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How To 'Be In The Flow'

When it comes to success and happiness, nothing is more important than being ‘in the flow’.  We hear ‘being in the flow’ as a buzz word phrase around the world today and it sounds like it would be a good feeling thing, but most of us have no idea what the hell being in the flow actually means.  I’m going to clear that up for you today so you know exactly what it means and how to do it.

To get your mind on board, I want you to imagine that your soul is like a current of energy water that is flowing from a higher dimension into this physical dimension.  Just like the current of a river, it has momentum as it flows down here into the physical dimension.  Your physical self that you call by your name was in essence a thought created by your soul.  It is a second point of perspective and it has free will.  Because of that free will, the you that you call by your name in this life can consciously (and more often than that, unconsciously) choose to think and say and do things that cause you to go with your souls’ current or to think and say and do things that cause you to go against that soul current.  When we are going with that current, it can be said that we are in alignment and when we go against that current, it can be said that we are out of alignment.

When we are going with the current, we know it because of the way we feel.  We feel relief.  We feel the same sensation that we would if we were to just let go and let ourselves float in a river with a current that was headed towards everything that we want.  This emotionally translates in our bodies as things like inspiration, excitement, joy, passion and appreciation.  We can then say we are ‘in the flow’.   When we are going against that current, we also know it because of the way we feel.  We feel tension and resistance.  This emotionally translates in our bodies as things like feeling stuck, frustrated, powerless, depressed, anxious and other painful emotional states.  It can literally be compared to facing upstream against a very powerful river.  If any of you have done that, you know that it ends up exhausting you, stressing you out and in some cases drowning you.

I’ll give you an example: Lets imagine that the intention that your soul created your physical embodiment in this world with was for it to be a teacher.  But in your life experience, you adopted thought like ‘it’s critical to be respected and the only careers where you can get respect are those where you make a lot of money’ so you take the action to become a lawyer.  You are thinking and doing things that are against the current of your own soul.  You will know you are going against that current because you will feel resistance.  You will feel unfulfilled.  You will feel uninspired.  Your actions will take effort.  It will be so much harder for you to pass law school than it will for people for whom being a lawyer is actually in alignment with their soul current.  You will not be ‘in the flow’.     

 Being in the flow also applies to things in the external world.  These currents exist all over the place and being in the flow in the world is about aligning your own current to the external currents around you.  For example, the weather may decide to create a hurricane.  It’s not then possible for you to ‘be in the flow’ if you continue to push against that and demand for an outdoor wedding to take place despite that fact.  You would then be fighting against the external current that exists.  This always ends very badly.  It requires a re-adjustment so that you can stay in alignment yourself according to what you desire, but without going upstream against that external current that is occurring in the world.  Relationships are essentially all about this.  Relationships are about two people staying in alignment with themselves, while staying in alignment with each other.

Being in the flow, which is also referred to as ‘the zone’ when it comes to activities, causes us to enter a psychological and physical state where when we are doing something, we are completely present with it instead of divided in any way.  There are no contradictory energies interfering with the flow of our focus either internally or externally.  Nothing is preventing us.  We feel focused, completely energized, and in full enjoyment of the process of that activity.  It takes almost no effort to do that thing and our productivity goes through the roof.  The energy that extend towards something feels good and fulfilling instead of depleting.  It is as if the doing in and of itself actually renews you.  When we are in this state, it is almost like our soul is saying, “Yes, this is what I came here for”.  The most successful people on the planet in every field have managed to think and say and do things that cause them to be ‘in the flow’ and as such, they have the current of the universe at large and their souls backing the actions they are taking in the physical dimension.       

