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Crystal Healing: New Age “Hooey” or Surprising Truth

To most of us who have spent our lives grounded in the physical plane that we like to call "reality", the idea of crystal healing has made its way into the category of irrational superstition and "new age hooey". It's as if most of us are asking, how in the world can a rock be anything more than a rock, much less store energy or help us heal? How can rocks, minerals and metals do anything but just sit there? To answer this question, we must venture beyond the physical existence that we currently think is "all there is" to this reality we are living in.

Physical matter has long been seen as the stable basis of reality. In other words, physicality is the test most of us use to determine what is “real” from what is “not real”. But physical matter is not the center of reality as we know it. Instead, it is only a tiny aspect of infinite energy within the universe. You could think of physical reality like the thin, outermost membrane of this universe, much like skin - a layer of epidermis, covering an unseen substructure of other vast dimensions where energy is expressed differently because it vibrates at different frequencies depending on the dimension it exists in. Every single physical object, whether it is living or not living, exists not only in this physical level, but also in the multitude of energetic dimensions outside physicality.

Everything you see in this world is multi dimensional in nature. Your entire bodily system is nothing more than energy that shows up in various patterns and densities. The same goes for what we consider to be “inanimate structures” like rocks.

When patterns of energy work together in a non resistant and cohesive way, then we experience what we call health. These patterns of energy can be disrupted by a multitude of things. When this happens, we experience a state of dis-ease. This leads to poor health. This resistant, discordant energy patterning is responsible for every negative symptom we experience in our physical from, everything from a headache to cancer.

Everything we believe is solid and “real” is simply appearing real to us because of our physical senses, but our physical senses are doing nothing more than interpreting energy as a scent or as a sight or a taste of a feel. It is our senses that convert what is, for lack of a better word, an energetic, holographic reality into the static reality we call physical. It is our senses that tell us that we are “separate” from our surroundings.

At our most fundamental level, we are not only participating in this vast energetic field, we are also made of this energetic field. We are one with every animate and inanimate thing we see. Our physical lives are only different expressions of the very same energy that makes up “all that is” across every universe and in every dimension. The amplitude and frequency (what we often call vibration) at which this energy expresses itself, is what determines whether energy becomes a person or a rock in the physical dimension.

Crystals and what we call gemstones, have a vibration that is free of resistant patterns. They are among some of the structures in the physical dimension that have the very most balanced, cohesive, strong and intentional frequencies. Their un-changing physical structure is a reflection of the fact that their innate energetic patterns of balance and strength and cohesiveness are incorruptible. In the physical dimension when you pick up a crystal, it may look like you are not really doing more than touching and looking at a separate, physical object. But in the other dimensions in which both you and the rock exist, you are “entraining” energetically with that rock. This entrainment then causes changes to your structure and psychology on the physical dimension.

The governing law of every dimension within the universe is that of “oneness”. In physical life, we have come to call this the “Law of Attraction”. Simply put, only frequencies that are a vibrational match can co-exist. Therefore, in order to share the same space with another “form”, you must be vibrating at the same level as it is vibrating. Health is the natural state of any form within the universe. Therefore, the natural inclination and tendency of anything within the universe is that of balance, cohesiveness and ease. This means that the natural progression of vibration is to entrain and resonate in the direction of health. Because of this, when you share the space a crystal (or gemstone) that has a resistance free vibration, instead of the vibration of the crystal adopting a non cohesive pattern, your energy will entrain with the energy of the crystal and adopt it’s cohesive pattern.

This entrainment causes you to no longer create the pattern of dis-ease within your energetic substructures and therefore, the physical manifestation of that dis-eased energy is no longer being maintained and the physical symptom disappears. Because of this entrainment effect, crystals and gemstones are incredibly adept at bringing us back into a vibrational state of health and harmony. Anything with an inherent energetic pattern of non resistance can act like a tuning fork, by offering a vibration that we can use to retune ourselves to a healthy vibration. This is what is really happening on the energetic levels of substructure when you listen to a song that makes you feel good, or spend time near a person that makes you feel good, or take a homeopathic remedy.

