the intensely symbiotic relationship that exists between the mind and the body can help you to maintain a healthy life. Here are five practical ways to achieve optimal health that your doctor isn't likely to share with you.
Change Your Thoughts. The role of the placebo effect has largely gone unnoticed, misunderstood and even trivialized, which is unfortunate. The mind's effect on the body (which we call the placebo effect) could be the single most important part of the healing process. Many people believe they do not have control over their own thoughts. This is not true. Changing thoughts, like anything else, simply involves practice. The things that tend to get our attention are things we do not like about our lives, or the negative thoughts, while the things that are positive about our lives go unnoticed. Change your thinking to one of optimism and gratitude. Consciously looking for things to enjoy, appreciate and be thankful for is enough to dramatically change the energy that you are projecting into your world, as well as into your body. Learn to recognize your negative thoughts and beliefs, and then replace them with thoughts that feel good to think. Soon, you will find you have let go of the thoughts that are standing in the way of your physical and mental health.
  Stop Paying Attention to the News. This may seem like an extreme measure at first, but bear with me. We often get so familiar with our normal routine that we do not realize we are filling ourselves full of information that is not in line with good health. Many people get out of bed and immediately begin the day by reading the news paper or tuning into the news on television. This ensures that you will start the day off on a negative foot. News, like any other business, must find a way to sell. Shock value sells. Negativity sells. It evokes a strong reaction from the reader or watcher that ensures it will get the attention needed to stay in business. The news paints an inaccurate view of our world. We often think that it is important to pay attention to "reality" and what is going on in the world, but the extreme and negative things that are going on are not all that exists in our world. Furthermore, even more so than the amount of negative things, there are positive things going on every day. These are the things that don't make for good headlines. When we hear or see something negative, but can't do anything about it, it fills us with the feeling of powerlessness and fear. It helps form an inaccurate belief that the world we live in is one which we should be afraid of. We also form the belief that we can be a victim at any moment. This way of seeing the world is incredibly detrimental to all aspects of mental and physical health.
  Eat for Health. You are what you eat. When you are in a positive mind set, you will find that you gravitate towards foods which are a match to your overall health. When you are in a negative mind set, you will gravitate towards foods which are not a match to your overall health. It remains true that physically taking steps toward health is no match for taking mental steps toward health. However, when you are nourishing your body with healthy things, it can definitely help you to achieve mental health as well. Realize that feeding your body in a healthy way is one way of showing love to yourself. Try to have fun expanding your palette. No matter what you've heard, healthy food does not have to taste bad. It can even taste better than unhealthy food. Deliberately look for restaurants with healthy options on their menus. Eat whole foods, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Eat less processed foods, and get help to slowly overcome your attachments to sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other "junk" foods. This should not be a stressful transition to make. The stress involved in dieting often only worsens the problem instead of solving it. So, set attainable goals and make the transition from unhealthy foods to healthy foods a gradual one. In no time, you will notice a difference in your energy level and your overall health.
  Find an Exercise You Love to Do. It is no secret that regular exercise plays a large role in health. You are living life in this physical body, so...use it! You do not have to be athletic to exercise and it does not have to be a source of stress for you. In fact, exercise for the sake of exercise when you don't enjoy it is detrimental to health. No one likes to force themselves to exercise. The way to get around the stress involved with exercise is to make exercise simply a part of something else you love to do. If you do not yet have a particular exercise you enjoy, you can start by searching for an activity that incorporates exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 30 minutes. You may try several activities before finding the one that really fits. Any type of exercise turns from a burden into a joy when you are focusing on what you love to do. For example, people who love being in water can exercise by swimming and because they love water so much, they will look forward to the exercise they are doing. The focus involved in a game of racquet ball, for example, can make players forget the amount of exercise they are actually getting. Physical exercise can also be a great way to get out and socialize in the community. Exercising with other people makes the process of exercise not only easier but more enjoyable. A lot of people are looking for other people to exercise with. If you integrate exercise into your daily routine, it will lead to a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.
  Put Out Into the World What You Want to Get Back. Simply put, you get back what you give out. We have a tendency to expect others to change the way that they are thinking and acting without realizing that the only person we can ever change is ourselves. The interesting dichotomy is that the minute you change the way you think and act, the world outside of you will also change. Begin to experiment with this by practicing random acts of kindness. Some good examples include: writing an affirming note with a message such as "you are worthy of all this life has to give" and putting it anonymously on someone's car windshield or opening someone's door for them, or saving left over food when you go out to dinner and giving it to someone who is homeless. These simple activities empower you. They help you to see that you can make a positive change in the world. You will start to feel capable and proactive. The positive way you will feel as a result of doing this will reflect out into all aspects of your body and mind. You will begin to notice very quickly that you are being treated the same way you are treating others and there is nothing quite like a supportive environment to help you achieve your optimum health. Taking steps towards your mental and physical health, along with making your health a priority, enables you to live the fulfilling and joyful life which you deserve to live. Your life is an open canvass. Enjoy it and make a masterpiece of it. Let your physical and mental health pave the way.

