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F#!k Balance

Balance is accepted as a sacred principal nearly universally amongst humans.  It is regarded as even more sacred in spiritual traditions. It is natural that when we are focusing on our physical reality, which is inherently full of polarities, it is natural to assume that balance is a key to wellbeing.  This physical reality was designed to be a contrasting environment for the sake of expansion. Essentially, we would know what we wanted by virtue of knowing what we do not want. We would know black by knowing white and vice versa.  But I am going to tell you today that it is time to take balance off of the pedestal of sacred principals to live your life by. Balance is the very thing that is preventing the expansion of the universe and your own consciousness along with it.

Balance is defined as a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.  It is also defined as to offset or compare the value of one thing with another. We are in a time and place where the consciousness of source itself has turned the corner away from separation and back towards oneness.  Polarity is an example of separation. Balance is in fact something that upholds separation. It seeks to create equilibrium between two different things instead of seeking to combine them. Where consciousness is headed is integration.  In integration, polarities come together to form a third thing entirely, the sum of both.

And consciousness is the progression of the collective consciousness.  And consciousness is our capacity to expand wide enough to contain the maximum of opposites. To understand this in depth, watch my video titled: And Consciousness (The Modern Day Replacement For The Middle Way).  

Human kind does not understand that a third entity exists as a result of integration and that this third entity is really the wellbeing we have been searching for.  So it thinks balance is the way to achieve wellbeing. Within mankind’s consciousness, balance is something that is achieved by a process of addition and subtraction.  This was the origin of the middle way. If you pull a string on an instrument too tight, it will snap. If you leave it too loose, it won’t play. The idea is to achieve balance through making it less tight or tighter to achieve equilibrium.  This is also the idea behind the completely limited concept of balancing work and play by either working more or working less depending on what is needed to achieve equal parts of work and play. There is no such thing as a work-life balance. What about integrating your work and play, then there is no need to try to control two seemingly opposing things.

If you live your life according to the principal of balance, you will end up exhausted.  You will also never be able to fully actualize yourself because you will be trying to limit aspects of yourself while trying to accentuate others instead of becoming the full expression of both and finding a way for the full expression of both to harmonize.  

Balance also has to do with measuring the value of one thing next to the value of another.  The value of one thing can never be measured next to the value of another. This is again a human concept and it is not based on reality, it is based on judgment.  Just because someone decided that x amount of oil is of equal value to x amount of money does not mean it is objectively true.

I will give you an example of why balance needs to be thrown out the window for the concept of integration.  Let’s imagine that you have two parts within you. You have a part that wants to do only what it wants to do.  And you have a part that to the opposite wants to do what it thinks has to be done. These two parts within you will be like two rival siblings, constantly trying to pull you over to their side and to their argument.  You will feel ripped in half. If you follow the principal of balance, you will try to use your controlling efforts to probably do what has to be done so that you can then do what you want to do. Seems balanced, but it is a recipe for unhappiness and exhaustion where you will be fighting against one of them or the other of them.  You’re essentially just giving each of them a little time to be in control.

Imagine instead that you really spent time getting to know these different parts.  You discovered that the one that wants to do whatever it wants to do is so tired of not being able to live according to inspiration or the way it truly feels and what it really wants that it is ready to destroy your life to get out from under being prevented every day.  To the other side, you discover that the part that wants to do what has to be done is terrified of the consequences of following its true desires and thinks it has to follow the beaten path of what should be done in order to avoid those consequences.

It may become obvious then that actually both parts want to do what they want to do and even want to do the same thing, but one thinks it is the road to ruin and the other thinks it is the road to heaven.  The key then is not to do some of what has to be done and some of what they want to do. They key is to figure out how to do what they want to do in a way where they either minimize the risks of consequences associated with doing that.  Or they become genuinely ok with taking the risks, which entails changing the perspective belonging to the part within you that feels it must do what has to be done to avoid consequences.

If you create integration (full alignment between these opposites) in this way, you are looking at an entirely different life.  You are looking at a life that you really are excited to get up for; not a life where you can get through what has to be done so you can finally do what you really want to do.  The people who are the happiest in their life created integration between their true desires and what has to be done instead of trying to balance out one with the other.

Since integration is the call of the day from source consciousness, the idea of balance is being thrown out the window and the idea of trying to eradicate one to become all of the other is being thrown out the window.  Nowhere is this more obvious than with the split between good and evil as well as shadow and light. For thousands of years, spiritual practice has been about good triumphing over evil and about light triumphing over shadow.  The alternative has been trying to embrace the concept of shadow and light or good and evil as an unchangeable principal of the universe. Both are failing principals. Since love is the basic truth of the universe itself, and love is to take something as part of oneself, to step into truth (which is love) means that good must take evil as part of itself and vice versa.  Light and shadow must mix to become a third element entirely. What we see when we take something we judge as evil or wrong as part of ourselves, is not that we become more of that thing; we become the exaltation of that thing.

For example, we can call it evil to feed on someone else’s energy.  But if we embrace the ability to feed on someone’s energy with love, it will take on the form of feeding on energies that do not benefit the person to have within them.  This is the case because in a state of love, where you take someone as part of yourself and vice versa, you cannot harm them without harming yourself. So it becomes a win win, instead of a win lose.  It is the rejection of certain aspects that causes them to take on such a detrimental expression. It is the rejection of certain aspects that makes us slip into the illusion that they are not part of us and disconnect from them to the degree that we think it is possible to harm them without harming our self.  To understand more about this concept in depth, watch my video titled: The Secret To Overcoming Your Problems.

Both polarities hold something we desperately need.  It is only in the integration of those polarities that we can actualize that thing which we need and that which we ultimately truly are.  Beings from both polarizations (such as angels and demons) are beginning to come on board with integration and ending the war inherent in their polarity.  Both are sick of separation, including the quest to win and/or the quest to maintain balance.

Long story short, the time has come to re-think balance.  The time has come to see that it is something that is currently preventing our awakening instead of enhancing it.


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