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Find Out What Gives You Energy

People feel the best when they are full of energy.  But energy is something that most people go about getting in a subconscious way. It is a rare person who asks themselves: What would GIVE me energy right now?  And goes directly for that.  But that is exactly what I am going to ask you to do today and this is exactly the tool I want you to put into your tool basket.

The first thing I’m going to ask you to do is to make a list as long as possible of all the things that give you specifically energy or that cause you to be energized…  The things that feed you.  Make sure to include things that give you energy on a mental, physical and emotional level.  Every person’s list is going to look different because what gives one person energy might totally deplete someone else. For example, organizing might give one person energy and might make another person feel depleted.  An example of a very short version of one such list that one of my clients wrote is:


Listening to classical music

Watching a fantasy movie

Taking a walk somewhere I have never walked before

Rowing (which is an intense workout) on the canal

Drinking matcha tea

People watching in the park 

Going into different shops to see new items, but without the intention of buying something.

Steam Rooms

Having a long-term goal to aim for

Getting physically aroused, but making sure to not ejaculate

Debating someone

Going on a food tour in the city

Playing chess

Wearing a pair of new slacks

Scoring a new company as a client of my marketing firm

Eating Spirulina and Chlorella

Eating Apples

Listening to 15-20 Hz High Beta Frequency 

Watching, reading or listening to inspiring biographies

Attending retreats

Climbing trees

Traveling to tropical locations


You get the point.  When you make this list, know that what might energize you today, might not energize you tomorrow and that’s perfectly ok.  Different situations and circumstances call for different energy.  But the beauty of this is that you can always go to your list and pick something off of it that you feel would give you energy at that given time, rather than having to brainstorm in the moment.  Because brainstorming in the moment tends to take more energy from the people who don’t feel like brainstorming gives them energy. You can also keep adding to this list because it is guaranteed that there will be things that give you energy that you have yet to discover.

Now that you’ve done that, here are three other suggestions for how to gain energy.

  1. Discover and do your best to eliminate those things that deplete and drain your energy.  A lot about gaining energy is about taking away energy robbing things, not just the energy giving things you add to your life.  What things do you do that take the most energy?  Keep in mind that expending energy can be pleasurable.  So, what we are really looking for are those things that are not pleasurable which take, that deplete you and that rob you of energy.  What might be some solutions for those things?  How might you take those things off of your plate?
  2. Meet your needs directly and do things that give you energy in a direct way. Most people are subconsciously motivated to do things or to be near places, people or things that cause them to feel energized instead of depleted.  But this often also causes people to try to meet their needs or try to get energy in a roundabout way.  The thing about this strategy is that it usually doesn’t end up paying off.  For example, we may help someone in the hopes that that they will reciprocate by giving us gratitude.  Or we may pour our energy into work so that we can earn vacation days.  This feels rather like fishing for energy or fishing for your needs to be met, when there is no guarantee that you will catch the fish.  When it comes to energy and needs, go the direct route.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: Meet Your Needs.
  3. Do things that you love doing just for the process of it.  And do things that you love for the achievement, outcome, end goal or destination as long as you know for a fact that you can guarantee that outcome and quickly.  When we engage in doing things that we love for the doing of it in and of itself, we are fed energy at the same time as expending it.  We absorb at the same time as we emit.  This is one reason why people who choose careers that they love doing, have much more energy and experience much more wellbeing.  Also, achievements and outcomes do give energy.  But they only give energy if they actually happen.  So, when it comes to going directly for energy when you feel depleted, do things you love just for the doing of them.  And keeping your long-term goals, make sure to focus your energy on doing things you love for the outcome as long as that outcome is not only a guarantee, but is also a more immediate and instant gratification scenario rather than a long-term gratification scenario.

Keep in mind that it is important to fill your days up with things that give you energy and that feed you, so as to maintain your energy.  Don’t fall into the trap of only engaging in these energy giving activities when you’re already running on empty!


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