The Zero-Point Field and Healing

At our most fundamental level, the human body and the human mind are not separate from the rest of our environment. Everything that is, is comprised of energy. So in actuality, we are this energy, which is vibrating in such a way that it differentiates us as human instead of a table or any number of other things we see in our every day lives. It was not until the mid-20th century that quantum physicists first identified this "energy field" which seemed to lie at the heart of existence. Science identified it as an omnipresent energetic substructure. And they called it the Zero-Point field.
Electromagnetic radiation can be visualized as waves flowing through space at the speed of light. These waves are not waves of anything substantive, but instead are ripples in a theoretically defined field. These waves, though not substantive, carry energy and momentum. Each wave has a specific direction, frequency and a polarization state. Each wave represents a ''propagating mode of the electromagnetic field.''
Quantum physics predicts that all of space must be filled with electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations. Zero-point energy is the vibrational energy retained by molecules even at a temperature of absolute zero. The origin of zero-point energy discovery is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The Heisenberg uncertainly principle states that, with regards to a moving particle such as an electron, the more precisely a person measures the position of that particle, the less exact the best possible measurement of its momentum (mass times velocity), will be. This means that a kind of parallel uncertainty exists between measurements which involve time and energy. Since temperature is a measure of the intensity of molecular motion, molecules would be expected to come to a stop at absolute zero. And, if molecular motion were to cease altogether, the atoms would each have a precisely known location and velocity (zero).
The uncertainty principle states that this fore mentioned scenario cannot occur, since precise values of both position and velocity of an object cannot be known simultaneously. Thus, even molecules at absolute zero must have some zero-point energy. The exciting part about this discovery is this: The "uncertainty" inherent in this principle is not due to any flaws in measurement which are correctable, rather, it reflects an intrinsic quantum vagueness inherent in the fundamental nature of energy and matter.
Matter springs forth into physical reality from the wave nature of the quantum field. Everything in our universe, no matter what its size, is part of and is comprised of the zero- point field. Matter itself is made of waves. All matter in the universe is interconnected as and by quantum waves which have no boundary. They are infinite. To the spiritual community, this means "zero-point" is a state of perfect resonance that contains all of the frequencies of all that is and ever was, which equates to the simultaneous presence and absence of all possibilities. The zero-point field is the scientific basis of oneness.
As a scientific concept, the existence of zero-point energy is not controversial. However, whether or not we have the ability to physically harness it is still controversial. If the technology does exist, it can not yet be scientifically proven to exist, as is the case with many new technologies.
Zero-point field energy is limitless. Harnessing zero-point energy would mean incredible advancement for our world view, our technology, our cosmology and our knowledge of existence and reality. The exploration of the zero-point field even has the potential of eventually unifying science and spirituality.
Living things, (being part of the zero-point field) emit radiation (which has frequency). This radiation emitted by living things can be seen and measured as photons. Photons are the smallest particles of light. One of the most essential sources of these photon emissions in living things is DNA. DNA may in fact use the frequencies giving off this light to drive all processes within the living body. And what's more, the frequencies which are giving off this light may be responsible for the communicative cohesion between species, which science can not yet explain, such as the way a school of fish is able to achieve instantaneous, synchronized movement. These frequencies may also account for extra sensory perception. The zero-point field can account for such unexplained communicative capabilities because the zero-point field is the space of collective consciousness. This suggests that our "harnessing" of the zero-point field (though still physically in its infancy), can happen and does happen every day through our thoughts. The implications of this are vast. This means we create reality through our consciousness and therefore thoughts, which gives us the inherent yet not fully realized ability to make anything exactly as we wish it to be… including ourselves.
Because the zero-point field is the space of collective consciousness, the zero-point field is an informational field. Our bodies "read" this information and then interpret it for us into physical reality. In other words, it interprets from the information in the zero-point field what we then see, taste, touch, feel, hear and even ARE. This means consciousness and even memory are not functions of the body. Consciousness and thought supersede our bodies. And memory is simply retrieved from the zero-point field by our brains.
The brain is like a quantum computer. If thought and memory exist outside the confines of the body (as part of the totality of the zero-point field) and physical structure synchronizes with the information and frequencies it interprets from the zero-point field, this means that your consciousness and the thoughts you think can determine what your body becomes. This is in fact the reason for the placebo effect. The zero-point field effects living organisms by restoring equilibrium and helping the body to achieve homeostasis. It helps restore our vitality.
