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How to Cure Back Pain

Back pain is an all-consuming experience. You will not realize how much you depend on your back on a daily basis until it is “injured”.  And when it is, you will feel crippled.  It is also an emotionally intimidating experience, especially for people who use movement to turn down or turn off their negative emotions.  The current medicine of our day does not yet recognize the relationship between the mind, emotions and body.  All physical ailments have a mental and emotional root… even ailments that at face value are caused by physical accidents.  To leave out the mental and emotional dimension of physical ailment is to practice poor medicine.  The resolution of physical ailments is often dependent upon the resolving of those mental and emotional elements. But back pain is special in that if you are going to resolve your back pain, you are going to have to get ahead of the current times and really get that if you have back pain, it is about an emotional issue.

Injury can obviously occur to cause back pain, people can break their back in an accident for example.  But this is by far and away the exception.  And, there is also an emotional reason for someone getting into an accident.  Unless someone has no idea why they have back pain because it simply came on seemingly out of nowhere, people who suffer with back pain, believe they were hurt or that the pain was brought on by some physical activity.  This is not actually the case.  This ‘moment’ of onset is simply when the pain started.  You can think of it as the trigger.  There is always a reason why THAT moment was when it started, and it is related to the emotional/mental root of the issue.  The reality is that because of this mental/emotional root, there was stress that caused the tension in that area before that moment.  This tension makes the blood flow constrict and muscles and nerves and bones and tendons and ligaments in that area susceptible to setting off pain signals as well as more susceptible to injury.  You could consider this moment of onset the crisis point of escalation of the underlying mental and emotional issue.  

For example, let’s say that a woman feels totally unsupported and burdened with the full responsibility of the household and children.  She needs support and she needs her husband to take his fair share of responsibility relative to the kids.  Her daughter has to be driven to soccer practice.  She knows her husband will stay in the chair watching TV.  So, she feels obligated and resentful and bulldozes herself to be the one to get her daughter ready and in the car and drive her to practice herself.  This causes tension to occur in the muscles in her back.  When she pulls into the parking lot, and lifts the soccer equipment out of the car, she “tweaks” her back and tells the story “the pain is about me lifting the equipment out wrong”.  The pain is actually about feeling totally unsupported and unfairly burdened with responsibility in her home life.  This moment is simply the moment that this repressed emotional problem in her life has reached a threshold at which point the symptom of that underlying problem begins. 

Some experts will tell you that back pain is your body’s way of converting psychological pain to physical pain as a way of covering up, distracting or repressing the emotional pain.  It is true that this may be the protection strategy belonging to one or more of your parts, because it is terrified of facing the reality of the psychological and emotional stress it is in.  You must consider that potentially the physical pain is serving as an avoidance or deflection strategy from emotional distress.  But physical pain occurs when the emotional and mental pain is repressed (which is to subconsciously feed it with energy) for so long, that it escalates into a physical manifestation.  And it does this so that you can no longer repress it and are forced to face and resolve it instead.  The faster and more willingly you do this, the faster the physical manifestation, which is a symptom (in this case the back pain) goes away.

