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Kundalini and How To Awaken Your Kundalini

Kundalini is a word you hear flying around the various spiritual communities all the time.  And what I’ve been noticing lately is that the presence of this word is simply accepted and is simply used, without most of the users actually knowing what it even means.  So, I figured today, we could clear that up.

To comprehend kundalini, we first must imagine source or god, which is all energy making up an infinite universe comprised of many universes, as a never ending ocean.  The universe as a whole, fragmented in the same way that a zygote divides in utero. This gave rise to polarity within the universe. Polarities such as male and female, conscious and unconscious, life and death.  The polarity of life and death is the birth of kundalini. Kundalini is the opposite of death in the way atheists view death… An empty, ended, nothingness. This death is not the same as the physical death that occurs when a physically incarnated being dies.  We simply use the same word for both states. Kundalini is life. It is the animating force within the universe. It is the precursor for any living life form, regardless of what dimension that life form exists in, so it is present even in those beings we call thought forms, such as spirit guides and demons.  

Just as there are characteristics of death, there are characteristics of life.  Things like movement, or stillness (qualities of animation as opposed to non-animation, which is different than stillness.  Stillness can be very alive because stillness is still a quality of animation). Qualities like growth, change, reaction, reproduction, creation etc.  The problem that we have in this universe currently is that life as a polarity still resists death and death as a polarity still resists life. They have not integrated each other.                

 You can imagine yourself as a fragment within this infinite ocean that is Source Consciousness.  A fragment of the polarity fragment within Source called alive. Another way to imagine this so as to understand it is to imagine that within this infinite ocean, there are currents.  These currents are the same as fragments because they differentiate part of the ocean from the rest. These currents are streams of energy. This stream of energy is as indivisible from the eternal whole of energy as a current is indivisible from the ocean.  You are like a current within the ocean energetically speaking. You are indivisible from what we call source or god or universe. Your being (thought form) and body is comprised of this same infinite energy, which we call god, source or universe, which manifests or expresses itself in the physical form.  As people, we then call this same energy life force energy kundalini or prana, depending on what culture you grew up in.  

When a person conceptualizes of himself, he sees himself as comprised of this life force energy.  For centuries we have called this our soul. However, we have thought about a soul as if it is a clump of energy… a thing.  Instead, we would do well to begin to conceptualize it more like a current or stream of energy that is always flowing and is only currently materializing itself as the physical human that you call by your name.  Also, some qualities of the soul are present beyond the quality of life force. For example, perception is something that transcends both life and death, otherwise we could not perceive the qualities of death. So life is one main aspect of the soul, but is not all of it.  But for this reason, it is critical to understand that you cannot have a life and you cannot lose a life because you are life, you are kundalini.

In the lower dimensional levels just beyond the physical, this life force energy or prana, which is a current of energy that is creating you, manifests itself as energy channels and energy centers.  All ancient healing modalities across the world recognize these various channels and energy centers; they call them by different names. But for the sake of understanding Kundalini, let’s concern ourselves with the ancient Hindu philosophies.  The Hindu system called these energy channels nadis and these energy centers chakras. Each of them were observed to correspond to different areas and functions of the human body. It was believed that they fed life force energy to the various parts of the body.  The chakras were thought to receive, accumulate, assimilate and transmit this energy in various different ways.

Kundalini is a Hindu word originating from the yogic philosophy of spiritual practice.  Directly it translates as “coiled one” or “coiled up”. The reason for this is that people believed that kundalini energy could be dormant or awake and they also observed the stream like movements of life force energy to be similar to the movements of a snake and they felt this energy accumulated in their root area, thereby giving rise to the association with dormant kundalini energy as being like a sleeping, coiled snake at the base of one’s spine or one’s root chakra.

There are several reasons that this understanding was primitive.  The first is that kundalini, being life force energy is not isolated to one chakra or area of the body, as is often thought.  It is simply easier to perceive in these areas because the lower chakras, such as the root chakra, relate much more to our physical life here on earth.  The kundalini energy manifests itself differently as if taking on different expressions in each of the chakras and its expression in the sacral, root and even solar plexus chakras are much easier to physically feel.  

