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When we sleep, our consciousness returns to non-physical focus. It’s a bit like a mini death as we go back to source perspective. When we dream, our consciousness is essentially out of body. We are experiencing a higher frequency dimensional reality. A dimension that contains the blue print for what is in the process of manifesting. We are having an out of body experience albeit not a conscious one. And we are identified with our dreamscape until of course we learn how to lucid dream, at which point at which we are viewing our dream through the eyes of our eternal perspective which is dis-identified with that dream thought scape. If we were not out of body at least to a certain degree, our body would act out everything we encounter in a dream, which would be very dangerous to our health. In dreaming, because our consciousness is dissociated from our body, the aspect of our brain that controls motor function is disabled. Dreams are not happening all night. In the moment you are awakening, dreams are downloaded as your consciousness focuses into and through the higher dimensions to reach physical focus once again. The vibration is being downloaded and translated so that the mind can make sense of the vibration. We call these translations, dreams.
True dreams are a direct reflection of what is going on with you vibrationally. When you go to sleep, you are not in the process of actively creating in your reality. But the things that you have been in the process of creating are still active within you. The things you’ve been thinking and the feelings you’ve been feeling in your waking life and what manifests in your reality are always a match. Your dreams are always a vibrational match to what you’ve been thinking and feeling as well. In fact, dreams are a preview of pre-manifested reality. They are a fabulous tool for pre manifestational awareness. Anything you focus on or pay attention to could manifest as a dream.
Because you have no resistance in your sleep, you are not tensing yourself against the conditions of your life or condemning yourself or pretending things are different than they are and so you are able to see the reflection of your vibration exactly as it is. Your subconscious mind (things you don’t know that you don’t know) can be revealed to you. This is why so many psychologists have noticed that dreams are a window to the subconscious. Sleepers, dream about what they encounter in real life. Especially emotional concerns. However, in your dreams these vibrations play out as exact reflections. This means that your mind will choose structure for these dreams that is the closest match to the vibration itself. The expectations and therefore beliefs in dreamscape are different than they are in waking state, which is why they can manifest in this way. In waking life, we hold a belief unicorns do not exist. In dream state, we do not. So, in dream state, a unicorn can show up. In waking state one cannot. Another example of how the mind will choose structure for these dreams that is the closest match to the vibration itself is that in your waking life, you may feel as if your boss at work is mean and elicits fear from you every time he enters the office. In dreaming life, the closest match to the actual feeling you feel may be trying to avoid getting eaten by an alligator. So, you will dream about an alligator; having no idea that the Alligator symbolically represents your boss. In waking life, you may not be willing to own up to just how afraid you are of your boss. You may be tensing against the awareness of that fear by thinking that it is normal to feel bad about authority or by avoiding him. There is a difference in the translation of the vibrations within you in dream state than there is in the translation of vibrations within you in waking state even though the vibration is the same. This is especially true relative to the continuity experienced in dreamscape vs. waking life. But this dream exists to help you to own up to what you are unwilling to own up to. You are not thinking this way and feeling this way on purpose, but you are doing it. So what purpose does this preview serve? Because your pre-manifestational reality shows up in dreamtime as an exact reflection of your vibration, you get to see it play out. Life is a learning hologram that facilitates universal expansion. This is the function of the perception of linear time and space. By seeing your vibration playing out in a dream, one can make amends to it. Dreaming helps therefore to incorporate memory, solve problems and process emotions. This is why when people dream about a task they have been doing in waking life, they will wake up and be able to perform the task better. There are two distinct phases of sleep. Many scientists refer to this as REM cycle and non REM cycle. In general, Non REM is about the past and REM is about the future. In non REM dreaming, we are processing memories, making them useful by learning from them (the past). In REM dreaming, we are in the creation or simulation phase of sleep. Whereby we try to take the learning we processed in non REM and try to move with it into (the future) to create something new. We problem solve. We try to connect the past with the future in a way that benefits our progression. We try to reach or actualize potentials within the dream construct. We are rehearsing creating our reality. For example, in non REM we may dream about skiing and in REM dream, we may dream we are buried in an avalanche and are trying to find our way out of the snow. This simulation may be a reflection of the fact that in life, we feel trapped and it may be helping us to find a way to get free.