The zero-point field, when activated with intention, can actually create what some would call "miracles". For example, if a person has been diagnosed with "terminal" cancer, the condition is usually addressed from purely the Newtonian physics modality of treating the tangible, physical symptom. According to this modality, it is seen as an incurable disease. But, if the same problem is addressed from a modality which utilizes the zero-point field using intention, it can be as good as re-writing the blue print of that person's body. You can re-write the energetic blue print of that person's body by deactivating the frequencies within the body which are causing the cancer in the first place, and this can lead to complete remission of a condition which traditional medicine called "incurable".
It is time that the main stream scientific and medical community focused more of their attention on quantum technologies, especially ones which relate to healing. The zero-point field is the new frontier of medicine. Healing modalities which incorporate a zero pint field approach will prove to be wildly successful. And soon, zero-point field energy will be widely understood by society. It will be recognized as one of the greatest leaps in understanding of man kind as a whole.

Society... The Key to Recovery From Abuse

There is a conflict between the desire to deny trauma and the desire to proclaim it. This conflict is the central dialectic of trauma. Far too often, abuse is kept verbally secret, only to surface later as an undeniable symptom. The human response to trauma is a complex system of reactions involving both the body and the mind. Trauma occurs as the result of involvement in a situation in which action is of no use. In other words, trauma occurs when both resistance and escape are impossible.
Many people do not understand that exposure to trauma does not simply affect the intangible aspect of a person's mental processes. Trauma also affects biological systems within the body. It can even affect the body to the extent of causing long term alterations in the autonomic system, endocrine system and central nervous system. When the usual mechanisms of self preservation have lost all utility, the human system continues (long after the actual danger is no longer present) to alternate between states of hyper-arousal, intrusion and constriction. Though these states are in and of themselves much more comprehensive, it is of benefit to understand at least the concept of these classic states that come about in a victim as the result of abuse.
Hyper arousal is the constant and exaggerated expectation of danger. Intrusion is the enduring imprint of the traumatic moments which occurred. Constriction is the dissociative response to inevitable, forced surrender. No matter how hard a person who has experienced trauma may wish to hide and deny these extreme events… It is impossible. It is impossible because it runs counter to the way life is wired to heal. The natural state of the human mind and body is one of well being and so, as the body and mind attempts to heal itself, repressed ideas, feelings, thoughts and memories no matter how deeply buried will surface into consciousness.
Individuals who come out with the truth about the abusive atrocities they have suffered run the risk of being discredited by a waiting society, who does not want to admit such things go on. They also run the risk of inviting upon themselves the stigma that is associated with victims of abuse. The abuse itself devalues the victim and then as if to add insult to injury, the abuse often serves as a vehicle of condemnation to a life in which the victim is exiled from society because they can not fit into our socially validated reality.
Abuse calls human relationships into question. It often severs attachments between friends, lovers and communities. Abuse can shatter belief systems and faith. It can destroy the pillar of "the self" in relation to others. It can invade and corrode the personality. Abuse affects both the self concept and the attachment between an individual to the rest of society. This is a tragedy. The reason it is such a tragedy is because next to reaching a point of actual physical and mental safety as well as being able to openly reconstruct and proclaim the story of the trauma, integration back into society is the most important part of healing for a person who has experienced abuse.
When a victim suffers from a traumatic event at the hands of another person, the only real way for the victim to truly heal is through connection with other people. Survivors should never be placed in a situation in which they must choose between expression and connection with others.
Unfortunately, this is often the position in which society places victims of abuse. Support from society for a victim of abuse alleviates much of the impact of the abuse where as opposition in the form of discouragement, judgment, hostility or disbelief can compound the damage of the impact of the abuse catastrophically.
The fundamental experiences which are central to abuse are powerlessness and disconnection from others. Therefore recovery depends on the empowerment of the survivor in order to bring them out of the state of victimhood as well as the creation of new, supportive and lasting social connections. Trauma which occurred (as abuse always does) in the context of human relationships can only be healed within the context of human relationships. The victim must be welcomed into an environment where they are enabled and helped to re build the damaged faculties of trust, identity, intimacy, capability, faith, autonomy and love. Though it is true that a survivor of abuse must be the initiator of his or her own recovery, it is up to society to provide the support, love, affection, advice and care which enable that recovery.

Each Moment Is A New Beginning

To begin anew is to recognize the truth that in the present moment, the past does not exist, and neither does the future. The past and future are not here with you in the present, unless you bring them into this moment with you. Therefore, it is your choice what you bring with you into the present moment. Each moment is in fact a fresh, new beginning. Each moment is an opportunity to begin anew.
