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Are You Anti Human? (One Of The Greatest Sources Of Human Suffering)

Something that sets humans apart from every other species on earth is the fact that they resist themselves.  It would stand to reason that a creature imbued with self-conceptualization would be the creature to develop self-resistance.  But this self-resistance is to blame for so much of the suffering within the human race.  And until people recognize this pattern, they will continue to perpetuate suffering.

Upon coming into this physical life, you become two points of perspective.  Your nonphysical perspective and experience, which is not human and your physical perspective and experience, which is human.  Coming into a human perspective and experience means that you opt into several things.  You opt into things like human limitations, human strengths, human biology and physiology, human needs, human aversions, human preferences, human impulses, and human patterns.  Because the physical human is a part of the animal kingdom on earth, you opt into experiencing existence as an animal.  By the way, your-self concept (ego) is the only reason you would have an issue with that.

You don’t see other species running around with an issue with this.  For example, you don’t see a deer having a self-esteem crisis because it is not able to feel ok wandering around alone as opposed to wanting to be in a herd.  You don’t see a cuttlefish in a state of shame because his color changes according to his environment.  You don’t see a female hyena guilt tripping herself for being more masculine and dominant than the males in her cackle.  You don’t see bonobos contriving ways to control their wild sexual behaviors.  You don’t see a bear trying to suppress its shaking after a trauma.  You don’t see a dog being ostracized by other dogs for barking.  You don’t see a dolphin trying to stop thinking. You don’t see an elephant thinking something is wrong with it because it has emotions.  You get the point.

People are intelligent enough to have self-concept amongst other things, but are not yet intelligent enough to ensure that their intelligence doesn’t cause problems for themselves and for other species on the planet.  They have used that intelligence for thousands of years to go against their own nature.  People have gone into resistance relative to what is human about themselves and others.  They have become anti-human with themselves and with each other.  Instead of seeking to integrate their two perspectives, they have tried to use their non-physical perspective as a trump card over their physical human perspective.  They have tried to transcend their human-ness. To try to transcend that which is human in you, is to reject that which is human in you.  And no two things have contributed more to this damaging pattern than religion and spirituality.  The thing is, all that will come out of that resistance is pain.

Our intellect has caused us to advance and form our society and shape our world in many ways that are in fact counter to our biology and nature and therefore needs.  To give you just some examples so you can better understand what I mean:

A human is a relationally dependent group species.  People have gone against this and forgotten that connection is the number one human need.  They have propagated the idea that independence and aloneness is a virtue and shame each other for dependence.  Being relationally dependent, a person is not actually capable of not caring what other members of its group think.  That is both dangerous and impossible physiologically.  Yet, it is still something self-help experts try to teach.  Being relationally dependent, it is not natural for a loved one to travel or to be away from the group for large periods of time.  It threatens our sense of attachment and security.  Yet, we live in a society now where travel is normal and it is normal for people to be gone from each other and separated at work all day.  As people become more and more separate, they ‘normalize’ it, but they become more and more unhappy, relationships suffer. Suicide rates go up and health goes down.

A human female is ready to reproduce when she gets her menstrual period, the average of which is 12 years old.  She reaches the peak of her fertility in her early to mid-twenties.   After that, her fertility decreases and declines impressively.  At age 35, doctors consider a pregnancy a ‘geriatric pregnancy’ or to be more politically correct, an ‘advance maternal age pregnancy’.  In the complexity of our modern society, the age of ‘readiness’ for things like pair bonding and reproducing keeps increasing.  Most women and their male counterparts are now ‘ready’ to have babies well after a woman is biologically prime.  Infertility has increased at an alarming rate because of it, as have the risk factors and negative effects involved in late maternal age reproduction.

For more than a hundred thousand years, the physical human foraged and hunted… Until they figured out how to farm.  Then, in the early 1800s, they came up with processing foods.  Ultimately food became an industry.  The decision to farm ultimately led to the food system we have today.  A food system that goes directly against health for the physical human.    The human body is not designed to eat processed sugars.  Chemical additives are used to preserve the food so it can travel long distances, but that damage the human body.  The soil is being stripped of nutrients so the food that exists today has so much less nutritional value than it used to.

The physical human is an intensely touch oriented, sexual species.  However, as civilizations evolved, so did the management of human sexuality.   For example, once land ownership was a concern for humans in a patriarchal society, so was the determining of paternity.  Female sexuality then had to be controlled.  And sexual standards had to be differentiated by gender.  The institution of marriage became important as was that it be between a man and woman only.  Essentially any time society changed in a way where the structure of social control was threatened by sexuality, sexuality had to be further controlled.  Thus, the idea of right vs. wrong was attached to sexuality.  Religions became impregnated with ideology designed to enforce social control.  Just look at the seven deadly sins in the bible.  All of which pose a threat to social control.  It taught people when sexuality is ok and when it is not ok.  People began to go against their own sexuality and to become ashamed of it.   It caused people to regulate each other and to go to war with their own sexuality and bodies.  The human race is now intensely out of alignment sexually.