How To Get In The Flow:

  1. The single most important piece of being in the flow is prioritizing how you feel over anything else in your life.  Do not act from a place where you are out of alignment.  Get to a place where you feel relief before you take any action whatsoever.  Your emotions will tell you whether you are in the flow or out of it.  They will indicate whether there is something in you that is working against the current or not.  Any action taken from a place where you don’t feel good or are feeling prevented in some way is going to line you up with undesired results and even potentially no results at all.  The most successful people in the world will make this piece more important than anything else.  For example, one reason these videos are so successful is that I have decided I will never write one if I feel bad or like I am forcing anything to writing one.  I will not sit down with my computer until I can feel that I am in the emotional space where I feel inspired to write one.  The same goes for any of my events.  Everyone on my team knows this.  I will not move forward if there is resistance.  I will stop and become aware of the resistance that exists and care take it so that all the momentum of every member of the team is going towards doing the event.  As a result, there is no contradictory energy going into an event.
  2. Get a handle on what you desire.  Desire is what creates the momentum of the stream of energy we are speaking of when we talk about flow.  What we have to accept is that the universe at large knows our desires intimately.  It is always taking us in the direction of what we truly desire.  The more conscious we are of what we desire, the less we interfere with that current.  The more we trust the current.  We begin to trust that if something changes, or falls through, it is actually in our best interests ultimately.  So many of us are not living in the flow because we are too scared to truly prioritize the way we feel and follow our joy and desires.  We may have wanted to be a musician, but we decide to take a job we hate.  This is a very simple example of being out of the flow.  We cannot think and say and do things that contradict our desires and be in the flow at the same time.
  3. We need to become aware of and seek to integrate our own fragmentation. One of the reasons it is almost impossible for people to live in the flow is because their own consciousness has broken into many parts.  When this is the case, the flow of our souls’ energy is going in one direction but then we have many parts of our physical embodiment that are going in different directions from not only that soul steam of energy, but also in different directions from each other.  For example, one part of us wants to be on stage, another wants to hide.  One part of us wants a relationship, the other hates people.  Noticing contradictory energies whether they come from inside you or outside you is the best way to identify that you are not currently in the flow.  This creates a state that is not conducive to achieving anything.  It is like being in a boat on a stream where one person in the boat is paddling upstream and another is paddling downstream.  We have to get these contradictory and polarized energies within us to a place where they can align and agree upon a singular direction. To understand this concept in depth, I want you to watch my video titled: Fragmentation, The Worldwide Disease.
  4. Be like a fish in ocean currents. In reality this entire universe is a single organism and everything is connected. Responsiveness to other things within this universe needs to be a normal part of daily life.  Most people think they are above this need to be responsive.  When conditions change, we don’t want to change with it.  We want to be independent agents.  We are like fish that encounter a shark and keep on swimming towards it because we’ve decided on that course of action before the shark was there.
    The topic of commitment is a totally different thing.  Being flaky is something else entirely.  But our commitment needs to be to staying in alignment with ourselves and staying in alignment with the people we are in relationships with more so than to anything else.  And this requires flexibility, like a fish in the ocean whose direction changes if the tides change.  To be truly successful, you must be able to change plans at a moments notice so that you are always working WITH your own internal current, the currents of the universe at large and the currents of other people instead of against any one of these currents.  To be in tune with ourselves and in tune with others and in tune with the universe at large, you have to be willing to stop dead in your tracks and re-evaluate and change course if it becomes obvious that something is out of alignment.  This is exalted spontaneity.  Some people who like control think that this is unsafe because it ads an element of unpredictability and uncertainty to life, but this actually is the safest state to commit to because it guarantees that you are not the fish that is swimming towards a shark for the sake of your own pre determined plans.  You are connected to everything in the universe, everything is interdependent and so responding to the shifts in those currents is responding to your own current.  There is not actually a contradiction between yourself and the universe at large.  We are part of something bigger than ourselves.
  5. Act fast on inspiration.  One major mistake that people make is that when they feel inspiration (which is like a wave) they do not get up immediately and ride that wave to shore (the shore in this case is manifestation).  When you get inspired, you have literally 5 seconds to take your first action, even if it is writing something down to carry out the action you feel inspired to take.  To do this is to work with the currents and to ride them like a surfer and it will take so much less energy on your part to make thoughts become things and manifest what you want from this state.  People who are successful don’t wait on inspiration ever.  They capitalize on it immediately.  They ride it like a wave all the way to the completion of an action.
