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Cancer (How To Cure Cancer)

The C word…  Cancer is one of the most feared and misunderstood ailments that people face today.  And with the cancer rates increasing, the fear of cancer is going up. And what do I think about this?  It’s completely unnecessary.

Cancer is basically a catchall term for diseases involving abnormal cell division and growth.  This is why there are so many different kinds of cancer. This is also why it is highly likely that many of the diseases we classify as cancer today will no longer be classified as such in the future.

Some kinds of cancer form a mass of tissue called a tumor and some don’t.  When a tumor does not invade the tissue surrounding it or spread to different parts of the body, it is called benign.  When a tumor does, it is called malignant. Profound communication takes place in the body. All parts of the body are imbued with consciousness and all parts of the body receive signals for what to do and how to behave.  All the cells in our body are listening to signals they are receiving. They are following orders and so they are performing specific functions. They divide in a methodical way and when they die, new cells take their place.  Cancer cells are essentially cells that have ‘gone rogue’, but in an organized way. Cancer cells keep making new cells and growing to the point where they crowd out normal cells. They no longer respond to many of the signals that control cellular growth and death.  This eventually causes problems in the part of the body where the cancer began as well as in the parts of the body where the cancer spreads, which it sometimes does.  At this point it is called metastasis.

When it comes to cancer, there could not be more of a rift between the perspectives held by the world of allopathic medicine and the world of alternative medicine.  Most of the allopathic world views cancer as a very serious and poorly understood disease, often a death sentence. The allopathic world views it as something to fight with everything you’ve got and the standard approach taken is surgery and chemotherapy.  Most of the alternative medicine world views cancer as nothing more than a red flag. A red flag that if not heeded, can lead to death. The alternative medicine world views it as something to respond to, not something to fight therefore, the alternative medicine world tends to be against chemotherapy and often against surgery and tends to favor holistic approaches to healing.  

These two ‘camps of thought’ tend to oppose one another with vicious fervor in regards to the approach each takes to cancer.  The allopathic world blames deaths of cancer patients on alternative medicine practitioners thinking that if a person came to them instead for surgery and chemotherapy, they would have survived.  The alternative medicine world blames the death of cancer patients on allopathic medicine practitioners thinking that the allopathic doctors did nothing more than lead the patient down a road away from true healing and into a war against their body, a war in which poisoning and cutting their body up is the approach taken to establish health.  Both camps essentially view each other as totally and completely ignorant.  But separate of that war, I am going to give you the more objective universal perspective about cancer.

The first thing to understand is that all things in this universe are made of energy; the same energy.  And that energy that makes up all that is, is imbued with consciousness. This means that all things in this universe have consciousness.  This united consciousness simply divided in order to create separate dimensions and separate things within those dimensions. In fact this happens much like the dividing of the zygote in utero.  The physical structure of a thing is nothing more than a mirror of that consciousness in the same way that a house is a mirror of the blueprint or idea of that structure before it was physically built.  

Imagine that as each division occurs, each new cell is not only connected to the overall united consciousness, but also has its own individual consciousness.  You are essentially one of these cell divisions within source consciousness. You have your own unique consciousness and you are also one with united consciousness, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not.  But it doesn’t stop there. You are also divided. Your organs all have their own unique consciousness. This is why one organ becomes a heart and the other a liver. And each tiny cell also has its own unique consciousness.  It is also connected to the overall consciousness of the body. But the same way that you more closely follow the programming of your family and society, cells in the body more closely follow the programming of the specific part of the body that they are a part of.  For this reason, to understand cancer, you have got to begin to see yourself not as an individual but as an ecosystem that goes by one name. All parts of that ecosystem have unique relationships with one another.

Now we have to stretch our minds even further.  If the physical is merely a reflection or extension of consciousness then everything that happens in the realm of consciousness, including thoughts and emotions, effects and alters the way the physical body forms itself.  The signals sent to the cells therefore changes. This is why people are correct in identifying that there is a mental and emotional root for each and every illness or ailment that a person experiences. It is also why the alternative medicine practitioners are correct in understanding that when it comes to something like cancer, using surgery and radiation is to eradicate flies from a garbage site, thinking that the flies are the cause of the garbage.  And assuming that you did cut out or radiate away specific cells without changing the faulty blueprint for why those cells are doing what they are doing, they will only come back.

Even though there are so many different forms of cancer, all cancers have one dominant precursor in common:  The Perception of Being Out Of Control.  When this is the perception, it creates signals that create exactly that manifestation within the physical body.  This is a big deal because we came to this life as conscious creators. It is critical for our wellbeing to feel as if we can desire something and actually manifest that thing we desire with our free will.  It is a huge detriment to our wellbeing to perceive that we cannot do this. It is to feel prevented from our own expansion.

