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Set Boundaries with The Universe!

Most people don’t think about their life as a relationship that they are having. But it is. It is a relationship that they are having with the other people, places and things in existence. It is a relationship with the rest of the universe at large. If people saw it as a relationship that they are having, they would approach life very differently. And they would approach their relationship to the universe very differently.

So many people walking the earth think that the universe (what many call Source or God) created them and then dictates and controls everything that happens in their life; that as people, we are simply subject to God’s will. It is tempting to think this way because we sense the bigness and therefore power and therefore authority that the greater universe has. This is why when we talk to the universe at large, we are usually praying to it or requesting something from it; like we would talk to a parent who has the ultimate authority to either give us what we want or deny us what we want. But this is a very immature perception and this is a very immature idea of the universe we live in. What we miss when we think this way, is that we actually have a very dynamic relationship with the universe. We also have a very two-way relationship with the universe. The universe perceives you to be a fragment of itself. One that is imbued with the very qualities that it, itself possesses. Such as free will. Such as the power to create etc.

What most people don’t understand is that free will actually goes hand in hand with destiny. It is not a contradiction. Before coming into this life, you chose with your free will into alignment with a certain plan for your life. This was the WHY of this life vs. any other one that you might have chosen. We call this bigger, more objective plan that is supported by the greater universe “destiny”. And therefore, using your free will to go in the direction of what is wanted by you in this life, will put you into alignment with your destiny.

You are doing this life hand in hand with the universe because your existence is a win-win. It helps your own personal expansion. It also helps the universe at large to know itself and to expand. It does this through you. You can consider your life a symbiosis with the universe, albeit not a very conscious one for most people.

To be in the best relationship possible with the universe, all you need to do is to apply all the rules of relationship success to your relationship with the universe at large. For example, you need to be attuned to the universe at large (including the people, places and things in your life) so as to develop understanding of it. You need to see, hear, feel and know it. You need to take its best interests as a part of your own best interests. You need to communicate with it. You need to build trust with it. In actuality, if you looked through any video that I have created about relationships and applied that to your relationship with the Universe at large, your relationship with the universe at large would improve. But today, we’re going to talk about boundaries.

Boundaries are very important for relationships. Boundaries are also important for your relationship to the universe at large. At one level, it is important to understand that all is one. When all is one, there are no boundaries. Also, at another level, it is important and useful to define yourself. Our individual perspective is a kind of boundary that defines us from everything else in existence. A boundary is the imaginary line that uniquely defines your personal happiness, your personal feelings, your personal thoughts, your personal integrity, your personal desires, your personal needs and therefore most importantly, your personal truth from the rest of the universe. And given that you have free will, you get to consciously choose what those are and you get to consciously live in alignment with them.

This is an especially big deal because we live in a time space reality managed by the law of mirroring (also called the law of attraction). Whatever boundary we have for ourselves, will be reflected in our lives. It is also a big deal because with the law of cause and effect, if we have a certain boundary or lack a certain boundary, that will cause us to think, say and do things that bring about very specific wanted or unwanted effects. Even though boundaries are about far more than what you will and won’t put up with, most people are primarily concerned with boundaries as they apply to how you want to be treated and what your limits are. Essentially, what you will say yes and what you will say no to.

Remember that boundaries are not about telling another thing, including the universe, what it can and can’t do with you. It’s about powerfully choosing and defining what you will and won’t say yes and no to, regardless of what it decides to do. And therefore, it is about how you will behave given that defined personal truth. For this reason, the universe wants and needs you to set boundaries for your life experience. And doing so, changes the reflection you are getting in your life.

So that you can understand what I mean, I’ll give you an example. Anna had a very hard life experience from a very young age. You could say that it didn’t matter how much she could or couldn’t handle, bad things kept happening and she had to keep on performing anyway. For example, when her father ended up paraplegic, the next day she still had to go to a gymnastics meet and do her best to win. And when she was sick with the flu and her first boyfriend broke up with her, the same day she still had to show up at work and cover her shift. This became a theme in her life… Having to keep on performing despite the circumstances of her life. She figured that this was just her unlucky lot in life. It was just that the universe was either against her, or was testing how much she could handle before breaking. But one day, she realized that if the universe wanted her to perform, it wasn’t fair for her to be expected to do that despite not being supported to do it. She was done with the “perform despite” pattern. So, she decided that this was her new boundary. That if she is going to perform, she would require to be supported to do it and that if things happened to put extra pressure on her instead, she would then refuse to perform. The universe was very pleased that this was her new boundary. And because she made this decision, she began acting differently. For example, she no longer put up with people being unsupportive around her. She went through a huge purge relative to her friendships. And when her coach showed up to a gymnastics meet and verbally berated her, she did something different. For the first time in her life, instead of just taking it and performing despite this, she refused to perform and walked out of the stadium. As a result of this powerful boundary setting with the universe and commitment to live in alignment with her new boundary, the entire universe began to reflect something entirely different: Support. Friends who took pressure off of her and enabled her performance. A new coach for her gymnastics team. Answers to improving her health that she’d been looking for. Even people canceling things before she had to, so she didn’t have too much on her plate.

What all this means is that one of the most powerful things you can do in your life in order to get the life experience you want, is to set boundaries for yourself… Boundaries with the universe at large. And then think, speak and act in alignment with those boundaries. Watch what happens when you do!


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