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How To Sell Your Soul To The Devil (Or Not)

We live in a universe of polarity.  This time space reality was created to enhance universal expansion.  Polarity is what enhances that expansion.  We come to know white by knowing black. We come to know freedom by knowing imprisonment.  And so we come to know goodness, by knowing what we call ‘evil’.  And part of that polarity that we see as evil is what we have been calling ‘demons’ for centuries.

A demon is essentially a thought that is created from the vibration of lack.  But it is a thought that was focused on to such a degree that it became a thought form with its own identity and ideas and desires etc.  A while ago, I did an episode on YouTube titled: Do Demons Exist?  In that episode, I explained what a demon is.  I suggest you watch that video if you want to understand what a demon is in depth. 

Demons are a thought that belongs to the opposite vibration to that of love and freedom.  We could say that they are the ultimate manifestation of ‘separation’.  As such, they do not experience themselves as connected to source consciousness.  For this reason, in order to maintain their identity and not dissipate, they must take energy from somewhere else.  But they are only a match to those who vibrate at the same frequency as they do…  People who feel totally powerless, totally ostracized, cast out…  People who are stuck in a feeling of lack. 

The primary way that demons feed off of human energy is through unmet needs.  If you have a need, you have one option and that is to directly meet that need because if you do not meet a need consciously, you will meet it subconsciously.  This is what manipulation is. 

Manipulation carries a big stigma and makes it sound as if someone is malevolently controlling someone else.  In reality it is highly subconscious and also quite innocent.  Manipulation is what we do when we feel we cannot meet our needs directly, so instead we try to meet them in round about ways.  We try to influence others to do what we want them to do so our needs are met.  This is particularly prevalent today when the need that is not met is emotional.  When a child cannot get its emotional needs met directly, those emotional needs get hidden or exiled from its whole being and delegated to the subconscious an they begin to become manipulative to get those now subconscious needs met. 

An example of all of this that I’ve just described is that a person who needs to feel safe, but who cannot ask directly to be protected, may create a situation where they have to be rescued by someone else or paint the false picture that they are in danger so other people will step up and offer their protection.  Or, a person who needs help or needs to feel supported, but who cannot ask directly for help or support, may develop an illness that makes it so people have to help or support them.

Because demons perceive themselves to be separate from source consciousness, demons perceive lack.  They cannot meet their needs for energy directly.  Therefore, they must manipulate that which they see as “other” in order to get their needs met.  They are in fact just extreme mirrors of the inner child who could not meet its needs in direct ways.  We exile demons in the same way that our original unmet needs were exiled into the shadow of our subconscious mind.    Because of this, demons are a perfect match to people whose needs were not met and are not currently met…  People who must manipulate in order to get their needs met.  And they are operating in perfect accordance to the law of attraction by attaching to those people.  They are operating within perfect obedience to universal law in this way.  They feed on the energy a person gets when they meet their needs indirectly.

For example, lets say that a woman has poor self-esteem.  Her self-concept has limited energy.  She does not know how to generate that energy from within and the people around her are reinforcing her poor self-esteem.  Perhaps she will notice that the women who get what she needs and does not have are those who are wanted by men.  So she develops the desperate desire to be wanted by men.  In order to create this, she may become very good at the art of seduction.  She will learn to get her self-esteem fed by seducing men and soaking in the energy of their attention and adoration.  This is an innocent manipulation. 

  However, manipulation makes you a perfect match to a demon vibrationally.  As a result, there is a likelihood that a demon will attach to her and feed off of this energy.  But where is the transaction that is taking place energetically?  What did the Christians mean by “selling your soul”?  Certain demons are embodiments of different forms of pain.  If you look at the seven deadly sins, what you have is overcompensations for lack.  Each one of them is essentially a response to pain that simply puts us deeper into pain.  For example, when we feel the pain of not having enough, we can become greedy.  So lets say that a demon is the embodiment of greed that is ultimately the result of feeling like one does not have enough. It will develop the incredible power to manipulate to get that need met. 

So, going back to the previous example of the woman who gets her self-esteem fed through seduction, she may be a match to a demon whose power is seduction.  When it wants to attach to her, a subconscious agreement takes place.  The demon will lend its power to the woman so as to enhance her power to seduce so that both the demon and the woman can be sure to get their joint need met.  She is essentially participating in an energetic transaction whereby in exchange for the added power provided by the demon, she will get her needs met and so the demon can get its needs met through her.