Taking one step further, each part of the body, having its own unique consciousness, correlates to specific things.  Many of these things are straightforward, many are not. For example, bones correlate to stability and support, especially with regards to the stability and support provided by the enduring and unshakable honest truth of a person’s life in any given moment.  Breasts correlate to the way we give our energy to others. Lungs correlate to relationship. They correlate to the way we take in energy and give energy specifically with regards to other people and beyond that, with the world itself. If you want to understand each cancer, look for what powerlessness a person feels in their perception of being out of control relative to the specific aspect of consciousness that correlates to the area of the body that the cancer has begun in and then spread to.  What is the perceived threat that this person feels out of control relative to?

For example, the root cause of lung cancer would be the feeling of total powerlessness within relationships.  This is a person who perceives themselves to be totally out of control of the process or free will involved in giving and receiving from others.  This is a person who tends to feel isolated, distrusting, end up in love-hate relationships, has difficulty committing to relationships and therefore, because life is relationships, has difficulty committing to life on earth itself.  Because of this, this person is in a fight with whether to take in life at all. And to make a long story very short, this is a very difficult pattern to change within a person’s consciousness because the healing involves experiencing of the opposite within relationships.  It also involves them having to commit to something they don’t want to commit to because it feels like committing to something that has done nothing but hurt them.


From an objective universal perspective, cancer is Civil War occurring within the consciousness and therefore, body.  You could see cancer as being a civil war waged by an “entity”. And this entity that is behind cancer has its own individual consciousness.  This is why it could be said that Cancer itself has its own consciousness. The "entity" that we call ‘Cancer’ is often a fragment within the

person's own consciousness.  It is ‘drafting’ cells of the body and by doing so, is creating a state within the body that is akin to a civil war.  To understand more about this, watch my videos titled: Fragmentation, The Worldwide Disease & 

There Is No Such Thing as Self Sabotage.  What doctors call ‘Cancer’ is simply the physical cells that have been 'drafted' by this ‘entity’.  The closer that the medical field gets to this understanding in the years to come, the more that doctors will come to view Cancer in a similar way to how they view autoimmune disorders today. 


From an objective universal perspective, when a person feels out of control of their life going in a direction they feel powerless to prevent, the cells themselves are left without certain control signals.  This entity, which is not physical, then steps into power/control in response so as to get these cells to form a new ‘group’ within the larger system of the body. It can be compared to when a country is in civil war and a leader converts a group of people to form a new government.  This new government uses the body’s life force energy to survive and acts as a diversion and therefore strain upon the body’s resources. And it only stands to reason that if someone feels totally out of control of themself, they are a match to falling under new government.

Cancer is a consciousness that manifests itself to create massive shifts within a person through antagonism specifically.  Consider it a perfect match (vibrationally speaking) to a person perceiving himself or herself to be totally out of control of and powerless to a situation.  It is as if the entity of cancer manifests so as to say “you’re right, if you are totally out of control then I will totally take control and if you want to take control back, you’re going to have to become aware of your own powerlessness and take back your free will and make some serious changes and fast”.  For this reason, it could be said that while one part of you perceives the cancer as being totally out of control growth, the cancer cells themselves are actually following the directions of a consciousness that is absolutely in control relative to how much cancer cells to produce and where.    

But here is the single most important thing to understand about cancer.  If you forget everything else, remember this: If you will remember the story of Mara and Buddha, you will recall that Buddha’s awakening was caused by Mara.  He is therefore not an enemy. He is an antagonistic awakener. And it was not through the fighting of Mara that Buddha became enlightened. It was through the accepting of Mara as part of himself and through the awareness that was gained as a result of really facing him, that he became enlightened.  

Cancer is an antagonistic ally.  It always, always comes with one massive antagonistic message: You cannot keep living your life like you have been living it.  In fact, if you continue to, the only way to keep in alignment with your desires and expansion is death.  

One thing to understand about cancer is that it does not happen within a person in a healthy state.  It happens when there is a failure of a natural process. Even when we look at etiological factors that people will discover relative to cancer, they do not invalidate this root cause of cancer.  Instead, they act as adjunct factors that increase a person’s likelihood to develop the disease.

When people get cancer, they have a decision to make and that is whether to treat the cancer allopathically or alternatively or both, knowing that if they treat it both ways, they are going to face situations where they are caught in-between very strong conflicting opinions.     

All this being said, everyone has an opinion about what a person should do if they have cancer and it all becomes very different if they, themselves have cancer.  For this reason, I think it would be more impactful if I simply told you, based on everything I know about cancer, what I would do if I developed cancer.