Time is a property created by the brain. It is an illusion that does not exist past this physical time-space reality. We disallow the present moment because of the illusion of time, and instead of seeing each moment as new, we live our lives nearly entirely from the standpoint of memory, or the standpoint of anticipation. Identity arises from the concept of past and the future present us with the uncertainty of either the promise of "more" or the possibility of "loss". Because of this, it is easy to see why we hold the illusion of past and future as our object of attention so powerfully and cling to it so desperately the way we do. If a person is to achieve the kind of happiness that is only possible from a standpoint of objective consciousness however, one must learn to see beyond this illusion.
When time is seen as the illusion that it is, it ceases to be precious to us and it ceases to be necessary. What becomes precious is the present moment we are in. Life is not in the past and it is not in the future… it is now. The now is the location of all the power you have ever had and will ever have. All that you are has culminated in the now, all that will be is becoming in the now. The now is all there is.
Each moment is cataloged within the brain, and when we draw a line of continuity through all of those moments, we call them "past", but all of those moments happened in the now… they happened in a past now.
When we imagine moments that might take place in the moments to follow the current moment, we draw a line of continuity from now to then and call those projections of moments to come "future". All of those projections of future moments will happen in the now…they will happen in a future now.
The objective reality of eternalness which exists far beyond the confines of the subjective truth of time contains a glimpse of an axiom. The axiom is this… Because time does not exist, it is our choice what we become in each moment. We do not have to bring our old selves with us into the now. We do not need to think our happiness exists in the future. All guilt, all sorrow, all fear, and all resentment can be left behind as we begin a new this very instant. All optimism, all freedom, all appreciation and all joy can be experienced in this very instant. The only thing holding us from this is our belief patterns that it can not be so. Each moment is a new beginning. It is always your choice to both see it and make it so.

Marriage, a Promise to Grow

Marriage is not just the act of two people who love each other making their relationship public and permanent. Marriage is the promise of two people to enter into a bond (with the intention that it will last until death) which will constantly require growth from both parties in order to stay intact.
For many reasons, marriage in this day and age is increasingly cut short by divorce. Couples often venture into marriage with the illusion that their relationship and feelings for each other will never change. But relationships are a dynamic, mutable force. Over the course of time, our personalities change, our desires change, and romantic love waxes and wanes. No marriage is free of conflict. What enables a couple to not only endure, but also to thrive is found in how they handle those conflicts… whether they use them as a cause to change course and grow together or as a cause to change course and grow apart. Marriage presents not just an opportunity for growth, but also the demand for it.
When we first fall in love with someone, the power of attraction makes it so that our focus is that of pure appreciation. Our focus is placed so solidly on what is positive about that other person that we overlook traits which they possess that we would not like if we noticed them. Falling in love makes a person a better person. It makes us better because it causes our focus to become positive. This positive focus then causes us to become more appreciative, caring, loving, compassionate, and allowing.
Experiencing those “qualities” within ourselves makes us feel worthy and lovable and it also gives us a sense of false confidence that the relationship will not take work to be successful and enjoyable, because being in love makes it so easy to do. The problem is that in the beginning of a relationship or marriage, we think it is because of our partner that we feel this way. This is not true. We actually feel good because the act of focusing on our partner in a positive way makes us feel good about ourselves and the world we live in.
It is the human condition that, as time progresses (and we become acclimated to the intense energy and chemistry of attraction), our attention strays from the obsessive focus on our partners to everything else that is going on in our lives. It is also the human condition that negative things are more capable of capturing our undivided attention than positive things are. So, as our focus strays away from all of the positive things about our partner, we begin to focus instead on aspects of our lovers which we do not like.
The pure, positive energetic vibration of love is disallowed by thoughts which hold a negative energetic vibration. And so this negative focus is the cause of love decreasing. It has nothing to do with the other partner. Even though both partners in the marriage may be experiencing this shift simultaneously, decrease in love is the emotional indication that the orientation of focus has shifted in a negative direction. When the orientation of our focus shifts from positive to negative, the emotional intensity of love wears off. And when the emotional intensity of love wears off, care, appreciation, allowance, and compassion tend to fade with it. As a result, we no longer feel like a good person. We don’t feel lovable and adequate as an intimate partner. And if these core insecurities of suddenly feeling inadequate and unlovable are blamed by each partner on the other, the marriage will fail.
The shift in focus which causes us to recognize negative traits in our partner has nothing to do with us not liking who they really are. What is really taking place is that the initial energy and chemistry of falling in love created an illusion of certainty, that they were the living embodiment of everything we really liked. So we often think that they are the answer to our permanent happiness.
