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Integration vs Selective Identification

I want you to think of your skin as being like a container.  Imagine that inside that container is smaller containers.  Some people have more of these containers inside them than others.  Each container holds a person inside it.  Each person has its on personality, beliefs, fears, traumas, preferences, wants and needs.  Each one has its own ego.  So you are not a singularity.  You, like all people are in fact a multitude.  We can call each little container person a part.  These parts are in various stages of growth and development.  People are not born this way.  These parts are created through trauma.  A person fragments themselves to cope with with the world. 

We allow certain ones out of their containers so they can act through our body and interact with people in our world.  Every time these parts come out of their containers and ‘take over’ our body, we mistake the perceptions and beliefs and fears and traumas and wants and needs for ALL of who we are.  We identify with it.

For thousands of years, the standard practice within humanity was to dis-identify from the parts that are unacceptable and identify with the parts that are acceptable.  A guru is a person who has decided to identify with only one part of himself or herself.  He or she allows only that ego to exist.  Only that part gets to come out of its container.  A guru is a person who has decided to identify with only one part of himself or herself.  He or she feeds only that Ego.  So, for example, imagine a guru decides that the most acceptable part of himself (his concept of enlightened) is a person who is never angry, who instantly forgives, who has no worldly needs, who is in a state of pure positive focus.  Any time anger rises within him or a worldly need or a negative thought, he will deny, reject, suppress and disown the part that is feeling that anger or need or negative thought.  He will jump into the persona of the guru that he has created and at first, he will deny those things and lie to himself and others that the way the guru self feels is entirely how he feels.  He will not honor the truth or reality of any other part within him.  He will do this until he literally looses awareness of any other part of him.  He will mistake the guru part for all of who he is to the exclusion of all other parts within him.     

This is their discipline. This is the discipline of self-abandonment because like it or not, these parts they deny, are also them.  Their Ego is their “concept of who an enlightened being is”.  They cannot admit to anything within them that is not that.  All has to be explained under that identity.  It is the strongest attachment you can imagine. This is not integration.  This is selective identification.  This is quite dangerous because this is how a guru can have sex with little kids and explain it away in their own minds as ‘spiritually healing the children’ for example.  To put it mildly, it is the strongest attachment you can imagine.   

This is not integration.  This is selective identification.

The rest of the egos within them starve to death, they are not just suppressed, they are literally denied to the point that they are imprisoned in a dungeon and the guru throws away the key.  The Guru has no conscious access to them after that point.  The guru becomes one dimensional because of it.  And the outside world begins to reflect that.  From the outside, you will not understand why the outer reality can be so cruel to a person who is so kind.   For example, many people, including gurus that cut themselves off from the unacceptable parts of themselves have made the child parts within them unacceptable.  After all, children do not control their emotions and a Guru cannot be a guru if they are out of control of their emotions.  And so, you will see their own actual children in life become lost to them.  They may die, be separated from them by spouses, be born with deformities and handicaps, refuse to see them and the list goes on and on.  All of which is an outer reflection of the way the person’s own inner children (parts) have been cut off and lost to them.  In my previous 12 incarnations, I was the selectively identified guru.  I cannot tell you the damage that I did not only to myself, but also to others because of it.  What I did not get then is that the parts, which are the ‘egos’ within, ALL of them, must be brought closer in order to actually become one, unified self.

I have been teaching authenticity.  But let’s go deeper into the concept of authenticity.  Your authentic self is not any one of these parts.  It is ALL of them and so it is also NONE of them at once.  Authenticity is the enabling the ‘spectrum of selves’ to decide together on an essence… a unity.  This IS integration.  So why don’t people do this already?  Because it is infinitely harder to integrate a persona that is in pain than it is to banish that person into a container and into a dungeon.  It is much harder to integrate a persona that is in pain than it is to selectively dis-identify into a persona that feels no pain.

The old school guru is a selectively identified person.  And so, the next step in the evolution of human consciousness was dis-identification.  Teachers have come and they have taught this discipline.  But in that discipline there is no self.  In that discipline, one takes himself or herself out of the game of life.  And so, the universe has called human consciousness even further.  The universe want to see embodied, united selfhood, the conscious game of life.  Disidentification serves immensely.  But it serves so far as to realize that oneself is a multitude and to act as a facilitator to bring these parts together.  Disidentification must not be used as a tool for selective identification. 

It is really difficult to practice integration in a world that believes that goodness and rightness and healing and virtue is achieved by selective identification. 

When you commit to this process and you judge yourself as bad, that something is wrong with you and that you are not right and when you want to give up, it is because you are thinking that other people especially gurus and teachers who are selectively identified are integrated.  So you are expecting yourself to integrate fast enough to ‘be where other selectively identified people are’ in terms of happiness and forgiveness and all the qualities of the old guru archetype.  This is also what those around you are expecting of you.  This expectation is the one that is doing the most damage to you. 

Imagine a car wreck where limbs are shattered.  If you cut off the limb (what a selectively identified person does), a person can heal… they are handicapped to a degree, but the pain they are in ends much quicker.  We are asking of you to heal these shattered limbs so you can be whole, not to cut the limbs off.  But it means that the process of FEELING BETTER is slower. 

The truth is that these selves within, when integrated will merge as one… and in doing so, so will we.  It is what was meant when thousands of years ago humanity conceptualized of there being the father (adult) the son (inner child) and the holy ghost (higher self).  All will become one.  The secret is that seeds of each are contained in the other.  So for example, by cutting oneself off from the inner child, one cannot fully access the higher self.  One can only act in a way where according to an identity, they SEEM like they have reached the state of the higher self. 

And so, today I am here to tell you that the age of selective identification is over.  The age of integration, which is genuine authenticity has come.  The age where these personalities are consciously helped to MERGE into one essence… the divine singularity.  Which is what the universe’s ultimate plan for embodiment actually is.           


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