All of the demons, even the classic ones described in the Bible and ancient Tibetan and Hindu text can be explained in terms of certain unmet needs.  However, people can feel the manipulation and do not see that all manipulation is, is an attempt to get a deeper unexpressed need met, so it often backfires.  The person is pushed deeper into a sensation of lack. 

For example, men feel controlled and powerless to the attraction they feel towards the woman. It feels dangerous.  And so they pull away from her or shame her for her sexuality.  As a result, her self-esteem is more deprived.  She gets more desperate.  A vicious cycle begins.  She either has to become more manipulative or switch to a different manipulative strategy, which may make her a match to a different demon with a different ‘power’ so to speak.

So what did they mean by saying that someone has sold their soul to the Devil?  The Devil, also known as Lucifer, was essentially a being that argued against free will and in favor of determinism.  When you manipulate to get your needs met because you are so desperate, there comes a point where you lose touch with your own free will. Essentially, this is no different than an addiction.  When you are in the grip of an addiction, you feel out of control of yourself trying to get a need met.  It feels like you lack the capacity to control yourself.  Once you get to the point where you feel such a lack that you are so desperate to get a need met that you feel incapable of controlling yourself when faced with the offer of that need being met, you have become disconnected from your own free will.  You have vibrationally and unintentionally sided with determinism and thus the being who gave rise to that thought, which we call the Devil.  Selling your soul to the Devil is nothing more than engaging in any transaction that disconnects you from the experience of your own free will.

Here are some more examples of the transaction between humans and demons:  Lets imagine a person feels totally powerless.  They desperately desire to feel empowered.  But they can’t meet that need directly through their own connection to love and freedom.  Perhaps the only frame of reference they have for the feeling of empowerment is when someone else is “less” than they are.  So, they may begin to find other people who they perceive to be weaker and less powerful, like children and put them in powerless situations where they are dominated.  A demon may hook into that person and feed off of the power the child gives over to the person in that state of fear.

Or perhaps a person needs connection but cannot get it.  They feel miserably alone.  They cannot get that need met directly and so from that space of starvation, they create scenarios where they are sick so people will be manipulated into focusing on them.  A demon may attach to that person and make the person more sick so they can get that need met better.  The most important thing to understand is that when it comes to demonic entities, there is a transaction that exists on a mental and emotional level, which enables a need to be met that is mutually beneficial to both the host and the demon.

In many cults, the members will first create the lack and then deliberately do a ceremony to attach a demon that benefits the cult to the person when they are in that state of lack as the antidote for their starvation.  They understand that lack is created by trauma and lack in and of itself is a trauma the greatest trauma is the lack that the trauma amplifies. At its fundamental level, trauma is the experience of lacking something that we need and want.  So trauma is inflicted on the person so as to put them in this “primed” state for demonic attachment.  When trauma creates an extreme perception of lack, the human auric field is not being fed with enough energy to maintain its integrity and holes or empty spaces so to speak appear in the auric field.  Demonic entities can enter and attach through these empty spaces.  It can do this because it is a match to that vibration of lack.  The dissociation that so often occurs during these traumatic experiences is merely a further opening for demons to attach.  When a person dissociates, they have often left their body empty to the degree that a full-blown possession state can occur.

  What these groups do is to create an alter personality with that deprivation and attach that alter personality to the demon.  Most people think the way to deal with this is to deprive the alter of its need, so as to stop it from being a food source for the demon attached to the alter.  Or to try to force a separation between the alter and the demon. This is what exorcism is.  But this is the exact opposite thing that we need to do.  What we need to do instead is to become aware of the deep unmet need within the alter and meet that need directly.  When this occurs, the transaction is no longer needed with the entity.  The state of lack no longer exists and so the demon will detatch as a result of the increased frequency.

For example, lets say that an alter personality that is demonic comes to the surface and begins to scare people.  Feeling into that alter, you may see that the reason for scaring people is to keep the person safe.  Safety is the unmet need.  The demon is keeping the person safe by scaring people off in exchange for its need being met.  So, if you switch your strategy from fighting the alter or treating it like a threat or enemy to loving it and keeping it safe, the demon cannot stay attached to it.  This is not to say that the demon will not fight for its survival.  In fact they tend to become extra combative and active and charged when their survival is threatened, which it is when their source of energy in danger of being cut off.  But the truth remains the same.  Meet the need and the person is no longer a match to the demon.

