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Humility is one of mankind’s most widely loved personality traits. Social groups, whether they are religions or cultural, nearly all preach the necessity of humility. It is a widely held belief that to be humble, is to be good. Being good is crucial in a society where those who are good are rewarded, whereas those who are bad are punished.

Humility is defined as a modest or low view of one's own importance. Modesty is defined as the quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities. Looking at these definitions, silence should fall upon you. What you should be thinking is… are you freaking kidding me? Take a good look at this definition and try hard to come up with a justification for how humility and modesty could possibly be a good thing.

Humility is not a natural state. Children are born inherently feeling their own importance. Children, who are naturally self-loving and whom naturally take pride in themselves and their abilities, must be educated into humility. And this “education” into humility, is an emotionally barbaric practice. It’s like the emotional version of Chinese foot binding. How is a child educated into humility? They are shamed for being proud of themselves, they are shamed for having wants and needs if they conflict with other people’s wants and needs. They are told things like “The world doesn’t revolve around you” and “who do you think you are”? A child’s self-esteem must be corroded in order to become humble. Humility is in fact a contradiction to one of the six basic human needs, the need of significance. This means that for someone to become humble, they have to deny a basic human need. People, who lack the primary need of significance, live in a perpetual state of covert self-hatred. They live unhappy lives, which they think they deserve. People who lack the primary need of significance are in fact at high risk for suicide.

When we are afraid of someone feeling important, it is because we don’t think it is possible for someone to feel important without simultaneously feeling more important than others and thus causing problems for other people. This is the main reason (besides cultural and religious programming) that parents humble their children. When children have all of their needs met by their parents in their first years of life, they become habituated to this arrangement. Until one day when the child asks the parent to do something for them that the parent doesn’t want to do or that the parent thinks the child can do for himself. This imposition makes the parent feel as if the child has become entitled or self-important. This makes the parent feel like the child thinks he or she and what he or she wants is more important than the parent and what the parent wants. And the shaming begins. The child then wonders why his or her importance has been downgraded. The child personalizes the way they are being treated. The child begins to think “maybe there really is something wrong or bad about me”.

Years of humbling does exactly what you would expect, it creates a humble adult. But at what cost? It creates the epitome of a self-defeating person. It creates an adult with a perpetual internal conflict, who will probably fit into society well and who will not affect others and who will maintain emotionally abusive relationships, who will self sacrifice and who will accomplish a fraction of what they truly wish to accomplish in their lives. But yes, you can bet that everyone will like them! Everyone will treasure how kind and humble they are.

Humility serves three kinds of people...

  1. Those who are already in positions of power, whom want to maintain power over others and who want to remain in positions of higher importance than others.
  2. Those who want you be modest about yourself so that they don’t have to feel bad about their shortcomings. People whom would rather you had low self-esteem than to actually be pushed by your self-confidence to admit to and work on their own shadow of low self-esteem.
  3. Those who believe this is the only way to ensure that keeping everyone in a place of lowered self-importance, maintains social order. Many of the people in this category, seek to stay comfortable and avoid change no matter what the cost.

And here we see the birth and origin of humility as a virtue… RELIGION and SOCIAL ORDER
If I want other people to behave in a way that allows me to maintain my level of importance and maintain my power, what should I do? Convince them of their unimportance and teach them that the only way to be good (and therefore loved) is to not be too confident about themselves or their abilities. Punish them when they act self important or proud about themselves. And scare them that a punishment awaits those who think highly of themselves after this life. Humility is not a virtue. It is a beautiful but thin, sparkling sugar coat for Servility. Servility is an excessive willingness to serve or please others. Excessive willingness as it applies to servility, means that the servile person is a self-sacrificer. Servility serves those who wish to maintain positions of higher importance than you. Servility serves the government and it serves religious institutions because it maintains social order. Servility serves parents who wish to maintain the seat of power over the household. Servility serves those who do not feel capable of feeling good about themselves; people who want you to behave in a way that makes it easy for them to feel good about themselves without doing the work on their own self defeating tendencies.

Every single atom of this universe is an aspect of God itself. It is an expression of God. You are not only God’s masterpiece. You are also God itself. Do you think that God should or would be in a place where it had a low opinion of its importance? If the answer is no, then you should not either. Guess what? Seeing as how you are not only a creation of God, but are also indivisible from god, humility and modesty are in fact true blasphemy. Any act that is not self-loving is true blasphemy. What is importance? Importance is the state or fact of being of great significance or value. Importance has nothing to do with comparison. Importance doesn’t have anything to do with being more or less valuable or significant than anything else. Are you not important? Do you not have significance or value? Think of a baby that has just been born. Is that new life not important? Does that new life not have significance or value? Why not be confident in yourself and about your abilities? Why not be proud of yourself? You have been taught that being confident in yourself and your abilities hurts people, but it doesn’t. It only hurts you when you do not value yourself and your abilities. It keeps you small forever. It means that you will live half of the life you came here to live, if you are lucky. The truth is, you have more significance and more value than you could ever know. There has never, is not and will never be another you. You are like a unique angle of colored glass in a stained glass painting. The picture could not be complete without you. The universe depends on you for it’s own expansion. The universe depends on you to know itself. To say that you are a child of God is an understatement because you are indivisible from God. But how important are your children to you? What if you are as important to God (this universe) as your children are to you? Your point of perspective is completely unique. It cannot and will not ever be replicated. And it’s about time that you knew it.

Strike humility from the record. It never did anyone a crumb of good. It only kept you from yourself and prevented you from knowing your own divinity. Replace humility and modesty with significance and self-confidence. Watch what happens to your life when you become aware of your own significance. Watch what happens to your life when you allow yourself to feel as important as you really are.


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