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Message From The Messengers

This Source from which we manifest into this life is acutely aware that more evolution comes in the universe of a thriving physical existence than ever came of a suffering physical existence and so, it lends a bit of help. They are known as angels, they are known as guides. They are a true projection of source into a thought form. No matter what name they have gone by, their purpose remains the same, to aid us in our journey. And so I bring this message from the messengers to you…

Below is an excerpt from a channeling in front of live audience in Park City, Utah, October 12, 2010.

“This is an existence which you lead, is one of free choice. We can not therefore open the door to your awareness, before you do. You do this when you make the choice to believe before you see. We are limitless. We are that which you call quantum. We exist immersed in the potential of the person looking at this page. Every day in your lives, you are causing the expansion of yourself as well as the collective of all that is with your thought. And yet you still believe not in your perfection but instead in your unworthiness. The path to happiness and freedom is to see yourselves as we see you, as perfect as you are. Seek harmony within yourself; seek the definition of your joy. You can get anywhere you want to be from where you stand today. Every moment is new, if you allow it to be new. The only thing that could ever hold you separate from the solutions you seek is the perpetual attention to your problems instead. Everything that is part of your life is the aftermath of focus. Make peace with your lives. Make peace with them, and then move forward, by focusing on what you want your life to look like and feel like to you. Your suffering is unnatural. It is a pattern you have learned. Your essence is one of freedom and of joy. We want you to know that there is no separation between us from our perspective. You are not different from us at all. All you are doing is currently expressing yourselves differently than we are today. If you could see life from our view point, you would forever know the power of your being, your worth, your joy. This universe becomes whatever you request, if only you allow it to”.


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