This type of disillusionment is what causes couples to divorce in the early years of marriage. Many couples think they are fighting about things like money, sex, other people, or mortgages, etc., when the vast majority of the arguments that couples have in the first years of marriage are actually fights about the break down of this disillusionment. The argument below the surface argument is actually comprised of each partner asking of the other "Why can't you be exactly what I want?. You made me feel like I was what you wanted! Now, without your pure, positive attention, I feel bad about myself because my happiness was dependent on your focus on me”. And “I thought that the answer to my happiness was you, it felt that way in the beginning, so you have to be what I want now!". The truth is that our partners don’t ever make us better people. Instead, it is our appreciation, care, allowing, and compassion of our partner that makes us better, more loving people.
We all want to feel good about ourselves, and to see ourselves as lovable and adequate (which is the real anchor for an enduring marriage). To do this, you must return to the appreciative, caring, allowing, and compassionate person you were in the beginning of the relationship, which was at that point, the result of being newly in love. Marriage is the commitment to love and all the demand for growth that it entails. Falling in love is easy. The real growth that is the byproduct of the commitment to love begins when we take the individual responsibility of ensuring our own happiness. When you, yourself are happy and healthy, it spills over onto all the people around you and the first to receive the benefit of this “spill over” effect will be your spouse.

Eight Essential Ingredients for a Successful Marriage

Marriage is not just the act of two people making their relationship public and permanent. It is the promise which two people make to each other to enter into a bond which will constantly require growth from both parties in order to stay intact. For many reasons, marriage in this day and age is increasingly cut short by divorce. Couples often venture into marriage with the illusion that their relationship and feelings for each other will never change. But relationships are a dynamic, mutable force. And loving someone is something we learn to do. It is something we must practice. Here are eight ways to help ensure that you and your partner will experience not just an enduring relationship, but a thriving relationship as well.
1\. Practice Positive Focus through Appreciation and Gratitude
Remembering to recognize things which you like about your partner as well as things which cause you to feel grateful for them may seem trivial, but appreciation and gratitude acts like super glue for a marriage. Gratitude and appreciation is a deliberate focus of our attention towards the good qualities in our partners, which in turn allows the emotions associated with love to flow in abundance. Over and over again in studies of co-habitating couples, it has been shown that on days that one partner expressed more gratitude, the other felt more satisfied with the relationship. The routine of taking each other for granted is really just the loss of focus on positives about our partner. The good news is that focus is completely in our own control.
2\. Make Room for Fun
Fun is one of the first casualties of married life. Often, when a couple gets married, their life quickly becomes overwhelmed with working, paying bills, keeping up the house, and trying to make room for time to sleep. This problem is confounded if the couple has children. Often, the result of this increase in stress is that playfulness completely disappears from the relationship. So, married couples should look for ways to have fun, joke and be playful together.
3\. Learn to Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language
After centuries of studying human behavior and relationships, experts have determined that couples do not necessarily express love in the same way. No expert has perhaps studied this more in-depth than Dr. Gary Chapman. Over years and years of counseling couples as well as studying human relationships around the globe, he noticed the pattern that everyone he had ever met had a “love language”. In other words, they had a primary way of expressing and receiving love.
He also discovered that, for whatever reason, people are usually drawn to those who speak a different love language than their own. He discovered that of the countless ways we can show love to one another, there are five key categories, (which he calls the five love languages), that prove to be universal and comprehensive among humans.
Every person has a love language, and we all identify primarily with one of the following five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Ideally, we would be able to both give and receive love in all of these ways. But the rule remains the same that if you learn to speak your spouse’s primary love language, and she or he learns to speak yours, the relationship will truly thrive and both partners will feel the demonstrations of each others love.
4\. Be a Partner in Good as Well as in Bad
Our partners provide us with support when we are struggling. This support is in fact one of the biggest benefits of marriage. But often this is all marriage becomes. Partners share bad times but not good times. Partners who respond enthusiastically to each others successes by asking questions, paying compliments, and offering encouragement, experience greater relationship satisfaction over time. A relationship can truly thrive if a couple finds the ability to capitalize on and benefit from focus on positive events in each others lives. When something good happens to your partner, seize the opportunity to make the most of it. Revel in it and be a partner in that moment as much as you would be a partner to them if something bad had happened in their life.
5\. Allow Your Partner to Change
Letting your partner as well as yourself change is vital to sustaining your relationship. Most of us get so familiar with our partners that we stop really noticing them. But the fact that you have stopped noticing them does not mean they've stopped changing. Thinking that it is possible to ever truly know anyone, including your spouse, is an illusion. Change is an inevitability of life. The illusion of thinking we know our partners leads us to conclude that our partners are fixed, static entities. We also often expect ourselves to be static and fixed as well. So, we get upset when we get blindsided by change. You can not control changes within your partner. And so a key component of maintaining a happy, enduring marriage is to allow your partner to change and allow yourself to change. Allowing change will help you grow immensely as a person as well as grow as a couple.