The second is that when one is allowing their kundalini energy, the stream of life force energy that is animating their physical embodiment is moving like a stream would.  To imagine this, just imagine what happens to the water when you release a dam. Kundalini energy is not latent or dormant. It is simply being resisted, like the water in a dam is being resisted.  This movement, when it is no longer resisted, could be considered snake like, but it isn’t a snake, it’s a stream of life force energy. When it is allowed, on a lower energetic level, this energy rushes through the meridians, and is physically felt running up the spine to make the lower chakras and the upper chakras connect as if part of one current.  If you have mastery of this more physical expression of kundalini energy, you can allow gushes of this life force energy and spread it through the energy system and body at will. It gives rise to a classic shivery sensation. It also seems to have the quality of liquid fire.

The second is that kundalini cannot be awake or asleep.  If kundalini is asleep, you are dead. Kundalini is always awake.  Kundalini can be still (a quality of movement) and kundalini can be resisted.  Suppression is the form of resistance most exacted upon kundalini. Kundalini tends to be still the most when to the positive, it is using stillness to open the space for other qualities of consciousness whose expressions are made more difficult by movement, such as observation or discernment.  A person’s kundalini will be still in certain forms of mediation. It will be still if someone is in a coma for example. It also tends to be more still when it is so resisted that it feels the free will is in rejection of it. If this is the quality of stillness it is taking, you will feel like crap.  And it is this resistance of kundalini that we need to understand the deepest.

Kundalini is life within the universe and so, the question to ask yourself relative to the vitality of your kundalini is: How am I resisting life?  Resistance is nothing more than opposition.  It is any oppositional force.  And most of this, we are totally unaware of.  To understand resistance fully and how it applies to life and spiritual existence, which you really should do if you want to master kundalini, watch my video titled: Urgent! Deal With Your Resistance Before You Do Anything Else.  There is a reason for your life to be expressing itself through this body and in this incarnation. Kundalini contains a man’s creative potential. Therefore, you need to concern yourself with how you are resisting your authenticity and with that your purpose for existing here.

The various forms of yoga or breathing exercises or mantras or meditative practices or diets or meditation or self surrender or altered states of consciousness or any other practices, techniques and tools that are used to awaken kundalini are not awakening kundalini.  What they are doing is getting rid of the resistance preventing kundalini from expressing itself as it normally and naturally would. And there is a reason that these techniques work and if you feel called to do so, you should try them… If you breathe enough and in specific ways, you come out of resistance.  If you meditate in certain ways, you come out of resistance. If you move your body in certain ways, you can release some resistance. But think of it like this, if you open a cage to let out a tiger, you don’t say that you are making the tiger run, you say you are removing what is preventing the tiger from running.  This isn’t to say that doing these things is bad. To the contrary, it is good. But most people do these exercises to “awaken kundalini” so as to compensate for continuing with their life the way it is. They do not resolve the core resistance and make the changes they need to make so as to fully live. It is like being in a sinking boat and staying afloat because instead of patching the huge hole in the boat, you use a bucket to scoop water off of the deck.  If a person was thinking and speaking and acting in alignment with their authenticity, which includes living in alignment with their unique life purpose, their desires and their needs on a physical, mental and emotional level, there would be no need whatsoever to do practices aimed at enabling their kundalini. Therefore you must understand that kundalini, which is always awake and animated can either be allowed or resisted.

Nothing is more important when it comes to allowing your kundalini energy than living in alignment with your authenticity.  Every person comes into this life as a unique expression of source consciousness. This means each person comes in with a unique essence, like an energetic signature and our unique purpose and unique thoughts and unique feelings and unique desires and unique needs and unique role within the greater universe is embedded in that essence.  Our life experience is a process of unfolding of oneself as an authentic expression.