Nightmares, more so than any other kind of dream are simulated rehearsals of threat so that we will be prepared to survive if we continue to encounter a similar threat in our waking life.
When you are dreaming, you are interacting mostly with the 5th and 6th dimensional reality. And because of this, any thought forms or beings that can vibrate at that frequency, can interact with you in your dreams. When you’re having a genuine dream, you are out of body interacting with your own thought scapes... Your own vibrational reality which is showing up symbolically and full of meaning so that you may use it to facilitate your own expansion. And it may benefit you for your guides to interact with you within these constructs.
Your dreams always have meaning. The reason that dream symbolism works like it does is that the mind associates certain things with other things, even across cultures. For example, all people may associate earthquakes with tragedy, insecurity, instability and powerlessness and so, dreaming of an earthquake may symbolically mean tragedy, instability, insecurity and powerlessness is what one is encountering in your life for all people. And why has it worked to interpret dreams so as to make a prophecy from them? Because dreams are a preview of what is going on for you currently, and if that does not change, it is what you will be a match to. So for example, using the previous example, it was widely believed that if you dreamed of an earthquake, you will experience a challenge that will cause you to experience a loss in your life. And it is true that if you are feeling doom, unstable, insecure and powerless, and you do nothing to alter the way you feel and thus your vibration, you are a match to what we call a tragedy. If you want to know about your overall vibration in life, take a look at the themes in your dreams, especially repetitive dreams. For example, you may be alone in all of your dreams. This means that feeling alone is a dominant theme in your waking life. You may be in danger in many of your dreams. This means you feel unsafe in waking life. You may fly in many of your dreams and assuming this isn’t just your mind’s perception of movement out of body, it could mean that in waking life, you feel free or hold a strong desire to escape from pressure. Desire is a strong vibration within us, which is why we can often dream about what we desire.
Many people do not remember their dreams. This is usually because the ego is engaged in a process of denial about some aspect of the self, most especially the contents of the subconscious mind. Very rarely, often in beings who have gone through an enlightenment, someone can stop remembering dreams because they have reached a state of non resistance where expansion has slowed within the consciousness, so the purpose of dreaming is diminished. The higher your frequency becomes in waking life, and the more sensitive you become, the easier it will be to remember dreams because your frequency will be closer to the 5th and 6th dimension, where these pre-manifestational realities exist.
So what are some things you can do with your dreams? I suggest you start a dream journal. The second you wake up, record any little detail you can remember about your dreams. Pay attention to how you feel about the aspects of your dreams and try to look at your waking life. What in your waking life feels similar to that? This will help you to see what these experiences in your dream symbolically represent in your waking life.
My personal favorite way to address dreams happens to be the most accurate way to interpret dreams. It takes the form of a perception experiment. Write down your dream as if it were happening in present tense and then you go into the perspective of or become every significant aspect of the dream and then explore and express your perspective as if it were taking place in present tense. For example, let’s say that I had a dream about an alligator in a swamp and there was a broken down shed by the swamp and the alligator ate my father. I would first record my perceptions and feelings as Teal. Then, I’d switch into the perspective of the swamp itself and say my perceptions and feelings like this… I am the swamp; I am ancient and full of sorrow. I am lonely and people are repulsed by me and I want Teal to wade into my waters, the alligator is my only companion etc. Then I’d switch into the perspective of the shed and state my perceptions and feelings. Then I’d be the alligator, and then I’d be my father being eaten. Do this with as many elements as you can to form the whole picture. See how this changes your perception of the dream. Every aspect of your dream is in fact an expression of yourself or your perception of life. In other words, every part of the dream is the dreamer. There’s no wrong way to do this. This is an exploration of the subconscious mind. Doing this, allows us to re-own the fractured or split off aspects of ourselves.
If you want to dream about something specific you can. Before you go to bed, set the intention. To do this, simply focus on whatever it is you want to dream about for 5 minutes and repeat I want to dream about (fill in the blank). You can do this with questions you want an answer to as well. In fact, many inventions have been the byproduct of this kind of dreaming.
Dreams are an invaluable aspect of our lives. They are a window into our inner world. They can and do play a major role in our expansion as well as our progression towards becoming fully conscious. And all of us dream, whether we are aware of it or not. In fact, an unfinished dream is called life.


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