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If You Find Your Core Imprint, You'll Find Your Life Purpose

Before we come into this life, we set an intention for the life that we intend to experience. That intention sets in motion the entire chain of events leading to this specific life itself. Without this intention, we would not have this life. We would not be born into this incarnation. While it is true that we intend to have a great variety of experiences in this life, and intend many things for each life, we opt into each life with a core intention. This core experience is the root from which everything will grow. We always choose this core experience before birth. It is the foundation for choosing the parents we choose and the way we will look and the people we will grow up around and our astrological alignments etc. Let’s say that this intention we set forth is to experience unconditional love. Just like we cannot understand white, unless it is compared to it’s opposite, which is black, we cannot understand unconditional love unless we experience it’s opposite. And so, we opt into a life where we can experience conditional love and even rejection. We opt into a life where we can experience the very opposite vibration from unconditional love. And we experience this vibration as a feeling, a feeling signature to be specific. This feeling signature is like a specific flavor in the form of emotion and sensation. Our soul comprehends perception in terms of these feeling signatures, not mental concepts.

The time space reality we are currently experiencing is one of contrast. It is a dimension of duality. We come into this contrasting experience of life on earth in order to experience the black so we can then know and experience white. So we choose into very specific conditions in order to experience the opposite of our ultimate desire for this life, knowing that the experience of it’s opposite will give rise to the awareness and experience of it. When we experience it’s opposite, we do not understand it at first, instead we feel it. The feeling signature of the “opposite” of your ultimate desire for this life becomes your core imprint. It is the thing you came into this life to transform. It is your main purpose for life to use the contrast of that particular feeling signature to find and become it’s opposite.

Once you have adopted this core negative imprint, until it is integrated (potentially for the rest of your life), it will reflect again and again into your adult experience, most specifically in your relationships. You will think that you are in a relationship with different people and you will think you are having different experiences and that the relationships end for different reasons. But this is not the case. What you are missing, is that the FEELING is always the exact same in all of these seemingly differing situations. This core feeling signature, keeps repeating itself as if crying for integration over and over like a skipping cd. If we want our relationships to be different, we must recognize this core imprint, we must become aware of its role in our soul progression. We must use it to find out what we are doing here. If you already think you know what you’re core negative imprint is, suspend judgment. You may just be surprised. I have always prided myself on being completely self-aware. Looking at my life logically, I assumed that my intention was to experience freedom. After all, I have experienced so much powerlessness and captivity. But once I removed myself from the realm of the mind and went into the feeling instead, I found that the core imprint that I came here to transform was the vibration and thus feeling of being forsaken. I came here to experience reclamation. Reclamation of myself and of love, which is total union with source energy. I came into this life to return home. It is easy to see then how all movement that has occurred in my life has been away from the feeling of forsakenness and towards reclamation. And my career as a spiritual teacher falls in line perfectly with this core intention. I now teach people how to progressively attain reclamation.

Our purpose for this life, will almost always feel like the hardest thing for us to align with, because to truly experience it we must first immerse ourselves in it’s opposite. For someone who has felt forsaken all his or her life, full reclamation feels out of reach. It feels like an impossible dream. But our desire to experience this intended purpose is a desire we cannot deny and so, despite the perceived difficulty we will be moving forever in the direction of this experience we intend to have no matter what gets in our way, until we either reset back to source perspective by dying or manifest it in this life. To find this core negative imprint, begin by watching your breath and calming your mind; much like you would with any other meditation. Once you feel the mind quieting it’s activity, consciously recall every significant relationship you have had in your adolescence and adulthood (especially the romantic ones). Recall the circumstances that occurred to make these relationships fail. Now, dive into the way you felt when these relationships were beginning to sour and when they failed and ended. Ask what did I feel after they ended? Notice that no matter what the circumstance or whom you were with, the feeling is always the exact same one. Just feel this feeling. Feel its sensations within your body. Observe it and fully experience it. It may just be the most excruciating feeling you’ve ever tried to be present with and allow yourself to feel. When you have spent enough time with the emotion to feel yourself surrendering to it completely, letting go of all need to change it, ask yourself when was the first time I experienced this feeling? You may or may not have images come to your mind at this point. If not, just stay with the feeling (which will intensify upon asking this question). If you have images, observe them like you are re experiencing a memory. Which is in fact what you are doing. And ask yourself how do I feel? Be patient with this process, instead of looking for the answer, let your soul offer it to you. As if it is a bubble rising up from the deep water. The answer should come in the form of I feel _________. Not I feel like _____________.

If you say I feel like… it means you are conceptualizing of what the feeling feels like instead of experiencing the feeling 1st person. For example, I feel destitute instead of I feel like I have no money. If it helps, you can keep that feeling active in your body and look over a large list of emotions to try to find the feeling and thus vibration that most closely describes your core imprint. If you feel ready, you can apply my emotional body process to this feeling at this point with the intention of welcoming and integrating this particular feeling signature. To remind yourself of that process, watch my video titled Healing The Emotional Body on YouTube.

Now, with the knowledge of this core imprint, consciously think back on your life. See how this is the most familiar frequency you have experienced in this life. And use that to become aware of it’s opposite. Use that to become aware of what it is that you might be doing here on earth. Keep in mind that what people consider to be the opposite of something, isn’t necessarily the opposite of something for you. For example, though traditionally the opposite of panic is considered to be calm, the opposite of your feeling of panic might be trust.

Most of us conceptualize of purpose in terms of what they are supposed to do for a living, “doing” being the key word here. This is not how the larger universe views purpose. So keep that in mind. That being said, your “what I am supposed to do for a living” version of purpose, will most always fit in with this original core imprint and thus intention for this life. The best example of this can bee seen in the movie Stranger Than Fiction. In the movie, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the owner of a bakery shop. The main character finds out to his surprise that she went to Harvard law school. And that she wanted to make the world a better place with her law degree. She started baking for her study session. Soon she was baking more than studying law and so her grades dropped so far that she dropped out of college. She decided that is she was going to make the world a better place, that she would do it with cookies. The point being that if you examined her core imprint, and the opposite vibration she intended to experience in this life, something like disconnection and kinship, owning a bakery shop facilitated this intention and thus fulfilled her purpose for this life much more so than a Harvard law degree did.

The feeling signature of the core imprint is the ultimate thing we have come here to overcome, because it is the core vibration preventing us from experiencing unconditional love. Becoming aware of your core negative imprint is the first step towards integrating it and it is the first step towards consciously discovering your main purpose for this life. So get ready for your life to make sense. And get ready for changes.


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