  1. I would immediately understand that cancer is not a disease, it is a survival mechanism.  It is a reactive healing mechanism. I have become a match to a teacher manifesting internally.  I would understand that I had kept going forward with a way of thinking and behaving in a direction that was out of alignment for me in spite of the resistance I felt.  And so this teacher that manifested is an antagonistic one. But I would also understand, having interacted with this entity that is cancer for so many years, that it is actually violently on my side.  It is on my side in terms of my personal authentic truth and authentic desires and authentic needs and authentic purpose and authentic expansion to the degree that it is more than willing to fight the parts of me that are currently in opposition to those things.  I would therefore from that day forward, not focus on getting rid of the cancer at all, but instead give it permission to and even ask it to stay as long as it needs to ensure I have made those changes. I would therefore focus on developing a harmonious relationship with it and dedicating myself to listen to its message and making whatever difficult change needs to be made with my free will so that I am governing my being again with my free will and in alignment with my personal truth.
  2. I would seek to understand what area of my life I feel out of control about, this would greatly depend on what part of the body the cancer has effected.  I would dedicate myself to total and complete awareness of all of the layers involved in that perspective of powerlessness. I would dedicate myself to go directly into that pain instead of away from it.  I would uncover the beliefs fueling that powerlessness, the traumatic and painful memories of the experiences that caused those beliefs. I would seek to resolve those experiences and change those patterns.  By doing that, I would become conscious of the needs I have and aware of what is in alignment for myself.
  3. I would make those very difficult changes to my life that the awareness has brought me to realizing I need to make.  For example, if the message the cancer had for me was to quit my career, I would do that. If the message cancer had for me was, I have to move to a different part of the world, I would do that.  But I wouldn’t do it to get away from cancer, I’d do it because I am listening deeply to the wisdom of the cancer itself, so as to get closer to my personal truth, which I had obviously fallen out of touch with.  
    Cancer is difficult because to overcome it, you cannot keep living the same way you have been living.  You have to do what anyone who is given no time to live does… prioritize how you feel more than anything else.  Give up the things that you dislike doing, but that provide a sense of security for you. This means you are facing potentially having to let go of relationships, where you live, jobs etc.  You are facing having to give up potentially everything for a whole different life. I would under no circumstances try to find a way to continue the life I am living as if bargaining with the cancer itself.  I would already know that cancer does not bargain. It comes with the message change no matter how scary it is no matter what, or else. I would understand that cancer cannot occur unless there is a civil war within.  It cannot happen unless there is a fight within my own consciousness. My goal would be to end that war.
  4. I would only opt for surgery if the tumor itself were making it impossible to do the above steps and I would make sure that I created alignment between opposed parts of myself with the decision to do so before going under the knife.  These methods are the same as trimming the plant and thinking it will not grow back when the root is still there because that root is usually not something most professionals are aware of.
  5. I would give my body and emotions and mind the absolute best support I can in order to heal.  My focus would not be on what to do against the cancer; it would be on what to do for the body and mind and emotions.  I would focus especially on support for my immune system.  This means removing as many etiological factors as I can. This means being in a healthy environment free of toxins, doing what I need to feel emotionally nourished.  Doing activities I enjoy, eating a super healthy diet, sleeping, being touched in soothing ways, exercising in life nourishing ways, surrounding myself with people with whom I have emotionally intimate relationships.  I would focus on doing lots of cleansing so as to reduce the toxicity in the various systems of my body. I would move to a place where I can legally juice raw cannabis and drink it every day. I would also do other forms of juicing so as to super dose my body with life supporting nutrients.  I would enhance the healthy communication and therefore unification factor in my body by interacting with fungi, especially taking certain mushrooms such as Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tail and Agaricus Blazei Muril. I would also take high doses of curcumin and flax seed oil. I would also take probiotics.
    I would sleep with and wear fluorite crystals first and foremost as well as annabergite, selenite and petalite crystals.  I would do oxygen therapy. I would do enemas, dry brushing and drink ionized water daily. I would use frankincense, clary sage, turmeric, lavender, thyme, chamomile and holy basil essential oil and make sure to get sunlight every day.  I would also stay open to trying any other life and health supporting methods that I feel resonate with me at the time. I would support the body to create resolution physically, while doing the much more important psychological and emotional resolution so as to complete the healing cycle.    

Cancer is a complex healing mechanism that develops only when there is a need for it.  It develops as a healing crisis when there is a need to change aspects of your life immediately because the lack of change has led to a state of internal toxicity on a mental, emotional and then physical level.  Cancer can vanish in about 24 to 36 hours. People can and have gone from a death sentence to cured overnight. This is part of why doctors are sometimes totally dumbfounded by recoveries.

In my opinion, death fright is one of the saddest things that allopathic medicine (as well meaning as it is) has created around cancer.  When a person is in a state of death fright, the body cannot heal and stress chemicals are preventing healing. The body goes into a freeze state that paralyzes most of the functions within the body.  People waste away as a result of it because they cannot take in energy or let go of energy in a freeze state. They cannot sleep either. It also impairs the immune system. The worst thing you could do for someone who needs to heal is to put them in a state of fear and I am begging doctors to understand this.  

Cancer is not something that you have to fight.  In fact, if you address it as something you need to fight, you are much less likely to survive.  Although in today’s world, with the medical world’s limited understanding of cancer, it is totally understandable why you are afraid of cancer and why it shocks you.  But there is no need to be frightened of cancer. It is here for you, not against you.  It is an antagonistic ally calling you to make changes and fast; changes in alignment with your currently bulldozed personal truth.  Make those changes and there is no longer a reason for the cancer to be there. There will be no reason for the cancer to be there because there will no longer be reason for civil war.  You will be governing your life with your free will and so there is no room for any other governing entity to disapprove of the way you are running things and to claim control.


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