The human being has thoughts and emotions and desire.  Desire is in fact the necessary ingredient for personal and universal expansion.  Emotion is a carrier of personal truth, the barometer of connection between the nonphysical and physical perspective.  Thought is a necessary part of both perception and creation.  When the human perceived these three things to be a problem, the human sought to get rid of or control thought and emotion.  The human saw desire as a cause of suffering and sought to become desireless.  Several spiritual ideologies cropped up to support this idea, turning people against their own minds, emotions and desires.

I’m going to end with a super politically incorrect reality.  The physical human has taken himself out of the food chain on earth.  He has transcended the elements and also geography.  Life for the physical human is no longer one of natural selection.  There is a lot more to natural selection than survival of the fittest.  One of the reasons that humans survived to such an incredible degree is their tendency towards cooperative behavior and community organization.     But this means that the weakest of our species, those who would not naturally be breeding in nature are breeding…  And as humanity gets sicker and sicker, we simply come up with medications to help them survive and go on to pass on weak genes.

On top of that, females are still biologically wired to want protection and to be attracted to power for the sake of protection.  But the person who has the most power in society is no longer the classic alpha male full of physical prowess.  He is a Mark Zuckerberg, a Jeff Bezos, a Bill Gates.  So female attraction is at odds with the new reality of masculine power.  On top of that, as oppressed females sought to break free from abuse in a patriarchal society, they did so in a way where they rejected their own femininity and took on masculine behavior and traits so as to compete with men in a male dominated society.  This threw the masculine and feminine completely out of alignment within humanity.  And now, there is a war between genders, relationship dysfunction and all kinds of mental, emotional and physical health issues in people because of it.

You cannot get rid of or transcend that which is you!  All you can do is to suppress deny, reject and disown something.  All you can do is to split off from yourself and go to war with yourself.  To understand what I mean by this, watch my video titled: Fragmentation, The Worldwide Disease.  And the reality is, the human is at war with that which makes him human.  And to tell you the truth, the spiritual field is perhaps the guiltiest of this.  The entire practice of many religious and spiritual and self-help paths is to deny, push away and control that within you which is ‘human’.  The practice is a war between the self-concept and the temporal self.  It is the ego, disguised as a higher self that is doing right and good by controlling and refusing to own what is ‘human’ as part of itself because it sees what is human as inferior, bad, wrong, primitive, animal, limited, a liability, and as a source of suffering.  People have an idea now that to live a successful, good and right life, they must live in the rejection and controlling of their human impulses, human instinct, human desires, human biology, human physiology, human needs, human limitations, human thoughts, human emotions.  It is a perpetual life of self-denial and self-rejection.  To the degree that some go so far as to say, your human self is an illusion.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: The Sad Truth About Most Gurus.

Think about what it is to be human.  Make a whole list.  Here are just a few examples: A primate, omnivorous, terrestrial, diurnal, walks on two legs, sexually dimorphic, needs to breathe air, no exoskeleton and therefore physically vulnerable. Females experience menopause, needs water and food, possesses a cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, integumentary, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, reproductive, respiratory, urinary and nervous system.  Spoken and written forms of communication, possesses genitalia, social species, relationally dependent, competitive, creative, cooking, clothing, uses tools, desire driven, desire to understand, internal fertilization, pregnancy and live birth. Possess lust, envy and jealousy. Hierarchical, driven to control and gain power, artistic, violence impulse, emotions, possesses motive, 23 pairs of chromosomes, fight or flight response, manipulative, average life expectancy of 70 years, possesses ego.  Etc.

It is true that mankind has deviated so far from its nature, that most people will not be able to make a truly accurate list.  But for the sake of this exercise, look at the list. What is your relationship to those things?  The harder it is to make this list, the more that tells you about the degree to which you have disowned your human-ness.  How much are you in resistance to those things?  In what ways do you try to control those things?  Consider making a separate list of your own unique human aspect.  This list will be different for all people because we all have different human experiences, we are men and women, we come from different race and cultures and love and dislike different things in our physical life etc.  We have things in common with all other people and also things that are unique to our own human aspect.  Then consider how you might be able to better ‘own’ that human part of yourself.  To understand this, watch my video titled: Own People! (How To Take Ownership Of Your Relationships). And apply everything I say in that video to yourself.

 You cannot be in a state of wholeness or wellness or integration while rejecting a part of yourself and trying to control it.  Because you are two points of perspective, you must think of your non temporal self and your temporal self (your soul and your human) to be in a marriage.  You must powerfully own that which is human about you so as to consciously meet its needs.  And allow it to consciously express.  This is the only way to truly fulfill your human potential, which is why you came into this life.  To understand this in depth, watch my video titled: The Secret To Overcoming Your Problems.  And think about what I say in that video relative to your human-ness.  The point of you coming to this life was to bring nonphysical into physical, not to try to transcend the physical so as to get out of it, as if it were some kind of jail like illusion.  When you take a part of yourself (in this case your human-ness) as a part of yourself, so as to allow it to express itself and to meet its needs, it will do so in a way that is beneficial instead of detrimental to yourself and to others.  Like all things, it only does detrimental things when it perceives itself to be separate from you, which it does if you reject it!  So, don’t reject your human-ness.  Integrate it instead.


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