  6. Practice being completely present.  We have to make a practice of focusing our consciousness and attention into our bodies and into whatever activity we are doing fully.  This is best seen through the analogy of an athlete.  Imagine an athlete whose focus and attention is completely on the game.  He is allowing all of the energy of his own consciousness into this moment doing this sport that he loves in the physical dimension.  Now imagine that same athlete worrying about whether or not he is going to win or lose.  Or imagine that athlete stressing about whether his relationship will last or not.  You can see that those thoughts rob energy and therefore presence from his game.  They may cause him to take an action that sabotages his game.  Because of the contradictory nature of the directions his energy is going, he cannot be fully in the flow.  The same principal applies to relationships.  If we are in the room with someone, we need to be fully there with them and immersed in them.  If we cannot be, we need to address any resistance that is preventing us from doing so, so that we can be fully present.  In this state, all doing naturally arises as a result of being and the doing is therefore much more powerful and effective.
  7. Become familiar with the feeling of ‘rightness’.  This is not a concept.  We may think with our mind that something is right but when if we feel into it, it feels all wrong.  You see this in the movies all the time when a person ends a relationship when you can tell that they know it feels all wrong and to the rest of us in the audience it feels totally wrong.  The feeling of rightness is like an internal YES with no internal NO.  It will feel expansive.  It will feel like relief.  It says says to us, I don’t necessarily know why this thing feels right, but it just does.  Keep following that feeling of rightness.  It is an indication you are in the flow.
  8. The road marker or quern for flow is synchronicity.  The more in flow we are, the more synchronicity occurs.  These are meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained in the physical dimension by cause and effect.  We cannot do anything to directly cause synchronicity to happen and yet it does and it does so to meet our needs.  In these moments you can see the interconnectedness in the world.  You can see that your own internal flow is part of a larger flow.  These often show up as fortuitous events.  For example, someone you love has cancer and you end up sitting on the airplane next to someone who is a cancer specialist with a radical new treatment.  Notice and follow synchronicities.  They mean you are in the flow.  When you get adept at living in flow, your entire life will become a series of synchronicities.  Flow allows you to be in the right place at the right time.  You will feel good to act at exactly the right time to act in alignment with universal timing.
  9. Meditate daily and/or do some kind of introspective activity daily with no distractions.  When we are caught up in the routine of life and when we are identified with our thoughts and lost in the word of action, we tune out the ‘subtle’ internal currents that are occurring within us.  We are completely out of alignment and unaware of ourselves and also others.  You cannot live in alignment like this.  You can’t be in the flow this way.  Introspective awareness exercises are one of the best maintenance tools of flow in your arsenal.  It is my promise that these internal currents will not feel subtle when you become adept at flow.  Instead, they feel like internal tsunamis.
  10. Accept that the flow is a moment to moment thing and will be for the rest of your life. Like a current, it is constantly in motion, constantly changing and mutating.  It is not something that is static ever.  Every moment of the day is an opportunity to be in the flow or out of the flow with yourself and with other things.  The waves of life never stop coming.  Desires never stop arising.  Conditions never stop changing.  Self-discovery and increasing awareness never ceases.  So being ‘in the flow’ is not something that you do and then you can stop focusing on it because it is done.  It is more like surfing.  A surfer never stops becoming aware of the flow of the water and adjusting his or her thoughts and actions accordingly.  The surfer simply gets better and better at it.  There will never be a day where you will stop having to find alignment with yourself and with other people and the world around you.  You will simply get better and better at it.  It will become like second nature.
  11. Follow your joy.  How you feel matters more than anything else and more than that, thinking thoughts and speaking words and taking actions in the direction of your personal joy is the north star of achieving a state of living in the flow.  Your purpose on this earth in this life cannot be separate from your joy.  It is a vibrational impossibility because of the way this time space reality and life itself was designed.  Therefore, the way to find your purpose and continue to stay in alignment with it is to follow your joy.  It is worth every risk there is to take in this world.

I cannot tell you how successful in every sense of the word and how beautiful and full of meaning and feel good your life can become if you commit to being ‘in the flow’ in a state of alignment within yourself and with others and with the world.  Every video I have ever created or will ever create is created to help you get closer to this state of being.  You really can have the life of your dreams.  In fact, you were meant to.


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