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How To Open the Solar Plexus Chakra

At the most basic level, your body is made up of energy.  That energy organizes itself into the physical body you are looking at in the mirror every day.  But before that energy organizes itself into physical body parts, it organizes itself into meridians and chakras.  These chakras are centers of energy that lie along energy channels and each one holds a very specific vibration and has a specific purpose.  Each chakra is a specific expression of Prana (otherwise known as life force or source energy). The chakras look a bit like funnels of energy or vortices.  They both absorb and emit energy.

When a chakra is out of alignment, meaning it is not letting life force in or is out of alignment for any number of reasons, it starts to affect your equilibrium.  It becomes a serious imbalance within the system. When chakras are out of alignment, they appear small and do not absorb or emit much energy. They also change in their color, patterning, texture and sound.

The solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura, is the third chakra relative to the body in the energy system.  It is located more or less at the pit of your stomach; the upper part of your belly, where your diaphragm resides. It is associated with the element of fire and the sun and with the color yellow.  

The solar plexus governs the stomach, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, large intestine, much of the muscular system, adrenal glands, pancreas, diaphragm and the skin.  Ailments involving any of these bodily systems suggest an out of alignment solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is the center of personal power and personal identity.  Because of this, it is directly related to personal willpower, ego/personality, personal freedom, confidence, proactivity, responsibility, reliability, self esteem, authenticity, personal honor and integrity, ethics, confirmation, a sense of personal control and personal choice.  This chakra transforms inertia into movement. It is also associated with the opposite of all of these things such as anxiety, low self esteem, jealousy, controlling, competiveness, lack of confidence, insecurity, feeling trapped and not free, lack of integrity, no sense of self, inauthenticity and inertia.

What causes the solar plexus chakra to go out of alignment?  Usually relationships with other people. This is often felt in relationships as that classic ‘knot in the stomach’ feeling.  Relationships where we do not feel seen, heard, felt and understood. These relationships negatively impact our self-esteem. These relationships are relationships in which we are being controlled and lose a sense of freedom of being.  Any time we are inauthentic and have a weak sense of self this chakra will go out of alignment. If we do not act with personal honor or integrity, we will cause the solar plexus to go out of alignment. These relationships, especially if they occur in our childhood years set us up to have a relationship with ourselves and with the world in which we betray ourselves, have a negative perception of ourselves and don’t exercise personal choice. Contrary to popular opinion, people who seem narcissistic do not have a solar plexus chakra that is too open or strong.  Chakras do not work that way. Do away with the idea of balance being the key to a healthy chakra system. People who exhibit the narcissistic pattern of relationship style have some of the most out of alignment solar plexus chakras, as do their co-dependent style counterparts.


How do we open and bring the solar plexus chakra into alignment?