From there, those of you who are feeling particularly advanced or extrasensory can focus on loving the demon and showing it another way to directly meet its needs.  Most especially, showing it or make it become aware of its connection to source consciousness so it no longer perceives itself to be separate from that which we call God.      

You can think of the deprivation, the lack, the unmet need, as a kind of hole within a person’s wholeness that is empty and that hole becomes occupied by the demon.  Clearing demons from someone’s auric field is absolutely pointless because until the need is met, there will always be a reason for them to be there.  For example, imagine a person feels a total lack of belonging.  Perhaps belonging to the dark and to the underworld is the closest they can get to belonging and feeling wanted.  Now imagine that a demon is the embodiment of possession, which is the byproduct of losing so much that a being is desperate to keep something permanently.  That demon is in fact fed by the belonging that the person feels with things of a darker nature; things that resonate at the same frequency as that demon. 

To put it another way, the relationship with a demon is a codependent one.  No wonder we are such a match to them if we cannot even manage as a species to create relationships with each other that are not unhealthily codependent instead of interdependent.  And a codependent relationship is by its very nature powerlessly addictive.   

It is at this point that I must make you aware that we cannot meet a need without first loving the thing whose need we are meeting.  Meeting the unmet need is an act of love.  Love is the exact opposite vibration from the vibration of lack, which is the vibrational range where demons exist.  The opposite frequency to that of love is separation, which is the same as fear and lack.  To fear is to push something away from yourself.  That creates isolation.  Love, which is the ultimate form of connection, is the single biggest unmet need within the human race. Isolation is the single biggest void within the human race. Isolation is the root of all forms of addiction.  And the antidote to isolation is love.  In fact, love is the antidote to everything.  It is by loving these demons that we will assimilate them and disable any harmful expressions they may display. 

This is a particular problem because of the emphasis within modern spiritual communities placed on both independence and the wrongness of needing.  We make people wrong for needing.  We make people wrong for not being an island unto themselves.  How many times have you heard people say, “everything you need is within you and you alone?”  Or “No one will love you until you love yourself?” Or give the impression that there is something un-spiritual about needing anything from anyone else?  It is through ideologies like this that we in fact feed demons because we enhance a person’s sense of their own loneliness. 

These individualistic ideologies were in fact invented by people whose needs were not met by others and so they found a way to use spiritual truths about independence as a way to create meaning out of that painful experience and justify not depending on anyone else to get their needs met.  It is ironic that one of the biggest windows for demons to enter into a person’s energy field (the practice of this ideology) is in and of itself the byproduct of that unmet need.  The reality is that what we need is the opposite. We need to really, genuinely make a practice out of connection, unity, love and interdependence.    

When we make any need not ok to have, which we so often do, we feed demons because it forces a person to become more starved for it and desperate and to have to suppress and deny it, which is the fertile ground of subconscious manipulation.  For this reason, I want you to watch my YouTube video titled: “Meet Your Needs”.  This is what we do when we practice self-denial.  This is what Christians often do when they practice abstinence.  This is what Buddhists often do when they practice non-desire.  Unintentionally, they feed the very thing they are trying to prevent.  This is one reason why demonic entities and deviance are so rampant in religious communities that pride themselves on being so strictly moral. Need suppression is why Utah, the home of the Mormon Church, has the pornography rates that it has.  It is also why it is a host to so many demonic entities associated with unhealthy sexuality.                        

 When we become aware of a need and meet that need directly and recognize that the need is being met, we move out of the vibrational range of lack and therefore demons.  The result is, the demon cannot hook into our energy field.  It’s a bit like a spider trying to climb up glass.

People think demonic influence is rare.  It is not rare.  In fact, most people walking the planet today experience this influence.  They do not notice it because they still experience their own free will relative to most things and they do not visually see these thought forms.  But just because we do not see something, does not mean it is not there.  We cannot blame demons for being there or for their influence any more than we can blame flies for there being garbage.  We just have to clean up the garbage and there will not be any reason for flies to be in that particular location.  

We do not have to be afraid of demons, or even really focus on how to get rid of them.  All we have to do is to become aware of what need they are overcompensating for and meet that need directly.


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