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Integration... The True Mission of God

For thousands of years, duality within the universe has been like a war. Good versus evil; both sides unwilling to see itself in the other.  If you are reading this article, chances are you identify more with being part of the side we call ‘good’.  For thousands of years the approach that the ‘good’ took towards the ‘bad’ was that it needed to save itself from the bad.  The approach it took was to separate itself from and protect itself from the bad.  All the focus was placed on how to be good.  If you read many of these old scripts, like the Bible, which were translated through the limited understanding of the human mind at that time, it paints the picture that there needs to be a power struggle between good and evil.  It tells you how to be on one side, by separating yourself from the other.  It tells you how to defeat the other.

It never worked to restore us to wholeness.  In fact this very approach is what gave rise to more war.  Only this time, the ‘good side’ now justified war as goodness.  We could justify murder and justify rape and justify genocide and justify condemnation all in the name of ‘goodness’.  All we had to do was to make the thing we were in opposition to “bad”. 

When embodiments of the divine, such as The Buddha and Christ came down to humanity, they did not teach this.  What they taught was love.  But what is love?  To love is to take something as thyself.  To pull it closer to yourself.  This naturally leads you into compassion and kindness towards the thing you love and towards meeting the needs of that thing.  But they did not teach to do this selectively.  Jesus, famous for lovingly caretaking the lepers in society, taught to love all things.  He taught to love what you currently push away from yourself.  He taught to love unconditionally.  He did not say that there were any exceptions, because there are no exceptions. 

The Buddha recognized his adversary, Mara as himself.  He saw him as equally responsible for his own enlightenment.  And he did not teach to cast him out or defeat him so as to separate from him.  He taught his disciples to metaphorically invite their own Mara in for tea.      

We have made love, which is to take something as ourself, conditional upon that thing being good.  Which is the very torment perpetrated upon us by our own society when we came in as babies and learned that certain aspects of ourselves were acceptable and certain aspects were not.  And so we cut ourselves off from, suppressed, denied and disowned those aspects.  We fragmented ourselves.  Like a puzzle that is unwilling to allow certain puzzle pieces of ours to be included in us.  We have never succeeded as a race at doing the one thing that will dissolve that which we call ‘evil’…  Which is loving it.

This morning, I listened to a sermon given by a Reborn Christian minister and cried.  I cried of sorrow because knowing the being that we call Christ, having invited that essence into my heart, one couldn’t help but cry.  “Cast out the demons and send them to hell” he said.  But the highest truth of this universe is oneness.  There is nothing that is not God.  All beings in existence are part of that oneness.  Just as illusion and truth are both part of what is real.  Demons and angels are both part of God.  They are a fragmentation, a division within source consciousness, a fragmentation within the mind of God.  They are both God’s children so to speak.

The universe, (that which we call God) is wanting us to actualize that oneness once more.  It is calling us home.  It has been calling us home for centuries upon centuries upon centuries.  It creates embodiments of itself, like Buddah and Christ to call us back home.  And listeners distort that call.  They warp it to fit in with their own culturally ingrained resistance.

Coming back to oneness, calls for a drastic change of approach.  The approach can no longer be to separate oneself from evil or bad by becoming good.  The approach cannot be to separate oneneself from one’s humanness by becoming divine.  The approach cannot be to separate ourself from demons by using angels to cast them out or to side with Christ against the Devil.  The approach cannot be to get rid of the aspect of ourselves that we do not want and do not like so that we can be what we want to be and what we find acceptable. 

The universe is a mirror of us.  We are a microcosm in the macrocosm.  We are a fractal of god.  For the universe to become one, we must become one.  We will do that by integrating.  We will integrate by loving the aspects of us that we do not currently love.  By pulling close and seeing ourselves in the aspects of us that we want to push away.  This is the true teaching of Christ.  What I am telling you is that the time has come for unconditional love.  Unconditional love must be practiced towards the things that we want to push away from ourselves the most.  Integration is the true mission of God.  It is the desire that exists within the mind and heart of God.     

If you must fit this in with your attachment to being good, you can see it in this way:  The ultimate form of good is good that can see goodness in that which we call evil, good that can love evil, good that can recognize itself in evil, good that excludes nothing, including evil. 

We are being called to end this war between good and evil by integrating good and evil.  For the truth of us is that we are beyond polarity.  We are both and we are neither.  Love is the highest truth of all.  And the truth of love is no different than the truth of oneness.  And the time has come to put it into practice.


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