  1. Pain exists to draw our attention to what needs attention in order for resolution to occur.  In fact, you could say that pain stands for; Pay Attention Integrate Now.  Pain increases to make suppressing, denying, escaping or avoiding a problem impossible to do.  Pain can be thought of as a child that is screaming and crying for you to resolve something that is causing it pain.  If you are in pain, something in your life on a mental, emotional or physical level needs to be changed so that you can be in alignment and feel good.  If you are not putting energy into recognizing and resolving the actual root issue causing that pain, simply taking pain medications is like silencing that small child by drugging it to sleep.  All pain has a cause.  You have to find and resolve that cause for the pain to go away.  The pain is not the problem.  It’s the alarm bell alerting you to the problem.
  2. You’re going to have to talk to your back to find the mental/emotional root of your back pain.  A while back, I did a video titled: Parts Work, What Is Parts Work and How To Do It.  In this episode, I explained that when you have a physical ailment, you have to talk to the part of your body that is having a problem.  When it comes to back pain, you can talk to your back and you can talk to your back pain specifically (they may be two different parts).  To learn specifically how to do this, watch that video.  I must mention here that consciousness exists separate of the brain.  Pain originates in consciousness.  But on a physiological level, pain originates in the brain.  For this reason, another ‘part’ of yourself that is good to become familiar with and talk to in order to find resolution when you are suffering any kind of pain, is your brain.
  3. When it comes to back pain, you must take a look at whatever situation in your life seems “unworkable”.  When something is unworkable, it implies that you are powerless to it staying the way it is.  If you perceive something to be causing you pain or threatening to cause you pain on an emotional, mental or physical level, you need to change the situation so you can feel good again.  If you believed that could happen and knew how to do it, you would feel empowered and so, you wouldn’t become stressed and tense.  But if you perceive whatever is causing you that pain or posing that threat to be unworkable, you feel immediately powerless.  The perception of unworkability leads to a feeling of powerlessness and this creates the emotional experience of pressure, anxiety and anger.  With back pain, this entire emotional experience is what becomes repressed.
    What in your current life do you feel is totally unworkable?  Name it directly.  From there, all your energy should go towards consciously figuring out what to do about that perception of unworkability specifically.  First of all, is it really unworkable?  Maybe you can tell whoever is involved in the situation what you feel is totally unworkable so that you draw their attention to it so that they can problem solve that unworkability with you.  Ask yourself, what could I try to do so that the situation that feels unworkable is workable instead?  Only if it is truly unworkable… you can ask yourself: if I accepted that unworkability, instead of simply accepting that my life will be pain, what would I do instead?  Because so many unworkable situations are lose-lose situations, it may benefit you to watch my video titled: How to Win at Lose-Lose (No Win) Scenarios.
  4. Consider that your back pain is your physical body screaming “I can’t” when you refuse to do it...  That perhaps it is expressing a boundary that you refuse to acknowledge or assert.  Back pain often suggests you have a limit you are not acknowledging.  What can’t you do or can’t you say yes to?  What is really a No for you?  What is that personal truth you feel you can’t admit to or own or express because of fear of consequence for doing so?  Or can’t admit to or express because you feel it doesn’t matter if you have a limit, you don’t get to have that limit?  The reality is, a limit is not weakness.  It is as unhealthy to ignore your limits as it is to never stretch them or invent ones that don’t exist.  You can’t live a healthy life and bulldoze your actual limits.
  5. People experiencing back pain are TENSE in their current life.  People with chronic back pain are tense people personality wise.  So it would benefit you to recognize the tense-ness of yourself, especially the why behind that tension.  As well as to figure out and resolve the factors contributing to that tension.  For example, if you find yourself in a crisis where suddenly there is a threat to something important in your life, you will become tense as a way of guarding yourself or buffering yourself against others.  For another example, you might be a person who has a deep attachment to success.  You put constant pressure on yourself to achieve and excel and work hard to accomplish everything by yourself so as to avoid feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.   When you become aware of the tension in your life specifically, ask yourself:  How could I let go of that tension?  How could that tension be changed into ‘release”?
  6. If you struggle with back pain, you have to take a look at control.  Tension, which is the physiological root of back pain, occurs when we are trying to control something.  And we tend to try to control situations to avoid a perceived consequence.  What might happen if you had no ability to control the current situation in your life that is causing you stress?  Are you telling yourself that you are lending help or support to other people, when in reality it is just disguised attempt to control them or the situation so as to avoid a consequence?  Is there any way you could bring about what you want without resorting to control behaviors?
