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Karma (Does Karma Exist or Doesn't It?)

The concept of Karma has been a staple of spiritual philosophy for thousands of years.  The super simplified idea of karma is that your actions in this incarnation, as well as previous incarnations, decide your fate in this life as well as in future incarnations.  

Is Karma a reality in the universe?  The answer is Yes and No. It is often easier to simply say that karma does not exist than it is to weed out the misconceptions from the truth about karma.  Karma is a concept that was created by eastern religions, which arose from a society that was organized according to a caste system. In a caste system, society is divided into strata of hierarchy.  If you were born to a certain class, you belonged to that group and therefore your life was already decided for you and was inescapable. The explanation for why it was fair for one person to be born a king, with everything in life given to him and the other to be born a pauper who would suffer and watch his children suffer and die, was that in a previous incarnation, he or she had done bad.  His or her actions in a previous incarnation determined the suffering and bad luck or wellbeing and luck of their current life.

This is a ridiculous warping of spiritual truth.  It is also to project human social practices onto the universe, most especially a sense of order and fairness established through the universe dolling out punishment and rewards.  The punishment and rewards system of governing is not how this universe operates. Therefore, if this is how you see karma, karma does not exist.

Do past lives determine your future incarnations?  Yes. But again, we have to weed out misconceptions from truths.  The first thing to understand is that a conversation about past lives only makes sense from certain lower dimensional levels of the universe.  At the highest level of truth in this universe, individuality does not exist. All is one. We are all simply fragments of the same thing. Therefore, technically, every life that has ever been lived is your past life.  We create the concept of individuality by focusing on it. Just like we can focus on the different way that water moves in the ocean and suddenly define a current within the ocean as separate to and differentiated from the rest of the ocean.  You can define a current within the ocean of consciousness that you identify with specifically that is your soul family and a current within that current that is what you call “your non physical self” and then your physical incarnation is rather like a current within the current within the current within the ocean (much like a fractal).  We also create the idea of past and future by virtue of focusing on it. This perspective helps us to perceive expansion or what you call progressive change.

If we call the totality of energy in this universe, which is imbued with consciousness as “Source”, Source does not govern you because it does not perceive itself to be separate from you.  It does not punish or reward. It perceives itself to be the amalgamation of all of it’s own fragments of consciousness. It perceives itself to be the overall mosaic so to speak. Because Source is imbued with free will, all fragments of itself (including your non physical aspect and your physical aspect) are also imbued with the quality of free will.  The reason that a person who murders in one life might be likely to exercise that free will to choose to come back in the next incarnation as someone who is murdered is two fold. First, the universe is in the process of expansion. Expansion happens by knowing all it can know about itself. You are likely therefore, being a part of Source to try to understand and know everything you can know about every perspective in the universe.  If you gained a lot of expansion out of a particular perspective, you may come back in another life and repeat the same kind of experience many times until you have extracted as much expansion as you choose to out of that type of incarnation. Conversely, you may realize your perspective is limited and you cannot expand without understanding the other side of a polarized perspective. For example, the polarized perspective from a lion would be the gazelle.  

Second, the law of mirroring, which is also called the law of attraction, is always working in this universe.  It transcends dimensions and extends beyond this individual life. It was a creation that was born within source consciousness as a result of the desire for source itself to become conscious instead of unconscious.  If all there is, is Source, then all there is to become conscious of, is itself. Thus, self awareness is the motive, thus the design of a mirror was created. This simply means that you will experience the reflection of what you are.  The law of mirroring is actually also what creates cause and effect. For the sake of your understanding, you can think of the cause as being the thing that is being reflected and the effect as the reflection in the mirror.

Like frequencies are drawn to like frequencies due to this mirroring within the universe in the same way that if you step in front of a mirror, you immediately (as if magnetically) see a perfect reflection of yourself there, whether you are willing to recognize that reflection as you or not.  Every life that your “current of consciousness” projects itself into, alters the overall perspective it holds and therefore, the vibration it holds and patterns within that vibration. On a quantum level, this is what dictates what future lives you are a match to. They can be considered evolutionary potentials in the same way that your fate can be considered a future life path potential.  

Part of what contributes to the overall frequency of your “current of consciousness” is free will… Personal desire and intention.  So what you call the soul and what I call your “current of consciousness”, is a match to future lives for both conscious and unconscious reasons.  And the more conscious you become, the more that free will dictates the incarnation cycle as well as what is reflected in a universe based on the law of mirroring.  This is why there is truth to the idea that you will unconsciously choose to incarnate until you are fully conscious of free will. And believe me, you have no idea what I mean by that yet.  And then, reincarnation is something that is either consciously chosen or not.

This means that the most likely scenario is that part of what dictated whether a person was born poor, versus rich or was born into an abusive family versus a loving one is free will, the desire from that “current of consciousness” to become more aware in alignment with source’s overall desire to be self aware.  And part of it was the fact that the specific life was a vibrational match to the overall frequency of the “current of consciousness”.

People have got to accept that karma does not imply a kind of justice system in the universe.  The reason why it doesn’t seem like people who you judge as bad get what’s coming to them, is because you do not see the actual reflection they are getting, you are instead looking at them through the lens of punishment and reward that you have been socialized into.  What is happening in your life has nothing to do with whether you deserved something or not. Mirrors are impartial. They do not judge. They simply reflect.

When it comes to karma, as it plays out in your life today (not past or future incarnations) when most people observe what they call karma, they are really simply observing two things.  The first is the principal law governing your time space reality, which is the law of mirroring. And the second is the law of cause and effect, which is simply a byproduct of the law of mirroring.  To witness karma is simply to witness that in this universe, there is cause and there is effect. And it is to recognize that we will be a match to a reflection of whatever we ‘are’. For example, if we hold a pattern of creating transaction in relationships, we will be a match to people who also hold this pattern and who are transactional with us.  Or, if we push people away, we end up alone.

If you do not understand why something in your life is being mirrored, it is because you are unconscious of it.  If we are unconscious of what is within us or what we are, we will be shocked when we step in front of a mirror. Your future is always in flux.  It is like a quantum soup of potentials, some of which you are more a match to due to what you are consciously thinking, saying and doing in your life now.  Some of which you are a match to, due to what is unconscious within you. But if you change a pattern, you are a match to a different outcome. It just so happens that the average person doesn’t change much.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: The Future. And remember that each moment is a new incarnation.


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