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Cast Your Vote!

This time space reality that you call life on earth is a consensus reality. What that means is that it is a co-creative experience. Even though many guides will tell you that you create your own reality, because it is empowering and important to realize your power as a creator of your experience, you did not actually come here to create your own reality made for one. In a consensus reality, the mastery of relationships so as to reach a chosen state of oneness is really the ultimate goal. Because that is really the only way to co-create something pleasing to all individual creators participating in such a construct. You could say that you came to this time space reality to do parts work in an externalized way, knowing that at the end of the day, every “other” thing you interact with, is ultimately you.

The law of mirroring (what many call the law of attraction) does not just apply to you. It applies to everything else in this particular universe as well. It applies to the collective, not just to the individual. Which is why for example, humanity might collectively hold a vibration that reflects as a certain traumatic experience within the overall timeline of mankind. You knew this before coming into this life. You chose it specifically or lined up with it vibrationally as a result of your previous incarnations, both of which imply that this is exactly what you needed and even wanted for your own expansion and for the expansion of the universe at large (what many call Source or God).

The trouble with a consensus reality is that it can feel incredibly disempowering. Most especially if you do not recognize others as a part of yourself. The way to understand this, is to imagine sitting down with five other people with one canvas and several paints. Every person has a paintbrush. You may be loving the cocreation for a minute, until someone picks up what you perceive to be an ugly paint color and draws something unwanted on that canvas. This is a metaphor for life on earth. There are so many unwanted things that “others” do here in this construct. Things that negatively impact other beings participating in this construct. And this can make you feel powerless. For example, someone can raise their child abusively. Someone can decide to build a highway straight through an animal migration route and then society can decide to leave the carcasses on the side of the road to rot. Someone can break into a house and steel from someone else. Someone can put a monopoly on a certain business. Someone can declare war. And the list goes on and on forever.

The powerlessness of this experience of being so influenced and effected by the choices of others in this consensus construct causes people to lose sight of the power that they do have. It causes them to lose their awareness that they are conscious creators. For this reason, a great many teachers and guides would have you disconnect from the consensus and try to manipulate the law of mirroring so as to create your own reality. This is only beneficial so far as to get you back to your knowing that you are a conscious creator. And so far as it puts you back in touch with your personal power. If you take it further than this, this way of thinking will cause you to become trapped in a narcissistic bubble reality, disconnected from others and disconnected from the awareness of your influence and impact on them. The real task of awakening is to awaken to the fact that you are a conscious creator and therefore have incredible power over the co-creative experience here. The real task is to recognize all the “other” things in this construct as parts of yourself. The real task is to commit to using your creative capacities and your power to positively influence and positively impact everything you come into contact with in this consensus reality. The real task is to master relationship so as to intentionally integrate with all other things in this time space reality. Doing so, is what causes the collective reflection to change.

All this being said, the most empowering decision you can make in life is to become as aware as you possibly can, and then to cast your vote. When we commit to becoming aware, we are open to and we seek out information. We commit to seeing, listening to, feeling, perceiving, understanding and knowing anything we encounter. Knowing that doing so will change our perspective. It will bring us closer to a truly objective (rather than purely subjective) perspective. And from that space of expanded perception, we vote for what is wanted. But in this time space reality, you vote with your thoughts, your words and your actions. If you feel especially powerless, I encourage you to watch two of my videos titled: All People Want Power. And How To Take Your Power Back.

You can see the danger in someone being so fixated on their own agenda that there is no way to reach them and so, you end up getting bulldozed by them. You can also see the danger in a person being so wrapped up in the thoughts, words and actions of others that they live their entire life in a state of powerless reactivity. A truly empowered person is both deeply connected to all else that is, while at the same time, is able to make autonomous choices regardless of what everyone else is doing or not doing.

Every individual that as a society, you revere, is ultimately an individual who has held a vision for the bigger picture regarding what they wanted the overall picture of life to be like; not just for themselves, but also for others. And they have made their thoughts, words and actions a pledge to that vision. Regardless of what anyone else was doing or not doing. For example, in a world dominated by cruelty and hate, Jesus Christ wanted kindness and love. And so, he made his thoughts, words and actions a pledge to this vision; no matter what other people did in his time and no matter what others did to him. In a world dominated by ignorance and suffering, the Buddha wanted awareness and true joy. And so, he made his thoughts, words and actions a pledge to that vision, no matter what other people did or did not do in his time. In a world dominated by poverty and immorality, Muhammad wanted charity and morality. And so, he made his thoughts, words and actions a pledge to that vision, no matter what other people did or did not do in his time. In a world of discrimination and segregation, Martin Luther King wanted fairness and unity. And so, he made his thoughts, words and actions a pledge to that vision, no matter what other people did or did not do in his time.

Your thoughts, words and actions are a vote in this consensus reality. They have immense influence and impact on every other thing that exists. Most especially anything you come into contact with. And this vote does not only matter for your limited life span. It is a vote regarding the future, long after you are gone. It is a vote for what comes next. For this reason, as so many impactful people throughout history have proven, casting your vote by powerfully living according to what you want to see for this world is more important than your own safety and survival. Therefore, if you ultimately want a world of kindness, you have to be that kindness. You have to be the person who talks to strangers and is open to everyone you pass on the street. Even if they are not. If you want freedom, you have to be that freedom. You have to set yourself free and set others free, even as they try to restrict you and restrict themselves. If what you want is truth, you have to be that truth. You have to seek truth and speak truth, even though it is difficult to face and challenging to express. And even if there are consequences for doing so.

For this reason, the practice I want to give you today, aside from mastering relationships (which is what I am helping you to master most often) is the practice of consciously casting your autonomous vote. This is the most direct way to exact your personal power on the world. And nothing and no one can prevent you from doing it. All they can ever do is to try to influence you regarding how you vote. Think about the bigger picture regarding what you want life to be like, not just for yourself, but also for others. And make your thoughts, words and actions a pledge to that vision. No matter what anyone else does or does not do. Cast your vote with the universe at large for what you want to see become the collective reality.


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