  7. Back pain always happens when you are bulldozing yourself.  You are doing something despite the fact that you don’t want to.  And so often with back pain, this bulldozing is related to doing something for others (like serving or helping) that you don’t want to do… In other words, a burden.  This back pain tends to increase when you perceive that serving or helping or the responsibility you are taking should not be “on you”, but it is.  This leaves you carrying the weight of the world.  To visualize this, imagine you are on a walk with 5 other people.  Each has a back pack with critical supplies for the trip.  But with an excuse, each person eventually decides to drop their backpacks.  They ask you to carry the backpack for them.  You don’t want to.  But leaving their backpacks behind means consequences for you and for everyone else too.  So, you put their backpacks on one by one…  Until you buckle under the weight of the backpacks and the self-betrayal and the unfairness.  The two most common frequencies I see in conjunction with back pain are obligation and resented responsibility.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: Bulldozing (The Way to Ruin Your Relationship with Yourself).  To resolve back pain, you’ve got to understand clearly why you are saying YES to burdens that are a NO for you and find another way to resolve the situation that is putting that burden on you, other than just taking on the burden.
  8. If you were to sum up the energy of the back on a metaphysical level, it would be: Support.  Anytime you experience back pain, you need to consider how unsupported you feel.  Do you have support?  Are you being enabled? Or are people in your life doing the opposite?  Are you bending over backwards for other people? Are you afraid of or resistant to getting or accepting support? What support do you need?
  9. A while back, I did a video titled: The Hidden Positive Intention, The Key To Letting go.  I that video, I explained that often inherent in negative symptoms or behaviors, there is a positive intention for them to exist.  Some people call this a secondary or back-door gain.  If you are a person who feels burdened and unfairly responsible with no support, back pain can manifest as an ‘excuse’ to do things like have a boundary you don’t feel like you can have, get people “off your back” or to rest or make time for yourself (without feeling the usual guilt you feel for doing so) or to get out of obligations or to solicit support from people or to force people to take back the responsibilities they should have already been carrying in the first place.  Take the time to see if you’re so afraid of directly confronting this “problem” in your life that is causing the back pain, that the back pain itself may in fact be a back-door solution.  Resolve your fear about confronting and resolving the problem directly and with others instead.
  10. Breathe into your back, especially the specific area where you feel pain.  You can do this as a visualization.  Breath is life force energy.  It also carries oxygen.  Both of which are desperately needed to release “stuck-ness” and restore movement to an area where tension or injury has occurred.  Many experts on back pain believe that on a physiological level, back pain is caused by oxygen deprivation to the specific tissues effected due to a lack of blood flow to them.  Many have even succeeded in linking that it is the mind and subsequent emotions that signal the biological reaction that creates this reduction in blood flow and oxygen.  You may even want to consider oxygen treatment if it is available in your area.
  11. Don’t stay in bed and don’t use a brace.  This is the thing you may be tempted to do.  But this can actually have the opposite effect.  It can increase pain and stiffness and weakness as well as prolong recovery.  Your back needs blood flow to heal and blood flow occurs with movement and muscle contraction and release, not staying still.  You can begin with things like stretching and walking, gradually resuming normal activity in conjunction with the decrease in your pain.  The fear of physical activity is common when it comes to back pain and you need to work with that fear instead of bulldoze it.
    But as counterintuitive as it may sound, it may be beneficial for you to look into the theory that several experts have, which is that the solution to overcoming back pain is to do all of your normal activities and act as if nothing is abnormal at all so as to stop playing into the the psychological pain conversion pattern that is so often at the root of back pain.  At the very least, I want you to imagine that today, you simply acted as if nothing was going on and resumed your normal activities and as a result, your pain went away entirely.  What would you be afraid would or wouldn’t happen?  For example, I asked one of my clients this question and to his surprise, he felt afraid and let down.  His answer was, I’m afraid that if my back pain just goes away just like that right now, I will go right back to saying yes to financially supporting my ex- girlfriend and helping her whenever she asks and keep putting up with, instead of changing this dysfunctional dynamic we have going.
  12. In order to introduce the experience of ‘support’ to your system, you can try physical treatments you feel called to.  Things like relaxation techniques, magnet therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, stretching, nerve stimulation, heat or cold therapy, physical manipulation or massage.  Simply be aware that physical treatments do not resolve the underlying root of the problem and that many experts even go so far as to say that when no structural problem is present, physical treatments of any kind are either placebo or perpetuate the problem due to it feeding the psychological to physical pain conversion pattern.

Back pain may just be the physical ailment to lead people into the awareness of the mind-body connection.  Part of developing that relationship is to trust your back.  When we are faced with back pain, we begin to doubt in our own backs.  We believe they are fragile, vulnerable and injury prone.  Society for some reason has perpetuated this idea.  This is not the case.  Your back is being used constantly.  It is in fact a very tough part of the body that is constantly in use in your day to day life and is perfectly capable of handling all of the activities that you are warned that it cannot handle.  It is perfectly capable of imposing limits and setting boundaries and asserting your personal truth, when you cannot.  By consciously integrating this rather rugged aspect of your being, you can live a life of integrity that is in-alignment with your personal truth, without back pain.


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