6\. Practice Random Acts of Kindness
One of the most effective ways to show love and support to your partner is to perform random acts of kindness. Random acts of kindness are externally focused demonstrations of love. These acts can be both spontaneous and planned. They can come in many forms, such as the form of a gift, service, physical affection, positive words, or undivided time and attention. These random acts of kindness do not need to be elaborate. They can be as subtle and simple as helping to wash the dishes or surprising them with their favorite treat.
One subtle act of kindness is to express physical affection. Physical affection increases oxytocin, a hormone that facilitates bonding, and it reduces partners' blood pressures and physiological stress levels. Just a quick hug or back rub can boost your mood and increase your connection with your mate. A simple touch can go a long way. You will find that not only will it make your partner happy, but you will also be initiating your own happiness by initiating happiness for them. You will feel good about yourself when you are cultivating kindness in yourself and that allows love to flow freely and abundantly.
7\. Practice the Art of Healthy Communication
Healthy communication in a marriage takes intention and a great deal of practice. Without communication, it is nearly impossible to resolve conflicts between each other or maintain a true, understanding partnership. The heart of every argument between couples arises because of failure to recognize the root of argument itself. The root of all argument is fear. The root of all argument is fear because the emotion behind all anger is fear. It is useful to remember in every relationship, especially marriage, that fear is always at the heart of every argument. It is a good idea then (before ever entering into a discussion about a conflict) for both partners to ask themselves… “What am I afraid of?” Focusing the conversation on the root of the problem (the fear) will ensure that the conversation does not start out as a struggle for power. Each partners' goal will instead be to abate each others fear. It will not lead to partners becoming defensive and it will ensure that both partners will be highly motivated towards a solution.
Emotions are energy and energy moves. Emotional energy has to go somewhere once it arises. Because of this, it has been shown that whatever one partner suppresses and denies, the other feels and expresses. This is what often gives rise to the outward appearance of one person being the “bad guy” and one person being the “good guy”. Healthy communication in marriage is dependent on the partner who tends to bottle emotion up learning to express themselves, and the partner who is prone to volatile expression learning ways to express them self in a non volatile way.
Compromise is not settling or forcing oneself to like things that in reality one doesn’t like. It is about finding a solution that suits the needs and desires of both partners. Therefore before bringing up a problem, make sure you have thought of ways that you can help solve a conflict by mutual compromise.
Speak in honest and direct “I feel” statements. Statements that begin with “you” undermine communication because they put your partner in a defense mode. When a partner is able to express the way they feel without making it the other partner’s fault, the couple can get to the real heart of the issue without making it a struggle for self preservation.
It is a good idea to make sure that your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice are all in line with the message you are trying to convey. Almost all of the emotional meaning behind what you say is expressed by your facial expressions and body language, which means that the emotional meaning behind a message is not expressed verbally during a conversation.
Be a "reflective" listener by making sure you completely understand what your partner has to say. Be honest, direct, and focus on the real issue. If you enter a conversation insecure about conveying the real issue to your partner, you most likely will not make your point, but instead create an argument in which both partners feel powerless. The feeling of powerlessness leads to defensive behavior, which leads to arguments instead of resolution.
Communicate deeply, not just about conflict, but about other things as well. True partnership must come with understanding. The greatest gift you can give your partner is to reveal yourself. Reveal things to your partner such as your dreams, your joys, your fears, and your experiences. The security and closeness that comes as a result of this type of intimate sharing is unparalleled by any form of connection in a marriage. It is a connection which sex can not substitute for. It will help a partnership feel like a partnership and prevent the common occurrence of couples “growing apart” while still living under the same roof.
8\. Take Care of Yourself
It may seem counter intuitive, but the key to making a marriage work is to achieve a happiness which is independent of any other person, including your partner. Most people think that the best way to improve their marriage is to focus more on their partner, but that's not necessarily true. Focusing on your own happiness may actually serve your marriage more. By making your own life more satisfying, you take pressure off your relationship to be your sole source of happiness. Feeling good about yourself and learning to focus positively on your partner is what will allow love to thrive and endure in a marriage. By taking care of what you need to in your own life, you will replenish yourself, so you will bring a more positive attitude back into the relationship. You will also then have the energy to put into a relationship. When you yourself are happy and healthy, it spills over onto all the people around you, and the first to receive the benefit of this “spill over” effect will be your spouse.
Marriage is the commitment to love. Falling in love is easy. The real growth that is the byproduct of commitment to love begins when we take personal responsibility for our own health and happiness, learn how to love our partner and practice that love in little ways every day.

