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Oneness is Not The Ultimate Truth of This Universe

You have heard me say over and over again that oneness is the ultimate truth of this universe.  You will continue to hear me say this because it is the thing that people who are coming from a perspective of separation need to come to understand.  But what if I told you now that oneness was really not the ultimate truth of his universe?  

If you struggle with the content that is to follow in this article, I encourage you to watch my video titled: Why Are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory?  In that video, I explain that spiritual teachings are contradictory because spiritual teachings must take into account a multi dimensional universe.  The rules change on each dimension.  What is true for one dimension is not necessarily true for the next.

At a higher level than oneness in this universe, oneness is in fact the greatest illusion there is.  The truth is that what we have been calling God or Source cannot actually be named.  The minute that you name it, you make it and it.  You give it definition and therefore suggest that there is something that isn’t it for it to be in relationship to.  When most people awaken to the experience of oneness, they experience every separate thing, whether it is a person or a lamppost or a flower or a dog or a section of pavement as simply being them… only them expressing in a different form.  Therefore all these different things in the world are actually just a part of ONE much larger thing.  We call this larger thing Source or God or even The Universe.  But that is the problem.  What we are perceiving as the ultimate truth of God Or Source or The Universe, is actually simply the Ego or the “I” of “that which cannot be named”.  Oneness is the ego, the one-self of that which cannot be named.  There is no “one” self at the most objective level of this universe.  And that which cannot be named created “I” being the oneness that all things that are a part of the perception of separateness are apart of so as to know that about itself.  There is a truth beyond oneness because there is separation of the largest component inherent that concept.  But it is corrupted by language and defining of any kind.  

It is critical for people who perceive separateness to expand their perspective far enough to see that actually we are all one.  All things in existence are one.  And then, it is critical for people who perceive oneness to expand their perspective far enough to see that actually there is no “one”.  Oneness is the illusion/perception of an identity belonging to that which is beyond oneness.


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