  1. Live your life by the tenant of authenticity.  The more authentic you are with yourself and with other people, the more in alignment your solar plexus will be.  Be completely honest with yourself and with who you are and what you want. Live your life, making all your life choices in congruence with that.  To learn more about this, watch my video titled: How To Be Authentic.
  2. Live in alignment with your personal sense of integrity.  A lack of integrity should be defined as the quality of not adhering to principals communicated to you by your own conscience. Also not living in a state of wholeness in and of yourself.  For example, if your conscience tells you that honesty is right for you and you lie, you are demonstrating a lack of integrity. Two parts of you are split in that moment and you will feel bad as a result of it.  Your internal guidance system will be guiding you in the opposite direction of where you are currently headed. To learn more about how to live with integrity, watch my video titled: Integrity (What is Integrity and How to Build Integrity).
  3. Know that you have the power to choose.  The solar plexus is so much about personal choice and the empowerment involved in choosing and deciding for yourself.  The best way to create alignment in any chakra is to figure out what thought or action or circumstance is opposing any of the energies associated with the solar plexus chakra, like personal empowerment or a sense of self or self worth and find a way to resolve them.  Especially face any of the parts within you and shadows related to not feeling empowered to choose. If you struggle with this, you may have trouble with making decisions.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: Indecision (Decisions and Indecisiveness).
  4. Commit to a path of mastering the art of relationships.  Any time we are in a personal power struggle within our relationships and do not feel seen, heard, felt or understood, our solar plexus will go out of alignment.  We will perceive the other person to be a threat to our sense of self, including our self-concept and sense of personal choice. What we ultimately must learn and implement is that relationships should be about deep levels of intimacy and in that intimacy, taking each other as an indivisible part of ourselves so that their best interests are part of our best interests.  If we saw this as the definition of a healthy relationship, we could clearly see any time we or the other person in the relationship was acting different to this. Don’t sweep your relationship issues under the rug. Clean them up and if you can’t despite all efforts to do so, you may need to consider separating from some of the relationships in your life. I have countless videos available about relationships and how to have healthy ones.  Anything you do to create a better relationship with yourself and other people will cause your solar plexus to come into alignment.
  5. Many of the dimensional realities outside the physical dimension do not have a time/space aspect to them.  This means to think something is to cause the thing to happen or to be instantly.  It’s a “think open, it opens” kind of thing.  Where as in the physical dimension there is a time and space buffer between thought and thing.  The chakra system influences the physical but is a multidimensional aspect of you (which is why they are invisible to most people).  This means if you think of your solar plexus chakra opening or visualize it opening, it opens. The visualization I see working the best is when you place your hands over this chakra and imagine it as a vibrant yellow colored vortex like opening in the pit of your stomach.  Then visualize expanding it with the help of an opening movement of your hands to about a foot wide. Then visualize it spinning clockwise. Sense this chakra pulling in energy from the world with each inhale and emitting your personal power and personal energy to the world with each exhale.  If you are interested, I also have a chakra meditation available on my website which can guide you through this process.
  6. The solar plexus chakra is an interesting chakra because unlike other chakras, it is not primarily influenced by the color that it is associated with… yellow.  It is the most positively effected when you select colors that you authentically love and that represent who you are as a person. If you dislike the color yellow, yellow can actually cause your solar plexus to contract.  Pay close attention to the colors that you prefer personally and that make you feel like you are representing your authenticity to the world. Surround yourself in those colors. Wear these colors and decorate with these colors.
  7. Stimulate it with sounds.  You can find binaural beats on the Internet designed specifically for the solar plexus chakra.  You can expose yourself to crystal singing bowls designed for the solar plexus chakra. You can also stick with thousands of years worth of toning tradition.  To do this, sit in meditation and stimulate your solar plexus chakra by chanting Ram or Ah depending on which one resonates in your stomach area the most. Play around with the tonality of these sounds to find the one that causes your solar plexus area to vibrate the most.  
  8. Use herbs and essential oils to help your solar plexus chakra align.  My top picks for effect on this chakra are ginger, dandelion, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, chamomile, bergamot, lemon balm, lemongrass, fennel, marshmallow root, lemon, milk thistle and calendula.
  9. Eat Foods that assist the solar plexus.  My personal favorites are: Bananas, pears, pumpkin, yellow peppers, squash, sunflower seeds, lentils, curries, corn, pineapple, lemons, cumin, brown rice, spelt, cardamom, Saur kraut, oats and ginger.  Any food that supports the bodily systems associated with this chakra also assists this chakra.
  10. Bring certain mineral spirits into your life.  In my opinion, the best for the solar plexus chakra is Citrine.  My other top picks are honeycomb calcite, sun stone, amber, golden beryl, yellow tourmaline, yellow topaz, carnelian, hematite, tiger’s eye and spirit quartz.
  11. Move your body.  The solar plexus is assisted by any kind of movement. This chakra that is very forward moving in its nature.  So, exercise in whatever way calls to you the most. You can also move in ways that cause the belly area specifically to be stretched.  Abdominal massage assists this chakra immensely. The tradition of yoga also has many poses that are designed to facilitate solar plexus opening.
  12. Deliberately think thoughts and say things and take actions and seek out experiences that cause you to feel good about yourself and to feel personally empowered.  Exercise your free will by making choices that reflect your true self, especially choices regarding what relationships to nourish and keep close to you.
  13. Get out there and take some risks.  The solar plexus chakra is enhanced by forward movement in life as long as that forward movement is in accordance with one’s desires, needs and personal truth.  There is a big difference between ‘I want to do this thing but I’m terrified of doing this thing’ and ‘I don’t want to do this thing and I’m terrified of doing this thing’.  Take the risks that are in alignment with what you genuinely and authentically want to do.  Taking steps from this place feels risky, especially socially risky. But we need to take those risks in order to feel a sense of personal freedom and choice.
  14. Get out in the sun.  I’m not saying to bake yourself in it.  I’m simply saying that when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it causes this chakra to come further into alignment.  Sun energy assists this chakra and every bodily system associated with it.

By intentionally doing things which enable your solar plexus chakra to come into alignment and to open, you will be setting yourself up to live the life you intended to live.  You will be developing a healthy ego. You will feel your authentic self radiating its personal power out into the world and you will find relationships that are in perfect alignment with that.  You will feel you have the power to be yourself and to choose the life you want and consciously choose to live.


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