What Should I Do With My Life?

The decision of what to do with your life is a decision which all of us must make. We will after all, end up “doing” something regardless of whether it is a conscious decision we make or an unconscious decision we make to do that thing. If you don’t decide how you want to live as well as what you want to be and do, then someone or something else will decide for you. If this happens, instead of living according to your own inner values and enjoyment, you will yield control of your life to a combination of subconscious influences such as genetic predispositions, upbringing, social conditioning, environment, or the opinions of other people in your life. This surrender of control of your life is the direct result of not listening to intuition. Inner values are expressed through intuition. Intuition is the voice of the true self. It is for this very reason that it is so important to get in touch with your intuition and who you really are so that your true self can be allowed to operate in your life. This process can be a scary one because your inner values may run counter to everything you’ve been led to believe. Your inner values my even run counter to the inner values of everyone else around you. But if you are brave enough to live according to your own inner values, the result will be a level of freedom, joy and fulfillment which you have never before experienced.
Your true, essential self (often called your soul) does not need to go searching for who you are. It knows exactly who you are and what you love and what your deepest desires are. We are not born upon this planet searching for our souls as if we have lost them. In fact, young children for the most part live entirely according to their own souls. It is only when we become self conscious enough to adopt external values, opinions and advice that our own souls become suppressed and obscured to us. It is only due to this suppression that we forget who and what we are. Most of our lives we strive to do what is “right”. But the question to ask yourself is… right according to whom? People adopt external values, opinions and advice for one primary reason; they hold the illusion that happiness and worth and security and love and care and direction comes from others. We must accept that lovability, security, worth, care, direction and happiness do not come from others. They come from ourselves.
The risk of placing value on what you want, what you love and who you really are often feels like the risk of not being loved for what is real about yourself. It can also feel like the risk of being seen as a failure by others (which is a threat to most people’s sense of self worth) so it is easy to see how placing value on what you truly want and who you truly are can be a very frightening proposition. But until you reveal your true desires and true self, it is not possible to be truly loved. True love is love which exists for the truth of someone, not a facade put on for the perceived benefit of being accepted or the perceived benefit of affirming another person’s inner values by adopting them. There is nothing in this world which compares to being loved for what is real about yourself. Until you reveal your true desires and true self, it is also not possible to be truly happy.
When you are trying to decide what to do with your life, it is important to first find out where you are. It can be a frightening idea to admit to ourselves that we are not where we want to be. But the way to get to where you want to be is to first realize and admit that you are not currently in a place where you are living according to your true self. Ask yourself in this very moment, are you happy? This is not a question which refers to mere contentment. Asking yourself if you are happy, really means are you passionate about your life? Do you get more excited about going on vacation than you do about doing your day to day work? Are you in love with your existence? Are you delighted to be here on earth at this particular point in time? Do you like where you live? Do you enjoy your relationships? Once you have your answers, without calling them “good” or “bad” you can begin to move forward to the place where you want to be. You can begin on this path towards living the life you want to be living by understanding that underneath every erroneous decision and mistake a person makes in their life is illusion and fear. But if you look even deeper, you will see that beneath every erroneous decision and mistake a person makes, is a soul striving for relief as well as an invaluable lesson to be learned. Finding your own values and priorities may take some risk. It takes being brave enough to trust your own talents and internal knowing for security instead of trusting anything outside of yourself for security. It takes being brave enough to remember who you really are again.
A major reason people often do not live the lives they wish to live is because of negative beliefs. Beliefs are just thoughts repeated so often, they become reality. They are thoughts which are on a repetitive loop which have made themselves so much a part of our physical lives, we regard them as truth—or even worse, become completely unaware of what they are. The term that has been used for this over the years is a negative, self-limiting core belief. These beliefs — are only as true as you believe them to be. We develop beliefs because of conditioning. They are beliefs which limit you such as “no one can make a living doing this or that” or “fun is irresponsible” or “I am worthless if I do not go to college”.
Many of us turned away from our natural desires by being taught to adopt the beliefs and values of others (especially authority figures) at such a young age that we lose touch with our desires completely. So, one of the best ways to get back in touch with the real you, is to think back to your natural inclinations as a child. Make a long list of things you knew you loved when you were a child. Make a list of your natural talents as a child and try to remember what you wanted to be when you grew up. Now, after you make that list, make sure to ask yourself why. Why did you love those things? Why did you possess those natural talents? Why did you want to grow up to be those things? Then ask yourself do I still enjoy and practice these things? If not…why? Can I remember what caused me to stop?. Was it because of someone else? Do I remember how it felt to stop doing those things?