We can only be authentic to the degree that we currently know ourselves.  Better said, we can only be authentic to the degree that we are currently aware of ourselves.  And because so much of us is denied, rejected, disowned and suppressed into the subconscious over the course of our lives, we are not aware of very much of ourselves.  We are copies of other people. We are whatever keeps us safest in our social group. We are not genuine. We are not real and we do not reflect what is true at our core.  All of this is a resistance to our own life. Therefore, becoming authentic and living our life in alignment with that authenticity is the single most important part of allowing our kundalini.  To deny your self, including your physicality, your spirituality, your reason for being, your desires, your needs, your instincts, your truth, is to resist your kundalini.  To resist your kundalini is to be without energy. It is to create a living death. Nothing allows kundalini energy more than action that is backed by authentic inspiration.  This is what living out your life purpose is all about. To understand more about this, watch my video titled: How To Be Authentic.

Some people experience a kundalini awakening.  What is happening during a kundalini awakening is that all the resistance within a being is removed, which fully allows one’s life force energy into their being.  They are back in full alignment with their essence. This can happen in many different ways. If a person takes a shamanic medicine, or goes through a spontaneous awakening or attends a kundalini workshop that is particularly intense for example.  The problem often comes later when they are trying to integrate the experience of totally allowing their kundalini and the awareness that came with it, with the life they were living before; a life that does not mirror their authentic truth. Trying to be back in that life and thinking and doing those things you used to do is being back in resistance and it is like a living hell.  The disparity between the two states of being is so great that people suffer greatly during the process of trying to integrate the two states of being. You could not go back to living the same way. This is what many people are calling kundalini syndrome. Resistance that they were not consciously unaware of and acclimatized to, they suddenly become aware of and sensitive to. And the symptoms people experience are directly related to the areas of most resistance that a person had to their own kundalini.  A person, who had a lot of resistance on a mental level, is likely to experience mind-related symptoms. A person who had more resistance on a physical level is likely to experience more physical related symptoms.

From a universal perspective, the sensitivity that is experienced as the result of a kundalini awakening is a good thing.  It is not the result of too much energy in the body. It is nothing more than re-sensitization occurring without any awareness of how to adapt or change one’s life in accordance with that sensitivity. It is consciousness with no idea how to integrate that conscious awareness within a world that is operating from unconsciousness.  The reality is that some things you could tolerate before, you could only tolerate because you were in resistance. The ways you coped before were resistance strategies. The things you were thinking before were resistant thoughts. The things in the world you considered normal were resistant in nature. Have you noticed that the foods you ate you suddenly see are horrible for the body?  The things people did to each other that were normal, now seem barbaric? The light in your bedroom that once seemed fine is now feeling toxic? Many of the things you acclimatized to, you had to go into resistance to your own life force energy in order to acclimatize to. The kundalini awakening makes this no longer bearable. It is no measure of health to adapt to a profoundly dysfunctional situation.  You are much more conscious. The issue is never the abundance or flow of kundalini energy, it is always the resistance or barriers that flow encounters and the symptoms that causes.

If a person has been on the path of awakening for a long time, their being is matured in terms of working with resistance and integration and making shifts as a result of awareness and the body is used to a greater flow of energy.  In this case, a kundalini awakening will not totally destabilize them. If a person has not been on the path of consciousness for very long and is not accustomed to the process of continual transformation and is immature in terms of working with resistance and integration and making shifts as a result of awareness, the kundalini awakening will most likely greatly destabilize them.  This is why it is wise to have someone in your life like a master of energy work or a spiritual teacher or a shaman who can guide you through the process and/or help you to integrate during this process. But from a universal perspective, the worst thing you can do is to try to resist the kundalini and get it to be ‘less’ within the being, so you can go back to life as usual. What you need to do is resolve your resistance to it and adapt your life to the change and fast.          

A kundalini awakening is not different to any other form of spiritual awakening.  The various negative manifestations of the ego are the oppositional force to kundalini.  It is simply a way that one culture described spiritual awakening within an incarnated form.  Kundalini practices are simply certain practices that these people discovered to enable that awakening.  It is one path of many to the top of the mountain called awakening. If you are on the path of consciousness, you are on the path of kundalini awakening.  Kundalini is not some supernatural force that lies dormant in people. It is life and therefore, it is who you are, whether you resist it, or not.


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