Each crystal or gemstone resonates with a slightly different pattern energetically and therefore, just like our specific physical structures, appears different in the physical in terms of things like chemical composition, structure, geometry, color and texture. Because of this, each one lends itself to patterns that reside in our specific physical systems. For example, to share the space with rose quartz is to expose the energetic patterns active in our physical and metaphoric heart to align themselves with health and adopt a more resistance free pattern. Therefore, when we entrain with rose quarts, unresolved heart issues will dissipate, allowing us to let go of whatever is distorting our energies that identify with the heart.

Crystals and gemstones grow deep within in the earth’s crust over millions of years at extremely high pressures and heat. This gives them a place among the objects on earth with the very most inherent energy. They are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting energy. Crystals have a very consistent arrangement of atoms. In the gem stone called “quartz”, these atoms vibrate at a stable and measurable frequency. Because of this, quartz is an excellent receiver and emitter of electro-magnetic energy. For this reason, quartz is used in radios, watches, and numerous electronic technologies.

Nobel prize-winning scientist, Marcel Vogel, discovered that not only can crystals be programmed as silicon chips in a computer, they can also be programmed with the energy of consciousness. He discovered that when a person uses a computer, thoughts are directed to the computer by pressing on the keyboard, that information is stored in the computer's silicon chips via the medium of electricity. Vogel then reasoned correctly that, like electricity, thought is a form of energy that can be given direction by what we call “intention”. He concluded due to this discovery that crystals could also be programmed without the need for electricity, by using just thoughts as the informational energy.

Quartz is what is called a piezoelectric material. A piezoelectric substance is something that produces an electric charge when a mechanical stress is applied. When piezoelectric material is placed under mechanical stress, a shifting of the positive and negative charge centers in the material takes place, which then results in an external electrical field. This stress can be caused by hitting or twisting the material just enough to deform its crystal lattice without fracturing it. The effect also works in the opposite way, with the material deforming slightly when a small electric current is applied.

While the argument rages back and forth as to whether the piezoelectric effect plays a role in the human-crystal healing relationship or not, the fact that crystals are so responsive to electro magnetic fields has serious implications. It has serious implications because our bodies are composed of and constantly emanating electro magnetic fields, and crystals and gemstones respond to this electricity that is creating and coursing through our bodies.

Another interesting finding is that quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen (SiO2), a combination known to geologists as the building block of all minerals. Our planet is made up of minerals containing silicon and oxygen. Silicon is an important constituent of our human bodies. Some of the more science oriented people have theorized that the transfer of energy from the natural crystal to the silicon within our own bodies could have something to do with the physical healing effect caused by exposure to crystals.

Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most powerful tools available to us in the physical dimension of existence. They are tools all of us have used subconsciously at one time or another. Often it’s an interaction that takes place by our attention being drawn to a specific rock. On the physical level, we think it is “pretty” and though we do not know why we like it so much, we feel compelled to pick it up and keep it in our pocket. We have no idea why we felt this urge and we have no conscious awareness of what is behind our impulse to pick it up. We have no idea that our energetic substructure is calling us towards the specific vibration of that rock in order to entrain with it and move towards a more cohesive healthy pattern than the one we are currently maintaining within ourselves.

Like all tools, the key to maximum utilization is to learn how to consciously implement the tool. If this aforementioned scenario could cross over from a subconscious compulsion to a conscious process of seeking out a specific crystal or gemstone based on knowledge of the benefit of using it, the person’s receptivity would be such that the effects of the entrainment would be a hundred fold. If we consciously recognized that our own electro magnetic fields are impacted by the energetic quality of each crystal and gemstone, we would see that they create an electro chemical response within our body and psychology that would allow us to use them as the powerful tools that they are. We could use them on a daily basis to promote health, awareness, growth and evolution within ourselves and the multi dimensional lives we lead.


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