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Internal Arson, The Amazing Application Of Anger

Anger is by far the emotional state that we disapprove of and try to suppress in ourselves as well as each other the very most.  This isn’t surprising because anger is notorious for creating social conflict. But there is an amazing application for anger that most people would never suspect.

Somatically, anger feels like an emotional version of fire.  Like fire, it is aggressive in that it usually projects outward and feels very hard to contain.  It wants to consume anything in its path and as such, it is often destructive in nature. We like to think that creation is good and destruction is bad.  But a universal principal is that destruction is necessary for creation. Therefore destruction and creation do not have to be contradictory. They can be highly complimentary.

What we learn from forest fires is that they are purifying.  They destroy so that the ecosystem in an area is restored. It rids an area of what is dead, dying and/or no longer benefitting the area.  The decomposed organic matter that it creates enriches the soil, making it easier for new growth.

Anger has been critical to our survival.  Anger pulls us out of powerlessness and the pain of being hurt and being afraid.  This is why anger can be used as fuel. It is a huge burst of energy. It means we are taking our power back.  Anger means we think we have a personal choice to make. Even though anger is a valuable self-preservation instinct that calls for the restoration of our empowerment and for the life we consciously choose, when we feel anger, we don’t treat it as such.  We’ve been taught it is so wrong that our immediate reaction to it is to fear it, suppress it, reject it or do anything we can do to release it and get rid of it in some way. I did a video titled: ‘How To Deal With Anger’ a while back in which I explained the danger of approaching anger in this way as well as tips for what to do with anger when it arises.  I suggest watching that video if you want some additional ideas for what to do about anger.

Here is the thing; anger is designed to distance us from things that threaten our wellbeing.  Some times this distancing separates us from things we need to be close to and thus prevents love.  But sometimes it separates us from things we need to be separated from for the sake of our wellbeing.  When anger distances us from things that we need to be separated from, it is like a forest fire that is designed to distance the forest from what holds it back from growth.  

And so, an amazing technique we can use with our anger is to do the opposite of what we would normally do with anger.  We do not try to make it go away. We do not suppress it. We do not try to get back to love. We do nothing to diminish it.  And we don’t direct it towards anything. Instead, we go somewhere where we can be totally undisturbed and we close our eyes and we invite it to become an internal forest fire that burns everything internally.  We invite it to get rid of everything internally that we don’t want there anymore so that we are completely internally purified to start over totally fresh and from the ashes internally.

For example, if we have had a breakup anger is a natural thing to feel during the grief process.  We can sit down when we hit this phase and close our eyes as if we are experiencing a shamanic journey/meditation of sorts.  We can see what color the fire is and what qualities it has. We can contain it internally and deliberately so that it will consume the unwanted things that exist within us.  We can even play music that helps the fire burn more aggressively and more destructively. But we can invite the destruction consciously with our free will. We can see it burning up our attachments to the person we broke up with.  We can see it burning up memories we have with them, both good and bad. We can see it burning up the fantasy or visions of what we wanted with that person, but could not actualize. We can see it cauterizing the emotional wounds we sustained.  You can see it burning up patterns, thoughts and beliefs that are detrimental to us relative to the breakup.

You can use this internal fire of anger to consciously destroy anything you want.  Let your intuition be the guide of what this fire needs to consume. Be with it for as long as it wants to burn until it burns completely out, leaving a blank slate of charred internal ground behind.  Let it burn until all that is left is only a place to build new; only the potential for new growth. You can direct this fire but do not control when it is or isn’t finished. Let it burn. Invite it to burn.  Invite and consciously choose the destruction in the name of letting go of whatever needs to be let go of.

If you want, you can use music to enhance this fire.  This is a good time to use super angry music in your meditation.  And switch to music that makes you feel like letting go once the fire turns to embers or ash.  You may want to use breathing techniques to enhance it as well. This amazing application for anger is like a personal re-birth process where you are cleansing your entire being a bit like a phoenix.  

I want you to imagine that you are so sick of your life and so hurt by it that you set it on fire and just watch it burn and thank the flames that dissolve it.  This is the same level of release you want to achieve with this exercise. Except it is your own being that you are going to mentally imagine the anger is burning up; specifically anything that does not serve it and that is not conducive to a new life or moving forward.  Invoke the flames instead of resisting them, thanks the flames as they consume everything within you that should no longer be there.

It is natural that after you do this process, you will feel much more free.  But you will also most likely feel raw and like so much that you are used to feeling internally is now gone.  You may also feel underlying emotions that are exposed during the process, like sorrow. Sorrow often follows anger.  Sorrow is a bit like rain after a forest fire. It cools the scorched earth and settles everything, saturating it so that it can restore.  Allow the emotions that the fire of anger makes way for as well without trying to change them. From there, let go and allow yourself to internally progress.  You do not need to try to create anything. Creation and new growth comes naturally as a result of any space being cleared by fire. Simply expose yourself to any experiences, things and people that are nourishing and replenishing.      

Destruction has an incredibly valuable space in this universe as well as within our own being if it is consciously instead of unconsciously carried out.  If the intention behind doing it is purification and letting go, it is not detrimental or criminal, it is beneficial. And anger is naturally adept at being used in this way… for conscious internal arson.                              



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