From here, fast forward. Ask yourself what your favorite part of your entire life was so far and why that particular point was your favorite part of your life. Get as detailed as you can in order to discover the true reason you enjoyed it so much. And after that, ask yourself what you enjoy about the life you are living in now? What am I passionate about in my life currently? Have I devoted those things to the back burner, or are they the primary focus of my life? This process will help you to understand what it is that you truly enjoy separate of your conditioned and logical brain which (being mechanical in nature) has often been taught to minimize feeling states such as joy and passion.
If you’re a person who says that passion just isn’t your personality, or isn’t necessary to life then you should know that you have sacrificed too much. If you’re living on purpose instead of by default, passion will be the normal state of your life. Passion will not suddenly transform you into an unbalanced, emotional wreck. Passion is the most powerful of positive emotional states next to love. It will push you to live your full potential. Intellect can only get you so far. There’s a difference between deciding to achieve a goal and actually achieving it. Your intellect can manage the former, but it’s incapable of achieving the latter. You will feel passion directly as the emotional result of heading in the right direction. If you find that passion is gone from parts of your life, see the message behind that lack which is that it is time to make a new decision. It is time to change directions.
Many decisions made with intellect in the moment, seem like good rational ideas, but when you imagine how these decisions will play out over the next ten, twenty, or even fifty years, their weaknesses become immediately apparent. Take your job, for example. Where will it lead you in the long run? Think about where it will take you between now and the end of your life. Imagine looking back upon your career and life. How do you feel about it? Are you living the life you want to live or would your life seem like a life not really lived? If you’ve made the correct decisions for yourself, then you should feel no regret, you will feel like you have lived a life full of passion and purpose.
It may be helpful when deciding what to do with your life, to try and discover your life’s purpose. To do this, you will have to practice emotional intelligence. One way to find your life’s purpose is to take out a sheet of paper and write down a list of all the different things you can think of which might be your life’s purpose. Any answer that pops into your head should be written down. Repeat this as many times as you possibly can until you reach the answer that evokes a strong emotional reaction from you. In other words, the one that makes you want to cry. This usually takes some time to clear all of the thoughts out of your mind until the answer that goes down on the sheet is the one voiced by your true self. You may discover a few answers along the way that seem to give you a mini-surge of emotion, but they don’t quite hit you in that epic way that the real answer does. They’re just a bit off. Make sure to highlight those answers as you go along, so you can come back to them to generate new permutations. Each reflects a piece of your purpose, but individually they aren’t complete. When you start getting these kinds of answers, it means you’re getting warm, so keep going.
When you write the one which truly reflects your real self, you will know it. Once you find the answer, ask yourself if you are living your life according to that purpose. If the answer is no, ask yourself, what steps could I take right now in order to live according to that purpose? Is there a way that I could foresee creating my life by incorporating the things that I enjoy and feel passionate about into the very life’s purpose which I’ve just discovered? If you can, take the risk of doing so. If not, put forth the intention for the opportunity to do so to come to you. It may come completely out of the blue. You do not need to know the HOW of things. The how will be presented to you. You simply need to know what you want and why you want it and then be brave enough to jump at opportunities as they come along.
You do not need to fear making the wrong choice, if you take the risk to try something which you feel is in line with your true self it will bring you joy. And even in the unlikely event that it doesn’t, you can always change your mind and try something new. This world is a mutable world. There is no such thing as permanence. We are meant to come into life and find our calling here through exploration according to our own joy. We are not meant to come into life in order to begrudgingly fulfill a duty to destiny whether we like it or not. Be brave enough to take the risk of following your internal guidance regardless of what any one outside of you says. Many people avoid risks habitually. It is because they have been told that to play it safe is the intelligent thing to do. But the question you must ask yourself is …Why? We will all die one day. Our lives are not permanent. And all too often people do not take risks only to arrive at death… safely. But anyone who lives this kind of life regrets it in the end.
Everything which is ever done is done for one reason and one reason only, because the doer thinks they will feel better in the doing of it. If a person lives for fun, it is because they think they will feel better in the having of fun. If a person lives to help others it is because they think they will feel better by helping people. If a person lives for purpose, it is because they think they will feel better if they have purpose. So you see, everything ever done is therefore done in the quest for happiness. So, it is best to cut to the chase and make happiness the true goal of your life. If you begin to do this, you will find yourself on the path of your ultimate desires, even if it is a path you never in a million years thought you would find yourself on. Treat each day as if it could quite possibly be your last. If you do this, you will search for enjoyment above all else and therefore you will be living all your days according to your true nature. Your life is yours to live. Your life has no more limitations than the limitations you, yourself impose on it. You are truly free. Your life can change at any moment. You can make your life whatever you want it to be.


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