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Fear of The Future

Sometimes you wake up and you feel excited to be alive.  You can feel all the good things ahead of you, things you can’t wait to experience.  When you think of the life ahead of you, your heart opens to welcome it in.  Think of the last time you really fell in love or when you got accepted for a school or a job that you wanted so badly.  We wish that this were how we felt every day.  But the reality is that it isn’t how we feel every day.  Think of the last time you lost someone you love or you got a divorce or you came down with an illness or got deep into debt or watched someone get elected as president that you knew was going to destroy the country.  You feel doom.  You perceive only bad things ahead of you, things you are desperate not to experience.  When you think of the life ahead of you, your heart closes.  You feel terror. 

The more objective truth of this universe is that time does not exist; that is to say it is not linear.  All timelines (past, present and future) exist simultaneously; like a vibrational soup.  And so, from that perspective it is true to say that the only thing that exists is… now.    The minute we conceptualize of past, present and future (like we are doing from our third dimensional perspective), we are looking through the perspective of linear time.  When we look at time in this way, it is easy to think that we have no capacity to change the past or that the future is decided, like fate.  Before you continue with the rest of this video, if you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest that you watch my video on You Tube titled: The Future.  In that video, I explain how the future really works.  Knowing this information can take you a long way towards feeling better about the future. 

At the heart of the fear of the future is a feeling of utter powerlessness.  Wanting things that you don’t feel like you can have.  Or not wanting things that you feel are inevitable.  So what should you do if you fear the future?


  1. Have mercy on yourself.  People don’t just fear the future for no reason. Your fears of the future are actually fears of the past.  There is a reason that a baby does not feel fear in airplane turbulence or fear about falling down stairs.  It is because the baby has never experienced a trauma that causes those fears.  Think about your own life.  You didn’t fear romantic relationships until your first one ended painfully. 
    People who fear the future, do so because they have experienced something painful, often recently, that makes them believe that the future will either be the same or worse instead of better.  So the first step is to address that pain.  Not the pain about the future, but the pain about what happened in the past that is seeming to color your future black.  I have created a process for doing this.  It is called The Completion Process.  If you’re interested in learning this process, it is fully explained in my book quite literally titled: The Completion Process.  I also suggest that you watch my video on YouTube titled: Meaning, The Self Destruct Button because it is the meaning that we add to a painful experience that so often colors our future black.
  2. When you fear the future, it means you are projecting yourself too far out ahead of yourself.  If you are the kind of person who is prone to worry, you try to prevent pain by trying to figure everything out way in advance.  The problem with this is that you can’t see most of the things that will be available to you at that time you are worrying about.  From your perspective, it will seem as if the universe arranges the big picture of your life like a puzzle, but a puzzle whose full picture comes into view slowly and sequentially as piece after piece is given to you.  And you are not ever given the picture that the puzzle will create before you start assembling it.  When we fear the future, we try to jump ahead of ourselves by trying to assemble the puzzle as fast as we can when the universe hasn’t even brought us the puzzle pieces necessary to do that.  This is why we often feel so powerless from where we are.  We project ourselves into what needs to happen, but can’t figure out how because those puzzle pieces that spell out the how, have not yet arrived.  For example, let’s say that we know we have to move to a different country.  From where we are, we feel like this is impossible because we do not have some of the elements that will make this possible.  We do not yet see the person who we will meet or the opportunity we will be presented with that will make this possible.
    If you are feeling hopeless about the future, it is because you are trying to put the whole puzzle together when the universe hasn’t even brought you some of the puzzle pieces necessary to put it together.  And you cannot rush that process.  So, stop projecting so far into the future and instead deal with yourself right here and now.  From right here and now, what can you think, say or do that feels just a little bit better?  Do only what you can, with what you have from where you are.  And that is more than enough. Most of us look so hard for a way to feel good in the future or a way to ensure that the future will feel good.  Instead, we need to focus on what will make us feel alive and connected and good right here and now.   
  3. Make yourself sit down and write a list of things to look forward to.  This is an awesome antidote for that feeling of doom.  For people who chronically struggle with fear of the future, I suggest doing this every night before going to bed and every morning before getting up to start the day.  In fact, this is a practice I often do myself.  This list can include literally anything that makes you feel open towards the hour or day or weeks or years ahead of you, instead of closed.  For example, I can write things as little as, eating an avocado toast or watching a movie today to things as big as, earning a PHD or becoming enlightened.  If you have friends or a group of people, it can be really great to collectively make a list like this.  You can’t imagine how much better other people can make you feel about the future by enrolling you in their own idea of what to look forward to.
  4. Do a self-visualization of the future.  The fear you have about the future is a reaction to an image you have in your head of what the future will look like… I repeat… An image in your head.  This means, it can be remedied by altering the image you have in your head.  Do this visualization for 8 minutes with really feel good music playing.  The timeline I like people to use for this exercise is two years.  Don’t visualize yourself too far into the future because it isn’t vibrationally accessible.  So sit down and close your eyes and imagine yourself and your life two years into the future; if it were exactly how you want it to be.  Where would you be, who would you be with, what would you have, how would you feel?  Make it as real and detailed as possible for yourself. 
  5. Acknowledge that you do not actually know what is going to happen, you cannot say that you know 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that something bad will happen.  And more than that, you cannot know that if something bad happens, it isn’t in fact a blessing in disguise.  Then look back at your life at two different things.  The first is the times that you thought something horrible would happen, but it didn’t.  And the second is the times that something bad that happened that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  This acknowledgement can release your conviction that something bad will happen and thus, change the way you feel and thus raise your frequency.
  6. Recognize that all the fear you have about the future is really about nothing more than feeling and more than that, the fear of feeling something you’ve already felt.  It isn’t the circumstance itself that causes us pain; it’s how that circumstance makes us feel.  If we’re afraid of the future, we are essentially saying, “I can’t bear to feel that way that I think I’ll feel so I have to prevent ever feeling that way.”  Because we fear the future based off of what we have experienced in the past, we are really saying, “I can’t bear to feel that way ever again.”  It’s not about the feelings you’re yet to have, it’s about the ones you’ve already had and didn’t feel like you could cope with. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what to be afraid of.  Ask yourself, how is it ok to feel?  How could I cope differently with feeling the way I’m afraid to feel incase I feel it again?
  7. Imagine the feeling of fear of the future as belonging to an aspect of you, not to all of you.  Close your eyes and visualize this “you” within you who fears the future.  Imagine picking this fearful self up in your arms and loving him or her and caring for him or her and having a conversation with him or her to soothe their worries and meeting their needs and letting them know that you will not leave them, you will be there always and be in charge of their wellbeing so they can relax and just let you handle it all.  This simple dis-identification exercise can erase your fear of the future in a mater of minutes. 
  8. If you currently feel doom or if you struggle with chronic worry about the future, I want you to watch three of my videos on YouTube titled: How to Stop Worrying, How to Deal with Uncertainty and How To Stop Expecting The Worst.  I am aware that in this video, I have suggested that you watch several other videos that lend themselves to this practice of letting go of your fear of the future.  I have done this because I also know that even if all you do is to sit down and just focus upon them and listen to them, without even doing any of the exercises that I suggest in them, it will alter the fear you feel towards the future.  So, if you’re holding on for dear life emotionally, and you just want to be soothed, take the time to just focus on the videos I have suggested to you in this episode without doing anything. And watch what happens to the way you feel. 

Living life at the mercy of your past pain, which is what is happening if you fear the future, is painful.  There are many ways to bring resolution to that past pain.  But just because you experienced those feelings in the past, does not mean you will experience them again.  Just because you experienced those things before, does not mean they await you in the future. 


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