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Indigo Children and Beyond

Up until recently in our evolution, the human race as a species has undergone a long period of searching for spirituality outside of itself. Much of the ancient knowledge of the individual's connection with the divine has disappeared with the advent of the Newtonian model of physics.

The human quest for control and the separation created by things like religion, sex, race and language has deactivated an entire portion of our DNA. Even while reading this, if you are a person who has grown up under the "modern" model of physics and medicine, the idea of DNA having anything to do with spirit, much less being inter-dimensional in nature, will most likely be a concept that you do not fully accept.

But this is not only the truth of DNA, it is one of the major discoveries about DNA that science has neither explained nor explored yet. This "non use" caused the biological structure of many humans to change dramatically, and subsequently the generations born to them, to retain that biological change. Humans were no longer focused on their mind-body-spirit connection and so, the physical manifestations (much of them chemical) of that connection atrophied. As a result, many people of earth have to work to consciously access this connection and re-activate that unused portion of their DNA. All of this is about to change. In fact it has been in the process of changing for quite some time now.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary change. This evolutionary change is being led by the children of this "new age". More and more, children are coming into this physical reality retaining the conscious knowledge of whom and what they are, knowing why they are here and with more and more of their inter-dimensional DNA potential activated. These children have an actual biological system connection to the divine.

By now, you may have heard the "buzz" surrounding the first of these new humans called "indigo children". Though indigo children have been trickling in here and there since the 1950's, they did not register on society's radar until the 1970's. The first large wave of this variation in human form came about in the 1980's. Many of these children chose to come in to the physical existence at this time through parents who participated in the 1960's shift in consciousness.
Indigo children are the "warriors" and "trailblazers" of the new age. They are the bridge to the next level of humanity. Indigo children carry a new energetic vibration which has begun to transform humanity. For the indigo children, the door to universal consciousness is always open and accessible. They, along with the subsequent variations to come after them, are changing human consciousness.

Indigo children began to catch attention because their strong biological connection to "spirit", along with the fact that they have no knowledge (or care) of what is and isn't "possible", made it so that they could not fit into the current structure of society. There is no limit to their comprehension and they could not be made to conform. They did not come in looking to absorb the current beliefs of humanity; they came to build new belief for themselves and for man kind.

Because of their intense spirit connection and intentions, indigo children have come into this life with what seemed to many like supernatural abilities ranging all the way from strong intuition to full blown extrasensory capabilities. Indigo children, though physical in form, have an ethereal quality to them. The fact that these children have no concept of what is or is not impossible means that they will lead us beyond the limits of what we believe to be possible, and to break down the old patterns and barriers that have been present in society.

Because Indigo children are here for the purpose of facilitating change, they have also garnered much attention over the years for being incredibly difficult children to raise. Indigo children (like successive new age children) do not turn to adults for answers. They would rather find the answers within themselves and learn "the hard way". Many adults will expect respect from an indigo child based on age and life experience, but age is not a qualification for anything in the mind of an indigo. They have great problems with authority because they do not think that the world is the way it should be, and so they do not listen to the advice of people who have participated in making the world the way that it is.

Indigo children do not believe in the status Quo. They are non conformists to the extreme, but not for the sake of personal expression or fun, rather for the aim of altering this world's vision. They (unlike the successive peaceful, loving new age children) have the "warrior" energy of a person coming into life with the express intention of destroying beliefs and systems which they do not think serve humanity. They come in with the idea that many will be against them, but the will to succeed in bringing down any aspect of society that is archaic and limiting.

Anyone who values conformity or obedience will misunderstand and butt heads with the indigo. Indigo children do not respond normally to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action is exactly what they expected to be met with before coming into life and so… disciplinary action is faced by an indigo child, like battle. They often have easy tempers and so any attempt to get them to abide by limits will most likely be met with this temper and be treated like combat.

However, unlike what you would typically expect from a person with warrior type energy, they have very sensitive systems. Because their senses are taking in much more stimulus than the average person's, they have a lower resiliency to certain foods and environments, making them seem high maintenance. The indigo child will never try to join a group. Instead, they will isolate themselves until they find a kindred spirit.

Sadly, many of the first waves of indigo children, due to their various abnormal behaviors, have wound up being labeled as mentally ill, and therefore, many have been medicated and influenced out of their amazing gifts. The struggle they have faced in coming in to shift our society to such an extreme degree often makes their life circumstances so difficult that unfortunately, the suicide rate for indigos is very high.

Over the years many people have wondered why they go by the name of "indigo". It is because the new vibration that they carry moves in such a way that the light distribution versus the wavelength of this energy causes the human eye to perceive the electro magnetic spectrum of that energy at between 420 nm and 450 nm in wavelength, in other words… the color we call "indigo".

Now that the Indigo children have paved the way, children with even newer, advanced energetic vibrations have come in and continue to come in. They are still very young, and so we have not felt the full force of their purpose coming to fruition. You may hear them being called things like "crystal" children and "rainbow" children. Though they share the commonality with indigos that they are very empathic, hypersensitive, profound, intuitive and extrasensory, they differ in that they bring with them the energetic vibration of peace and even the energy of divine love and unity.

Their auras are very different because of this new vibration. Their auras, instead of taking on their own individual color, tend to be prismatic, either appearing like a clear, reflective light field that takes on the colors around it, or like the aura itself already contains all colors within the color spectrum (much like a rainbow effect). These children are connected, very sensitive, communicative and compassionate. Many of them have incredible abilities to heal others.

Many of these new age children, even more so than the indigo children, do not immediately possess the current social skills that are expected within society, because these behaviors go against their over all goal. Therefore, many diagnoses including the autism diagnosis will rise dramatically with the introduction of these new children.

They are here to assist the world as we evolve into a higher vibration where love and empathy become the norm rather than the exception. They are highly enlightened children who understand the ultimate truth, that there is no difference between that which is human/animal/ plant/mineral and that, in truth, all are one.

The social systems surrounding these children must be those which help them towards evolution instead of education. They will not respond well to harshness. Whether that harshness comes from things like loud noise, discipline, cruelty, anger, temperature extremes or unhealthy foods, they will respond to all of this by withdrawing into themselves, and some may quickly develop illness because of this.

These children, no matter what name they go by, are born with expanded abilities as well as more of their DNA active, and so they present an amazing new opportunity for the rest of society to evolve. Often, out of habit, society does not embrace the new vibrations which successive generations bring to earth. Therefore, many people are not personally able to experience their vision or reach beyond what is currently thought to be possible within their lifetime.

But if we stop trying to make them "fit the current mode and model" of behavior within society and instead embrace this new energy they bring, allowing it to transform us, they will guide us into the new advancement of our society, species and world.


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